I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 58.1

Chapter 58 Part 1

When they sold Yan Yang, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong never mentioned it to Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue only knew about it from the third Yan Yang’s mouth, and could better understand the third Yan Yang’s reluctance to forgive the couple.

Now from Wang Xiuying’s mouth, Lin Xiaoyue was slightly surprised to hear what happened back then.

And what she didn’t expect was that…she heard another story from Wang Xiuying’s mouth…

“The year we first found out that there was something wrong with Xiao Yang, we took him to a big hospital for a detailed examination, and finally it was said that he was mentally challenged. It was probably because he had a fever when he was 6 years old and his brain had been burned. After this incident, I just felt that the most pained for this news in the family was me. Xiao Yang’s father seems to be as heartless as usual, eating and drinking as usual, not even a drop of tears, only to say that it’s okay for Xiao Yang to be stupid, just raise it…”

Wang Xiuying almost shed tears as she talked, recalling the cruel things she had done in those years. She probably felt very guilty.

“I couldn’t calm down at that time. I cried for three days and three nights before reluctantly accepting this. But I still do not dare to be reconciled… I just inquired everywhere, I really want to cure Xiao Yang. Yes, just like what you said, I took Xiao Yang to the hospital at the beginning, but no matter whether it was in a big hospital or a small hospital when I saw Yan Yang, they all said that he couldn’t be cured… I had no choice… So I had to go to a master. But to let the master cure him, it would be really expensive…regardless of the effect, a master must be paid 100 yuan, then the 100 yuan before was worth much more than now.”

Wang Xiuying heaved a sigh, “So I only took Xiao Yang to see a master once, just once. When the price was known by the rest of the family, the two in the second branch and the first branch jumped out to manage the matter. Those two were afraid. They were afraid that our family would use more of their money!”


Lin Xiaoyue nodded as she listened, seeing Wang Xiuying crying tears as she spoke. Her words of accusation were swallowed into her stomach.

“It’s just like now …… just like the last time the family separated for the same reason! Those two felt that our family spent their money, they felt that the money spent on Xiao Yang was very unnecessary. I don’t know whose idea it was to send Xiao Yang away and tell me to have another one with his father. I didn’t agree at first! No, I actually always disagreed with their idea! “

Otherwise, Wang Xiuying’s tone of voice is very high. Seriously, it can be seen that she had a very determined attitude.

Since this period of time together, Lin Xiaoyue could actually see that Wang Xiuying was still a woman with a good idea, and she could also be clear about right and wrong, and she was also sincerely good to Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue patted Wang Xiuying’s shoulder to soothe her: “Mother-in-law, take it easy…talk slowly…”

Wang Xiuying sniffled and wiped a handful of tears, “Just like this time, those surnamed Yan, and all of them let out their anger with one nose! Everyone said that I should send Xiao Yang away! The reasoning of them was …… that they think Xiao Yang spent the family’s money in vain and will eat the family’s food in vain, and they think he is useless! How can I not see their hidden intentions? Anyway, I just didn’t agree at that time, I just kept saying no! “

“Then what happened? How come you still sold Xiao Yang? “

Lin Xiaoyue asked, “Was it because of Father-in-law?”

“It’s him! It’s because of him! He is surnamed Yan too, and he’s just like the Surnamed Yans over there! He listens to whatever they say over there! When the old Madame, the old master, said something, he believed it! He has no mind of his own at all!”

Wang Xiuying is very angry at this moment. Seeing a piece of cloth on the table, she picked it up and threw it on the ground.

Taking action to vent her anger …

Lin Xiaoyue soothed Wang Xiuying’s shoulder as she watched the cloth float to the ground, “Mother-in-law, don’t be angry ah…It doesn’t matter if father-in-law doesn’t have his own opinion. There will be me in the family in the future. In this family, the decision will only lie with me and you. Anything can only be decided if we both agree on it together, nothing the two men can say will count! “

“They are all Yan’s. They all come from Yan’s family! I don’t think that Yan Dayong treats me as his woman at all, he has no respect for me! He never thought about my feelings! Yan Dayong is a bastard!”

Wang Xiuying has already cursed out all the swear words, Don’t look at her scolding. In fact, her tears are still falling off. She must be very wronged in her heart.

“You do not know…”

Wang Xiuying grabbed Lin Xiaoyue’s hand, “When Xiao Yang was sold that day, I was actually the last person to know! The Wang family quietly came to the door to pick him up, and I was the only one cooking in the kitchen, I thought it was someone else! I didn’t even think it was about this matter! When Xiao Yang was taken outside, I heard his voice and went out. The man was already on the donkey cart! I was so angry, really… I was so angry!”

While saying the words of anger and regret, Wang Xiuying also punched himself in the chest a few times. This venting is not her usual aggression.

Lin Xiaoyue, having just heard the truth of the matter, instantly forgave Wang Xiuying.

Sitting beside Wang Xiuying, she patted Wang Xiuying’s shoulder, “Don’t be sad, Mother-in-law… it’s all Father-in-law’s fault! It’s the fault of their two families! There are still such disgusting people in this world, who don’t care about their own family affairs, but manage other people’s affairs like this! They still think it’s for the good of the other family!”

Wang Xiuying immediately hugged Lin Xiaoyue and cried out…

She worked as a cow and a horse in old Yan’s house for so many years. Because Yan Dayong wronged her family, Wang Xiuying always swallowed it!

Seriously …

If Lin Xiaoyue had not come to the family, and Wang Xiuying did not have mother-in-law and daughter-in-law with her, there was no one Wang Xiuying could vent her anger on.

Wang Xiuying may also have tolerated them and did not even have the courage to separate the family.

Therefore, Wang Xiuying really likes her daughter-in-law, Lin Xiaoyue…

She is not only Wang Xiuying’s daughter-in-law, but also Wang Xiuying’s companion in Old Yan’s house.

She was the only one who shared Wang Xiuying’s viewpoint and could converse with her in the same boat.

So, even though Lin Xiaoyue is a junior, and even though she feels that the elderly should not be rude in front of their younger generations, Wang Xiuying could not help but come to Lin Xiaoyue today to pour out her heart.

Because in this family, she was the only one who could listen to her words, who could understand her heart, who could give her the most effective encouragement and comfort… It was only Lin Xiaoyue.

Wang Xiuying cried on Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulder for a while…

After a while, she had collected her emotions, she gulped and whimpered and continued, “When Xiao Yang was taken away, his father and I had a fight, I said how much did he sell Xiao Yang for, how much money we should pay to buy him back, we could also double the money to buy him back. His father did not dare! In fact, his father does not dare! In fact, his father regrets it, and his father’s conscience was also troubled. He dared not mention this topic in those days. I see it all. It can be concluded that the people in the two rooms have been instigating and provoking! As long as the people of those two houses move the Old Madame Old Master out, Yan Dayong that loser will have nothing to say! He would just listen to them! They said that old Madame went to the Wang family. They said that the Wang family would have the money to cure Xiao Yang, and they said whatever to her! Her two people were uneasy and kind! Now they can see it!”

Wang Xiuying’s temper came up again and she couldn’t resist the urge to curse.

“I was also …… at that time I had no way …… I could only tell myself in my heart that maybe the Wang family would take Xiao Yang to see a doctor. After all, the Wang family is richer than our family… If Xiao Yang can be cured, the Wang family will definitely treat him well too…… “

Wang Xiuying gritted her teeth, and suddenly said in a heavier tone, “But the Wang family that killed a thousand knives! When we later approached the Wang family, they actually put Xiao Yang in the cowshed! Those grandsons of the Wang family deserve to die a good death! If they die, they will go to the 18th level of hell!”

(TN: Killed a Thousand Knives-refers to a person who deserves a thousand cuts.)

Wang Xiuying gnashed her teeth and cursed, emotionally charged.

Lin Xiaoyue beside her patted Wang Xiuying’s shoulder and also sighed heartily, “Xiao Yang is too pitiful…”

She knew the whole process of Yan Yang generating three personalities because the third had briefly told her.

The initial cause of the accident was Yan Hongwen, but more of Yan Yang’s subsequent trials and tribulations, more pain, did not only originate from Yan Hongwen.

Yan Yang’s traumas were from being abandoned, bullied, disliked, looked down upon, treated as a fool and as a waste…

Lin Xiaoyue knows that Wang Xiuying is very regretful, and also knows that Wang Xiuying is very sad.

However, what Lin Xiaoyue wants more than anything else right now is to go hug her Yan Yang.

The real victim is him…

Fortunately, she is not like Lin Xiaoyue in the original book, who continued to bully him, continued to target him, continued to take his sincerity for shit.

Lin Xiaoyue in the original book is not human either! She also needs to go to hell!

Such a good and outstanding Yan Yang was abruptly turned into a villain by these people.

Even after the late blackening, there are many scenes explaining his life, Lin Xiaoyue feels very sorry for him.

In fact, he really is very pitiful.


I could only feel distressed for him.

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying talked for a long time. Wang Xiuying also vented out so many years of grievance in her stomach that she could not hold out anymore.

How much aggravation did she suffer in this family? After so many years in this family, Wang Xiuying’s original temper has been polished…

Fortunately, Lin Xiaoyue came.

After Lin Xiaoyue came, there was one more person to support Wang Xiuying, which made Wang Xiuying feel alive again.

In fact, Wang Xiuying does not hate Yan Dayong very much.

Because Yan Dayong was also honest and responsible.

Back then, after sending Yan Yang away, Yan Dayong was very quiet for a whole year.

Every day, he would only bury his head at work. He would work in a production team and do private work, which made him very tired.

Wang Xiuying can’t blame Yan Dayong for seeing that.

Later, Yan Dayong became sick.

After going to the hospital, they found that he was the reason why they couldn’t conceive a second child.

The couple then knew about the incident and did not have too much grief, but quickly set out to pick up Yan Yang home.

Although Yan Yang was still a fool, the couple were happy. At least they were happier than at that time of year…

Wang Xiuying has love and hate feelings for Yan Dayong, but it is impossible to tell her to separate from Yan Dayong.

After all, there was only one problem with Yan Dayong, and that was, he was too soft-hearted for the Old Yan side of the family.

Although Wang Xiuying had a stomach full of grievances, she came over to talk to Lin Xiaoyue and felt better after venting them.

It was already very late, Lin Xiaoyue sent Wang Xiuying, whose eyes were swollen, back to her room.


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