I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 64.1

Chapter 64 Part 1

The cause of the quarrel between Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun was that the mother and daughter, Chen Cuiyun and Yang Lianhua, had eaten dishes in advance in the dining room and steamed a bowl of egg custard, which the two of them ate by themselves.

For such a small matter, Yang Chengyu would never dare to talk about Chen Cuiyun if it were to happen in the past.

When Wang Xiuying used to do these things, it was easy for them to treat her harshly.

Now the time has changed. When Wang Xiuying saw that the two families also began to turn against each other, She listened to the movement from the other side through the door. No one knows how much delight she was feeling inside.

In the dining room, Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun quarreled quite fiercely, and even their daughters, Yan Hongying and Yan Lianhua, also quarreled fiercely.

These four women were completely quarrelling with each other, loudly. If this goes on, the two families might tear away their friendship.

However, the two of them had no friendship at all; that is, their friendship was built from living under one roof.

And once this friendship touches their economic interests, it can collapse in a minute, just like this moment…

The more the four women argue, the more they become noisy. Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan, and the two old sons were dispatched again, and the men of the two families were also together. Then, they quickly pulled the 4 women away.

In the next room, it sounded like a pot had exploded and it sounded like there was going to be a fight.

In the next door, in the Third Branch’s home, Wang Xiuying’s family of four was eating steadily, and even in a good mood.

Suddenly, a crackling sound came from next door…

Wang Xiuying’s family of 4 was shocked and stopped eating.

“Separate the family! We also want to separate the family! It’s so hard to live together, I won’t serve!” This is Yang Chengyu’s voice.

Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue in the room next door looked at each other as if they couldn’t believe it. With so little money, they directly wanted to split their family.

How much does the family over there lack?

Or is it that on their side, in fact, was there already a sign of wanting to separate the family?

“I kind of want to see the excitement…”

Lin Xiaoyue plucked the rice in the bowl. Her mind had already drifted to the room next door.

This hilarious drama was really getting bigger and bigger. She had no thought of eating but wanted to sit and observe.

Wang Xiuying naturally let her go, “It’s okay to go and take a look quietly. Xiao Yang will accompany you.”

Yan Yang put down the dishes in his hands and took the initiative to mention it, “I’ll accompany you.”

Seeing that the family was so supportive, did not affect the thoughts of watching the excitement.

She put down the chopsticks in her hand and immediately got up, before she was ready to leave the room, Wang Xiuying suddenly called out to her, “Xiaoyue.”

Lin Xiaoyue turned around, “Mother-in-law?”

Wang Xiuying gave her a wink, “For the things that were going on over there, come back and tell me ah.”

Lin Xiaoyue realized that Wang Xiuying also wanted to go to see the fun.

But as for their elders, Wang Xiuying, at that time, didn’t have the guts to go over there. She felt that it was not appropriate to throw stones at those people who had fallen down the well.

Therefore, when Lin Xiaoyue goes over there, Wang Xiuying will be able to get more detailed information.

Entrusted by Wang Xiuying, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang then groped their way to the room next door.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyue found that her next-door neighbour, Lin Damei and other women also gathered around my door to see the excitement.

Lin Xiaoyue just turned around and waved to Lin Damei, so the women next door came into the house in groups of three or two.

For a moment, the door of old Yan’s family was full of people. All of them came to see the excitement.

The two old people and the two men of the Old Yan family felt humiliated when so many people came to watch their family scandal.

At this time, the four women in the family did not care whether anyone was watching their family’s scandal. They were still arguing fiercely…

“Why are you staring at me! I’m telling you, I’ve been putting up with you for years! I don’t want to put up with you anymore! I want to split up with you too! From now on, don’t involve your Second Branch family in our family’s business! I don’t want to live with your second Branch family anymore, no, I don’t want to live with you anymore!

Yang Chengyu seems to have changed her nature today and has become a completely different person.

At this moment, her attitude towards Chen Cuiyun has also changed drastically.

Chen Cuiyun was originally a strong person. In a quarrel, she had to win no matter what. There was no other reason not to win!

What’s more, this evening, Chen Cuiyun, this mother and daughter pair just ate an extra egg custard …

This is simply a trivial matter that was not enough to be scolded by Yang Chengyu bloodily.

Chen Cuiyun was so angry that she gritted her teeth and was absolutely unable to admit defeat.

“If you want to separate the family, then separate your family! I’m telling you when your family was separated from ours, then it was your family’s loss! How much money has your family spent in the past two years? Think about it yourselves, please! We, the Second Branch family, have not wronged you! You are a family of wolves! You’re sick in the head! Crazy! You’re waiting to starve to death!”

Chen Cuiyun angrily pointed her finger at Yang Chengyu and exposed some expletives.

“You’re the one who is crazy! Your family is a fool! Your brain is gnawed by a dog. They don’t even want to eat it! “

The one who scolded back at this moment was Yang Chengyu’s daughter, Yan Hongying.

Yan Hongying has been holding her anger for years, but she has never had a place to vent it, nor has she had the opportunity to do so.

Today, when she saw her mother, Yang Chengyu, arguing with the two women of the Second Branch family, Yan Hongying also released her nature and argued at will.

She spits out many curse words. It doesn’t matter how bad the scolding is! Anyway, she wanted to scold her for a long time, scolding the two idiots of Second Branch’s family!

“Yan Hongying, you son of a b!tch! How dare you scold us? What are you doing? You’re worse than shit! ” Yan Lianhua was not at all polite and scolded Yan Hongying.

Yang Chengyu scolded Chen Cuiyun again…

Like a woman swearing at the street, one sentence after another of dirty words burst out, and people spit fragrance

This scene made the spectators at the door of the room feel embarrassed.

Lin Xiaoyue held Yan Yang’s arm with one hand and patted Yan Yang’s shoulder with her other hand, shaking her head and letting out a sigh of relief, “Wow…”

Lin Xiaoyue usually curses people without profanity. Looking at the curse words that came from their mouths, her heart can not help but praise them.

The neighbours listened to this conversation full of curses, and now they were now finally restrained by the two men of each family.

“Well, stop arguing! Don’t you think the house was not chaotic enough? Do you still want the whole villain to see the excitement of our house? “

“What is there to quarrel about? You quarreled over a simple little thing. Just let it pass! “

Yan Dajun yelled at Yang Chengyu, and Yan Dalin yelled at Chen Cuiyun.

It’s a good thing that these two men were in the middle of the four women, otherwise, not to mention the scolding, several women would have already torn up.

“I don’t care! Separate the family!”

Yang Chengyu has also crossed her heart today, her palms slapped the stove, and said furiously, “Today we must split the family! I don’t want to live with their family anymore! I don’t want to live with their family! I’m being pressured by this woman all day long! This woman is no better than me, so why should she look down on us all the time? We have to do all the dirty work. Can’t they do the work?”

“Who doesn’t work? Who doesn’t work? Open your dog eyes and see clearly!”

Chen Cuiyun was also so angry that she slapped the table, “Who cooks the rice you eat every day? Was this rice you ate for nothing? Feeding the dog is better than giving you food! The dog can even wag its tail at me!”

“Don’t bullshit! Chen Cuiyun, I’ve been putting up with you for years! I can’t stand it anymore! I’ll tell you the truth today. “

Yang Chengyu said the next words had not finished. Her man, Yan Dajun, pushed her with a hand, “You shut up! What did you eat today? Do you have to tear the family apart before you are willing to give up?”

Yang Chengyu was almost pushed and fell down, but Yan Hongying stood on her other side and helped her, so she didn’t fall down…

But Yan Dajun’s push directly made Yang Chengyu move her fire to him, “Are you still a man? After marrying you, did I have a good life? When the mother and daughter from the second family bullied us, did you stand up and say nothing? You just hold back, you don’t say anything! I stood up for myself and you stood in my way! You’re worse than the third! When the third heard that his wife wanted a separation, he supported her in separating the family. “

“Brother, hurry up and pull your wife away!”

Yan Dalin, the man of the Second Branch family, said in an exasperated voice, and also said to the large group of people gathered at the door, “All right, all right, stop watching! There is nothing to see in other people’s family affairs! All of you go! go!”

At the door, a bunch of neighbours did not leave…

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang at the door stood as steady as a mountain. Lin Damei and other neighbours also did not want to go.

Other families’ jokes are good to see. If you are unable to see the result, then they will have that feeling that they didn’t finish watching the play.

Grandpa Yan and Grandma Yan, who have always been very authoritative at home, seem to have lost their prestige at this moment. Their two sons, their two daughters-in-law and their grandchildren didn’t listen to their words.

Before Lin Xiaoyue came, the old lady had already roared for a while, and it was of no use.

This evening’s fight, at the insistence of Yang Chengyu, I’m afraid the quarrel will not be finished.


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