I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 61.2

Chapter 61 p2

In the darkness of the night, the bus drove to Liu City.

On the bus, Lin Xiaoyue leaned on Yan Yang’s shoulder, holding a tea egg in her hand for her to eat.

While eating, she said: “So, you divided the cherry business to Zhou Zhengwei, just to let Zhou Zhengwei help to solve Yan Hongwen, right?”

Yan Yang replied: “Right.”

Lin Xiaoyue took a bite of tea egg, “Will we lose money this way? For the sake of Yan Hongwen, if we lose money, it’s not worth it…”


Yan Yang replied, “The fruit will be sold as usual, and the price was not cheap. The only difference was that we sold it to a different person. And we can kill people by taking advantage of such an opportunity. We didn’t come forward in the whole process, didn’t spend any effort, and we made a business. Isn’t it very profitable?”

After he said so, Lin Xiaoyue really felt that this transaction was not a loss!

“So, you already have a solution for Yan Hongwen, but you’re just waiting for the right time, right?” asked Lin Xiaoyue.

Yan Yang lightly raised his eyebrows, “That’s what I intended to. I was also waiting for the right time.”

Lin Xiaoyue asked, “When is the right time?”

Yan Yang’s thin lips gently raised an arc, his tone with a hint of sinister, “Wait for the two families to be happy to the extreme, and then bring them a heavy blow. This can be regarded as effective revenge.”


Lin Xiaoyue’s adoring eyes looked at Yan Yang, “You are too handsome! How can a calculating mind turn so fast? “

Yan Yang lowered his head. The eyes that were staring at her were full of spoils. He suddenly raised his hand, and wiped away the egg yolk froth at the corner of her mouth: “I am the “Yan Yang” who existed to seek revenge.”


Lin Xiaoyue then remembered that the third itself was a violent personality, appearing here to take revenge on those who had hurt him.

She wondered if he would go away after all the people he wanted revenge on was taken care of.

A wave of reluctance rose in her heart…

Lin Xiaoyue hugged his arm tightly, looked up and stared at him with wide eyes, and stuffed all the remaining tea eggs into his mouth, chewing while saying, “If the two families were taken care of, do you have any more enemies?”

Yan Yang locked his eyebrows and thought for a moment, “I think there’s no more.”

The Wang family that bullied him back then was corrupted by Yan Yang with some means a few years ago, and their life has been slow in recent years.

Yan Yang’s hatred for the Wang family was also considered to have worn off.

Wang Xiuying and his wife, Yan Yang, have been holding a grudge all these years.

But some time ago, after listening to what Wang Xiuying said back then, the third point of Yan Yang’s hatred of Wang Xiuying was also put down.

It was also the same for Yan Dayong.

Now, the only remaining people that Yan Yang had the desire to take revenge on were the two families in the Yan family.

For Yan Hongwen’s affair, Yan Yang only used a little means, and he was not sure how much impact it could have on the two rooms.

If the degree of revenge does not reach his expectations, it is not enough!

Yan Yang also has a measurement in his heart.

How did those people bully him back then, he also wanted those people to pay the same price.

If it was only the price of losing some money, it would still be too cheap for them in the end.

“It’s not that fast.”

After thinking about it, Yan Yang gently spat out this sentence, “Rome wasn’t built in a day. This little thing is not enough to make me put down my hatred for those two families. “

Lin Xiaoyue asked, “Do you think that this is not enough?”

Yan Yang said in an unquestionable tone, “Of course not enough. Both houses only lost some money, what is money?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked again, “Then what do you want the two houses to lose other than money?”

Yan Yang quickly answered, “I just hope they don’t have a good life.”

He didn’t want them to die, he only wanted them to have a bad life!

Lin Xiaoyue said, “That should be simple too. Don’t worry! Those two families are so good at what they do, sooner or later they will kill themselves!”

Yan Yang pinched her small face, his thin lips lightly raised, “hmm.”

Late at night, the car steadily drove to Liu City.

Lin Xiaoyue, Yan Yang and Wang Sheng conducted business transactions, pearl jewelry business and fruit business. In this way, they made a net profit of more than 300 yuan.

It is very easy to make money.

However, Lin Xiaoyue was surprised that Wang Sheng sent Yan Yang a package of cakes. He said that his sister also forcibly left a package in the supply and marketing club today. He had to ask Wang Sheng to bring it to Yan Yang for him to eat.

In order to make Lin Xiaoyue comfortable, Yan Yang originally refused the packet of pastries.

But Lin Xiaoyue said she wanted it again, so Yan Yang accepted the pastry.

On the way back, Lin Xiaoyue gave the pastries to her three little brothers and ate two of them herself with a pout.

Looking at her little temper tantrum, Yan Yang knew that this girl was jealous.

He suddenly liked Lin Xiaoyue’s jealous look.

In order to appease her and get her in a good mood, the two of them spent some more high-light nights under the clouds and rain.


Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang hadn’t done business for several days.

Every time they finish a business, the two have to take a few days off, because if they do it frequently enough, it will attract attention from officials.

The two took another two days of pure rest at home.

Recently, Chen Cuiyun and Yan Lanhua at Second Branch’s house were happy that their tails were up because of the regular job position in town.

In the evening, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were sitting in front of the small side house feeding the chickens when they heard Chen Cuiyun’s mother and daughter bragging to Lin Dame next door about her regular job in the city.

Chen Cuiyun’s loud voice was so loud that it could be heard from next door to this house, and that was no exaggeration.

“I am lucky to have such a capable son! We’ve been farmers for generations, and to be able to go out of the countryside and work in the town is already a big deal! My son has broken into the city by himself!”

“Now, not only has he broken into the city himself, but he’s also trying to get all of us family members into the city as well. Next time there are two positions, next time there will be another position, we will all go there. In the future, it will be difficult to come back.”

“His father and I have never expected to go out of the countryside in our whole life. We have such a great opportunity this time. It is estimated that his father should go first. The three of them have a firm foothold in the city. Isn’t it easy to pick me up?”

“Haha, I can’t envy you. Each family has its own blessings! Right! My family’s luck has been good in the past two years. So it’s useful to have a son. Look at my son. Everyone has gone out and still wants to be at home!”


This wave of bragging words all came out of Chen Cuiyun’s mouth.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang sat in this position in the small side room and listened really clearly.

They both got high on melon seeds while they couldn’t help but laugh…

Although they were only listening to Chen Cuiyun’s talk, they could already imagine in their minds that when Chen Cuiyun said these words, her nostrils were up to the sky.

They can also even imagine Chen Cuiyun’s furious expression after the incident.

Chen Cuiyun and Yan Lianhua, mother and son, showed off a wave of bragging in the next room.

When they entered the house after chatting, it happened that Wang Xiuying came out of her house…

Chen Cuiyun, who was in a good mood, said to Wang Xiuying, “Third sister-in-law, do you know that my son is going to take our family to work in the city?”

How can Wang Xiuying not know about this matter?

These days, Chen Cuiyun has been talking about it nonstop. She has been talking about it to the point that the whole village knows about it…

There are even some women in the village who come to Chen Cuiyun to please her, hoping that in the future, when Chen Cuiyun goes to the city, she will not forget them.

Wang Xiuying poured the pot of water into the gutter in front of the door. Although she was disgusted in her heart, she still had to fake her smile. She said: “I heard. I heard that there are two official jobs in the city, and your son can help your family get them, right?”

“Oh, you’ve heard about it! I thought you didn’t know!”

Chen Cuiyun clapped her hands. Her face was grinning up to her ears. “You see, your son and his wife have gone to work in the town, and my family will go to work in the city soon. Although the work in the town is very beautiful, it’s better to work in the city! We are all from the countryside, but there is still a big difference between one town and another. Haha, don’t envy me too much!”

Wang Xiuying will not be envious of her at all!

Wang Xiuying maintained a dry smile on her face, but inside, she was rolling her eyes. “your son is capable. Our family can’t compare with yours.”

“Oh hey! This sounds like your family still wants to compare with our family, huh?”

Chen Cuiyun clapped her palms together and laughed, “From the past to the present, how can your family compare with ours? How can you compare with our family? Oh no, this is really funny, haha~”

Wang Xiuying could not maintain the dry smile on her face. She turned around and went back to the house with the pot, not wanting to talk to Chen Cuiyun.

When Chen Cuiyun saw that Wang Xiuying was not happy, she was in a better mood!

Wang Xiuying was unhappy because their family had only two people working from the town, compared to their second branch family that had two from the city!

The family is not as happy as the Second Branch family.

Thinking of this, Chen Cuiyun is happy.

She likes the feeling of being superior to others!

Across the street, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang sat on a bench and witnessed the whole picture of Chen Cuiyun showing off to Wang Xiuying.

It was also quite funny…

Lin Xiaoyue threw the melon shells, suddenly chatted with Yan Yang, “Some people’s tails are going up to the sky these two days as if having a job in the city is very impressive!”

Yan Yang smiled at her words, knowing that Lin Xiaoyue was being naughty, so he was also very cooperative. “The work in the city is great. Who makes the working conditions in the city so high? “

Lin Xiaoyue deliberately said sourly, “Oh, I also want to go to the city to work ah. If only we could get a regular job in the city someday, then my mother-in-law could go out and show off too! “

When Chen Cuiyun over there heard Lin Xiaoyue’s jealous words, she was even more pleased!

Even if Lin Xiaoyue was talking against her, Chen Cuiyun could smile back in a good mood, “Come on! You should listen to Yan Yang. The city’s working conditions are very high! Do you still want to get a job in the city? Did you not look at yourself in the mirror to see how much you have? “

Yan Lianhua was holding her waist and chin up. She also said sarcastically, “Mom, don’t talk to such people! These kinds of people just can’t eat grapes and say grapes are sour! They don’t even think about the fact that they both work here and are just temporary workers. When our family goes to the city, we will be regular workers! They are so jealous of us!”

(TN: “To say grapes are sour when you can’t eat them” refers to the fact that when you are dissatisfied because your actual demands are not being met, you make up some “reasons” for self-comfort in order to reduce tension and alleviate tension. Stress liberates one from unpleasant mental states such as discontent and worry, as well as safeguards one from damage.)

This pair of mother and daughter….their tails are sticking up to the sky.

Today, they can show off so complacently.

They went to the commune and called Yan Hongwen, who told them that he had already bought two fruit baskets for the couple and told them not to call again and to wait for his notice.

After this phone call, it was as if the matter had been finalized.

Chen Cuiyun and Yang Lanhua obviously can’t control it. They want to show off their feelings!

They thought that these two positions were already in their pockets!

They have full qualifications to be proud of!

Lin Xiaoyue’s legs dangled under the stool. “Hey, Yan Yang, when we got out of the boat a few days ago, did someone hear that there is a new rule in the city. It is said that if there is a personnel transfer, it is generally impossible to change posts directly. as if the superior will assign someone else directly appear out of nowhere post it? “

Yan Yang nodded, “It is said that only by temporarily resigning can you find someone to replace these two posts because the boss has no time to transfer. If you leave the post on business, you will have a full month, and the boss will transfer people directly from elsewhere to complete the process of personnel exchange, rather than recruiting again.”

On the opposite hand, Chen Cuiyun and Yang Lanhua’s expressions changed…

But Chen Cuiyun returned quickly from being arrogant, “The two of you work in the town. How can you know the city’s affairs? Don’t talk nonsense in front of us, thinking we will believe you! My son said he could get these two positions, so he can! I think you are just saying that because you can’t eat grapes, so you say they’re sour! “

“If you don’t believe me, then we’ll see.”

Lin Xiaoyue spread her hands, “This kind of document must be applicable to all factories. I believe it’s not groundless. I’m afraid my second aunt is expecting nothing. Now all the villagers who showed off to know that if you can’t enter the city in the future, you will lose face at home!”

Although Chen Cuiyun did not want to believe Lin Xiaoyue’s words, in her heart, she was still nervous…

This is not a matter of losing face…

It’s a loss of money!

They gave Yan Hongwen more than 300 yuan!


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