I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 53.1

Chapter 53 Part 1

Since tonight was set as their sacred night, preparations are still a process that must be carried out.

After dinner, Lin Xiaoyue put two big kettles and two big pots in the small side room.

She closed the door of the small side room. She was ready to take a bath.

In the past, Yan Yang always waited outside when she took a bath, and let her wash in the room.

Therefore, Yan Yang hadn’t actually seen her real inner world.

Lin Xiaoyue also locked Yan Yang out of the door tonight.

She stayed alone in the small side room. She poured a basin of hot water, took off her clothes and gently sat down.

Sitting on a bench outside the door of the small side house, Yan Yang was idle, with his hands on his knees, touching his knees from time to time, and shaking his feet again. His small movements showed his tension.

However, Yan Yang was also really nervous.

This was the first big event in his and her lives.

Yan Yang clearly knows that in this matter, whether the rhythm, strength or feelings, all rely on the man’s drive.

Because this was his first time, he had little experience.

So, there is no guarantee of what kind of feeling he can give her.

On the other side of the door, before Wang Xiuying closed the door, she found Yan Yang sitting at the door of the small side of the house.

Wang Xiuying kept an eye on him. She turned around and said to Yan Dayong, who had already undressed, “Hey, put your jacket on and go chat with Xiao Yang.”


Yan Dayong was ready to lie down on the bed, thinking that he did not want to go.

Wang Xiuying hurriedly came to him and pulled him away from the bed, “Go and see him. Xiao Yang is sitting at the door right now. I guess Xiao Yue is taking a bath and he is bored! Take this opportunity to talk to him. You can also follow up on the father-son relationship. “

“Then he’ll go in after Xiao Yue’s done taking a bath, right? What’s there to talk about? ” Yan Dayong retorted.

“Oh, he is your son! What’s wrong with talking to your son? “

Wang Xiuying forcibly pushed Yan Dayong out and handed him a thick jacket, “Just go over and chat for a while, and then come back later!”

“What is there to talk about? I just don’t understand…… I usually don’t talk much with him. You’re embarrassing me…… “

Yan Dayong muttered. Although in his heart he didn’t want to, Wang Xiuying had pushed him out, he still tried hard to go to Yan Yang.

But this time, Yan Dayong really seized the opportunity.

At that time, Yan Yang was deeply troubled by that kind of thing, and his heart was very nervous and uneasy.

Originally, he didn’t want to see Yan Dayong. At just the right time, Yan Dayong came to him, and Yan Yang naturally accepted it in his heart.

Yan Dayong just sat down on the bench beside Yan Yang. Yan Yang suddenly stood up…

The first thing that happened was that Yan Dayong looked awkwardly at Yan Yang, thinking that he was unwilling to sit with him.

As a result, Yan Yang suddenly said, “Come out with me for a moment.”

After saying that, Yan Yang walked out of the house.

Although Yan Dayong was in the clouds, he still followed Yan Yang and went out.

Although he was an old man, Yan Dayong was still quite nervous in his heart when he was called out by Yan Yang.

He was guessing what Yan Yang would talk to him about. He didn’t want to talk about something heavy, right?

As a result, after walking to the door, Yan Yang suddenly coughed twice and opened his lips to ask: “Is there anything of that kind…… that you want to teach me?”

“What matters?”

Yan Dayong, at first, did not react.

Yan Yang coughed two more times and reminded me with a straight face, “That kind of thing at night.”

“What kind of thing do you do at night? Oh…… “

Yan Dayong only reacted at this point. He suddenly felt a little amused, “Just that kind of thing… yes yes yes, you really don’t know that kind of thing yet…”

His slightly mocking tone made Yan Yang’s sword brow furrow, the palm at his side slightly squeezed into a fist, the tension and humiliation brewing in his heart rose.

A man of this age does not even understand such instinctive things. It is indeed humiliating to say out loud.

However, Yan Yang’s situation is special, and Yan Dayong expressed understanding for him.

“This thing, right, you come over closer, I’ll tell you……”

“First, you have to find her……”

Yan Dayong pulled Yan Yang to his side and explained the process in his ear in a serious manner…

He really didn’t expect that the most talk between father and son in all these years would be having this kind of conversation.

“This will hurt her, right?”

After listening, Yan Yang asked from the bottom of his heart.

Yan Dayong shook his head.

Yan Yang raised his eyebrows. “It doesn’t hurt?”

Yan Dayong replied. “No, why are you asking me if it hurts? I’m not a woman, I don’t know.”

Yan Yang looked at Yan Dayong with contempt, “You’re not the kind of person who loves your wife either.”

Yan Dayong did not expect him to be lectured by his son. His tone was a bit unconvinced, “How am I not? It’s because I love her. That’s why I have to do this. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here ah? Don’t you have to do it whether it hurts or not? “

Yan Yang:”… “


Even if this will hurt her, there is no other way.

He can only say that he will try to be more gentle.

He hoped he could control his strength…


Lin Xiaoyue finished taking a shower.

She opened the door to the small side room. They replaced her and Yan Yang went into the bath, leaving him half a hot kettle of water.

Yan Yang bath is very convenient. Take a towel three times to wipe a wipe.

When he took a bath, Lin Xiaoyue did not go out. She lied under the quilt staring at him rubbing his body.

He usually wiped his upper body and washed his feet very casually.

Today, because of the “sacred thing” that they will do, Yan Yang washed there especially.

Lin Xiaoyue, who was lying on the bed, blushed. From time to time, she would turn her head to look at him and shyly turned back inside the quilt.

Her heart was beating really fast…..

The picture at this moment has a kind of ambiguity that is difficult to express in words.

But it is undeniable that both of them were harbouring tension in their hearts.

After washing up, Yan Yang locked the door of the small side room and came closer step by step.

When he passed by the table, he looked down and extinguished the kerosene lamp.

Lin Xiaoyue on the bed immediately moved in a few seconds, giving up half of the bed for him.

His long arm slowly moved forward and wrapped around her small waist to bring her forward.

The warmth of his chest was hot, and it gradually spread to Lin Xiaoyue’s back. She was so nervous that she breathed deeply. Her small hands clenched the bedding tightly.


Yan Yang lowered his head and his lips kissed her earlobe. A husky and low voice sounded in Lin Xiaoyue’s ear as if there was magic that moved people’s hearts.

Lin Xiaoyue stiffened and did not dare to move.

Yan Yang held her shoulders, forcing her to face him, and without further ado, he grabbed her lips and kissed her.

Lin Xiaoyue trembled slightly because of tension, and her eyelashes trembled slightly in the dark.

He may have sensed the nervous little mind of the person beside him. He boldly and gently stroked her chin. His lips were in her ear and he lightly coaxed, “Don’t be afraid… I will be very gentle and light…”

“Yan Yang…”

When Lin Xiaoyue opened her lips, she was surprised to find that her voice was slightly hoarse.

She was a little embarrassed about what happened…

“If you’re really scared…”

Yan Yang suddenly stopped moving, and the molds that were deep enough to hold the vast universe stared at her little face.

In the darkness, the outline of her face faintly emerged. He thought it was not very clear, but he could see her nervousness…

“You’re really very afraid, then……”

Yan Yang paused, “How about next time?”

When the words just fell, Lin Xiaoyue’s palm slapped his shoulders a little, a crisp sound of slap sounded.

She used action to show her resistance and anger. Yan Yang grunted and laughed.

“Okay, I get it…” he said.

It turned out that he was not even as courageous as she was when it came to this matter.

She can do this with a resolute mind. He still has the behavior of wanting to back out every now and then.

What a useless man.

In his heart, he cursed himself. He lowered his head. Yan Yang deeply sucked the corner of her lips, his upper and lower lips slightly wriggling, ingesting her sweet and soft breath.

The bedding covered the two of them. The movement was great, the covers were moving up and down…

In a short while, both of their clothes were thrown out of the nest and into the corner.

The quilt covered the two people. The bedding was floating up and down. The movement of the bedding was getting bigger and bigger, and Yan Yang’s five fingers were clasped tightly around Lin Xiaoyue’s five fingers, and as the ten fingers were clasped together, both of them were making secret efforts.


Lin Xiaoyue sucked in a breath of cold air. Her mouth could not help but shout out his name in a tone she had never heard before, “Yan Yang…”

“I’m in…”

His voice was still low and magnetic…

“I’m always here…… don’t be afraid, I’m here……”

He said in a whisper, his voice kept echoing in her ears repeatedly and repeatedly, and in the end, it worked as a comfort.

This night, this spring night[1]Spring Night: The spring night is sometimes compared to the night of romantic love between men and women: the spring night is too short. I think it came from Su Shi’s “Spring … Continue reading is worth a thousand gold.

notlucia: they finally did the deed. (⌐■_■)


1 Spring Night: The spring night is sometimes compared to the night of romantic love between men and women: the spring night is too short. I think it came from Su Shi’s “Spring Night”. If you want to know more about it, I’ll link a post that explains it.


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