I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 55.2

Chapter 55 Part 2

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were already walking back to the bus.

On the way back, her mind was thinking about that girl, Wang Xiaojing. She wanted to ask Yan Yang if that girl liked him.

But thinking about it, she felt that, as a real wife, she should not feel unconfident about asking such questions.

She was his real wife. There was no reason to be afraid of these wildflowers and weeds, not to mention that Yan Yang also did not even take a glance at her.

That girl’s existence was the same as a ghost (non-existent)).

So, Lin Xiaoyue held back and did not ask.

After getting on the bus, Chen Shuiniu drove back to An City. Their village was located somewhere in the An City, and their village was under the jurisdiction of the An City.

Liu City was also a neighbouring village of An City. In terms of geographic area, it is probably divided in this way.

Lin Xiaoyue had never heard of these two cities in the original world.

After all, she is inside the book. The whole world’s framework was different from the original world. Some things had to be re-examined again.

Today the sun is still quite big.

Afternoon in the sun, the bus went back in the afternoon. Everyone was a little drowsy.

Lin Xiaoyue was also sleepy. She held Yan Yang’s hand, leaned on his shoulder and fell asleep.

Yan Yang also dozed off shortly after she fell asleep.

The good thing is, the two of them were holding hands as they slept.

Lin Xiaoyue still picked the third directly in the study space, so the person who woke up was still the third as well.

Around evening, the two of them returned home, and by then Wang Xiuying had already started cooking dinner.

During the meal, Wang Xiuying asked the couple if they had gone to work today. How did they adapt to their new job?

Lin Xiaoyue gave Wang Xiuying a very reassuring answer, and Wang Xiuying was now very relieved about his new job.

Because there is a doorway job that they can use as a reason. Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang are also said to be free in disguise.

During the day, the two of them were completely free, and no one would interfere with them.

The news that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue had been given temporary jobs in a seafood factory in town soon reached the ears of the extended family of the Old Yan family.

That night, the main house side brought up the matter.

Chen Cuiyun heard about it from other people in the village and quickly brought the news home, telling the whole family about Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue’s work.

When she said this, she added a lot of fuel and vinegar to her words. Other family members heard that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue were hired as temporary workers by the seafood factory. There must be some inside story to it.

“The third family must have spent a lot of money to clear up this relationship before they found a job for Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue. I guess it’s because Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t bear the hardship. To find a job for them, the third family must have paid money to clear the relationship! “

Chen Cuiyun said and added a sentence: “The third family must still have a lot of money! They are all family members. Before, I asked them to help our family, but they didn’t want to help us! I think we don’t need to treat the third as a family. “

“The third is already separated from the family. How do you still want to calculate their family?”

For what Chen Cuiyun had said, it had caused Grandma Yan’s displeasure, Chen Cuiyun said. In other words, it has caused Grandma Yan’s unhappiness, “Their family is now living their own lives, and their prosperity has nothing to do with us. Even if they find jobs for their two children, it is their own ability. What can I say about it? “

“Mom, why are you still anxious? It’s not like I’m bad-mouthing THE THIRD family. “

Chen Cuiyun saw that Grandma Yan was not happy, so she had to coax her first, “I just want to tell everyone about the third family. And ah, there is an account. I really count it for you to listen to. Since the third side was separated, I have been smelling the smell of meat from his house every day. His family has meat and eggs every day, and now he can still spend a lot of money helping their children to clean up the relationship and find a job. Mom, don’t you think the money in the third family seems to be inexhaustible? “

After Chen Cuiyun said this, Yang Chengyu also took the opportunity to answer, “Since the second sister-in-law had suspicions, I also had doubts. The second sister-in-law and I pinched meals several times to get to the third house to take a look. It was real meat. There is meat and eggs, fish and shrimp. The food is good every day, and they can also give out money for Yan Yang to go see a doctor. Now that Yan Yang is in good spirits, Sister-in-law, do you remember? When the third sister-in-law said they wanted to split up, it was because Mom refused to let her borrow the 100 yuan, saying that their family was at the end of its rope, so they had the courage to split up. Now it seems that their family is not destitute, but they have saved a large amount of money, and they deliberately found a reason to split up, and then took this money to make their own life better. “

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Chen Cuiyun agreed with Yang Chengyu very much. “What I want to express is the meaning of sister-in-law. I can’t speak well with this mouth! Mom, isn’t this strange? Before the separation, the third sister-in-law told you that their family could not even get 100 yuan for medical treatment. The result is that, after the separation of the family, they were able to get medical care and a large fish and meat for their food. They even spent money on making relations to have those two have jobs… The third family is very rich! The important thing to think about was before we lived together, how much did the third family pay for their quotas? Presumably, this money was saved like that! “

The first wife and the second wife said this in one sentence, and they just said it with a red mouth and white teeth. It was not hard to say that the suspicion turned into a real situation.

(Red Mouth and White Teeth-Refers to the normal appearance of ordinary people, but they will be scolded if they say something abnormal. The common saying was that if someone was slandered or slandered by others, they would be angrily asked if they had a red mouth and white teeth. “How can you say such irresponsible words?”)

Yan Grandma Yan also can’t help but fall into suspicion, wondering whether the third family was really very rich? When they were together with the third family, did they just deliberately pretended to be poor and pay less money, thus saving a fortune?

“I also think their family is very rich now!”

Yan Lianhua group of young ones also began to voice out, “Yan Yang, that fool now eats meat every day, and it was the same with that cheapskate Lin Xiaoyue too. I think Lin Xiaoyue has become fatter! I was still talking about this with Hongying before. Why is Lin Xiaoyue’s life so good? After marrying into our house, she became just like this. Not only does she not do housework, but she also eats fish and meat. Third Auntie and that idiot Yan Yang treat her like a treasure! “

Although Yan Lianhua’s words were off-topic, she also took the opportunity to express her dissatisfaction.

To be precise, the Third Branch family has been gaining momentum lately, so the First Branch family and Second Branch have also begun to voice their discontent.

“Yes. It’s quite unbalanced when you say that… “

Yan Hongying murmured angrily, picking up the rice in the bowl, “They can still use the money to smooth the relationship and find work for the two of them in the town. If I want to find a job in town, I actually still have to rely on marrying someone…… “

Yan Hongying of the first family is now on a blind date, and as a farmer born in the village, she wants to marry into the town and find a husband who has a job in the town……. It’s a difficult process!

The matchmaker picked a lot of people before she found such a slightly suitable blind date for Yan Hongying.

But only the material conditions are in line with it.

In fact, Yan Hongying didn’t like that blind date.

Her blind date was not good-looking. He had a bad personality. Not only was he not empathetic towards Yan Hongying, but he was also rude.

But because it is very difficult to find a match with her condition, It is quite a situation that there is no such store in this village.

Yan Hongying could not refuse this blind date partner for the sake of material conditions.

So, when she heard that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue had easily found a job in town, Yan Hongying did not know how unbalanced her heart was!

Luckily, someone in the family talked about it.

She especially wanted to stir up the matter of Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue’s jobs.

She doesn’t even have a job in town yet. How can those two have such a good job?

Yan Hongying at this moment. This was her mental state.

“Based on what you said, to put it plainly, you envy the third family. Alas… “

Grandma Yan sighed, “The third family and our side have been separated for a reason. Whatever life the third family was having now, our side should no longer care. Now their family is living a prosperous life, but you guys look uncomfortable. So tell me, what do you want to do? “

The table was full of women talking. The men were just eating with their heads in the sand. No man wanted to participate in such a boring topic.

But by chance, this kind of topic is the biggest hobby of women.

Chen Cuiyun also took advantage of Grandma Yan’s speech to immediately put forward her request, “Mom, I think when the third family lived with our big family, it was several dozen dollars less than our two families every month. Now that they are living separately, the third family has taken out all the money and is living a prosperous life for themselves. I think we have to settle this account with the third family and ask the third family to pay us all the money they failed to give us in those years!

Chen Cuiyun was still thinking about the few tens of yuan that the Third Branch family had underpaid all those years.

Every month, they underpay by a few dozen yuan, which adds up to several hundred yuan.

When the time comes, she will ask the Third Branch family to pay them and she will share the money with the two families. Chen Cuiyun could also get a share of a few dozen or a hundred yuan.

This way, in her heart, she will be a little more balanced.

However, Yang Chengyu felt that Chen Cuiyun would not get the money back.

Therefore, Yang Chengyu also proposed a more suitable plan, “Mom, I think if we ask the third family to take out all the money that they have given us over the years, the third family will definitely not be willing to take it and will refuse to give us the money on the grounds that the family has been divided. So, let’s change the method. We’ll…… collect the third family’s rent. “

“Rent?” Yan Grandma Yan froze for a moment.

Grandpa Yan’s expression immediately went down. He then denied it, “Joke! My son lives in the house I built, and I have to collect his rent. Can I still recognize him as my son or not? “

“Dad, didn’t our family get separated from them? Since they have already separated, the third family still lives in this house, so they should pay some rent, right? “

Yang Chengyu said, “We will not let them pay for a lot. They will collect 15 yuan or 20 yuan a month. Their family is so rich now, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue have both gone to work in the town, and this little money can be taken out. “

“I don’t think so.”

Grandma Yan shook her head, “Which parents ask for rent for their children? People will laugh at our situation. “

“But they are separated from our family, and the rent is nothing.”

Chen Cuiyun curled his lips and muttered unhappily, “The third family used to pay dozens of yuan less each month, which made them take advantage of our two families for so many years. Now they are the most prosperous family. Let’s get back to some points. Taking back some of the money we lost is nothing… Why would people laugh at our jokes? “

Grandma Yan looked at Grandpa Yan. When she saw that Granpa Yan’s expression was still bad, she said again, “” The rent is not good. There is no reason for parents to collect rent from their children, or you can change the way we name it. “

After Grandma Yan said this, it means that Grandma Yan also agreed to the condition that their two families would ask for money from the Third Branch family.

Since it was just a change of name, things would be much easier to do.

Yang Chengyu’s brain turned quickly and immediately offered option 2, “Mom, since the rent is not working, let’s ask Third Branch to pay 40 yuan a month for your two old folks for alimony. This money will be paid to your two elderly relatives, and then the second family and I will pay 20 yuan less each month. This way, it just relieves the pressure on our two houses, and you and Dad can also receive filial piety from the third family. “

“That’s a good idea!”

Chen Cuiyun He immediately supported Yang Chengyu’s idea, “The third family will give money to our parents, and our two families will pay less. This is like a family! It is right for all three sons to pay for their parents. Well! How can it be said that the third family doesn’t have to support the parents after the separation? Right? “


Grandma Yan’s expression is somewhat frozen, “Isn’t it about 15 or 20 yuan at the beginning of the rent collection? How come the third family will pay 40 yuan for just changing the name? How can the third couple get so much money? “

“I’m sure they can get it!”

Chen Cuiyun said firmly, “Now the third family has four people making money, and two of them are still making money in town! For their family, 40 yuan is nothing. Ah! Mom, don’t think about saving money for the third family. Think more about our two families. Our two families are now dying of poverty. Look at what our family eats… we only have one egg for meat. There is no meat! The children are still growing! “

Grandma Yan looked at the table of dishes, and then looked at the youngest son of the first family…

Naturally, she did not insist.

So, with the family’s unauthorized discussion, Third Branch’s family somehow got an extra 40 yuan per month of pressure.

Of course, the four members of the Third Branch’s family who were having dinner had no idea of what was being discussed here.

At Third Branch’s home, Wang Xiuying was telling Lin Xiaoyue, “Xiaoyue, you eat more to make up for your body. You are too thin!”

Wang Xiuying was now only worried about Lin Xiaoyue’s skinny body, and was worried she couldn’t conceive a child!

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