I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 63.2

Chapter 63 Part 2

After greeting, Zhou Zhengwei ran back to his previous post and shouted, “Hey, take it easy!”

Looking at Zhou Zhengwei’s busy appearance, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang also did not bother him.

After inquiring on his side, the two of them started their date hand in hand.

The city center was much more lively than a small town.

People living in the city center still have a lot more entertainment than people in small towns.

The people in the city, the people in the town and the people in the village have also virtually formed a class hierarchical relationship.

Like their jobs…

The city’s job is better than the town’s job, and the town’s job was better than the village’s job. Other aspects are the same.

Although Lin Xiaoyue does not know much about the world and the city built in this book, she still needs to buy a house in the best place.

She and Yan Yang came to see the houses today, bringing with them all the money they had recently earned, it was a total of 800 yuan. They came to explore the prices.

In this era, the real estate industry is not developed enough, but it still exists.

Yan Yang asked his friend to find a reliable intermediary brother, Du Xiaoliu.

He and Lin Xiaoyue told Du Xiaoliu to look for a house, and immediately, Du Xiaoliu took them both to see a house at a similar price.

Because of the lack of money, the area of the house introduced by Du Xiaoliu to them was very small, only 50 or 60 square meters.

In this era, the price of houses is not yet too expensive. If an average family put effort into saving for few years, they can strive down the goal.

Because of this, families in this era are living in large houses and compounds.

Because every family likes growing vegetables, many people are unwilling to buy a big house with an average of one or two hundred square meters.

A house of fifty or sixty square meters

It’s basically one room or two rooms in someone else’s yard.

When Du Xiaoliu took Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang to look at houses, they basically went into houses where people were still living and said hello to the landlord…

It’s either they were selling the 2nd floor, the 3rd floor or the two rooms ……

The original owner’s family was basically unwilling to sell the first floor.

Because the first floor has a yard, you can also grow flowers, vegetables, and raise chickens and ducks.

The space didn’t look small, but Lin Xiaoyue did not like to live with other families.

After looking at three or four houses in a row, Lin Xiaoyue was a little upset.

“Is there no house for sale that is complete? The ones you showed us are all this kind of house, they only sell one room or two rooms, I don’t like this!” Lin Xiaoyue asked Du Xiaoliu.

Not to mention the problem of the property and land deed.

Lin Xiaoyue did not like this kind of house.

If such a house was bought, she would only feel that she was sharing the house.

And in the future, if there will be a demolition, who knows if their room will still be counted and be given money.

This world is the world in the book, and the setting is not necessarily the same as the real world. Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t want to take this risk.

“Little sister-in-law, I really didn’t mean to show you such a house. It’s just that you can only buy one room or two rooms at this price. The two rooms are already very good! There is no set of a compound like this that can’t be taken down by 1800. And 1800 are still the kind of …… there’s no decoration, and it’s the poorer kind.” Du Xiaoliu said with difficulty.

In fact, in this era, it is normal to sell one or two rooms in a courtyard.

Many people buy it like this!

There are also many locals in the city who cannot afford to pay for their children’s marriages, and they all take one or two rooms to turn around in this way.

Du Xiaoliu also did not know why Lin Xiaoyue minded this so much…

“I would rather renovate a courtyard with a smaller area than the one or two houses bought in this kind of courtyard. If the money is not enough, tell us. Tell us if our money is not enough to buy a compound, then we’ll save the money and buy it later. Otherwise, even if you show us only one or two rooms in this afternoon, and I won’t be willing to pay for it “Lin Xiaoyue was a little impatient when she looked at the house and spoke a little hurriedly.

Yan Yang can see her unhappy mood. He held her shoulders and lightly squeezed them, he also said to Du Xiaoliu: “we just want to buy the whole yard. If the money is not enough, we won’t see it today. You give me an accurate number. If you can only buy a poor house, then find a better one, how much money would it cost?”

Du Xiaoliu saw that Yan Yang was more talkative, so he said with Yan Yang, “To get a better, larger courtyard, it’s about 2000~3500. In fact, if you are just two couples, there is no need to buy that big courtyard. The courtyard can be divided into five or six rooms, even if you have two children, some houses will be still unused. And then for the two-story, three-story compound, so many rooms will be unoccupied, it is also waste ah. It is better to buy two rooms to live in first.”

In this era, people are not too obsessed with houses, so they hold the principle that a room will do.

This concept may not change until many years later when the mother-in-law begins to have an obsession with the house…

But when that time, the price of the house will gradually skyrocket.

Lin Xiaoyue insisted on this point. ” “2000 is 2000. Let’s see the house next time! Wait until it’s more than 2000. I’m sure to buy a single-family courtyard room. I’ll see both two and three floors, but I don’t want such an independent single room.”

“Okay little sister-in-law…” said Du Xiaoliu helplessly.

It feels like all the afternoon’s work today has been wasted…

“I’ll contact you next time, it’s been a hard day.” Yan Yang said with Du Xiaoliu.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, brother Yang call me again if you need me. Then I will leave first, I will also help brother Yang and sister-in-law keep an eye on the compound.” Du Xiaoliu said in a good voice.

“By the way…”

Du Xiaoliu thought of something, “If that kind of urgent house is sold, the price will be much lower. If there is such a house, maybe you can buy it maybe you can buy it for 1700 to 1800. I will also help Brother Yang and sister-in-law to keep an eye on this kind of house. But if there is one, I don’t know how to contact you?”

Yan Yang said, “I’ll leave you a friend’s phone number, if there is that kind of house, contact my friend directly, he will contact me.”

Du Xiaoliu nodded, “Okay Brother Yang.”

Then, Yan Yang reported Zhou Zhengwei’s phone number to Du Xiaoliu.

After that, Yan Yang took Lin Xiaoyue to find Zhou Zhengwei. He then told Zhou Zhengwei the phone number of the Shangyan commune and asked Zhou Zhengwei to call Shangyan commune to find him and report Yan Dayong’s name.

The middleman’s twists and turns are very tortuous…

But only in this way can Yan Yang not expose himself too much and avoid many hidden problems.

One day, at 4 p.m., Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue took the ferry back.

Lin Xiaoyue leaned on his shoulder excitedly, “the house is so expensive…”

Yan Yang looked down, he put her lost little expression into the bottom of his eyes, raised his hand and gently pinched her shoulder, “I will try to earn more, you will be able to buy it.”

Lin Xiaoyue sighed, “In fact, if we try our best to earn, we can also quickly earn this money. But we just can’t earn too hard…look at how often we make money now…”

Three times a week!

Even if we make triple digits every time, that’s how many months it will take to make the full 2,000 yuan!

It’s hard to make money this way…

“It’s all for safety.” Yan Yang coaxed her.

“Well… you don’t understand the feeling of not being able to earn money ~ you must also feel that it doesn’t matter if you have a house, as long as you have a place to live now! But I told you, we should now invest in real estate, later, it will be very profitable, very profitable!”

Lin Xiaoyue raised her head, her slithery eyes fixed on Yan Yang, her tone was firm.

But a few seconds after staring at her dark eyes, Yan Yang turned his head away from those eyes. His eyes fell elsewhere casually, “I know. I will think about it again.”

Although he was talking about her house, in fact, only he knew the tension in his heart.

He was a little afraid to bump into her eyes, he was afraid that she would see it in his eyes…. the fact that he was not the one she loved…

This whole day, Yan Yang was trying to pretend that personality.

Having contacted so many people, having contacted so many of that personality’s close friends, he was pretending all the time, keeping himself alert all the time, not to be discovered by others, not to be discovered by her.

In his heart, Yan Yang told himself

He is going to pretend for the rest of his life.

No matter how hard it is, you have to continue to pretend.

Even if he was just pretending or being just the substitute…

He wants to be the man she loves the most, even if her affection towards him was just stolen.


In the evening, the restless Old Yan’s house was still in a noisy state.

The family of four of the Third branch was having dinner, they heard straight away that in the dining room next door, Chen Cuiyun was actually arguing with Yang Chengyu.

It’s rare for them both to get into a fight ……!

Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying both showed a surprised expressions…


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