I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 63.1

Chapter 63 Part 1

When Yan Yang woke up, on his side, he saw that she was staring at him intently.

“Good morning…”

Yan Yang was shocked, his brain shrank back slightly, and said.

“Good morning.”

Lin Xiaoyue narrowed her eyes and stared at him with thoughtful eyes, “Who are you?”

“What? Who?” Yan Yang asked.

“Which Yan Yang are you?”

Anyway, there is only one left. Lin Xiaoyue simply asked, “are you the second or the third?”

“I’m …….”

Yan Yang gulped, raised his palm and pinched her face, “Who am I? Do you still don’t know?”

Lin Xiaoyue’s brow wrinkled, Although she was used to this intimate gesture, she was still not quite sure of his identity.

“What are you thinking about?”

Yan Yang raised his one eyebrow and gently cupped her face again. His thumb slowly rubbed her cheek, “You really can’t recognize me?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked uncertainly, “The third?”

Yan Yang snorted. “En.”

“Yeah! It’s you! It’s really you!”

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but cry out in joy and immediately jumped into his arms.

Yan Yang’s arms hugged her tightly, his palm caressed the back of her head, 5 fingers gently rubbed her black hair.

Yan Yang lowered his head. The tip of his nose smelled the soft scent of her body. He slowly closed his eyes, cherishing this moment, this feeling…

Lin Xiaoyue was also the same.

She hugged him more tightly for fear of losing him!

When she saw only one Yan Yang left in the study last night, she really thought she had lost the third.

At that moment, she felt desperate…

This morning after waking up, her mood was also low.

Luckily, it was him.

Luckily, it was him who woke up!

Lin Xiaoyue was so grateful.

After holding each other for a long time, Lin Xiaoyue poked her head out of his arms, and her dark eyes were shining brightly, she stared at him closely.

Receiving her fiery eyes, Yan Yang lowered his head and rubbed the tip of his nose against her small nose. His breath was mingling…


Lin Xiaoyue pounced forward and kissed him directly.

Her red lips covered his cold, thin lips. She gently sucked twice, touching his heart…

Yan Yang held her head more tightly and deepened the kiss.

The kiss was so deep and intense that his sword eyebrows frowned tightly as if he should devote his heart and soul to this season’s kiss.

And so the sweet morning unfolds…

After getting up, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were standing in the courtyard washing up as usual.

Basically, the people in the Old Yan family have gone out to work. The Second Branch family was so devastated yesterday that Chen Cuiyun’s mother and daughter had cried so much that they were dizzy, so they took the day off from work.

In the courtyard, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue were washing, and they could still hear Chen Cuiyun’s voice in the Second Branch family’s house.

From yesterday until this morning, she was still able to shout.

Lin Xiaoyue brushed her teeth while looking down at Yan Yang beside her.

For the Second Branch family’s affair, she seems to be in no mood to watch the fun.

Today, Lin Xiaoyue’s mind was focused on Yan Yang.

Because he no longer has multiple personalities, only a single personality, he has become a very normal man.

Moreover, this single personality is still the man she loves.

While thinking of this, Lin Xiaoyue brushed her teeth and her eyes were bent and a smile appeared.

Yan Yang turned his head and ran into her moon-like curved smile. He raised his hand and touched Lin Xiaoyue’s head. With toothpaste foam in his mouth, he said, “What’s with the silly smile?”


Lin Xiaoyue also contained toothpaste foam and replied to him happily.

With her head tilted, she leaned on Yan Yang’s shoulders, brushing her teeth while she vaguely said, “I am so happy today.”

Yan Yang put his arm around her shoulders. His black eyes were full of tenderness and sweetness that simply could not be melted away.

After brushing their teeth and washing up, the two had their breakfast in Wang Xiuying’s room.

The two of them also discussed what to do today, as usual.

They had been resting at home for two days, so they can’t be at home today.

Even if there is no business to do, they have to find other reasons to go out today. If they keep on resting, their parents will definitely suspect their work.

“Didn’t we say we would go to An City today and see how Yan Hongwen is doing?”

Drinking corn porridge, Yan Yang reminded Lin Xiaoyue, who was racking her brain for a date.

“Oh right, we had agreed about this last night!”

When he reminded her, Lin Xiaoyue remembered that she had made an appointment with him last night for today.

Fancy that… She forgot about this…

It was all because of the disappearance of the other personality, and that she was in such a good mood that she didn’t want to do anything today but go on a date with him.

“Then let’s go to An City! See Yan Hongwen, and then wander around… we’ll go eat good things today! Go look for a house!” Lin Xiaoyue said joyfully.

“I’ll listen to you.”

Yan Yang drank the millet porridge, and his other hand was busy bringing side dishes to her.

Lin Xiaoyue drank a large mouthful of porridge, shook her head and waved his hand, saying, “You eat it yourself, do not pinch it for me. Eat more! I have to go to the city to eat later. ~ I want to save some room for food later. .”

Yan Yang nodded, “Okay.”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Yan Yang, and she was in a good mood.

She stretched out her hand and patted his head.

Yan Yang was stunned when she said, “I want to celebrate. The last personality to stay is you!”

Yan Yang’s face was slightly sluggish, but he quickly responded, “Okay.”

She looked so happy.

Just because she thought the personality who was left behind was that third personality.

Since she was so happy, then let her be happy.

Yan Yang was not prepared to tell her …… that in fact, the person who really stayed was him.

In order to make her happy, he was willing to try to make himself live as the 3rd personality in the future.

He didn’t know how long he could pretend, and he didn’t know how much he could be like him…

During this period of time, he observed quite thoroughly how the third Yan Yang behaved, talked, and his style.

If possible, he hopes to be able to conceal it for a lifetime…

After all, that personality was also him.

They are all Yan Yang.
At noon, they came to the city center by ferry.

Zhou Zhengwei’s family does run a seafood factory. His father is the director of the seafood factory. He is also a formal worker in the seafood factory.

Now in this era, there is no private industry. Although the seafood factory has a director and employees, everyone is working for the country.

Zhou Zhengwei is a formal employee of the seafood factory. As the factory director’s son, he took the initiative in doing speculation and other movements…… can be said that he was very treacherous.

However, he really did it!

This business was done with Yan Yang for several years. Each time he did business, he would do it very carefully and cautiously, never revealing a horse’s foot.

It was rare today…

During the day, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue rode the ferry to go to the city.

At the seafood factory next to the port, Zhou Zhengwei, who looked like a leader, was directing his employees to move and unload the goods… They were…

Shouting very loudly…

As a result, when he turned his head, he saw Yan Yang and his wife.

“Move the goods yourselves for a while. Don’t be lazy even if I am not looking at you!”

Zhou Zhengwei barked at the employees and immediately ran towards Yan Yang and his wife with his legs spread out.

Yan Yang was already waiting for him by the port with Lin Xiaoyue…

“It’s amazing! Today, you actually came to me in the daytime today!”

Zhou Zhengwei ran to Yan Yang’s side and punched him on the shoulder, “Do you have something to ask me, or do you want to talk to me? I told you that I wouldn’t do it during the day.

What he meant was that he would not do business with Yan Yang in the broad daylight.

This kind of thing can only be done in the dark…

Yan Yang naturally understood.

Facing Zhou Zhengwei, Yan Yang suppressed the disguised nervousness in his heart and pulled up a mocking smile at the corner of his mouth, “Came to ask you about something. Are you busy?”

“Busy! Can’t you see I’m that busy~”

Zhou Zhengwei turned around and pointed to the employees who were moving and unloading goods, and when he turned his head to look at Yan Yang, he still had a smile on his face, “I’m so busy but still ran to you, so what’s the matter?”

Yan Yang also asked directly, “How is Yan Hongwen’s side? What is the situation now?”

“You are talking about that kid ah! Did you come here especially for that kid? Don’t you believe my ability to do things!”

When Zhou Zhengwei punched Yan Yang’s chest again, he smiled easily and said, “You can rest assured of my work! I must do what I promised! I have asked my friends on the road to put pressure on him to improve. Yesterday, a group of people went directly to his unit to cause trouble. For this kind of disturbance, he will definitely not be able to keep his job! But I really do not know where he ran off to. “

Yan Yang glanced at the side of Lin Xiaoyue, Lin Xiaoyue was holding his hand. She also asked Zhou Zhengwei: “Are you saying that he had escaped before your people went to make trouble?”

“It’s not that he escaped before my people could make trouble.”

Zhou Zhengwei replied to Lin Xiaoyue: “I heard that yes, my brother’s gang went to trouble him, and he escaped directly from the back door of the factory. He fled on the spot. Anyway, this matter has become a big deal. He will not be able to keep that job. I also asked my friend to check again, find out some of his situation in the city. Do you two, still want to know? “

Lin Xiaoyue nodded.

Zhou Zhengwei then said: ” “It’s said that he came to Zheng’s family as a burden, and more people paid for his work in the factory. He seems to have no position in his wife’s family. His father-in-law has always looked down on him, and his wife is not very good to him. Doesn’t he like gambling? For this reason, his father-in-law seems to have fallen out with him and separated from him. So now, my friend was worried about how or where he should collect the 1000 yuan Yang Hongwen owed him. “

Yan Yang suggested at this time, “directly ask your friend to take someone to Yan Dalin’s house in Shangyan village. It’s only 1000 yuan, and you can get at least 700 yuan to 800 yuan there.”

Lin Xiaoyue turned his head to look at Yan Yang. She did not expect him to begin pitting old Yan’s house again.

It is really the third.

The Second was so kind, he certainly can’t do this kind of thing!

After confirming again and again that it was the third, Lin Xiaoyue’s mood was still very good.

“Is that your home?”

Zhou Zhengwei looked up and asked, “It must be your home! Are you calculating for your own family? “

Yan Yang replied unquestionably, “Yes.”

“Wow ……”

Zhou Zhengwei couldn’t help sighing, “are you too great to even calculate your family? If this man finds your home, will you not have to lose some money?”

Yan Yang hooked his lips and laughed, “You don’t have to care about this. If I can mention this matter, it means that this matter does not involve me.”

Zhou Zhengwei understood, “Yes! Now that you’ve ordered me, I’ll find my friend at noon after I finish what I am doing here. I will tell them to go directly to …… Shang Yan Village, right?”

Yan Yang repeated clearly, “Shang Yan Village, Yan Dalin’s house.”

Zhou Zhengwei nodded his head, “No problem! I remember!”

Yan Yang: “Good.”

The conversation ended and Zhou Zhengwei glanced at the couple again, “Do you two have anything else to do here? Have you eaten lunch yet? Why don’t I treat you to dinner later.”

“No need.”

Yan Yang refused, “We have something to do.”

Zhou Zhengwei clicked his tongue: “You don’t look like you’re here to see me! It’s to drop by and find me!”

Yan Yang: “Hmm.”

Zhou Zhengwei didn’t say anything else, “OK, you two go and do your own business! I’m busy too. Call me next time and ask the same. Did I give you the number in my factory?”

Yan Yang said, “There is only one telephone in our village, and it’s not very convenient.”

Zhou Zhengwei shook his head, “All right, all right, then I’m going to get busy.”

notlucia: I really feel bad for the second : ( I will be missing the third.

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