I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 56.1

Chapter 56 Part 1

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong have now confirmed that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue have developed into a real married couple.

Nowadays, the only thing the two elderly expect from the married couple is a child.

Looking at Lin Xiaoyue’s skinny physique, Wang Xiuying felt that it was necessary to take care of Lin Xiaoyue’s body first.

Only when Lin Xiaoyue became fat, could she give their third family a fat and white grandson.

After eating their dinner, Lin Xiaoyue probably guessed the intention of the two elderly from Wang Xiuying’s frequent movements of putting meat in her bowl.

Lying down on the bed in the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue shrank into Yan Yang’s arms. She hugged him and said with a smile, “Have you seen your father-in-law and mother-in-law’s intention?”

“What’s on your mind?”

Yan Yang’s big palm gently patted her shoulder. His chin pressed against her forehead to ask carefully.

“During the meal just now, my mother-in-law kept adding food to my bowl, didn’t she? I think she’s not just trying to fatten me up, she’s trying to have grandchildren… “

As a woman, Lin Xiaoyue is actually very ashamed of saying such things.

But when she thought about it, she could even talk about having an intimate night, so the words of having a child were nothing.

So Lin Xiaoyue said it directly.

Yan Yang thought about Wang Xiuying’s actions during tonight’s dinner and carefully thought about Wang Xiuying’s intentions.

His thin lips gently raised, “It may be. Then what do you think? “

“What do I think?”

When she looked up, Lin Xiaoyue saw Yan Yang’s firm jawline, “How can you ask me what I think about this kind of thing? Shouldn’t you tell me what you think first? What do you think? Do you want to have children? “

“I do.”

Yan Yang lowered his head. His dark eyes met Lin Xiaoyue’s sparkling pupils.

Yan Yang: “So……”

Lin Xiaoyue: “So what?”

Yan Yang pinched her waist, which made Lin Xiaoyue’s body tremble and she couldn’t help laughing out loud, “Haha what you do not move ah!”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly grabbed his hand in the nest, determined not to let him move!

She was ticklish.

Yan Yang’s lips curved higher and higher, “So, are we going to increase the frequency of that thing? Hasn’t it been several days since we…… “

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly covered his mouth. Her eyes curved, and she smiled in embarrassment and said, “It just so happens that my menstruation won’t work these few days…”

“Sure, then after a few days.” Yan Yang nodded his head.

Since the day they became a true married couple, Yan Yang did not dare to move her for the next few days.

Because that night, her voice crying out in pain left a deep impression on his mind.

Yan Yang was not sure if it was his bad technique or the normal situation of pain.

But after the first time, that left a shadow, so he didn’t dare to move her.

The main reason was that he was afraid of hurting her. In fact, he wanted it very much in his heart.

Originally, in this period of time, Yan Yang did not intend to bring up this matter. He intended to slow everything down for a while.

But she took the initiative to mention having a child today, so Yan Yang also took the opportunity to mention it…

Lin Xiaoyue’s reaction once again surprised him. She didn’t seem to dislike the incident.

This shows that after her monthly affair has gone, he can still have the pleasure of close intimacy with her.

*(in short, have sexual intercourse with her XD)

Yan Yang was in a good mood and kissed Lin Xiaoyue’s forehead, “Have you noticed that the body is mine again these days?”

“Hmm…” Lin Xiaoyue responded.

Of course, it’s him…

She brought him out every night in the study space, can it still not be him?

“So, I feel that my situation should be quite stable now. The owner of this body is me. You can rest assured of having a child with me. I will definitely raise the child with you well. “

Yan Yang once again made this definitive statement, both to reassure himself and to give her a piece of mind.


Lin Xiaoyue saw his confident look. She couldn’t bear to tell him…

In fact, the truth is not what he thought.

“Tomorrow, let’s go to An City.” Yan Yang said.

“To do what?” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

“I will take you to meet the people with who I have business dealings. My entire business chain… I will show you all. ” Yan Yang said with a grin on his lips.

He was doing speculative business, but he was just a middleman.

The city of An is a coastal city. Yan Yang usually takes goods with Zhou Zhengwei, and he can often get a batch of pearls of good quality that have not yet been processed.

After they arrive, Yan Yang transports them to LiuCity and he sells the pearls to Wang Sheng at a good price.

Wang Sheng will take this batch of pearls for processing, and then make them into various types of handicrafts, and sell them to the upper-level channels he knows.

Zhou Zhengwei’s family was in the seafood business and sold seafood. So, when a mussel opens a pearl, in principle, it must be handed over to the public.

But Zhou Zhengwei can always take out a small amount from a large batch of goods to satisfy his wallet.

Therefore, he has a trading relationship with Yan Yang.

It is not a loss for Zhou Zhengwei.

It was not a loss for Yan Yang.

Nor was it a loss for Wang Sheng?

They all make different amounts of money and take different risks. The operation is indeed speculative against regulations.

However, this money is indeed better than what they earn from hard labor.

As long as the transactions are not so frequent, there are not many big problems.

The third Yan Yang used to come out only a few times a month. Considering that he didn’t have much time to go out, he made a few transactions in January and took a little pocket money, which was not a big problem.

But from now on, he can come out almost every day, so he must manage his business well.

Although this kind of operation was illegal, he believes in what Lin Xiaoyue said. Later, these operations will become regular, and they will be recognized by the public.

Therefore, it is perfectly fine for him to start preparing for the future now.

He was not afraid to take Lin Xiaoyue with him, because, as Lin Xiaoyue said since speculation could become a formal operation in the future, it is okay to take her with him and let her learn a little bit.

He just needs to be careful.

Before this kind of business becomes a regular operation, every transaction should be carried out carefully, trying to ensure safety and not to let her get caught.

This was Yan Yang’s current thought.

“Yes, yes!”

Lin Xiaoyue was in a good mood when she heard that he was going to take her to view his business chain.

She was very interested in making money.

“I was just about to discuss it with you too!”

Lin Xiaoyue hooked her hands around Yan Yang’s neck and stared at him with a smile, “What do you think is the best thing to sell next? As long as you tell me, I can definitely come up with the goods! And they are all good! “

“The next……”

Yan Yang frowned and thought for a long time, “Your question is not easy to answer. It mainly depends on the market. Whichever market you want to enter, you must be prepared to sell these kinds of goods. Like what you took out last time was food, selling these kinds of goods is natural. Food will never go out of fashion. There will always be people who are willing to buy it. People’s clothing, housing, and transportation can not be compared to food. People can’t live without food. So… “

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “So selling food is very good ah! Then let’s sell food! What do you think? “

Yan Yang replied: “Selling the fruit you brought was very good. If you have the goods in hand, fruit is really a business that can be carried out in the long run. You saw the reaction of Brother Sheng today. I guess if we send another batch of fruit in a couple of days, he will definitely not even talk about the shelf. He will just accept it. “


Lin Xiaoyue believed in his words, “Then I’ll get some more apples, pears, and cherries!”

Yan Yang reminded her, “There is no need to have too many cherries. Things are precious when they are scarce.”

Lin Xiaoyue: “Yes, that makes sense.”

Lin Xiaoyue happily pinched his face, “Why are you so smart? How did your head grow? How come there is such a big difference between those two? “

The two…… she was referring to were his other two personalities.

(notlucia: I feel bad for the second…

This sentence, she said casually, did have a certain degree of comparison between those three.

When the third Yan Yang heard this, he must have been very happy in his heart.

He smiled more openly, and the corners of his mouth almost cracked to the root of his ears, “Do you see my excellence now? Shouldn’t you have seen the difference between me and those two?

“Yes, yes, yes, I should have seen it long ago! You are the best at making money! “

Lin Xiaoyue rubbed the third Yan Yang’s face, deforming him in one go.

Looking at the way he obediently let her ravage him, Lin Xiaoyue felt that he was cute again.

Heading on, she bit Yan Yang’s lip!

Not very hard, but Yan Yang still frowned…

Naughty girl…

Yan Yang raised his hand to hold her little face, kissed her down without ceremony, and sealed her lips with force.

Lin Xiaoyue was instantly kissed by him and could not say a word…

This is the punishment ah.

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  1. Evie Ren A. has spoken 2 months ago

    I feel bad for the Second, but I don’t want him to be the ML. I understand why he “should” be and I also understand that the Third is not exactly “balanced” just yet, but his chemistry with Xiao Yue is barely decent, I truly think if the author is going to make the Second absorb the Third, they’re gonna have to make the final Yan Yang a really good combination of the two, and put the effort into rebuilding their relationship as husband and wife romantically speaking.
    It’s really hard for her, because as she said, when the Second is out they are like an old married couple, in synchrony and respectful to each other, caring but distant; on the other hand, the Third is open about his thoughts, his intentions, he is passionate about her, and he is reliable. I’m not saying she is right or wrong in choosing the Third so blatantly, I’m just saying I understand is hard for her to focus on healing the Second and saying goodbye to the Third, when the Third is literally her dream man incarnated.

  2. Zetnnik has spoken 8 months ago

    I don’t get why some are rooting for the Second? That’s like rooting for Jacob to end up with Bella when it’s been established that Bella and Edward were the main couple. 🤷‍♀️


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