I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 57.1

Chapter 57 Part 1

“Everybody should calm down, let’s discuss this topic properly, don’t get into a fight, okay?”

When Chen Cuiyun and Wang Xiuying were about to start a verbal argument, Yang Chengyu interrupted them: “Paying alimony to your parents is something that you should do consciously as a couple, and now that both of them are retired, it is logical that we should provide for them together!”

“That’s right! We should support them together! Why should we be the only ones supporting Mom and Dad? We both pay for Mom and Dad’s meals. All of the food that Mom and Dad ate was from our two families. The third family is clearly selfish for separating the family! And you even ignored Mom and Dad! ” Chen Cuiyun said while pointing her finger at Wang Xiuying, and her tone of voice was very aggressive.

Wang Xiuying hated Chen Cuiyun’s face, “We’re selfish for splitting the family? What a joke! What is the reason for our family separation? How did you insult me that day? Chen Cuiyun! Can’t you have a conscience and keep your mouth shut? Do you even speak human language?”

“Oh? It is hard for you to hear the truth, right?”

Chen Cuiyun screamed as she pointed at her: “I’m telling you! Was it hard for you to hear the truth? You are the same kind of person! Who’s used to you?”

“All right, stop arguing.”

Yang Chengyu grabbed Chen Cuiyun’s hand, signalling Chen Cuiyun not to speak first.

The two of them acted as if they had an initial agreement; one sang the white face and the other sang the red face.

(TN: one sang the white face and the other sang the red face- the process of resolving conflicts and conflicts, one acts as a severe or annoying role, and the other acts as a friendly or likeable role.)

After Chen Cuiyun’s arrogance passed, Yang Chengyu said softly, “We will not count the past accounts, let’s just focus on the matter now! Mom and Dad have stopped working now. Logically speaking, the three of us should support our parents together. Isn’t your Third Branch family getting more and more prosperous now?

This past account, we do not count, let’s say now! The two of them are not working anymore, so it’s logical that we should support our parents together. Your Third Branch family is becoming more and more prosperous. Now that Yan Yang has a clear head, and Lin Xiaoyue also found a job in town, the family of four people are now able to earn money. Your income will be more than the money you earned before. It will not be too difficult for your family to pay 40 yuan a month. That’s why we asked for this amount of money.

“That’s right!”

Chen Cuiyun rolled her eyes and said angrily, “Ever since my son went to work in the city, our Second Branch family pays 100 yuan a month, twice as much as yours! How come your son and daughter-in-law went to work in the town, and still don’t want to send some money to our family? You don’t want to support Mom and Dad, do you? Don’t forget that this is still your parents’ house!”

The two of them spoke paragraph by paragraph, soft and hard words came together, and even the crooked reasoning became the truth for them.

Wang Xiuying was so angry that she didn’t know how to return to them. She had to put her head aside and didn’t speak.

Yan Dayong was also the son of Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan, and filial piety towards his parents was deeply rooted in his heart.

Now that the two of them have said this, Yan Dayong has no ability to refuse.

His ears have been said to have softened, and he was almost ready to agree.

So Yan Dayong looked at Wang Xiuying as if to ask Wang Xiuying.

Wang Xiuying gave him an angry look, “You figure it out by yourself! That is your parents, not my parents! Think about it for yourself, why did we separate? And when Xiao Yang was young, where were we? He was sold under what circumstances?! Are your parents really good to our Third Branch family? Not really!”


After hearing Wang Xiuying’s words, Yan Dayong let out another sigh, his mind wavering from side to side.

“If these parents are not good to your three-in-law family, how could it be possible that when we could eat together, and we only charged your family 50 yuan a month?” Chen Cuiyun started talking again.

When Yang Chengyu saw that Wang Xiuying was so aggressive, she said directly to Yan Dayong, “Dayong, let’s not talk about anything else. After the separation, your family is still living in your parents’ house, even the rent, not to mention alimony, shouldn’t you also give some? If you really do not want to have a share, how would the Mom and Dad feel if I went back and told them your intention.”

Yang Chengyu’s words were persuasive and Yan Dayong’s heart collapsed…


Yan Dayong sighed again and looked at Wang Xiuying again.

This time he also tentatively opened his mouth, “In the end, it’s still my parents. How much can we give?”

Wang Xiuying knew that giving money was unavoidable, so she said with a cold face, “20 a month, no more. . Xiao Yang, the couple’s money should be spent on their own, and this money was deducted from our money. We both earn 100 yuan a month, and it’s okay to spend 20 yuan to honor your parents. Besides, Dad and Mom are not without wages. The two elderly people can get half of their wages without going to work, which is enough for both of them to live.”


Yan Dayong listened to Wang Xiuying’s words, “Just 20 per month, 20 yuan can still be taken out.”

“Sister-in-law, Dayong. Mom and Dad wanted 40 yuan a month. Your family of 4 people are working, and it should be no problem for one person to get 10 yuan. What’s more, both Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue are still working in the town, and the salary is definitely higher than we earn here. “

Yang Chengyu said in a good voice, “You just said a while ago that, if both of you could take 10 yuan out then you can give 20 yuan. But honoring the elders was not just for you two. You can’t just say that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue won’t pay a single yuan, right? The two of them still live in the house of the elders. “

“They live in that small house, how many square feet? They have to pay 20 yuan a month for that little space?”

Wang Xiuying’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Yang Chengyu hurriedly explained, “I don’t mean that, third sister-in-law. I just mean that, although they are the second generation, they should still have a share in honoring the elders. Now, your family of four are earning money, was filial piety only limited to the two of you? Look at the second family. If Hong Wen hadn’t fallen out with this place during the New Year, he would have sent money back every month! The younger generation should also be filial to the elders, that’s what I mean!”

“Don’t beat around the bush and find all kinds of reasons to say things!”

Wang Xiuying said angrily, “You just want 40 yuan a month! I’m telling you, it’s only 20 yuan a month at the most! Isn’t it just living in this house? When our family saves the money, we will build our own house and stop suffering from anger here!”

“Ho ho, did you see that?”

Chen Cuiyun began to grieve his face again, “This is all about saving money and moving out! The family is rich! Still rich but not willing to take out money to give filial piety to the elderly, ah! “

“You, you two won’t stop, will you?” Wang Xiuying was so angry that her chest was rising and falling, but she couldn’t say anything to the both of them.

If Lin Xiaoyue were here at this time, Wang Xiuying would not be in such a vulnerable position!

Yan Dayong, this man is completely useless!

Wang Xiuying was so angry.

“Dayong, you are the head of the family, say something.”

Yang Chengyu avoided communicating with Wang Xiuying and looked for Yan Dayong and said: “The amount of money you pay to support your parents means how much filial piety you have. Anyway, I brought the meaning of Mom and Dad. They are hoping that your family can pay 40 yuan because in your family there are four working people, so taking out 40 yuan from you is a very simple matter. If your family is earning money from 4 people and only willing to pay 20 yuan to support your parents, then our two families have nothing to say. The big deal is that our two families will spend more money to support their parents, and that’s all.”

Chen Cuiyun’s unreasonable words were too much for Yan Dayong to listen to.

But Yang Chengyu’s words sounded so reasonable, Yan Dayong could not help but listen to them.

“40 is 40…”

Yan Dayong did not have much to say before he compromised.

He was afraid that Wang Xiuying would not agree, and after he agreed, he said to Wang Xiuying, “Mom and Dad said they want 40, let’s give 40. We will not be filial if we give 20 yuan, so we will give 40 yuan. It’s just 40 yuan, not a big deal. In the future, I will take more private work.”

Wang Xiuying was so angry that she turned her body, directly throwing her back to the three of them.

Looking up, Wang Xiuying took a deep breath. Tears were almost falling from her eyes.

“Hey, then it’s settled, it will be 40 yuan.”

Yang Chengyu smiled and nodded, “Dayong ah, write a note, I will take it back to Mom and Dad. Otherwise, there is no proof, I am afraid that our parents will not believe it.”

“Write a note?” Yan Dayong frowned.

“Just write it. Anyway, you have already agreed, and I believe you are not someone who will back out, so there is nothing wrong with writing it.”

After Yang Chengyu said this to Dayong, she turned to Chen Cuiyun said, “Second sister-in-law, you go get a pen and paper.”

Chen Cuiyun was happy this time and immediately turned her head back to her house to get a pen and paper.

Yan Dayong reached out and touched Wang Xiuying. Wang Xiuying threw away his hand, not wanting to talk to him.

Yan Dayong sighed and didn’t know how to coax her.

Under the attention of Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun, Yan Dayong wrote a note about alimony.

They, the Third Branch family will give their elders 40 yuan of alimony every month on the first day of the month.

Wang Xiuying, because she was angry, did not interfere in whatever they did afterwards.

As a result, Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun both succeeded in getting their hands on it.

This month has almost reached the end of the month.

At the end of the month, after the production team had settled the wages, they could receive 40 yuan from Third Branch on the first day.

They did not tell Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong that after Third Branch’s 40 yuan was handed over, the two families could pay 20 yuan less each month to the old Madame.

This year, they started to pay only 80 yuan a month to the old Madame. After the third branch paid 40 yuan, they only have to pay 60 yuan a month to the old Madame, so the family pressure has been much lighter.

After taking this note, Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun left with a smile.


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