I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 61.1

Chapter 61 Part 1

Yan Hongwen came and ransacked all the money from the big house and the second branch.

And after he left, the two families had smiles on their faces, immersed in lies.

For a few days, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang stood at the door of their house, looking at Chen Cuiyun and Yang Chengyu. The mother and daughter were smiling every day, talking as if the family was going to soar to greatness.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang looked at the happy expression of the two families, and they felt pity for them in their hearts.

Because in the past few days, when Yan Yang took Lin Xiaoyue to An City, he had inquired about all the news about Yan Hongwen through some channels.

After these days of inquiring, the next step was for Yan Yang to get ready to take action.

It was another night of doing business at the An City to buy goods. They usually do business twice a week, and it so happened that tonight was the day they had to do business.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang sat on the bus. There were 5 boxes of fruit at the back of the bus. It was the fruit that Lin Xiaoyue purchased online and brought out of her study space.

Recently, the fruit business has been very successful. Wang Sheng has become obsessed with the profitable fruit basket operation. He would urge Yan Yang to send more fruit, especially cherries, every time!

However, Yan Yang only sends a limited amount of cherries each time to ensure the principle that the more it’s rare, the more it is expensive.

The bus drove to the port and stopped at a hidden location near the port.

The party got off the bus. Zhou Zhengwei was already sitting on the boat waiting for them.

The usual rules apply: Wang Tieshan and Shi Xiaotou will unload the goods; Chen Shuiniu will keep an eye on things, and Yan Yang and Zhou Zhengwei will count the goods and pay the money.

Lin Xiaoyue stood by Yan Yang’s side, his eyes eagerly following all their transaction processes and silently learning.

After paying with one hand and delivering with the other, Yan Yang gave Zhou Zhengwei a small packet of cherries today.

Zhou Zhengwei stared in shock and hurriedly accepted the small packet of cherries and hurriedly put it into his pocket.

“You have a very wild way now! You can obtain these rare items! What’s the matter with this business?” Zhou Zhengwei also did not say thank you and did not act like an outsider with Yan Yang.

As a matter of fact, before this, he also often sent Yan Yang a few things.

But compared to this bag of cherries handed over by Yan Yang, those rare goods he sent before were far from what Yan Yang gave.

After all, we are now in the city…

To be precise, it is the upper-class people in the city that only circulate this kind of fruit, and the price is outrageous! And there is still no market!

Although Zhou Zhengwei could afford to buy it, he was reluctant to do so. Even if he wanted to buy it, it might not be in stock…

So, when Yan Yang took out this item, Zhou Zhengwei felt that he might be receiving a surprise…

“The current market for these goods was monopolized by me. I’m not afraid to tell you that the monopoly is in my hands.” Yan Yang directly confessed.


Zhou Zhengwei was surprised and delighted, patted Yan Yang’s shoulder, “Kid! You have so many ways! These goods can still be monopolized by you! “

After a wave of praise, Zhou Zhengwei didn’t hide his thoughts. “I won’t ask about the source of these goods anymore. Let me ask you, can this business be done?”

“Me and you?”

Yan Yang raised his eyebrows, “Do you also have channels to sell this?”

“Hey, such a good thing! As long as there is a source of goods, then there will certainly be channels, ah! Even if I don’t have one, I can find someone who has a channel in a minute!”

Zhou Zhengwei raised his hand, full of confidence, and said, “What? Do you want to do this business?”


Yan Yang refused, “I already have a fixed business chain on my side, and there are not many sources of goods, so I can’t do two businesses.”

“No! Leave me some space ~ Since you have exposed this to me right now, leave me some space. How can you not give me a little bit of money to earn? Then you shouldn’t have told me!” Zhou Zhengwei showed his extreme desire for the cherry business.

Although Lin Xiaoyue didn’t know why Yan Yang introduced the cherry business to Zhou Zhengwei, she had the supply in her hands, and she could take as much as she wanted.

Yan Yang can do whatever he wants. She has a lot of things in her hand, which is definitely his strong backing!

“I don’t have much. You can take bulk and resell it. There won’t be any problems. But I can’t take out large quantities of these goods. “

Yan Yang glanced at Zhou Zhengwei. “However, I have a personal favor to ask you to help.”

“Haha, I know you have the conditions! If it weren’t for something you need, you might not be willing to leak this business to me!” Zhou Zhengwei patted Yan Yang on the shoulder.

\Yan Yang then said, “So are you going to help?”

Zhou Zhengwei showed 5 fingers, just like a businessman’s tone and said, “I want 50% of the goods in your hand.”

Yan Yang broke off three of Zhou Zhengwei’s five fingers, “I will give you 20%, the goods are really not much, I have signed a regular agreement with another friend, his side of the volume must be sufficient, only 20% at most.”

Zhou Zhengwei’s other hand raised two more fingers, “Then 40% of the goods. As long as you are willing to give me 40% of the goods, I will agree to do anything you want me to do! “No charge! “

Yan Yang broke another one of his fingers, “30%. I’m already going to withhold my friend’s side. If you still don’t agree, then forget it.”

Okay, okay, okay! 30% is 30%! “

Zhou Zhengwei frowned and nodded, “When can you deliver it to me? How much is 30% of the goods? “

Yan Yang opened his lips and said, “30% of the goods will be six catty, eight yuan per catty. I will be delivering 3 times in half a month.”

Zhou Zhengwei couldn’t help but shout, “Only six pounds! This is too little! How can I sell it?”

Yan Yang said in a deep voice: “So do you want it or not?”

Although Zhou Zhengwei felt that it was too little in his heart, the mosquito meat is also meat, so “Yes, yes, 6 pounds, 6 pounds! At least it is there!”

For the price, Zhou Zhengwei does not even have to talk about it.

8 yuan a catty has been very cheap.

Because the kind of fruit basket sold in the market is worth 88 yuan, all rely on cherries to raise their net worth.

The cherries in a fruit basket probably don’t even reach a pound, which pushed the price of this fruit basket to 88 yuan.

The entry price of 8 yuan a catty is definitely considered a huge profit!

Zhou Zhengwei casually calculated it in his heart. Each pound inside he could earn a lot of money. 6 pounds is 6 pounds!

All the things that make huge profits are their own.

“Let me remind you that the kind of fruit basket in your city, in addition to cherries, the quality of the other two fruits are also very good. If you want to follow the fruit basket selling method, the other two fruits on the market are not for sale. The source of goods is with me.”

Yan Yang gave Zhou Zhengwei another wink that made him fall out of the pit, “The supply of apples and pears if you want them together, I will give them to you when I finish my business.”

“Hey, you’re still worried that I can’t do a good job! Don’t worry! I’ll do your business as if it were my own, and I’ll make sure that I do it beautifully!”

Zhou Zhengwei patted his chest, and only then asked the main question, “Why don’t you tell me first, what exactly do you want me to do?”

Yan Yang smoothly proposed, “Last time I asked you to investigate the debt situation of Yan Hongwen, this time, I asked you to find someone to kill him.”

“To kill? Death?”

Zhou Zhengwei made a gesture of wiping his neck, thinking he was killing someone.

“Not that.”

Yan Yang’s eyebrows wrinkled, “Move his hands and feet, let him lose his job, let him be infamous, and be unable to mix in the city. This will do.”

“It’s simple! He owes so many debts, it’s easy to fix!”

Zhou Zhengwei patted his chest again, “I promise I’ll do it for you soon. I also want the supply of apples and pears. I also want to do the fruit basket business. You let me taste the sweetness!”

Yan Yang nodded, “Yes. On Yan Hongwen’s side, I want to see progress in the short term. “

Zhou Zhengwei said confidently, “It’s easy! Don’t worry! In a couple of days, I’ll have this done and ready for you to see! I have friends on the road!”

Yan Yang: “Hmm.”

The transaction was completed, and Yan Yang also took 6 pounds of cherries directly from the car to Zhou Zhengwei.

Zhou Zhengwei also paid for the 6 catties of cherries in a sharp manner.

As long as 48 yuan can buy six catties of cherries, Even if he changes hands casually, he will sell them for more than 8 yuan a pound!

Zhou Zhengwei feels like he is making a lot of money.

Of course, Yan Yang is not a loss either.

After both sides got what they needed, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue returned to the bus with the goods.

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