I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 62.2

Chapter 62 Part 2

The Second Branch family had been cheated out of all their money, and so had the First Branch family.

The door of the house of the first family was closed. Yang Chengyu and her husband were sitting at the table with black faces. Yan Hongying was sobbing…

Yan Hongying’s own 50 yuan from her private money was cheated of, but the first branch was also fooled to give all of their saving worth 100 yuan.

Yang Chengyu was not only distressed by the fraudulent savings, but also scolded Yan Hongying for being stupid and believing all of Yan Hongwen’s words! Yan Hongwen was a gambler! He won’t even recognize his own blood relatives!

And Yan Hongying had already rejected her blind date in town.

The job in the city did not arrive, the family’s savings were all gone, such a good match was also gone …

Yang Chengyu really hated the iron for not being steel and scolded Yan Hongying bloodily.

Yan Hongying was crying nonstop.

Her younger son returned to the house, and Yang Chengyu hugged her younger son while sobbing and said that only her son was useful but not her daughter…

These words deeply stimulated Yan Hongying’s psychology.

The first branch family, which seemed to be very harmonious with each other, was not so harmonious today either.

Both the first branch family and the second branch family were already in a frenzy because of the money.

Tonight is a lively night.

Only the Third Branch family had nothing to do and was watching the fire from across the river.

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong heard the whole story, and the couple were hiding in their room.

On one hand, they were happy that their family was safe and sound, and on the other hand, they felt that Chen Cuiyun should be taught a lesson.

Chen Cuiyun, this woman, should have been taught a lesson long ago.

Now they were being slapped in the face by their own family, and after their mother and daughter brazenly showed off, it can be said that the objective view is very cool.

Lying in bed, Wang Xiuying gloated and said: “Today at noon, Chen Cuiyun also came to show off with me. She said that their family was going to the city and despised Xiao Yue and Xiao Yang for working in the town. At that time, looking at her presumptive look, I was so uncomfortable that I wanted to give her two slaps directly. This is good ~ I don’t even need to give them two slaps, their family already slapped their own family. Indeed, surging waters flooded the Dragon King’s temple, and their family beat their own family. “

Yan Dayong is just feeling thankful. He said, “I really did not expect Hong Wen, this kid, to have degenerated into this. Fortunately, Hong Wen did not come back to our family when he returned. Otherwise, our family would have to give in to his work. In the future, you really have to guard against that kid, when you see him, turn around and walk away.”

Wang Xiuying slapped Yan Dayong’s shoulder, “You’ve already been cheated once, you still want to be cheated! Why don’t you grow a brain? How many times have Xiao Yue and I told you that you can’t trust that little guy? If you don’t listen to me, listen to Xiaoyue! Xiaoyue is a smart girl! Let’s listen to her!”

Yan Dayong nodded his head, “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll listen to you from now on. It’s up to you who you listen to. The two families are really unlucky lately, so our family should stay away from them in the future, just don’t deal with them, just pay some money to support our parents.”

Speaking of this, Wang Xiuying could not help but grunt, “40 yuan a month is not enough to feed the two elderly! I’m telling you, this is the last time I will give in! If there are any more such things in the future, you should not make decisions for me! All decisions will be made when Xiaoyue comes back. We will listen to Xiaoyue! “

Yan Dayong hurriedly responded, “Yes, yes, yes, I know. All right, let’s not talk about it, let’s go to sleep.”

Wang Xiuying turned her back to him, “I’m not going to sleep. I want to listen to the noise next door again. I’ll sleep when they cry. It’s rare to have such a good opportunity.”

Yan Dayong listened and smiled, “You go listen, I will be sleeping.”

This married couple, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were so excited. In addition to them, the people from the small side room, Lin Xiaoyue, are also happy tonight.

She originally slept on the inner side of the bed, but today she slept on the outside of the bed so that she could hear the cries of Chen Cuiyun’s mother and daughter more clearly.

The louder the mother and daughter cried, the more Lin Xiaoyue found it funny.

Hearing that the mother and daughter both fainted in the commune today, Lin Xiaoyue only smiled. She must not be too happy.

Yan Yang, who was lying on the inner side of the bed, heard Lin Xiaoyue’s whispers of joy from time to time. He couldn’t help frowning, “Are you so happy? Isn’t it all expected?”

“This is not expected.”

Lin Xiaoyue replied to him, “I did not expect those two people to be so angry that they’d faint. Usually, they can talk a lot. As a result, their psychological tolerance is so poor.”

Yan Yang’s hand under the blanket tightly held Lin Xiaoyue’s small hand, “The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment. What they thought was easy to get, then suddenly it was a scam. It was natural to have a great impact on them. The consequences can be imagined.”

Yan Yang was thinking that this kind of result was nothing.

Back then, it was their two families that caused him the most damage.

The injuries and losses suffered by the two houses were just the tip of the iceberg.

Yan Yang also did not feel very happy.

It was nothing but an act of small revenge, but it wasn’t pleasant…

Looking at the people from the two families being so miserable, Yan Yang’s heart also did not have a special feeling of being relieved. He just thought that the two families deserved this.

There is even a feeling that the two families have nothing to do with him, even if those families will be extremely depressed.

Perhaps revenge in his heart no longer occupies a large position.

Now in Yan Yang’s heart, it was not at all filled with the feeling of wanting revenge, but of how he could spend his life hand in hand with Lin Xiaoyue.

He just wanted to live a small life with her. He just wants to live a good little life with her.

When this thought broke out in his head, Yan Yang suddenly had a feeling of peace of mind.

Over there, Chen Cuiyun suddenly came out with a pig-killing cry.


Lin Xiaoyue also laughed out loud over here, “This woman’s lung capacity is simply too much. It’s been several hours, and she still could cry out like this ~ excellent excellent ~”


Lin Xiaoyue turned around and grabbed Yan Yang’s arm, “Should we go to An City tomorrow? Let’s go to Yan Hongwen’s unit and see how Yan Hongwen’s situation? I think Zhou Zhengwei should have started. Yan Hongwen must be in a more miserable state! “


Yan Yang nodded. His big palm pinched her small face. “If you want to see it, then we will come tomorrow to have a look together.”

However, even though he retaliated against the two families, he had no more pleasant surprises.

However, those two families owe him so many debts, and they still have to pay what they should pay.

As long as the two houses can be suppressed, if there is an opportunity, Yan Yang will still take advantage of it.

Just like this time, he moved his contacts a little and made Yan Hongwen and the two rooms like this.

“Let’s go to the city tomorrow to see the house by the way~”

Lin Xiaoyue suddenly hugged Yan Yang, “We should buy a house in the city, buy a house in the town, build a house in the village, and then buy a house in Liu City! What do you think?”

“There’s not enough money.” Yan Yang said.

“Oh, I know that there’s not enough money!”

Lin Xiaoyue punched Yan Yang’s chest, “It doesn’t matter if it’s not enough! Let’s focus on the property first! When we have money, we can buy them one by one!”

“What do you need so many houses for? Isn’t it enough to live in one house?” Yan Yang asked out of confusion.

“You don’t understand! You don’t know that the price of the house will be expensive in the future! It’s not the current price ~ in my time, a small house in the city was worth millions! And it was still a small house!” Lin Xiaoyue said without exaggeration.

Yan Yang did not quite believe her words. He frowned and said: “You little liar, even if you want to buy a house to hoard, there is no need to exaggerate it.”

Because in this era, a house worth 10,000 yuan was already at a level where only rich people could buy it.

Even peasants would not dare think of a million-yuan household! It can be said that these types of rich people are on different levels.

Yan Yang even thought… There are no million-yuan households in this era? Every household is very poor.

“I’m not exaggerating, that is where I came from.”

Lin Xiaoyue touched Yan Yang’s chest, “My family has always lived in an old house in the countryside. Although it was, when I was studying I always had a goal of buying a small nest of my own in the city. As a result, I haven’t even graduated ……” people ascended to heaven!

“Have you graduated, then?” Yan Yang asked

Lin Xiaoyue pursed her mouth and pressed the buttons on Yan Yang’s clothes with her fingers, “Then I came here by accident. Although it’s strange, I got used to it quickly. In fact, it’s pretty good that I will live for a few more decades in this life, and I should also be able to live to a later age. “

In the future, she should still be able to live until 2019, play on a cell phone, computer, or something…

And by that time, she should also be a rich old Madame, right?

She hoped that her real estate license would be paved with a 100-square-meter house, and then, month after month, she would collect rent to live a comfortable life of rich salted fish.

Lin Xiaoyue just thought about it casually and felt that her future life was too wonderful.

It is rare for Yan Yang to hear her mumbling about her true identity, and he was very interested in listening to …

The two talked for a long time on the topic of her true identity.

Yan Yang also heard a lot of new and strange things from the future world from the mouth of Lin Xiaoyue.

He held a dubious attitude towards a lot of things, which were considered superfluous to him.

However, he believed that he still had a long time to wait, and would definitely wait until the future she said came.

The two of them talked until bedtime…

Their fingers intertwined as they fell asleep.

Lin Xiaoyue slept comfortably in Yan Yang’s arms and also routinely operated into her study space.

However, just when she finished her online shopping and was ready to bring the third Yan Yang out of her study space, the power went out.


Lin Xiaoyue discovered that there was only one person left in her crib…

“Oh my God…”

Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes widened and she lunged straight over, staring in fear at the only one Yan Yang on the bed.

She couldn’t believe it.

She simply couldn’t believe it!

How could there be only one left?

She had clearly not given the Second a chance to come out, not once in all this time.

How come there was only one left?

Lin Xiaoyue looked under the bed and circled back and forth throughout the whole study…

Finally, she returned helplessly to the bedside, her eyes blankly staring at the last peacefully sleeping Yan Yang on the bed.

“How could this happen? What’s going on?”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, unable to believe and unwilling to accept this fact.

There was no way she could choose him anymore.

She also only had one husband left.

But she didn’t know whether the remaining one was the Second or the Third?

She didn’t want the third to go, and she was afraid that the Second would be the one who woke up tomorrow.

She admitted that she was biased and very biased…

But there was nothing she could do about it.

She already recognized the third as her husband, and the second and their relationship was too formal.

Lin Xiaoyue sat on her butt on the edge of the bed with a bewildered look on her face as she spent the last bit of her time in her dream.


When she woke up the next day, Lin Xiaoyue also looked at the ragged high beam with a bewildered face.

Her mind was incomparably clear, but her heart was a mess.

Lin Xiaoyue turned her head and he looked at the side of Yan Yang’s serene sleeping face…

The curves are still as handsome as ever, sleeping like a prince, pleasing to the eye.

However, she was a little afraid to face the awakening. Yan Yang.

After waiting for a long time…

Yan Yang woke up.


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  1. shangshang has spoken 10 months ago

    She sounds like every damn villain in the book trying to justify their atrocious choices. You weren’t simply biased, you halted Yang 2 / The OG’s mental progress and you are the reason why the relationship was formal, as all you did was salivate over Yang 3.

    • Evie Ren A. has spoken 2 months ago

      Both the Second and Xiaoyue contributed to their relationship remaining the same; they both didn’t open their hearts to the other. Xiaoyue was content with the third, so she developed a nice relationship with the Second but, nothing more; the Second never tried to tell her about how he felt, what he experienced, he was never open about his perception of self: how he had always regarded himself, the First and Third as the same.
      I don’t blame her for falling in love with the Third, he was distinctively different from the Second, with his own strong feelings and goals, and the way they both interacted with her was very different. Besides, she’s only human, she is not a righteous, saint, altruistic woman, she has always searched for a way to live comfortably, peacefully and better for herself, and that includes favoring a husband who she can rely on. I’m sorry to say this, but the Second is trying yes, but the Third already is.
      Obviously, from a third party perspective, I know the Third was flawed and he finally found peace for himself, integrated into the OG Yan Yang so he will be the completed ML, and everything will be fine. I just can see where she comes from

  2. Hrp321 has spoken 2 years ago

    My gossshh. I hope it’s the third😭


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