I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 52.1

Chapter 52 Part 1

After returning from the vegetable market, the matter of making money was stored in Lin Xiaoyue’s mind.

She has a study space, and he can buy things online in the study space. She can make good products to be sold in the future. By doing this, she will certainly be able to earn a lot of money.

She has the goods, Yan Yang has the channel, Yan Yang has a clever younger brother like Wang Tieshan, and now she and Yan Yang both have jobs as temporary workers, and they have a lot of time.

They have the right time, place and people. Wouldn’t it be easy to earn money if they had this advantage?! 

At noon, the family of four ate a sumptuous meal.

To celebrate Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang finding such a good temporary job. Yan Dayong also made an exception and drank two glasses of white wine with Yan Yang at noon.

Yan Yang does not drink but sees Yan Dayong in a good mood, and then thinks of himself as also a man. A little alcohol is nothing.

So they drank.

But as a result, they did not expect that he was so poor at drinking.

After just drinking two glasses, he was down. He slept in the small room all afternoon. He was too drowsy to wake up.

Lin Xiaoyue took a nap with Yan Yang, and, of course, in her study space, she directly chose the third Yan Yang.

But later, when she woke up, Yan Yang was not yet awake……

This time in space, Lin Xiaoyue ordered several boxes of fruit, and a very delicious cheese mung bean cake. It’s definitely better than the mung bean cake Wang Tieshan gave her before! ‘

She waited for the things she bought to arrive, so she could move them out and sell them.

Before Yan Yang woke up, Lin Xiaoyue left the small side house and squatted by the chicken coop to feed her five chicks.

The chickens have been raised for some time and they are no longer small; the colour of their hair has changed, and they have become uglier and uglier, unlike their previous cute appearance.

But Lin Xiaoyue single-handedly raised these small chicks, so no matter how ugly they become, their appearance gives the impression that they are very comfortable to look at.

She scattered the broken grain into the chicken cage. Lin Xiaoyue’s mouth was making a “cooing” sound, teasing the chicks.

She was in a very leisurely and comfortable mood, but unexpectedly, she heard the conversation between Yang Chengyu and Yan Hongying that suddenly came from outside the door.

“I dragged on a lot before, so I could choose the best one for you. The man works in a unit in the town. Although he is just a temporary worker, he has worked there for five or six years, and there is a great possibility for him to become a regular worker. If you can be liked by him and live in the town with him, he will certainly arrange work for you. ” This is Yang Chengyu’s voice.

“Mom, what does he look like? How old is he? What’s his education level? ” This was Yan Hongying’s voice.

“Why do you still care about his education level?! You didn’t even finish elementary school yourself? “

Yang Chengyu said to Yan Hongying, “The matchmaker said, except for his age, his family has good conditions. He was his family’s only son. He had a house in the town. If you marry, you can directly live in town. Although he said he was a temporary worker, his parents also have jobs in other factories, and they are also regular workers. Anyway, if you can marry, you can be free from being a rural person. When the time comes, you can live in the town, and work in the town factory. You no longer have to work in the fields. How good it is! “

At this point, the two feet of mother and daughter stepped over the threshold and collided face to face with Lin Xiaoyue, who was squatting by the chicken coop.

Lin Xiaoyue did not look at them, but they cast a disdainful look at Lin Xiaoyue.

Yang Chengyu pointedly threw out a sentence, “You didn’t even make a sound, you intentionally hid in the corner to eavesdrop!”

Yan Hongying grunted and followed suit, “Ignore her, she is not a passerby.”

The mother and daughter pair were in cahoots, talking to themselves and walking past Lin Xiaoyue, and went back to their big house.

Lin Xiaoyue turned his head and stared at the mother and daughter pair with a meaningful glance until they disappeared…

Are they…? Sick?

Who wants to hear about their family affairs?

Their paranoia is not light.

In the First Branch’s house, Yan Hongying has begun to dress up.

Yan Hongying, who has reached marriageable age, will be meeting the matchmaker tonight.

Recently, because she has seen too many scenes of Yan Yang being extremely fond of Lin Xiaoyue. Yan Hongying’s heart favoured how Yan Yang treated his wife, and she also wanted her other husband to be like that too.

Although Yan Yang’s mind was silly before, now it was completely clear, it was equivalent to a normal man.

Yan Hongying has been quietly observing Yan Yang these days.

After a few days of observation, the impression of Yan Yang in her head has also changed dramatically.

Although the recent look at Yan Yang still made her uncomfortable, when it came to the selection of a spouse, Yan Hongying felt that…… he couldn’t be worse than Yan Yang.

Yan Yang’s height, Yan Yang’s face, Yan Yang’s attitude towards his wife……

These requirements must be met.

On the premise of meeting these requirements, Yan Hongying also requires the object to have a better job.

Of course, as Yang Chengyu said, it’s best to have a job in the town’s factory, and it’s even better to live in the town in the future.

With so many conditions in mind, Yan Hongying came face to face and prepared for the matchmaking meeting.

She changed into a new dress and tied her hair with two twist braids. She also added a red hairpin to her head. Yan Hongying was dressed up in the mirror and waited for the other party to come to the door.

“Hey, the way you dressed up made you appear like an accomplished girl in the house.”

Yang Chengyu looked at Yan Hongying after she dressed up. You could see the satisfied look in the corner of her eyes.

“A girl’s family should not farm all her life. Your mother’s life is bad. It’s useless to marry your father. I couldn’t make decisions at home and was still being bullied. “

Yang Chengyu patted Yan Hongying’s shoulders and picked up the wrinkles on her clothes, “Listen to your mother and marry in the town in the future. It’s much more developed there than here, so you don’t have to do any more work on the field again! “

Yan Hongying nodded her head, “Don’t worry, mom. I’m sure I’ll find a good man to marry. I won’t marry someone who is very poor. “

After a woman marries, her life will be different from her life before she got married.

After marriage, it was her second life.

Yang Chengyu is hoping that her offspring will all be prosperous, so that their first family’s house family will become prosperous, at least more than the Second Branch family!

Yang Chengyu suffered from Chen Cuiyun’s anger for so many years of anger and has not been able to recover.

From now on, they can only rely on the younger generation.

In the evening, the matchmaker brought a man to Yan Hongying’s home. They soon called the Second Branch family to let them know.

Chen Cuiyun, who came back from the production team, heard from Yan Lianhua that Yan Hongying wanted to see her partner tonight. At that time, she also took Yan Lianhua to the Second Branch room for questioning.

Yan Lianhua and Yan Hongying. These two girls were of similar age. Yan Hongying was only a few months older than Yan Lianhua, so Yan Lianhua was also at a marriageable age.

Recently, under the stimulation of Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue’s spreading dog food actions, Yan Lianhua and Yan Hongying have been more or less thinking about finding a date.

The First family’s house moved one step faster.

Yang Chengyu has already started to arrange things.

This made Chen Cuiyun feel like she was being outperformed by the first family’s house.

For dinner, Chen Cuiyun was the one who cooked the dinner for the main house.

She asked Yan Lianhua to stand at the door of the kitchen and watch. As soon as a matchmaker and Yan Hongying’s match entered the house, she called out to her.

Yan Lianhua didn’t know why Chen Cuiyun wanted her to stare at them, but the mother and daughter stayed at the door and stared obediently.

On the Second Branch side of the house, the invisible battle was fought with their own ghosts.

In contrast to the second branch, on the third branch, the family of four was much more peaceful.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were cooking. Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were not going to disturb Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, so they did not stay in the house.

Yan Dayong was sitting on a bench outside the door, smoking a dry cigarette, while Wang Xiuying was sweeping the yard and cleaning the chicken coop.

Lin Xiaoyue is a woman who does not know how to do housework. She only fed the chicks after buying them, without cleaning the coop.

The manure in the chicken coop was always cleaned up by Wang Xiuying, who also did all the housework.

Although Lin Xiaoyue was really lazy compared to other families’ daughters-in-law. But Wang Xiuying still couldn’t be choosy about Lin Xiaoyue and still thought she was the best daughter-in-law.

It was just because Lin Xiaoyue was sincere to Yan Yang that Wang Xiuying felt that she was born to be the daughter-in-law of their family.

Furthermore, Wang Xiuying also felt that Lin Xiaoyue’s brain moved quickly and was very smart and resourceful.

For a girl like this, it’s not a big deal that she doesn’t do housework. She must have greater prospects.


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