I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 60.2

Chapter 60 Part 2

In the yard, Yan Hongying was still continuing her cleaning work, but her mood at that time was already extremely bad!

She has never felt deeply jealous of Yan Lianhua like at this moment!

Yan Hongying’s matchmaking partner was not good at all.

Bad looks, bad personality, she is not good to her, and he seems to have no feelings for her at all.

But even though he seemed indifferent to her, he said that he could marry her.

Yan Hongying really does not want to marry her blind date!

The blind date’s class, Yan Yang, can dump him a few blocks away!

That is, that blind date works in the town, and he can also arrange for her to work in the town with decent conditions.

But in addition to this, there are no other advantages.

Yan Hongying can imagine that if she married her blind date, later even Lin Xiaoyue would later live a better life than she would.

Women in the same courtyard, how can she envy Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Lianhua ……

She is not very bad!

Once she thought of this, Yan Hongying’s heart was blocked with a mouthful of gas, the movements from sweeping the floor were much larger, sweeping the whole yard full of dust.

All this happened in the courtyard. Lin Xiaoyue, who is on the threshold of Wang Xiuying’s house, can see clearly.

At Wang Xiuying’s house, Wang Xiuying washed dishes while Yan Dayong washed them on the side.

Yan Dayong has been acting like a dog recently. In order to make Wang Xiuying happy, he is willing to do anything. He must be diligent and let her see it.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue are standing together, so they are in the house, but they are also standing on the threshold.

From this angle, it is just the right position to see the good scene that just happened in the courtyard.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang knew what was happening there.

They are just eating a handful of melon seeds…

If you can watch this good show while getting high on melon seeds, you will be in a more comfortable mood!

“What do you think?”

Yan Yang stopped Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulder and asked in a whisper over her ear.

“A family deceiving a family, you will only be hurting feelings without gaining any advantage.” Lin Xiaoyue said.

“This is just the beginning.” Yan Yang whispered in her ear.

Watching this good show, the corners of their mouths were raised high, quite a sense of anticipation to sit and watch the destruction of other families.

And this matter is indeed just the beginning…

When Yan Hongying finished sweeping the yard and was ready to go back to her house, Yan Hongwen suddenly called out to her, “Sister.”

Yan Hongying stopped in her tracks, although she was in a bad mood, she couldn’t put a bad face on Yan Hongwen.

So she barely pulled up a smile and said, “Brother Hongwen, did you call me?”

“Yes, I called you, come over here.” Yan Hongwen waved at her.

Yan Hongying immediately ran over, obediently asking, “What’s wrong, Brother Hongwen?”

“Have a seat here.” Yan Hongwen patted the threshold.

Yan Hongying then obediently sat down at the threshold, “Is there something you want to tell me? Brother Hongwen?”

Yan Hongying was a smart person.

Yan Hongwen called her over secretly at this time. It must be something related to that position.

Just now, Yan Lianhua said there were two positions. If Yan Lianhua is considered one position, then the other position……

Yan Hongying couldn’t help but think about it at this moment.

As expected…

Yan Hongwen said the matter of the position, “Just now Lanhua also told you, it so happens that I have two regular workers in that factory who were about to leave, and there will be two vacant positions. I came back for these two positions and wanted to ask my family if they wanted to fight for these two positions. Look at Lanhua’s look, I know she wants that position. I’m asking you now, do you have that in mind? Or have you always wanted to marry that blind date and go to work in the town? “

At this moment, Yan Hongying’s heart was full of surprise.

All of the previous bad moods she felt instantly dissipated. Her face even showed an expectant look, “Brother Hongwen, you mean, among those two positions, you can also give me one? I thought you already had someone in mind for both positions…”

“I only have you and Lanhua, my two sisters. If I do not give it to you two, who will I give it to? “

Yan Hongwen continued: “I’m telling you, I can’t separate my parents, so I could only give the two of them this position. But I thought that you and Lanhua were still unmarried, and it just so happens that I had two vacant positions. So if the two of you can take this position, then this will be the best option. In this way, our Old Yan Family can also be considered to have three younger generations working in the city, right? “

“Yes, Brother Hong Wen…”

Yan Hongying couldn’t help but smile, “Brother Hongwen, I didn’t expect you to think that way. You are really too good…… “

Yan Hongying thought of how Yan Lanhua had just bragged in front of her like this, only to have Yan Hongwen give her this other position the next second.

If Yan Lianhua knew about this, she would be furious, right?

But Yan Hongying is very happy at the moment.

“I was not going to tell my sister, nor did I tell my parents. But what I have in mind for myself is another position left for you, that is the best.”

Yan Hongwen said very sincerely, “It’s the matter of your blind date, what do you think? Are you ready to get married, or what? “

“I don’t want to marry him, Brother Hongwen.”

Yan Hongying hurriedly denied the blind date, “I really don’t like the blind date. It’s because he works in town, my mother said nothing and did not let me refuse him. As a matter of fact, if Brother Hongwen could give me a job in the city, I would be able to say no to him. Brother Hongwen, I also want to go to the city to work, can you give me this opportunity? “

Yan Hongying had already started to take the initiative to fight for it.

This was right in Yan Hongwen’s embrace.

“That’s just right. I happen to have another position in mind for you anyway.”

Yan Hongwen nodded, “Do you know what is the best thing that the city has sent to people recently?”

Yan Hongying shook her head, “I’m not from the city, so how would I know?”

Yan Hongwen then said, “The most popular gift in town now is a fruit basket. It is filled with apples, pears, and cherries. These fruits are of very high quality. The calculated price of a copy was 88 yuan. But even if there is a price but there’s no market, the quantity is too scarce, so now it has been speculated to 150 yuan a copy.”

“Oh my God! Are they crazy? “

When Yan Hongying heard the price, she immediately opened her mouth wide, “Was it necessary for it to be so expensive! Are all the people in the city so rich?”

“The price is indeed high, but a large part of the reason is that it is still speculated high. But then, if this gift was given to high cadres, it would also give them a big face. I do think that if you want to fight for these two positions, you have to send this gift, or there will be a little hope. You also know that there are too many backdoor connections in the city…”

Yan Hongwen has laid so much for her, and the next thing to say was his real purpose. “When I told Lianhua about this, Lianhua gave me 100 yuan from her private money. As her brother, I myself have to add money to buy fruit baskets, but this can only fight for one position. If there are two positions, sending two fruit baskets is a must. I’ll start by saying that in addition to giving Lanhua 50 yuan to buy fruit baskets, I will also wrap another 100 yuan in red envelopes, which is purely a gift of money. So another post, if you also want to send fruit baskets ……”

Yan Hongying heard what Yan Hongwen meant…

This is the same as the meaning of spending money to buy this position.

And it’s a lot of money…

It was at least 150 yuan.

Yan Hongying’s face changed slightly, and her small hand squeezed her pants. “Brother Hongwen, but I don’t have that much money…”


Yan Hongwen sighed out, “It’s also my fault that I usually spend lavishly and didn’t save that much money. In this case, with my ability, I guess I can only take one position. Of course, I will also strive for two positions, but the possibility of taking two positions will be lower, so…”

“Brother Hongwen, actually I also have private money, but I don’t have that much…”

Yan Hongying carefully exposed her private money. “Our family was not as rich as yours, and the money my mother gave me every month was not much. So I only have …… 50 yuan from my private money.”

“50 yuan is nothing.”

Yan Hongwen shook his head, “50 yuan can not give any good gifts. In this city, people are concerned about their faces. The gift that must be sent to them must give them face. Forget about it……I’ll try to get it. It’s okay if you can’t! You can still marry again.”

She thought of marrying her blind date…

On the other hand, she thought of being able to work in the city…

Yan Hongying was able to make a decision right away!

“Brother Hongwen, why don’t you wait for me… and I’ll go talk to my parents about it?”Yan Hongying said seriously,

That’s fine, I’ll leave later after my nap anyway, there’s still time.” Yan Hongwen said.

“Okay, brother Hongwen, you must remember me. I’ll go talk to my parents right away!”

Yan Hongying’s heart was already burning with determination to take the position.

“It’s okay, you go ahead. I’ll go back to the house and take a nap.” Yan Hongwen said.

“Okay, brother Hongwen, take a good rest.”

After finishing with Yan Hongwen, Yan Hongying immediately went back to her family’s house and had a heated discussion with Yang Chengyu.

As a result, they were naturally greedy about everything.

150 yuan …… the first family also barely scraped together 150 yuan.

Although they only took out 150 yuan, this money has been all the money of the big house family, in order to give Yan Hongying a fight for such an opportunity to enter the city.

Yan Hongying also took out all her private money.

The money was scraped together from east to west…

Yan Hongwen cheated for more than 470 yuan at his home.

But he owed more than 1000 yuan. Paying it off was still very difficult!

In the afternoon, Yan Hongwen left with the expectation of the two houses.

However, I’m afraid of how many expectations there are now and how much disappointment they will feel in the future!

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang stayed at home today, did not go anywhere, and witnessed the whole thing.

As they watched Yan Hongwen walk out of the house, Lin Xiaoyue, who was sitting at the door of the small side room, patted Yan Yang’s shoulder next to her, “Guess when this matter will break out?”

Yan Yang peeled a melon seed and passed it into her mouth, asking her in return, “Guess when?”

Lin Xiaoyue thought about it, “It must be some time! And I think, if he tells this lie well, those two families might really admit the loss.”

Cheating money from someone by offering a job…

In the end, if you do not get a job, Yan Hongwen can give a random reason to put off the family.

Yan Yang bowed his head and looked askance at her with a smile at the corners of his mouth, “Then break his lies and directly tear apart the two families’ conflicts.”

Lin Xiaoyue thought about it and found it exciting, “Yes, yes! Then we’ll wait to watch the fire from across the river!”

Yan Yang said again, “Do you want to see a good show quickly?”

Lin Xiaoyue looked up and his big, slithery eyes met Yan Yang’s dark eyes, “You can even operate this? How do you operate ah? Can you make the city debt collectors come directly to the village?”

Yan Yang threw the melon seed shells into the dustpan and clapped his hands before pinching Lin Xiaoyue’s face, “There is always a way, as long as you know more people…”

Lin Xiaoyue’s widened and slowly nodded, “So you know a lot of people?”

Yan Yang smiled, “I’ve been in touch with all kinds of people. They’re not very decent, so I won’t take you to know… “


Lin Xiaoyue hugged his waist, pinching the meat on his waist, “I want to know them all! They must be big shots! “

Yan Yang denied, “No, they are all like me.”

Lin Xiaoyue said, “So, they are all big shots! “

“How do you define a big shot?” Yan Yang asked, his eyes narrowed and the corners of his mouth raised high.

Lin Xiaoyue said, “Very capable of making money!”


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