I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 59.1

Chapter 59 Part 1

At the beginning of the month, the alimony of 40 yuan was handed over to the elders by Yan Dayong.

Wang Xiuying also did not say anything. The timber had been turned into a boat already, and she couldn’t say anything.

They just lived casually like this.

The third Yan Yang has always been there.

Lin Xiaoyue would pick him in the study space every day and brought him out directly.

Although she was quite sorry for the Second, even she felt bad for him, she could only say sorry…

She was partial to the third and cherished the third, so during this time, she must choose the third.

After about half a month, Lin Xiaoyue followed the third Yan Yang to do speculative business privately, and their wallets soon filled up.

Their total savings have exceeded 900 yuan, which was 300 yuan or 400 yuan short of buying a house in the town. But if they buy a house that is not good, then 900 yuan is enough.

But Lin Xiaoyue wanted to buy a bigger and better house, so the two planned to save more.

She wanted to plot against the other two families, but recently, she was not able to implement it.

Lin Xiaoyue would discuss with Yan Yang every night how to take revenge on the other two families.

Yan Yang always told her that there was no rush, but they had to make money first.

This matter has been delayed.

As it dragged on…

Lin Xiaoyue also put this matter behind her mind.

After saving up to 900 yuan, Lin Xiaoyue’s mind was already full of buying houses.

But just when she was full of thoughts about the house and had put the matter of revenge to the back of her mind, suddenly, Yan Hongwen visited her home…

Lin Xiaoyue’s business with Yan Yang has increased from once a week to three times a week. Therefore, in addition to their busy business day, they are usually free every day.

Every day, they would sleep at home until they naturally woke up, then wander out, find a place to go shopping, and have a date, to give the impression that they were out for work.

This morning, the two of them also slept until they woke up naturally, so they woke up slowly…

Yan Hongwen entered the house unexpectedly while Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were brushing their teeth and washing their faces in the courtyard.

At this time of the day, except for Granma Yan and Grandpa Yan, the other two members of the Old Yan’s family were all out working in the fields.

Yan Hongwen didn’t expect that he would run into someone else in the courtyard when he came over at this time of day.

When he met the eyes of Lin Xiaoyue and her husband, the embarrassment that flashed across Yan Hongwen’s face was quickly hidden.

Instead, with a fake smile on his face, he greeted Lin Xiaoyue and her husband, “You’re going out for work today, huh?”

If Lin Xiaoyue remembered correctly, before Yan Hongwen left, he had a big fight with her.

The relationship between her and Yan Hongwen should have been completely broken.

He was still greeting her. She didn’t know if he was being forgetful, or for an obvious purpose…

Lin Xiaoyue, who was brushing her teeth, gave him a blank look, not wanting to talk to him and not wanting to answer his questions.

When Yan Hongwen saw Lin Xiaoyue’s face was so bad, he didn’t say anything more and walked directly past Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang to enter Second Branch’s house.

Second Branch’s house originally had two rooms, one large and one small.

The small room was reserved for Yan Hongwen to live in, and the big room is separated by two spaces, where Chen Cuiyun, her husband and Yan Lianhua lived.

\Yan Hongwen had his own room but did not enter his own room. He directly went into Chen Cuiyun’s room.

This strange movement was naturally seen by Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang.

Yan Yang knew that the opportunity had come.

He put the washcloth into the basin, rubbed it a few times and wrung out a handful of water while saying, “If I’m right, he should have come back to steal some money.”

“How do you know that?” Lin Xiaoyue asked in a small voice.

Yan Yang moved his head up, his lips pressed to her ear and whispered, “I asked Brother Sheng to keep an eye on him. On Brother Sheng’s side, his business was basically cut off. If he is still short of money, he must find a way. He has a nasty nature, and petty theft was not a big deal to him.”

“Oh, you’re right…” Lin Xiaoyue nodded.

She remembered that when Yan Yang was a child, the reason he was locked up in the woodshed for three days and nights, was because of a stollen sum of money. He had a fever that night, and that is where the other personality was born.

At that time, that money….it was Yan Hongwen who stole it!

It is easier to change mountains and rivers than to alter one’s character.

Even if he went to work in the city, so what? Even if he has a family in the city, so what?

His character was so bad that he couldn’t change his behavior even when he entered the city!

“Hey, but how do you know he’s short of money?” Lin Xiaoyue felt strange.

The corner of Yan Yang’s mouth pulled up an expected smile, “His gambling addiction has come out. It was not so easy for him to quit. Since he is short of money even to the point that he needed to do speculations, it means he was already in debt. I reckon he should now be tearing down the east wall to mend the west wall to the point where he can’t mend a hole before, so he thought of going home to steal money.”

“Oh ~”

Lin Xiaoyue understood.

She now finally understood the reason why Yan Yang did not retaliate against the two families.

I dare to say that he was waiting for the opportunity…

In Chen Cuiyun’s house, Yan Hongwen had already started rummaging through the boxes.

He looked around for money, not letting go of every corner of the house.

When he was looking for it, Yan Hongwen suddenly remembered that he had just met Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang in the courtyard.

He was actually having a hard time with his heart.

Because someone knew that he came here, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also cheated on him…

In this case, if Chen Cuiyun found out that their family was missing money, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang would casually expose him.

In the case of knowing that he would be exposed, Yan Hongwen was also still determined to take the money.

Because he really had no choice this time…

He owes more than 1500 yuan in the underground casino, the interest rate of loan sharks increased day by day, every day the pressure was so great that he can not breathe.

His father-in-law and mother-in-law, after paying back the 800 yuan for him in the New Year, didn’t have much contact with him.

And now, it’s more than 800 yuan. Yan Hongwen was scolded like a dog by his in-laws after he asked them both for money.

He has been desperately looking for money for the past half a month, trying to find ways to get money.

But the amount to be paid was too big!

Yan Hongwen really can not get the money.

When a person was put in a desperate situation, the person would not be afraid of anything.

Thinking about these circumstances, Yen Hongwen still had faith. Regardless of the consequences, he had to first find a sum of money.

He must first pay back a sum of money, or the people from the underground casino will find his home, which will pose a threat to his wife and children.

Yan Hongwen continued to rummage through the boxes, scouring Chen Cuiyun’s house for every penny!

The two drawers of Chen Cuiyun have more than 200 yuan in them. Yan Lianhua also saved up to 100 yuan of her own personal money.

He searched in every corner of the house, but he could only find more than 300 yuan.

Mosquito meat was still meat.

Yan Hongwen hurriedly stuffed the money into his pocket. Looking at this room full of wretched pictures, he did not want to put them in order.

Let’s go!

Yan Hongwen was about to walk out of the room, when suddenly, outside the door of the room came the voice of Grandma Yan.

“Are you saying that Hongwen is back?”

Grandma Yan was standing in the courtyard at that moment. She had just been called out by Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue especially walked into the main house and told Grandma Yan about Yan Hongwen’s return, and asked Grandma Yan to come out to entertain Yan Hongwen.

What Lin Xiaoyue meant was that she and Yan Hongwen were not on good terms, so she would not entertain him.

Old Madame was also thinking of what happened on New Year’s Eve when their family was having trouble with Yan Hongwen.

She thought Yan Hongwen didn’t want to take care of their Old Yan family anymore, but she didn’t expect Yan Hongwen would come back.

Since the person has come back, it is definitely necessary to sit down with him, and talk properly and mend this relationship.

After all, they are still family, and they can’t really get torn apart because money matters.

“Hongwen, Hongwen is back!”

Grandma Yan was approaching Chen Cuiyun’s room while calling Yan Hongwen’s name, “Why didn’t you tell your mother you were back? Hongwen…”

Arriving at the door of Chen Cuiyun’s room, Old Madame pushed the door and found that it was locked.

“Hongwen, why did you lock the door? What are you doing in there? Open the door for Grandma. Grandma hasn’t seen you for a long time.” Grandma Yan said this in a good-natured way, her tone sounding very kind.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang had already entered Wang Xiuying’s house by now, drinking corn porridge and eating small dishes in the house, and listening to the movement there with their ears open.

So comfortable…

Lin Xiaoyue asked Yan Yang, “What do you think will happen next?”

Yan Yang took a sip of porridge and shook his head with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

When he shook his head, it did not mean that he didn’t know what was going to happen next, but he felt that what was going to happen next was bound to be not a small matter.

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