I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 58.2

Chapter 58 Part 2

When she sent Wang Xiuying back, Lin Xiaoyue found that Yan Yang was standing in front of her house, blowing the wind, leaving the two of them with his back view, without greeting or talking to them.


Lin Xiaoyue always felt that he must have been eavesdropping just now!

Wang Xiuying was picked up by Yan Dayong into the room, Yan Dayong let Lin Xiaoyue hurry back to sleep, and the door to their room was closed.

The whole compound was quiet, and the night was quiet.

There was no street light in the village, only the moonlight spilt a little light, illuminating the world, illuminating the figure of Yan Yang …

In the darkness, Lin Xiaoyue slowly walked forward. A pair of small hands quietly circled Yan Yang’s waist, hugging him from behind.

Feeling a heat behind him, Yan Yang’s straight back stiffened. His crossed hands slowly lowered, holding Lin Xiaoyue’s small hands on his abdomen.

“Finished talking?” Yan Yang asked in a calm tone.

“Mm.” Lin Xiaoyue gently answered him.

Raising her head, her pointed chin pressed against Yan Yang’s back, her slithery eyes fixed on the back of Yan Yang’s head, “Let’s go back inside, shall we? Aren’t you cold standing here?”


One word reply. Yan Yang turned around, wrapped her shoulders and gently squeezed, “Back to the house.”

Back to the small side room, Yan Yang locked the door, Lin Xiaoyue hugged him, and she was glued to his body like a small meatball.

“What are you doing?”

Yan Yang smiled, backhandedly wrapped his arms around her small body, “Go lie down on the bed.”


Lin Xiaoyue hugged him like a little clinging spirit, “I want to hug you like this.”

Yan Yang’s sword eyebrows gently raised, he curled his lips, squatted down, and hugged her sideways.

The action came too suddenly, it scared Lin Xiaoyue, so she screamed.

But after reacting, Lin Xiaoyue did not hold back a smile, “You are strong ah, you can still hold me like this ~”

He seems to have not princess hugged her, Lin Xiaoyue has also not been princess hugged by someone. This taste is rare!

I need to savor, savor…

“You’re just a few catties of meat, How can I not afford to hug you?”

Yan Yang said simply, and quickly placed her on the bed.

Lin Xiaoyue obediently crawled into the bed, covered the quilt, and lifted the quilt to reveal half of the bed. Her small hands patted the bed, “You quickly lie down. I have a lot of things to say to you.”

Yan Yang simply took off his jacket and pants, leaving a piece of underwear untouched. He blew the kerosene lamp, and only then did he lie down on the bed.

The second the lights went out, Lin Xiaoyue’s voice rose, “I still want to talk to you for a while. Why turn off the lights so early!”

“Turn off the lights and chat.” He said simply.

Lin Xiaoyue pouted, “I haven’t even seen you properly…”

With that said, as soon as Yan Yang got into bed, she went up and hugged him, her hands clinging to his narrow waist, her head resting on his shoulder, her legs pressed against his legs.

This is the most comfortable way to hold someone.

“Yan Yang…”

In the darkness, she called Yan Yang’s name with a light wound, “Did you just eavesdrop at the door?”

Yan Yang denied, “No.”

Lin Xiaoyue thought he was lying, “I think you did!”

Yan Yang: “No.”

Lin Xiaoyue: “You must have!”

Yan Yang: “No, I really don’t.”

Lin Xiaoyue: “You’re lying! You must have! You are not allowed to tell me lies, you have to tell the truth!”

Yan Yang: “Oh…”

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed his chin with her small hand, pulled his face over, and solemnly asked, “Did you eavesdrop!”

Yan Yang’s answer came along with a sigh, “Yes.”

Lin Xiaoyue touched his jawline, “I knew you were eavesdropping. Why are you hiding from me, I’m not going to laugh at you! I feel so sorry for you, I want to hug you.”

She said this with her small hand wandering around in the dark, and she touched his lips specifically and kissed his head twice.

Yan Yang’s man’s heart was already soft and messed up.

The hand holding Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulder tightened quietly. In the dark, she couldn’t see clearly. His eyebrows had been wrinkled into chuan characters.

(TN: Chuan Characters – is a normal facial expression pattern. With age, facial wrinkles will gradually deepen, and deeper creases will gradually form between the eyebrows, appearing as the word “chuan”, which is also called Eyebrow lines. Once the Chuan word pattern is formed, people will always look like they were frowning.)

“Mother-in-law’s words, you heard them all. Has the hatred for my mother-in-law been eliminated for a bit? ” Lin Xiaoyue asked him straightforwardly.

“I don’t know.” Yan Yang said honestly.

“Then do you hate Father-in-law even more?” Lin Xiaoyue asked again from a different angle.

Still, Yan Yang’s uncertain answer was, “I don’t know.”

“Then what’s inside your heart right now?” Lin Xiaoyue asked him.

“I don’t know.”

His 3rd bullet answer.

Lin Xiaoyue touched Yan Yang’s face, “Okay, it’s okay. It’s okay if you don’t know, it’s normal for your brain to be confused now. You can take your time thinking about it. There’s still more time anyway. I will also slowly think about it…”

Yan Yang asked her, “What are you thinking about?”

Lin Xiaoyue replied,”I want to think about it, what can I do to punish the women in the two rooms! Those two women are simply too disgusting, too disgusting! I can’t let it go!”

Yan Yang’s eyelashes blinked gently, “I have an idea for this.”

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed his face, “You can’t do it! No violence, no roughness, no injuries! This is a moment of bravado, not a long-lasting occasion for revenge.”

Yan Yang hummed and laughed, “Okay, I know.”

Lin Xiaoyue sighed with relief, “It’s okay, there’s still plenty of time, we can think slowly. I know you are in a mess, but you can tell me anything, I am your wife! “

Under her reassurance, after reassurance, Yan Yang finally said slowly what he felt in his heart.

“That year in the Wang family, I lived in a cowshed and ate pig food. I was often beaten and scolded by the Wang family. I had endless work every day…”

Yan Yang lightly sighed out a breath, “Have I ever told you that it was in that environment that I was born?”

Lin Xiaoyue opened his eyes wide and stared intently at his face, “Well ……”

In the dark environment, although she could not see his expression, she could vaguely see some moving emotions from his glistening watery pupils…

“As long as the world is more tolerant of me, I will not be born.”

Yan Yangqing said in a light voice, “From that fool to that wimp, and then to me… every existence represents the malice of the world towards Yan Yang’s body. The reason why I became like this is not a problem of one person, not a problem of two people, or a problem of more than two people… it was the problem of the whole world. Since childhood, no one has ever treated me as well as you have…I kind of understand now…”

Lin Xiaoyue asked in a small voice, “Understand what?”

Yan Yang’s voice was even lighter, “I understand why that foolish child disappeared.”

Lin Xiaoyue asked again, “Why?”

Yan Yang’s dark pupils moved to her face and met her burning gaze, “Because of you.”

Lin Xiaoyue pursed her lips, “I’m the one who made that child disappear, right? Actually, I think it was me too…”

“Because of you… you brought the light to Yan Yang’s world. In Yan Yang’s world, which was already in tatters, it was you who put it together little by little…”

Yan Yang took a deep breath and turned his head again to look at the high beam above his head, “That child, is an existence of Yan Yang who is not willing to face this world, not willing to accept this world, not willing to contact …… with anyone. So after Yan Yang was willing to have contact in this world, willing to be in contact with others, even contact with people he hates. There is no need for that child to exist anymore.”

Lin Xiaoyue listened with some tension. She clung to Yan Yang’s neck, “Then you will disappear.” Why did you come out? Will it disappear because of something?”

“How do I know…”

Yan Yang smiled. He suddenly felt that disappearing was not a terrible thing.

Maybe he will not actually disappear…

Maybe, it was just that the Yan Yang that was in pieces became a complete individual.

He did not understand this either, he could not say.

Just a feeling in his heart…

It was a feeling that Yan Yang was more complete than before.

He is also Yan Yang.

He himself….. became more complete than before, more like a normal person.

“Hey, don’t you talk in this tone…”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at him very nervously, “Are you going to leave? Are you going to disappear? Does it mean that the knot in your heart has been opened? So you ……”


When Yan Yang heard her nervousness, he turned around and stuffed her into his arms. His big palm hugged the back of her head tightly, “The knot in my heart has not opened. Then how to open the dead knot ah? No, I will not leave. The last person to go is the other person. The last one who will remain is definitely me. “

Although listening to his confident answer, Lin Xiaoyue always felt very uneasy in her heart.

She touched Yan Yang’s chest and felt the beating heart in his chest, which made her feel a little relieved.

“I didn’t even have time to say goodbye to the kid. If you want to go, you must say goodbye to me first. What I said last time is true, I like you the most. If I could choose from the 3 of you, I will definitely choose you, and I also take you as my real husband. “

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly came back with another wave of confessions.

I don’t know how…

Her woman’s intuition tells her that he seems to be leaving soon.

Lin Xiaoyue was so nervous.

“I know, I know everything…”

Yan Yang patted her back. The corner of his lips curved up very high, “Anyway, I’m definitely not going, and someone else is going to leave. How could I be willing to leave you…”

“Ugh …… hold me tighter ……”

Lin Xiaoyue, who felt uneasy, hugged him more tightly, but she felt very uneasy even if she hugged him tighter.

She had completely taken the third as her husband and her husband for this period of time.

But it feels like he might be disappearing soon…

What can be done?

If he leaves, she will have to face the Second, right?

She and the Second have not even reached a sweet relationship…

It’s like losing her husband, isn’t it?

It’s still embarrassing then!

I don’t want the Third to disappear!

“Hey, do you want to do it tonight?”

Suddenly, Yan Yang asked a question in her ear with his low and magnetic voice.

The tone was also a bit naughty…

“Come here…”

Lin Xiaoyue agreed, saying that in a swift!

Then, that shameful thing lasted all night…


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    It’s really not necessary for her to continuously shit on Yang 2 the OG, when it’s her fault for not letting him come out and develop his personality or a relationship with her.

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    This fictional mental illness may not be realistic DID in the sense that the personalities didn’t distinguish themselves from the identity of Yan Yang, they were more like broken pieces of one man’s mind that he used to shield himself from the world that had hurt him too much. A child fool to laugh at the people he doesn’t want to talk to, a lone scholar to hide in his own little nighttime world, and an angry warrior to endure the stress and pain. It’s a bit corny that love is what made him want to face the world again but what can I do, I’m a sucker for corny love stories (⁠´⁠°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥⁠ω⁠°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥⁠`⁠)

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