I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 57.2

Chapter 57 Part 2

After Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun left, Wang Xiuying closed the door and went back to lie in bed.

Yang Dayong sighed behind her, “I can’t help but support my parents, okay? Besides, it is true that all four members of our family are making money now. It is easy to come up with 40 yuan.”

Wang Xiuying turned her back to Yan Dayong. The quilt was pulled up high to cover herself. From the angle that he could not see, she had tears in her eyes.

Being bullied in this way, Wang Xiuying was reminded of what happened many years ago, when Yan Yang was diagnosed as a fool…

The two families over there, as well as the old Madame and the old man, were all thinking the same thing. They were the ones who put pressure on the two of them and asked them to sell Yan Yang and have another one while they were young.

Wang Xiuying was reluctant to do so. After hearing from the neighbour next door that there was a good master and introducing it to her, she insisted on taking Yan Yang to see him.

She insisted on taking Yan Yang to see a master and spent 100 yuan for one visit, and the results were not great.

After that, the whole family of Old Yan’s heart became more united and cross!

Wang Xiuying is not a “Yan”, how can she compete with their united family?


Let’s just live our lives in silence!

Who told her to marry a man like Yan Dayong?

When Wang Xiuying hid under the covers and cried, Yan Dayong also sighed and ate the two bowls of noodles on the table.

In the afternoon, Yan Dayong said to Wang Xiuying, “You can rest at home this afternoon, don’t go to work, I’ll go.”

Wang Xiuying was not polite to him. She really would not go!


Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang both came back late at night.

The two of them came back from An City and brought fried crispy pork with snacks from the city to Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong.

Wang Xiuying was so angry that she didn’t make dinner and stayed in bed.

Therefore, when Lin Xiaoyue came back with Yan Yang, he saw that Yan Dayong was cooking noodles over a fire.

“Father-in-law, why is Mother-in-law asleep so early?”

Lin Xiaoyue poked her head in and looked at Wang Xiuying, who was lying on the bed with her back to them and asked Yan Dayong in a small voice.

Yan Dayong coughed twice and shook his head while asking Lin Xiaoyue, “You two are back, I’ll cook noodles for dinner, you two haven’t eaten yet either, right? I’ll cook it together.”

Lin Xiaoyue gently walked into the room and put the fried meat in her hand on the table, “Father-in-law, we ate outside before we came back. You can cook your own food. This meat is brought back for you to eat. Remember to eat it later.”

“Okay, go ahead then.” Yan Dayong started to shoo Xiaoyue away.

“Then we’ll go back to the house first.”

Lin Xiaoyue turned around and walked out of the room. She took the hand of Yan Yang, who was waiting at the door, and the young couple went back to the small side room.

After seeing them both leave, Yan Dayong covered the pot and went up to get the small crispy meat Lin Xiaoyue brought back on the table.

He is now ready to go and coax Wang Xiuying…

In the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue was taking out all the money and sat on the bed and began to count the money.

“421 yuan and 70 cents!”

After counting, Lin Xiaoyue held the three-digit amount of money and revealed a satisfied smile.

“Not much…”

Yan Yang then climbed into bed, squeezed her side, reached out and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “In another month, tell those two that we earned 300 yuan, and another month’s salary was advanced, and 450 yuan was collected. Give it to them. Tell them to find someone to build a house in the village first, and our family will move out first.”

“A month, it takes too long?”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Yan Yang with some disappointed eyes, “I already want to move out very much.”

“If you want to move out, you can move out now.”

Yan Yang hooked his lips and smiled, “The two of us can go to the town to rent a house and move out first. Just tell them that it’s easier for us to go back and forth to town because of our jobs, so we have to rent a house in town.”

“Then it would only be the two of us living outside, wouldn’t it?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked and suddenly thought of something else, “But it’s a rented house. It’s not like we bought it ourselves! What’s the point of living in a rented house when we would only be wasting money on the rent? “

Yan Yang laughed as he listened and pinched Lin Xiaoyue’s face with his big hand, “So, you can’t wait to buy a house, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded vigorously, “Mm-hmm! I already want to move out! Don’t you think this house is too small?”

“There are two options.”

Yan Yang held up two fingers, “The first option, we first earn money to buy a house in town. As soon as we save enough money to buy a house in town, we will tell those two that we are going to rent a room in town for work reasons. Then the second option is to give the money to those two first, after a month, so that those two can find someone to build a house in the village, and then move in after it is done. The 2nd option is longer, but you can live with those two, but also, you can let everyone in the village know that we, the Third Branch will live in a new house. Then the 1st option …… is just to have a house without telling others, and also to live separately from those two. What do you think?”

He was referring to the Wang Xiuying couple when he said, “Those two in his mouth.”

The third Yan Yang would not call them Mom and Dad, because, in the eyes of the third Yan Yang, the two of them do not deserve to be called parents.

Lin Xiaoyue pondered over the two options he proposed and nodded, “Well …… actually I think the two can be done together. We’re so profitable, we’ll definitely be able to make enough money to buy a house in town and to build a house in the countryside within a month!”

“So awesome, huh?”

Yan Yang pinched Lin Xiaoyue’s little nose and laughed.

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed his palm and snorted, “It’s not difficult to make money with you! It takes three digits in a single trip! And now we already have more than 400 yuan!”

Yan Yang had to remind her, “But to be safe, I also told you that this kind of business cannot be done frequently. It’s safest to do one deal a week.”

Of course, Lin Xiaoyue listened to him, “Okay, then we will take advantage of this one business deal every week to make a lot of money!”

Yan Yang nodded his head, “Yes.”

Yan Yang lowered his head and came up to Lin Xiaoyue’s cheek and kissed it deeply.

One kiss is not enough.

Yan Yang immediately held her small face and kissed her lips with a light touch.

Lin Xiaoyue did not fight him; instead, she closed her eyes and obeyed him, climbing up his arms to hook his neck and hug him tightly.

Their breaths gradually became heavy, the temperature in the room gradually rose…

When Yan Yang was hot and ready to undress, suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

The door was twice knocked…

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue’s movements stopped.

Both of them turned their heads to look at the door…

“Xiaoyue, are you asleep?”

Wang Xiuying’s voice came from outside the door.

Yan Yang’s sword brows deeply wrinkled as he clicked his tongue. He whispered, “Knocking on the door, so annoying…”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly covered his mouth to prevent him from saying such treacherous words.

She spoke back to Wang Xiuying, “Mother-in-law, you are still awake? What is it?”

“Open the door, I want to talk to you.”

Wang Xiuying’s voice was a little choked up, and Lin Xiaoyue could hear that it was not quite the same as usual.

“Okay, wait a minute…”

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang looked at each other. She pushed Yan Yang’s chest, and Yan Yang stood still.

Lin Xiaoyue frowned and pushed his chest again, “Get out of the way, get out of the way.”

Yan Yang’s body did not move, but he also raised an eyebrow at her. His face had a provocative expression.


Lin Xiaoyue finger pokes his chest, “I told you to get out of the way, did you not hear? Are you not listening to me now?”

“Give me a kiss.” Yan Yang said roguishly.

Lin Xiaoyue is very cooperative. She hooked his neck to pull him down and gave him a kiss…

And it was not a shallow kiss, and she was wildly swept around. Lin Xiaoyue’s lips were red and swollen.

Only after he was satisfied did Yan Yang obediently left her body, sitting on the bed in a comfortable and cosy position, and putting away Lin Xiaoyue’s treasure chest.

Lin Xiaoyue got out of bed and put on her shoes, and hurried up to open the door.

“Mother-in-law, you…”

Lin Xiaoyue really never expected that she would see a Wang Xiuying, whose eyes were as swollen as walnuts, crying.

Wasn’t she sleeping just now?

How could it be like this?

Wang Xiuying took a look at Lin Xiaoyue, and before that, she looked through Lin Xiaoyue and her eyes went straight to Yan Yang on the bed…

At this time, she also didn’t care whether she was old, ashamed or not…

She said in an already distorted voice, “I want to come into your room and talk to you.”

“Oh, okay, mother-in-law…”

Lin Xiaoyue had no way to refuse a woman whose eyes were swollen with tears at this time.

She then welcomed Wang Xiuying into the small side room, and turned back to Yan Yang and winked, “Go find Father-in-law!”

Yan Yang raised his eyebrows, and although his expression was not very patient, he still listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s words.

He got out of bed and put on his shoes. He quickly left the small side room and closed the door of the small side room with his hand back.

But Yan Yang is not going to find Yan Dayong.

He did not even recognize Yan Dayong as his father. How could he take the initiative to go to Yan Dayong to chat?

Yan Yang moved a bench and sat down at the door of the small side room.

He could faintly hear the sound of conversation coming from the small side room…

On the opposite side, Wang Xiuying’s room was closed.

Yan Dayong was still inside cooking noodles. He simply did not have the courage to go and find Wang Xiuying.

In the small side room, Wang Xiuying told Lin Xiaoyue with a snotty nose and tears that the two women from the Second Branch family had found their Third Branch family at noon today and asked for 40 yuan for alimony.

Wang Xiuying has a good memory.

She remembered every word that the two women in the Second Branch house had said, and relayed it to Lin Xiaoyue.

Although Lin Xiaoyue is Wang Xiuying’s daughter-in-law, she has become the only person in the family whom Wang Xiuying could talk to.

Both of them are not Yans; they are both thinking the same thing. Wang Xiuying believes that Lin Xiaoyue can understand her, and will certainly support her side.

As expected of Lin Xiaoyue, after listening to Wang Xiuying’s superfluous story, she was furious and slapped the table!

“What the hell! Can such an unequal treaty really be ratified?! What kind of note did you sign? This is too stupid!”

Lin Xiaoyue’s furious voice spread out of the small room, and Yan Yang, who was standing at the entrance of the small room, with his trembled in fright…

Yan Yang turned his head and glanced at the closed door of the room. His ears perked up even higher, carefully eavesdropping on the conversation inside.

“Mother-in-law, how come you didn’t stop Father-in-law ah! This is 40 yuan a month!”

Lin Xiaoyue felt the pain, “I really don’t believe that the two houses have to pay an extra 40 a month for alimony! Believe it or not, those two houses will not pay any alimony, and even after we take out the money between Third Branch, they will pay a few dozen less!”

“That’s what I mean!”

Wang Xiuying simply found her soulmate. She was so angry that she reached out and wiped her tears, “I can’t get through to Xiao Yang’s father. He really wants to kill me! The same thing happened to Xiao Yang back then. They surnamed Yan, only said a few words, his father would be soft-hearted. “

What kind of character does Father-in-law have?! Why is he like this? His elbows were turning out! “

(TN: Elbows were turning out metaphorically doing something that harms one’s relatives, friends, or the service department.)

Lin Xiaoyue said in an exasperated voice.

After being angry, she couldn’t help but ask, “What happened to Xiao Yang back then?”


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