I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 56.2

Chapter 56 Part 2

At night, after the two of them were deep asleep,

In the study space, Lin Xiaoyue bought two boxes of apples, a box of pears, and a box of cherries online.

While browsing in a certain supermarket, she saw canned meat, and immediately, her mouth watered with greed.

Lin Xiaoyue immediately placed an order for a box of canned beef, canned roast pork, canned fish, and a box of canned orange water.

After placing the order, Lin Xiaoyue looked at her bank card and deducted a few hundred yuan. She tapped the mouse with her finger and felt happy.

Because as soon as she enters this study space tomorrow, the money on her bank card will be completely restored as before.

The time in the study is only fixed on the day of her death, so all the supplies inside are inexhaustible.

Lin Xiaoyue gave up understanding why this space exists in her study.

She just considered it as if the original author had given her a goldenfinger!

Whatever four-dimensional space or the parallel world!

Just think of it as a book that has a certain plugin that she can easily use!

Lin Xiaoyue felt much happier when she thought about it.

In the study, she drank a bottle of certain milk that she purchased online and looked down at the carton of milk.


This milk can also be sold!

As long as the logo is changed, everything can be sold.

Lin Xiaoyuewass is already full of ideas for making money at this moment.

After pulling a carton of milk to the bedside, Lin Xiaoyue sat down next to the two Yan Yang.

Lowering her head, she examined the two peacefully sleeping, Yan Yang.

“Alas, I’m really sorry, the second…”

Lin Xiaoyue casually patted Yan Yang’s forehead, “Because of your unpopularity, I’ll just have to ignore you for now.”

Although the mouth said those words, Lin Xiaoyue’s idea of making a choice was still very fast.

Seeing that it felt like the sun was about to set, Lin Xiaoyue took Yan Yang’s hand with one hand and grabbed the carton of milk with the other free hand. She then silently recited the third Yan Yang in her heart.

Under normal operation…

On the second day, she woke up to the third Yan Yang, and a carton of milk was placed next to the bed.

The third Yan Yang woke up a little earlier than Lin Xiaoyue, and when he woke up, he saw a box of goods placed by the bed. He was already surprised.

He accepted this kind of mysterious phenomenon with confidence, just as he accepted the fact that Lin Xiaoyue was from the future without any doubt.

However, the third Yan Yang still stared at the box of goods for a long time…

He was thinking if he should stay up all night and open his eyes to see how this thing appeared here out of thin air?

Fell from the sky or what?

What just appeared out of thin air?

I’m not surprised this thing appeared, but I’d like to see how it appeared with my own eyes.

“Ah, good morning.”

Lin Xiaoyue stretched her hands and sat up from the bed. She saw a box of milk beside the bed.

She turned to the outside part of the room, which was Yan Yang’s side, then opened the box and took out the drink inside. “This is super delicious. You can drink it later. Then you can refer to it for me? Is this easy to sell? But we can’t sell this trademark. We have to change to simpler packaging. “

“Milk doesn’t sell well.”

Yan Yang shook his head, “Generally, people can only afford wheat milk essence for children, and rich people have fresh milk especially collected from farms. If there is no trademark, no source, or no quality assurance of milk, rich people will not want it. “


Hearing this analysis from him, Lin Xiaoyue also dismissed the idea, saying, “Well, then let’s put it aside for me to drink slowly. I have to grow up anyway.”

“Yes, you need to grow up.”

Yan Yang stared at her petite back and then thought about her body that did not have a few taels of meat. He nodded solemnly and said:

“Lin Xiaoyue, how old are you?”

Suddenly, Yan Yang asked her about such a sentence.

He had always felt that Lin Xiaoyue looked like she was only 15 or 16 years old, but he really didn’t know her exact age.

“I’m 18!”

Lin Xiaoyue casually returned to Yan Yang a sentence. In fact, she herself did not know how old she was. She didn’t know if she was the same age as the original owner……

No. No.

Just 18 years old!


Yan Yang side of the eyebrows raised high, looking at her eyes full of questions.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head and stared at him, “Is there a problem?”

Yan Yang stared at her thin and lean figure. He opened his lips and said leisurely: “I always felt that you seemed to have not yet begun to develop…”

Lin Xiaoyue’s brain spun. She became angry instantly!

A small slap on his arm, “Damn it! Are you thinking that my breasts are too small? “

Yan Yang puffed out a laugh…

When he laughed, Lin Xiaoyue got even angrier!

She will definitely put on weight!

She also wants to have a devilish figure in front and back!



After a long quarrel, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang took the breakfast Wang Xiuying left for them and went out together, hand in hand.

The two passed by the production land, looking at the villagers working hard in the field, and burying their heads in a very low-key way.

The villagers couldn’t be too envious of the two of them.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang spent the whole day outside.

At home, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong returned at noon, without the two children, and their hearts were somewhat empty.

Without Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang at noon, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong also had meat.

Wang Xiuying boiled a bowl of noodles, added some vegetables to the noodles, and added an egg, stirring into the egg flower.

A simple bowl of bok choy egg flower noodles was the finished product.

Although it was simple, the two of them ate comfortably. Anyway, it was much better than the meal they used to eat together in the main house.

In the past, they were forced to eat vegetables only, and they didn’t even dare to eat an egg.

Now, although the two little ones are not here, the two of them can also feel comfortable adding an egg to their own. More or less, it is like a taste of meat…

Just when the couple was having a good time eating noodles, suddenly, Yang Chengyu of the First Family and Chen Cuiyun of the Second Family came to the door.

This time, Yang Chengyu knocked on the door, “Dayong, the third sister-in-law, are you eating lunch?”

After the separation of the family, every time they saw the two houses come to the door, Yan Dayong and Wang Xiuying always felt that there was nothing good that might happen.

After leaving their two families, their Third Branch family’s life is getting better and better.

So when you see the two families next to each other again, there is always a feeling of bad luck coming to their door.

Wang Xiuying’s face was not very good, “What’s wrong? Do you want to come to ask for money again? Still, want to count so many years of debt? “

Wang Xiuying thinks she doesn’t owe the two families, so there’s no need to show her face to them.

Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun came to talk to the Third Branch family about the decision they made yesterday after a family discussion.

They deliberately found the time at the beginning of noon to say that they wanted to take advantage of Lin Xiaoyue’s absence by coming to the door.

The first thing is that Chen Cuiyun doesn’t care about Lin Xiaoyue. She wanted to come to Wang Xiuying last night to talk about this matter, but she gave Yang Chengyu a hard time…

Yang Chengyu said that she must pick a time when Lin Xiaoyue is not at home, otherwise, this matter will be very difficult to achieve.

Chen Cuiyun was finally persuaded by Yang Chengyu, so she picked the noontime today and they both went to the third’s home.

Yang Chengyu knows Chen Cuiyun speaks hard, so she also reached an agreement with Chen Cuiyun. She let her discuss with the third family first, and then let Chen Cuiyun speak when she could not move the third family.

So, after she sat down with Chen Cuiyun at the table, she spoke about the matter without slowing down.

After hearing it…

Wang Xiuying immediately shot chopsticks, “What! Is there such a thing? Who are you to decide our family’s alimony for the elderly? Our family does not eat at your side, so how come we have to pay 40 yuan a month? You’re just changing the name to ask for money from our family! “

Wang Xiuying was so emotional purely because she saw through their ruse.

It’s just a change of name, in order to make money from their third family.

This is similar to what they said before they came over to settle the bill. Similar intentions!

Anyway, they just asked the third branch family to take the money!

And 40 yuan?

In the past, when they ate together, the Third Branch family only paid 50 yuan.

Now that they’ve split up, they’re asking them for 40 yuan a month!

Wang Xiuying couldn’t accept it.

Yan Dayong also meant the same thing, “What does alimony mean? What do you mean by that? I’ve never heard of this reasoning. The family is not living together, but we also have to pay so much money to the other side. Is anyone’s family like this? “

“This is definitely what Mom and Dad want. We had a meeting yesterday.”

Yang Chengyu hurriedly said good words to calm the couple, “Dayong, third sister-in-law, the two of you, first do not be so excited, listen to me until the end.”

Yang Chengyu then spoke in a soft voice, “Mom and Dad are old. Starting this year, Dad will not work. At their age, they can’t work, the village also gives the same wages, just gives half. It is their own request. Mom and Dad hope that the Third Branch family can pay some filial respect to them both, so they said they want us to give them some more money per room and ask them to keep it. Other families are not like this, but other families’ children support the elderly. Our family you see…….our two rooms are still paying money to the elderly, but the Third Branch did not pay, so after discussion, they asked the Third Branch to also give the elderly some alimony. “

“Even so, it is not necessary to have 40 a month!”

Wang Xiuying was in no mood to eat noodles. She held her chest in her hands and threw her eyes at them angrily. “I’ve been working hard all day, and it’s only 1 yuan and 68 cents. If our family pays 40 yuan, do you still want our family to live? “

“I think your family’s living conditions are pretty good now.”

On the edge, Chen Cuiyun cut his mouth and cast her eyes on the bowl of noodles in front of Wang Xiuying and said: “Eggs are also added to this noodle. On our side, there is only one egg on the table. The old man loves children and asks the children in the family to eat eggs. The elderly can’t eat meat and can only be vegetarian. “

“How you live over there is your business!”

Wang Xiuying returned to Chen Cuiyun angrily, “Don’t think I don’t know how much money my mom saved! Before, we paid so many living expenses every month, and the cost of groceries was so small! The extra money is still saved at Mom’s place! So what if you don’t eat well? It’s your choice! “

“How can you talk like that, the third sister-in-law?”

Chen Cuiyun disliked how Wang Xiuying talked. “Mom usually saves a little bit of food. She saves her money, but in the end, she still uses all of it for our children? What instance did Mom not pay for? “


Wang Xiuying grunted, “Do not forget, we were separated because Mom refused to pay for my son’s medical treatment! It is also used for children… I think it was used for the children of your two families! I saved every penny of our money to take Xiao Yang to the doctor! “

“That is also because your family Xiao Yang did not earn money before ah!”

Chen Cuiyun unhappily replied, “Think about it! Your Xiao Yang’s head was stupid at that time. He didn’t even work. Our family was already very good at feeding him! A visit to the doctor costs 100 yuan! This we still can’t afford! “

“Yes! That’s why our Xiao Yang deserves to be left alone! Our Xiao Yang deserves to be sold! “

Wang Xiuying was so angry that her chest rose and fell, and her emotions immediately rose.

Back then…

It was because the whole family put too much pressure on her!

There was no money for treatment, regardless of Yan Yang’s illness. Everyone opened their mouths and told her to sell the stupid Yan Yang and get another good one.

The old Madame personally found the traffickers and said that they found a family in very good condition. Yan Yang should go to that person’s home because they can afford to cure him……

Such a big house, the old and the young are putting pressure on her! Even her husband can not withstand this pressure…

It really is a great deal of anger!

Nowadays, looking back, Wang Xiuying is so angry that she is shaking.

“What alimony? I won’t pay a dime!” Wang Xiuying gritted her teeth and said.

“Third sister-in-law, your ugly face is showing up!”

Chen Cuiyun pointed at Wang Xiuying and said, “You are going to spread your unfilial appearance, and the whole village will laugh at you!”


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    Missing 2nd Yang Yang

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    No one can force you to sell your child. You leave the house if that’s the case, the parents are still shit as balls for doing that.

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    Damn, okay a large part of my anger has transferred from the mom to these trashy, greedy relatives. They really lied that Yan Yang would have better chances of getting treated if he was human trafficked to a richer house. It wasn’t their obligation to help with the bills, but at least offer a sympathetic shoulder for your own flesh and blood family members, for fcks sake. But ofc they were never those type of decent human beings to begin with.


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