I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 62.1

Chapter 62 Part 1

After being told by Lin Xiaoyue, Chen Cuiyun said they didn’t believe it in front of Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang. But after returning to her house, the mother and daughter both showed a panic expression at the same time…

Yan Lianhua’s 100 yuan is her own personal money, saved over the years. She is especially nervous!

Mom, do you think what that bargain said was the truth or not? Is there really such a rule in the city? What should we do then? I gave all the money to my brother, and he even bought the fruit basket. If it doesn’t work out, won’t it be impossible to get money back?”

“I don’t know…”

Chen Cuiyun frowned. She was in a panic. She tried to pour herself a glass of water to stabilize her mind, but the water was poured out, and it was poured all over the table.

Seeing this, Yan Lianhua panicked to the point of no return. She hurriedly grabbed Chen Cuiyun’s hand, her eyes opened wide and said: “Mom, mom, don’t panic ah… Don’t scare me ah… “

“Yes, yes don’t panic…”

Chen Cuiyun took a deep breath and slowly sat down.

“Mom, mom, but is this true or not?”

Yan Lianhua also sat down at the table, clutching Chen Cuiyun’s hand, “Mom, hurry up and give me some reassurance, I am now panicking.”

“How can I reassure you? I’m going to faint myself!”

Chen Cuiyun picked up a glass of water that had just been poured and took a sip, but even so, she could not suppress the panic in her heart.

“This money …… is all our family savings. And, the whole village knows that our family is going to the city. If we suddenly can’t go, won’t the whole village laugh at us?”

Thinking of the terrible consequences, Chen Cuiyun’s face turned white, feeling cold sweat all over her body.

This kind of joke can not be known to the public…

This will force their family to die.

Their family is so dignified…

“Mom, what can we do? Why don’t we just call our brother again? ” Yan Lianhua suggested.

“Didn’t your brother just told us to not call him randomly? I just called the unit to find him and he yelled at me. After hearing Lin Xiaoyue’s words, and we start to ask about this kind of thing again, I will surely get yelled out again.”

Even Chen Cuiyun, who has a particularly strong temper, was now afraid of her son’s foul temper.

“That’s right…”

Not to mention Yan Lianhua, she also didn’t dare to be fierce with Yan Hongwen.

“But I’m really upset.”

Yan Lianhua couldn’t calm down. “Mom, if you can’t call and ask, otherwise we’ll go to the city to find my brother tomorrow.”

“You’re crazy. Your call is so disliked by him, and you still run to find him. When he can not only stink us, maybe the money, and later, will really ignore our family, and do not come back!” Chen Cuiyun was afraid.

“You’re crazy. He dislikes it so much when you call him, and if we run to the city to find him. When that moment comes, he will not only loathe us, maybe not only the money but also in the future, he will really ignore our family and won’t come back!” Chen Cuiyun was afraid.

“Then what can be done ah? This thing is not clear. I really… I really…… “

Yan Lianhua stamped her foot anxiously, “I don’t want to go to work in the afternoon!”

Chen Cuiyun is actually very upset if she doesn’t ask about it clearly.

She was left thinking…

Chen Cuiyun thought of someone in the corner of her brain, “That Aunt Zuo, her son was also working in the city. Otherwise, I will talk to Aunt Zuo this afternoon, let Aunt Zuo call her son’s unit, ask her son whether the city has this rule or not? Let’s just not ask your brother.”

“Okay, anything! Just make sure you ask him! If we don’t ask, I’m going to have a breakdown.” Yan Lianhua said anxiously.

“Okay, okay! Ask, ask, ask! What’s the matter with all this? “

Chen Cuiyun looked pale at first glance and her mood was irritable and impatient.

Originally, it was a good happy event, but the result was this.

Lin Xiaoyue, that married couple, was determined to give them a hard time!

In the afternoon, Chen Cuiyun went to find the village’s, Aunt Zuo. Good talk with a few pounds of flour to persuade Aunt Zuo to let her son call her son in the city. She asked her son whether this mattered.

In the afternoon after work, Aunt Zuo, Chen Cuiyun and Yang Lanhua went to the commune to borrow a phone and call the unit where Aunt Zuo’s son worked in the city.

Aunt Zuo asked her son and got a definite answer.

At that time, Chen Cuiyun and Yang Lanhua still could not believe it. They had to press the hands-free button and communicate directly with Aunt Zuo’s son.

After asking, on the spot Chen Cuiyun had a stroke and fainted…

The employees of the commune were present at the time of the incident.

Yan Lianhua was also completely in a bewildered state.

The bystanders shouted at her to hurry up and rectify Chen Cuiyun, but they couldn’t move her…

Yan Lianhua suddenly woke up when the nearby employees were busy with an emergency operation on Chen Cuiyun.

But she didn’t help either. Instead, she immediately called again and directly called Yan Hongwen’s unit.

Nearby, the commune staff were carrying out an emergency operation on Chen Cuiyun, and the scene was chaotic.

As a result, after the phone was connected, at the other end of the phone, Yan Lianhua also heard the chaotic sound.

“Hey! Who is it? “

Amid whispering voices, the person on the phone raised his tone back to Yan Lianhua’s.

Yan Lianhua covered her ears and shouted into the phone, “Hello, I’m Yan Hongwen’s sister, I’m trying to find Yan Hongwen, please can you help me contact him!”

“Who was it?”

The other side of the phone still asked in a very high pitch, as if they couldn’t hear Yan Lianhua’s words.

“I’m Yan Hongwen’s sister! Yan Hongwen! “

Yan Lianhua shouted from this side.

Because it was noisy behind her, she couldn’t hear the voice on the phone, so she turned around and shouted at the people behind her, “Can you be quiet, I’m answering the phone!”

The employees of the commune here were all shocked by Yan Lianhua…

Among them, Bai Xiaochun could not help but return, “The person who fainted is your mother! You don’t even care about your mother!”

Yan Lianhua didn’t even listen to Bai Xiaochun’s words, all her thoughts were on this phone call…

The person on the other side of the phone finally heard Yan Lianhua’s identity clearly, but after hearing it clearly, they pressed hands-free and shouted, “Yan Hongwen’s sister called! I’m sorry. If you want money, ask Yan Hongwen’s family. Do not make a fuss in our unit!”

Hearing the yelling voice on the other end of the phone, Yan Lianhua’s brain buzzed and exploded.

Then, she heard the sound of crackling and smashing things over the phone.

Someone picked up the phone and yelled directly at her, “Yan Hongwen owes me more than 1000 yuan! You are his sister, so give it back! Where is your home? “


Yan Lianhua hung up the phone directly.

She couldn’t pick up the phone any longer.

Thoughts flowed for a long time…

Yan Lianhua’s face became pale, and she felt that her whole head was exploding, and her heartbeat was so strong that all the noisy sounds around her were covered up.


Yan Lanhua also fell to the ground with her head first and fainted.

“Hey! What’s going on here? These two fainted one after another! “

The employees of the commune were shocked by this image. One hadn’t even woken up yet, and another one had fainted over there.

What’s wrong with this mother and daughter?

Later, the mother and daughter were carried back to Old Yan’s house by the commune staff and villagers.


At night.

Second Branch’s home came out with the sound of wailing and crying. Chen Cuiyun cried and cursed. Yan Lianhua was also sobbing and crying like a child.

The entire yard was filled with the cries of mother and daughter, and even the next-door neighbors could hear them.

However, in Old Yan’s home, there were few people to comfort them.

Only Grandma Yan sat helplessly on the side, watching sadly as the Second Branch people cried like ghosts.

“This bastard! I raised him for so many years! I raised him from birth and this is how he repays me. I might as well not have had him! Bastard, you’ve cheated me out of my money! Why didn’t you die earlier?” Chen Cuiyun didn’t just cry, she cursed even louder.

She was originally vicious. How could she vent her anger if she didn’t swear?

Yan Lianhua’s cries are not weak at all, and she was wailing as if her mother had passed away.

Grandma Yan heard from Chen Cuiyun’s cursing voice that Yan Hongwen had cheated them and all of their Second Branch’s savings were taken by him and he tricked them into paying off his gambling debts.

It seems that his gambling debt was not enough. Yan Hongwen also had debts from the people working in the same unit as him. It is estimated that Yan Hongwen’s work in the city can’t be guaranteed.

Only then did Grandma Yan realize that it turned out that Yan Hongwen went home to make some money, and not out of good intentions.

Grandma Yan looked at the Second Branch family with such pain, but at the same time, she was secretly happy. Fortunately, she did not follow the kid last time, otherwise, she might have been tricked by this kid…

“Grandma, my mother said we don’t care about the second branch, let the second branch family cry.” The youngest son ran to the door of the second branch and said this to Grandma Yan.

After saying that, the little one turned around and ran away, and Grandma Yan didn’t even have time to call the little one.

“Alas, what’s up with this first branch family again…”

Grandma Yan knocked her cane on the ground and couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

She had just asked the youngest son of the big house family to run and ask Yang Chengyu to come over to persuade Chen Cuiyun and her son because she could not persuade them.

After waiting for a long time, the little son came and said to her.

Old Madame Yan has no choice now.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this family. It hasn’t been peaceful since this year! Such disharmony!

The family is not single-minded at all. They don’t want to help each other when something happens.

Grandma Yan can say that she is very disappointed with the behavior of the First house family today.

However, Grandma Yan was unaware that what happened to the First Branch family was no better than the Second Branch family.


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