I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 60.1

Chapter 60 Part 1

“Brother, I still have 100 yuan. This is… my private money. “

Yan Lianhua looked at him. Although she was reluctant in her heart, the thought that she could change her current job to a regular job in the city, she could only grit her teeth and expose her 100 yuan from her private money.

When she said this, both Chen Cuiyun and Yan Hongwen, the mother and son pair, showed a surprised expression. Of course, Yan Hongwen was just pretending.

Chen Cuiyun was really surprised, “You little girl, how did you save so much money? Ah, and you didn’t even say a word! “

Yan Lianhua smiled embarrassingly, “Mom, I said it’s private money, how can I tell you? I saved it all by myself quietly…”

The main reason she did this was that when she gets married, her family will not be able to get a generous dowry.

Yan Lianhua began to save private money at home in order to make her life better in the future,

At the time of the New Year, Yan Hongwen had such a big ruckus and caused so much trouble for the family.

Yan Lianhua did not say a word…

Her 100 yuan from her private money was not revealed.

Fortunately, this matter has passed quite a long time. Now that Yan Lianhua showed her 100 yuan in private money, Chen Cuiyun did not say anything to her and did not feel anything about what she did.

“It’s okay, if you save it, you save it! It’s just the right time to take it out!”

Chen Cuiyun patted Yan Hongwen’s shoulder, “Hongwen ah, the money is ready. It is just enough for you to buy two baskets of fruit. You must fight for this position! Don’t spend the money and still fail to get the job! “

“How is it possible? When such a good fruit basket was given to them and the couple have a good relationship with me. and I will give them a 100 yuan red envelope, we can definitely get those two positions!”

Yan Hongwen cheated these people in a quite old-fashioned way. These words are like reassuring Chen Cuiyun’s mother and daughter.

The mother and daughter pair heard that Yan Hongwen would take out another 100 yuan to help them fight for this position. Their hearts both felt guilty for him, but they also felt happy!

“Hongwen, I knew you were still thinking of your family! Don’t let what happened in the new year affect our family’s feelings. ” Chen Cuiyun patted Yan Hongwen’s shoulders and spoke in an apologetic tone now.

“It’s okay, mom. If you give me the money sooner, I could go back as soon as possible, in order to put this matter into practice. You know, recently a lot of people went to the couple to send gifts, and when I invited them to eat, they only revealed a little wind, so I have to hurry up!” Yan Hongwen said.

“Well, then after lunch, Mom will give you the money, you still have to take the 4:00 ferry back to the city, there is still time! I’ll make this meal first!” Chen Cuiyun said with a smile.

“Brother, I can give you my money first. Come with me, I’ll give you my money first!”

Yan Lianhua couldn’t wait. As she said this, she led Yan Hongwen out of the kitchen.

Yan Hongwen wantonly cheated his mother and sister for more than 300 yuan, and of these 300 yuan, the mother and daughter pair also handed over willingly.

Yan Lianhua immediately handed over the money to him.

Simply using your tongue to persuade can earn you 100 yuan. Yan Hongwen thought that this money was easy to earn.

And when the time comes, if someone at home asks, he said that the leaders directly took the two positions.

Even if he gave the money and the fruit basket, the couple shook their heads and left after receiving it, deceiving him.

If this is the case, he will have losses, and there will be losses here as well, and he can’t be blamed for the whole family.

It is simply the perfect reason!

But the money is too little…

At noon, Yan Hongwen again went to the main house for a rare meal with a large family.

The old Madame was angry with him this morning. At noon, she did not expect Yan Hongwen to also sit over to eat.

Moreover, when it came to dinner, Yan Hongwen’s attitude surprised old Madame again!

Not only was he smiling, but he also apologized to Madame.

He claimed that the reason he was so bad-tempered in the morning was that he had been working overtime continuously for a long time, and was so eager to sleep at that time that he didn’t realize he had entered the wrong room.

The adults all believed his reason, and Chen Cuiyun was still very heartbroken, but angry that the family did not buy meat today! He should have eaten more meat to make up for it!

After lunch, Chen Cuiyun also gave Yan Hongwen more than 200 yuan of her personal money.

After the money was all in hand, Yan Hongwen’s heart finally rested a lot.

But still, it was very little…

While still in the house, while the reason can still be used, Yan Hongwen again played the idea of cheating the First Branch family.

At noon, Yan Hongwen sat on the threshold of his own room and saw that Yan Hongying of the First Family was cleaning the yard.

The First Family’s house must have some money…

If you can take a few hundred yuan from the first family….. Yan Hongwen’s pressure to pay off his debts will be much less.

Just when Yan Hongwen was thinking about how to make a move to cheat Yan Hongying, Yan Lianhua suddenly jumped up and came to Yan Hongying’s side.

“Hongying, how are you and your blind date doing lately?” Yan Lianhua deliberately asked this question.

“What about it?”

Yan Hongying glanced at Yan Lianhua. Her expression was not good at all.

“How is your progress? Isn’t your elder aunt always telling you to hold on to him? As long as you can marry him, you can go to work in the town!”

Yan Lianhua was hanging around Yan Hongying, obviously deliberately bringing up the topic of going to work in the town.

Over there, Yan Hongwen, who was sitting on the threshold, was silently observing the two sisters, always feeling that his chance might be coming.

As expected…

Yan Lianhua went on to say, “You might not know, but after you marry your blind date and stay in town, I will go to work in the city. Can we two sisters be considered to be going out of the countryside?”

Yan Hongwen can see that his sister’s vanity is winning, and she is here to show off to Yan Hongying.

But this reason was made up by him, and she didn’t know that he was lying to her…

Looking at this image, Yan Hongwen was more or less vain!

“You’re going to work in the city?”

Yan Hongying stopped sweeping the floor and looked up at Yan Lianhua in surprise, “How come you’re going to work in the city? You also started dating?”

Could it be that Yan Lianhua’s date is someone who works in the city? This is too much of a difference…

Yan Hongying’s heart began to be jealous and unbalanced.

“If I want to work in the city, I don’t need to rely on any dating partner! I have a brother who works in the city, don’t I?”

Yan Lianhua pointed to Yan Hongwen, who was sitting on the threshold over there. Yan Hongwen, who was suddenly mentioned, raised his hand towards her, without expression and without speaking.

Yan Hongying turned her head to look at Yan Hongwen. Her eyes widened and still looked like she couldn’t believe it.

“What’s the situation? Brother Hongwen introduced you to a job?” Yan Hongying asked.


Yan Lianhua raised her chin proudly. If she were a peacock, she should be opening her train in triumph at this time.

“Was it easy to be introduced for a job in the city?”

Yan Hongying frowned with a look of disbelief and was quite jealous.

“Of course it’s not easy~”

Yan Lianhua lifted a finger and swiped, still with that owing smile on her face, “This opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! My brother and their factory have a couple who are regular workers and were planning to transfer and are ready to leave their positions open. Then the two vacant positions can be won! My brother thought of our family, so he hurriedly came back from the city to tell us the news. And my brother and the couple had a very good relationship! I can be sure that my brother will be able to fight for these two positions! So when the time comes, I will have to go to the city to work. “

After finishing a long paragraph, Yan Lianhua patted Yan Hongying’s shoulder, “After this, you work in the town, I work in the city, the two of us will be separated! But I should go out before you because you still have to marry someone to go out. If that matchmaker doesn’t marry you out, I will still be able to see you when I come back! “”

“So, …… then congratulations ……,” Yan Hongying said with a leathery smile.

At that time, her heart was already burning with jealousy, and her hand holding the broom tightened. She wanted to put up the broom and beat Yan Lianhua’s heart.

They are all from Old Yan’s family. How could Yan Lianhua’s life be so good?

Was it so great to have an older brother working in the city?

Both of them have an older brother…

Yan Hongying then thought of herself, her brother on her head… she did not know where he had wandered off to!

Compared with Yan Lianhua, their life was simply a world apart.

She became angry…

“Hey, when I go to the city in the future, ah, when I come back in the New Year, I will definitely bring you more fresh things Oh!”

Yan Lianhua patted Yan Hongying’s shoulder and raised her eyebrows, “You, too, better hurry up and grab that blind date! It’s not easy to work in town! If both of us can go out, how much more face we can give to our grandparents and parents!”

“Well ……”

Yan Hongying responded with interest and a dry smile on her face.

“Haha, then I’ll go back to nap first! I’ll talk to you about this matter in the afternoon!”

After showing off, Yan Lianhua bounced back to her room, of course after greeting Yan Hongwen first before leaving.


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    Since she hasn’t done anything much besides being vain, stupid, rude, and kind of annoying, I’m still feeling a tiny bit of sympathy for this girl who’s about to lose all her savings to her scum brother. Maybe I’m wrong but she seems more like a snotty bystander than an actual malicious participant, unlike her mother and brother.


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