I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 52.2

Chapter 52 Part 2

When each family was busy cooking, the matchmaker came to the door with a man.

“Here it is.”

The matchmaker called out as she entered the house, “Chengyu, where is he?”


In the First Branch’s house, Yang Chengyu hurriedly opened the door and came out. She was dressed in new clothes, and greeted the matchmaker with a smile, “Aunt Wu, you’re here.”

“Ai, I’m here. Where is your daughter? ” Aunt Wu smiled and led the man towards Yang Chengyu.

There was a lot of commotion in the courtyard, and Yan Lianhua called Chen Cuiyun out of the kitchen.

“Did you see it? Did you see it?”

Chen Cuiyun had a spatula in hand, as she asked anxiously, “What does he look like?”

“I saw it. He was quite average.”

Yan Lianhua squatted by the threshold, dragging her chin, and casually said, “It’s still much worse than my brother Xia Ming.”

Chen Cuiyun pushed Yan Lianhua’s head, “Still thinking about that Lu Xia Ming! He’s just a poor, educated youth, and he doesn’t even see you! “

Yan Lianhua unhappily nudged her mouth, and did not answer Chen Cuiyun’s words.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also vaguely heard the commotion in the courtyard.

At that time, Yan Yang was frying vegetables, and he was with Lin Xiaoyue, who was holding chopsticks waiting on the side, ready to taste his fried dishes.

When she heard the sound in the courtyard, Lin Xiaoyue bit into her chopsticks and became interested, “Do all families rely on matchmakers to get their children married?”


Yan Yang was not very sure of the answer, “I have not experienced it either.”

“Of course, you haven’t experienced it. Where did your cheap wife come from? You should have an idea in your heart! ” Lin Xiaoyue poked Yan Yang’s arm and mentioned the incident when she first came here.

The third Yan Yang also knew this matter, and he had memories in his mind.

He stirred-fried the dish in the pot a few times and switched the spatula to his other hand, and his free hands hooked Lin Xiaoyue’s neck and pulled her and kissed her.

“I am lucky. I don’t need to be introduced to someone and let them be my wife. Aren’t you really rare in this world?

Yan Yang smirked, his brows and eyes filled with scorn.

This kind of look was also unique to the third Yan Yang, who the other two personalities did not have.

Lin Xiaoyue really loved his bad energy. Her small hand circled his waist, her head tilted on his shoulder, “You are indeed lucky. You did not do anything, but then, you still have such a good wife.”

Of course, her luck is also good.

She didn’t do anything, but she still has the space to take out things.

If not for this space, Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t even have a romantic life with the third!

Yan Yang rubbed her head and pulled her away, “The fumes are big, don’t get too close, you’ll be smoked into a yellow face.”

Lin Xiaoyue obediently obeyed and took two steps back, “I will listen to you. If you’re going to be a yellow-faced husband, I don’t mind. I will just take care of myself”

Yan Yang’s sword brow frowned, the corners of his mouth pulled up into a smile.

“By the way, what are we going to do tomorrow?”

Lin Xiaoyue tilted her head and asked him, “No need to go down to the field. Are you going to teach me more about your business?”

“Tomorrow is not the time, and I can’t let you know what I am doing,”

Yan Yang refused outright, and even confessed the reason, “And I’m not afraid to tell you that this business is illegal. I do it quietly in private. You do not know about it. It has nothing to do with you. If I get caught one day, the responsibility will also lie with me and it will not drag you down. So, you can’t get involved in this matter. “

“It’s not something illegal, it’s just restricted by the current system. It will definitely be open in the future! “

Lin Xiaoyue had to turn his perception around, “And you’re doing so well now, you’ll be able to do even better when it opens up later!”

Yan Yang looked at her steadily, “Who said it would be open in the future? What are you thinking about? “

Lin Xiaoyue retorted, “If I say it will, it will. Anyway, it’s not a bad thing, it’s just normal business. I want to see how you operate. Take me with you. “

Yan Yang shook his head and still refused, “No.”

Lin Xiaoyue, a small fist whacked his arm.

Yan Yang did not even frown for a bit. He just focused on adding seasoning to the pot, “If I said I would not take you with me, then I will not take you with me.”

Lin Xiaoyue two small fists punched his arm.

Yan Yang’s face was still unchanged. He was busy frying, “If you feel bored during the day, I’ll take you around for a past time. You can’t stay in the village, but we can play around. “

Lin Xiaoyue hammered his arm several times, his little face puffed up with anger.

Yan Yang added some water to the pot and covered it with a lid, before turning his head to fix his eyes on her. He said: “I really don’t want to involve you in this. If you get caught, the consequences can be light or heavy. “

Lin Xiaoyue said, “If you get caught, I’ll be a widow, won’t I? This consequence is not serious ah? “

Yan Yang smiled, “I am very cautious and will not be caught.”

Lin Xiaoyue said again, “Why don’t you include me? Is it easy to get caught? Do you think I will hold you back? “

Yan Yang:”… ” What did he just say?

I can’t believe I’ve gotten myself into a trap…

Lin Xiaoyue hummed, “Then if you don’t take me, I’ll do it myself. I have a way! “

Lin Xiaoyue has read several books from this era. She will just follow the heroine’s way of getting rich. She can also succeed!

“Then come with me.” Yan Yang finally compromised.

There was no way out; he could only compromise.

If she wants to do it by herself, the more he will be worried!

“It would have been better if you had agreed earlier!”

Lin Xiaoyue tilted her head, while smiling, “When will you bring me along next time? By the way, I have a lot of good products here. You can also use them! “

Speaking of this, Yan Yang also thought about it…

He raised his eyebrows gently, looking at Lin Xiaoyue, and said, “My secret, you already know, and soon I will also share it all with you. Your secret? When will you tell me? How did you get those things out of thin air? Are you a fairy? “

Lin Xiaoyue let out a laugh.

He actually thought she was a fairy?


She was a little fairy, right?

Yan Yang reached out his hands and suddenly cupped Lin Xiaoyue’s small face and gently pinched it, “Are you human, a fairy or a demon? You have to tell me, right? Do you want to hide it from me for the rest of my life? “

Lin Xiaoyue suddenly got a bit of interest, and she also joked, “If I am a demon? Or a particularly scary kind of demon? “

Yan Yang had 80% belief in her words.

Even if she said she was a demon, he would still believe it.

She was able to take so much food out of thin air and come up with so many strange and weird things in one night.

In Yan Yang’s eyes, she was not a normal person.

If she was a demon…

Yan Yang skimmed the empty doorway, confirming that no one was there. He still cautiously came closer to Lin Xiaoyue’s ear and asked, “Then what kind of demon were you originally? Tell me, I’m not afraid. “

Lin Xiaoyue could not help but laugh again, and she also laughed out loud.

She didn’t expect that he would believe anything like this.

He was the same as Wang Xiuying, and the villagers believed what that master said.

It seems that this aspect of metaphysics is still a belief in the hearts of most people.

However, Lin Xiaoyue’s current situation may be metaphysics or science. Those two could not explain this phenomenon.

Lin Xiaoyue, with some playfulness, whispered to Yan Yang, “I am very good at seducing people. I am a fox spirit!”


Yan Yang nodded, and he believed her words in his heart 100%.

He believed that she was a fox spirit, and thought she was quite amazing.

The dishes in the pot were already cooked, and Yan Yang opened the lid and served them while glancing at Lin Xiaoyue beside him from time to time.

Lin Xiaoyue met his eyes. She narrowed her eyes and smiled, “Are you observing me?”

Yan Yang also smiled. I thought, Why are you so beautiful? It turned out that you were a little fox. “


Lin Xiaoyue laughed out loud, “You really believe that I’m a fox spirit, huh? Did you really believe it? “

Yan Yang frowned and sent the bowl of soup he had just served to Lin Xiaoyue, “Are you not?”

Xiaoyue hurriedly picked up her chopsticks, fished out the shredded meat in the soup to eat, and then picked up a spoon to drink the soup.

Yan Yang washed the pot nimbly, while his eyes were always on Lin Xiaoyue.

Confirming that no one came in the door, he couldn’t help but ask, “What exactly are you? You can’t tell me, or you don’t want to tell me? “

Lin Xiaoyue tasted several spoonfuls of his delicious soup and thought to herself, ‘He even believes such a bullshit reason, such as her being a fox spirit, so he should also believe it when she tells him the truth.’

However, Lin Xiaoyue still had reservations about him. She only said, “In fact, I came from the future. Not a demon nor an immortal, kind of…… I accidentally traveled through time and space. “

Yan Yang now understands why she insisted that speculation would become the normal situation in the future.

To her words, he still believed 100%.

“Are you sure you’re not lying to me this time?” But Yan Yang still repeatedly confirmed it once.

“It’s true,” Lin Xiaoyue said.

Yan Yang smiled: “Then you won’t go back, right?”

He neither cared that she was a demon nor where she came from. He just wanted to make sure that she could stay with him forever.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head to meet his dark pupils, and once again saw the emotion of reluctance to leave in his eyes.

She suddenly realized that separation was actually very close to them.

While he was worried about whether she would leave, she was more worried about whether he would suddenly disappear.

Lin Xiaoyue went forward and hugged him, and Yan Yang also freed his hand to encircle her body.

An emotion of reluctance spread at this moment.

Lin Xiaoyue took advantage of this moment to bring up this topic because she was worried that it would be too late to say goodbye to him. She said straightly, “I always feel that one day you will suddenly disappear. So there are some things I want to tell you while you’re here. “

Yan Yang lowered his head, and his thick black eyes locked onto the side of her face, and his pupils held a deep love that could not be dissolved.

“Among the three Yan Yangs, I like you the most. My like for you was the kind between men and women. Moreover, you are also the first man that I liked. “

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t care if the other Yan Yang would be jealous. She wanted to express her feelings to the third.

If she didn’t say these words, it would be meaningless for her to say them again when he was gone.


Yan Yang’s thin lips raised high. The smile on his face was a little bit stunned and proud.

Every time he heard that she chose him, that she valued him, the third was very happy.

In this world, only she acknowledges him, only she truly treats him well.

His parents…

The third will not recognize them.

In contrast, in this world, the third only recognizes her as his family member.

She was the only one he could call his family.

Lin Xiaoyue nodded heavily, “Well! I must say these words first, otherwise when you are gone, I will have no one to talk to. “

“I will not disappear.”

Yan Yang said in a firm tone, “I will definitely exist. Believe me.”

Although he did not know what to do to make him the master of this body.

But he must not disappear!

Even if he comes out less, he must still exist!

He lowered his head. Yan Yang kissed her lips again.

At this time, Yan Dayong finished smoking dry cigarettes outside. It was cold outside, so he really could not help but enter the house.

When he saw this picture, Yan Dayong hurriedly turned around and went out, trying not to make any noises to disturb the young couple.

At that moment, Wang Xiuying, who had finished sweeping the yard, was also ready to go back to the house.

As a result, Yan Dayong stopped her and pushed her straight out, “You can’t go in yet, stay outside with me for a while.”

“What? What are the two of them doing inside? “

Wang Xiuying immediately guessed, Yes, there must be something wrong with Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue.

“They are in the middle of doing something intimate. What else can they do? Anyway, it’s inappropriate for us to show up at this time! “

Yan Dayong responded to her unceremoniously, and he was a little embarrassed.

“Oh, so…”

Wang Xiuying also obviously understood Yan Dayong’s hint. She nodded her head. “You said, they should have done something like that? I guess they will have children soon? “

Yan Dayong shook his head and waved his hand, “I do not know, let nature take its course! Now their relationship is so good, it would only be a matter of time. “

Wang Xiuying was happy.

At that time, the door of the big house opened and the matchmaker came out of the house with a man.

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong both cast a glance, only to see Yang Chengyu send the matchmaker out, with a very polite smile on her face.

They don’t know if their meeting went well.

Every child in this family has grown up.

All of them were about to start a family…

In the kitchen over there, Lin Xiaoyue, a woman, took advantage of the warmth of the affection, and actively and without embarrassment, proposed, “Tonight, do you want to?”

The third Yan Yang hummed with a laugh, “Yes.”

He didn’t know that she wanted to…


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