I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 59.2

Chapter 59 Part 2

On the other side, in Chen Cuiyun’s house, Yan Hongwen was urged by Grandma Yan to open the door. He felt guilty, anxious and angry, “I do not want to see you! Stop shouting!”

“Hongwen ah, are you angry with Grandma?”

Grandma Yan was a little sad, “Grandma is getting old, and yet you are still angry with Grandma. How can this be good? Don’t be angry, come out and have a good talk with me.”

Inside the house, Yan Hongwen hurriedly cleaned up the mess he made.

He couldn’t get away.

When he picked up the iron box where the money was hidden, Yan Hongwen’s brow furrowed deeply…

Gritting his teeth, or under the struggle of last resort, he put all the money he had just stolen back in its original place.

Chen Cuiyun and her husband saved more than 200 yuan, Yan Lianhua saved more than 100 yuan. All of them were returned by Yan Hongwen and put away.

Old Madame had been talking for a long time at the door, not knowing that Yan Hongwen in the room was trying his best to clean up the things in the room.

Sometimes, Yan Hongwen would be annoyed by her talking and would scold her twice.

When Old Madame was scolded by Yan Hongwen, she was sad but did not leave.

With these words, she willingly accepted Yan Hongwen’s scolding and comforted Yan Hongwen in an uncomfortable mood, trying to repair the relationship with Yan Hongwen.

After packing up for some time, Yan Hongwen finally reluctantly restored 80% of the house’s previous appearance.

But his heart was very anxious, very chaotic, and very angry!

Because he needs money.

He needed that 300 yuan!

At least he can first pay off a batch of money, then rest for a few days!

“Hong Wen ah, you really do not want to be good with grandma?”

Old Madame Yan was still talking sadly outside.

He could not stand her nagging, Yan Hongwen unlocked the door and showed his impatient face to the old Madame, “Stop it! Can you let me rest properly!”

The old Madame was yelled at by Yan Hongwen in person. Her heart was cold…

“Hongwen, why are you angry with your grandma? Are you really disowning your grandma?” But the old Madame still pulled a face and spoke to Yang Hongwen in a good voice.

“I am very tired, I want to rest. Can you stop arguing with me!”

Yan Hongwen’s temper was bad at this time, “You are annoying me with your noise! I came here to get some peace and quiet time! Leave me alone!”

After this yell, later he walked out of the room in anger, returned to his own small room, and then locked the door again.

Faced with her grandson’s heartlessness and indifference, it really broke her heart ah!

She sighed while secretly wiping her tears, walked silently past Yan Hongwen’s room, and went back to the main house.

Grandma Yan was too old and could not withstand too many emotional changes.

The old woman, who was in a bad mood, went back to the house and laid down on the bed, sighing heavily and stroking her chest. which was not breathing smoothly.

In the small room, Yan Hongwen lay in his own bed for a while…

He listened to the movements of Grandma Yan outside and soon had bad thoughts.

He wanted to steal the 300 yuan again.

But just as he got up and walked to the door of the small room, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang’s voices came from the courtyard.

Lin Xiaoyue was saying, “Let’s both take the day off and not go out! The sun is so nice in the yard. Let’s sit in the yard and soak up the sun. “

Yan Yang answered, “Yes, let’s sit in the courtyard and sunbathe.”

“Damn it!”

Yan Hongwen was so angry that he gritted his teeth!

He had now completely exposed himself. Not only did Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang know that he had returned home, but even old Madame knew about it.

If he took the 300 yuan and left at this time, even if Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang didn’t say anything, Old Madame would directly expose him.

It’s really annoying!

Yan Hongwen lay in bed sulking, and did not know who to be angry with, he was just angry.

Since the plan of stealing money can’t be done, then he can only think of other ways.

While the family has not yet returned, Yan Hongwen made up some reasons in his head.

He planned. How to cheat them of their money?

Stealing can not be done, he can only cheat.

Otherwise, there is no other way.

The Old Yan family did not know Yan Hongwen’s hidden motives.

After Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang ate their breakfast, the two of them really moved a bench, sat in the courtyard to chat while eating melon seeds, not going anywhere, just watching Yan Hongwen.

At almost noon, Chen Cuiyun and Yan Lianhua came back from the production team. She had to be the first to go home and cook.

Wang Xiuying also came back early to cook. The three entered the door before and saw Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang sitting in the yard eating melon seeds.

The former mother and daughter gave Lin Xiaoyue Yan Yang a very disdainful look, the latter Wang Xiuying greeted them both with a smile, “You two are not working today? So idle?”

“Mother-in-law, no goods today, so we did not go to work.” Lin Xiaoyue opened her mouth and gave Wang Xiuying a reason, and it sounded very legitimate.

“It’s okay if you don’t go to work, take a good rest at home! It’s also tiring to go to work every day!”

Wang Xiuying smiled and said to Lin Xiaoyue, “Since you are both at home, I’ll make a hearty lunch today. The leftover soy sauce from the Chinese New Year. Do you want the meat to be steamed?”

“Yes, Mother-in-law! It’s good to have meat to eat!”

Lin Xiaoyue leisurely shook her feet, her head leaning on Yan Yang’s shoulder. This day, she could be a free salt fish.

Wang Xiuying went inside and started to prepare lunch.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang moved the bench back to Wang Xiuying’s house door and sat down, still staying at their door.

There, Chen Cuiyun, the mother and daughter pair also went into the kitchen and immediately started cooking their lunch.

This month, it was the Second Branch family who was assigned to do the cooking. They could not only come back early from the production team but also take the opportunity to steal a few more bites.

It’s a tasteful job.

Just as Chen Cuiyun’s mother and daughter were busy cooking rice and vegetables, Yan Hongwen suddenly walked into the dining room.

“Mom.” He called out to Chen Cuiyun.

This scared Chen Cuiyun so much that the action in her hands stopped!

Chen Cuiyun stared at Yan Hongwen for some time, before suppressing her heart’s amazement and excitement, “You kid …… why did you come back without a word? Did you not go to work?”

“Brother, I thought you didn’t want to be in our family.”

Yan Lianhua was also surprised to see Yan Hongwen.

After the New Year’s Eve incident, everyone in the Old Yan family thought that Yan Hongwen was angry with this side, so he cut off relations with this site, and never wanted to come back.

As a result, they did not expect Yan Hongwen to quietly come back. It gave them a surprise!

He was able to come back, which means he no longer cares about what happened in the New Year.

Chen Cuiyun was so happy…

“How could I not want this family.”

Yan Hongwen walked past Yan Lianhua, especially walked to Chen Cuiyun, stood on the edge of the stove, his eyes swept the ingredients on the stove, “The meals were full of vegetables.”

“Hey, we didn’t know that you would return!”

Chen Cuiyun smiled embarrassingly, “If I had known that you came back, I would have cooked two pounds of meat to entertain you. You said you just came back. Before that, when you came back, you didn’t write a letter or call the commune. You didn’t inform me, so there was no preparation at home… Lanhua, go to the chicken coop to see if there are eggs.”

“Hey, I will immediately go, immediately go ~”

Yan Lianhua was very positive and immediately ran to the chicken coop to find the last remaining eggs of the old hen.

There was only one egg.

Today it has to be for Yan Hongwen to eat.

But Yan Lianhua didn’t mind at all! After all, it’s her brother…

“Mom, the eggs are here.”

Yan Lianhua immediately put the egg on the stovetop and looked at Yan Hongwen with a smile on her face, “Brother, this egg is yours today. You can eat it as much as you want!”

“It’s okay, I don’t crave this one egg, do whatever you want, let’s eat it together.” Yan Hongwen waved his hand and said casually.

“Look when you return. Your sister is very happy, I am also happy.”

Chen Cuiyun said with a big smile, “Don’t be angry with our family in the future, we are a family!”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Yan Hongwen nodded, “I came back because of my family. The thing that happened during New Year’s Eve was actually my fault, and it was wrong for me to be angry. So today, I’m actually back with good news.”

“What good news?”

Chen Cuiyun’s eyes widened when she heard that there was good news.

So did Yan Lianhua.

Yan Hongwen then said, “In the city, in the factory where I work, a young couple will be transferred next month, and two positions will be vacated then. As you know, my factory has both remuneration and rest. It’s pretty good. And this young couple’s previous job was still a formal job. They are going to leave. I have a good relationship with the young couple, so I invited them to eat two meals and asked about the two positions. If I can get it on my side, ah, I wonder if anyone in our family needs these two positions?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Oh my God!”

Yan Lianhua exclaimed with joy, “A job as a regular worker in town! Brother, that’s great! Oh my God, you have to get it! I’ll go, I’ll go, I want to go to the city!”

Chen Cuiyun was also overjoyed, “Two jobs! That’s great! You have to find a way to keep these two positions, son! Although there are three of us, two of us can go. If that’s not possible, I’ll stay and let your father and your sister go.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m going, I’m going!” Yan Lianhua shouted and jumped excitedly.

“Now there are many people fighting for those two positions. I’m not the only one who invited those two young couples to dinner, so the competition is quite fierce. I also took this into consideration, so I just hurried home to ask and to see if you have the will.” Yan Hongwen said his lies in a decent manner.

“Yes, yes, yes! We have a very strong will!”

Yan Lianhua was so excited that she saluted Yan Hongwen directly, “Brother! Let me go! I have always dreamt of going to the city! I’m willing to do whatever it takes!”

Yan Hongwen smiled, “Then if you want to go, I can fight to see. However, there are too many people who invite that young couple to dinner now, and there are many people who give them gifts. Although I’m still on good terms with them, I can’t guarantee that they’ll be willing to give me these two positions just by the grace of me, treating them to two meals. “

“Aiya, then you send gifts!”

Chen Cuiyun said anxiously, “You send gifts to people ah! If it’s not enough, just invite them to dinner! This is a matter of two regular jobs! This is a matter of two regular jobs! This has to be a generous gift!”

“Yes, brother! Send gifts!”

Yan Lianhua nodded and said, “Mom, you have to give money to my brother to give him the gift!”

“Yes, yes, how much does it cost?”

Chen Cuiyun asked Yan Hongwen, “I don’t have much money in my hand. Otherwise, I will go to the market tomorrow to buy 10 catty of pork and 10 catty of seafood. You carry this gift to send to those two. “

Yan Hongwen does not want any pork or seafood. Hearing this idea, his face has changed.

“No, you must not send pork and seafood! The people from the city are not living badly at all. “

Yan Hongwen frowned and said, “Now in the city, the best thing you can take out to give people is a fruit basket. Recently, a batch of fruit baskets appeared in the market in the city. Apples, pears, and cherries are in them. They are all first-class gifts! A fruit basket costs 88 yuan! And you can’t buy it! The price has been speculated higher and higher. The speculation price amounted to 150. “

“What ah? Fruit is so expensive! Are the people in the city stupid?!” Chen Cuiyun was immediately shocked by the price.

In fact, 88 was the original price, 150 was the price Yan Hongwen made up to cheat them both.

Because Yan Hongwen wanted 300 yuan of their money.

“You care if people are stupid? Anyway, this stuff is good. The average person can not afford to eat it.”

Yan Hongwen glanced at Yan Lianhua, “I dare say that if you give the couple a fruit basket, these two positions will definitely be given to us! The price is a bit more expensive. But you two think about it, 300 yuan for two workers with a regular job, that is earning. You don’t need half a year to earn this money back, and the rest of your life you will profit more, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Chen Cuiyun nodded, “You’re right! Mom has about 200 yuan here…can you, then, can you pay another 100 in advance?”

Yan Hongwen’s heart also finally settled down.

I can get the money…

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