I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 64.2

Chapter 64 Part 2

Yan Dajun also wanted to calm things down. He grabbed Yang Chengyu’s shoulder, pressed down his temper and said “Let’s go, let’s go, and go back to the room. The two of us will talk about what happened first, and then make a decision, don’t let people see our joke. Go.”

“What joke? It’s not a joke! Our family was already a laughing stock! Aren’t you just scared of losing face?”

Yang Chengyu was angry and shook off Yan Dajun’s hand. At this time, she said to all the neighbours outside their house “Everyone, come and listen. The son of the second branch family cheated us by giving all of our savings! After living with them for so many years, our family didn’t save much money! We didn’t take advantage of anything! It’s not easy to save more than 100 yuan. Her son cheated our family as soon as he came back! The mother and daughter in the second branch family are so arrogant at home! They act like they are the backbone of the family, everyone has to listen to them, everyone has to indulge them! I’m not going to take sides! I don’t want to take sides, I want to split the family! I want to split the family!”


Chen Cuiyun laughed. She crossed her arms and said sarcastically, “I was wondering why are you so angry today? For such a small thing, you want to fight hard with our family. Dare to be scammed because of money! If you got scammed, then you got scammed! If you have the ability, you should go to my son and ask him to come over! Why are you quarrelling with my family! My family won’t pay you a penny! I am telling you, it’s useless to argue! “

“Separate the family!”

Yang Chengyu was so angry that she slapped the stove with her palm, making a snapping sound.

This stovetop was made of bricks…

She was probably really angry, so she was so emotional.

“Just split up! I’ll never spend time with your second branch again!”

Yan Hongying fully supported Yang Chengyu, “Mom, we’re splitting up! Save your own money and live on your own! Make your own money and spend it yourself! Why should we pay so much money every month and be told off by them?”

“Let’s separate! Who’s afraid of who?”

Chen Cuiyun was not polite at all, “If you have the guts to go to the village chief right now! Go directly to the village chief’s house to separate our family! If you have the guts, go now!”

“Let’s go!” Yang Chengyu’s momentum did not wane at all.

“Don’t divide the family. Why did you want to divide? Do you really want to piss me off?!” Grandma Yan shouted anxiously.

However, there is no use…

Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun did not listen to Old Madame Yan at all.

“Hongying, let’s go find the village chief!” Yang Chengyu said.

“Lanhua, let’s go to the village chief too! Let’s go and take more property rights! We, the Second Branch family, every year, every month pay a lot of money! ” In response, she didn’t want to show any weakness against the opponent.

Their two daughters were very cooperative with them both, “Let’s go! Let’s go now!”

“Don’t go, can’t we just sit down and talk about it? “

Grandma Yan hurriedly approached her two sons, grabbing Yan Dajun with one hand and Yan Dalin with the other, “Dajun, Dalin, if you guys split up, what can I do with your father…don’t split up, persuade them ah!”

The two men in the family’s faces are already terrible.

In the face of the four women’s unanimous scolding battle, the two of them were actually very angry with each other, and they also had the idea of

separating families in their hearts.

Yan Dalin frowned and said straight to Yan Dajun, “Big brother, take those two away from our family!”

Yan Dajun said back to Yan Dalin, “Why don’t you take those two away from our family?”

At this time, each of the two women pulled their respective husbands…

Chen Cuiyun: “Let’s go! Let’s go to the village chief’s family to split up the family! “Tonight, whoever dared not split the family will be the grandson! “

Yang Chengyu even said directly to Yan Dajun, “Yan Dajun, I have been aggrieved for many years! If we don’t separate tonight, we will divorce tomorrow! I don’t want to live with you anymore! You can do it yourself, you choose!”

Such a fierce fight…

Outside the dining room, Lin Xiaoyue watched the drama with great joy.

Lin Xiaoyue even wondered in her heart if their Third Branch family would be so fierce the day they decided to split up.

Will Wang Xiuyin be “noisy number 1 or noisy number 2”?

It’s a pity she wasn’t there on the day the Third Branch family decided to split up. She felt like she missed a good show…

“Don’t divide…” Grandma Yan was so anxious that she stomped her feet.

At this time, Grandpa Yan hated the iron for not becoming steel. He also said these words out of anger: “If you want to separate, then separate the family! How to divide it! Get out of here!”

After saying these words, Grandpa Yan took the brunt of it and turned away, not wanting to look at the scene of the commotion here.

“Don’t divide ah, don’t divide …… you are going to rush your mother to death ah …… Da Jun, Da Lin…” Only Grandma Yan was still condescendingly persuaded not to split the family.

“Ma, persuade brother!”

Yan Dalin said straight, “It’s not within my control! Separating the family was also the decision of the first family! “

Yang Chengyu pushed Yan Dajun, “We will divorce if you don’t want to divide the family! I’ve put my words here, you can do it! If we don’t separate tonight, we’ll divorce tomorrow!”

Yan Hongying also pulled Yan Dajun and shook him, “Dad, separate the family! Do you still think our family is not wronged enough? If you don’t split up, I won’t work tomorrow either! I’ve worked so hard for what?”

It’s a mess ……

In the end…

This side of the two families still set off in great numbers, and really went directly to the village head’s house…

Grandpa Yan did not follow the two families to find the village head but hid alone in the main house to sulk.

Grandma Yan went with them, but she was following them with tears. Grandma Yan also held the idea of letting the village chief helped persuade the two children …

When the whole family left home to find the village head, Yan Yang, Lin Xiaoyue, Wang Xiuying and her husband, as well as the woman next door, Lin Dame, were standing in the courtyard talking about the conflict between the two houses.

The Third Branch family also talked about the problems of those two families as if they were talking about someone else’s family.

This kind of moment, when a group of people gathered around to talk about gossip, made Lin Xiaoyue feel that she had found a friend.

“It’s better for your third branch. How quiet your life will be after separating from those two families! “

Lin Dame and Wang Xiuying said with a smile, “You see, after you and the two separated, your family Xiao Yang became soberer and soberer. The young couple also found work in town together. The days are getting longer and more prosperous! Look what the two families have become, so it seems that ah, it is simply these two families brought bad luck to your family!”

“Haha, what you said…”

Wang Xiuying could not stop laughing, and then came up to Lin Damei’s ear and said, “I really think so! Our family’s fortune is definitely brought down by those two families! Now it’s good luck, look!”

“Yes, yes! Sometimes it’s hard to say where the luck is! “

Lin Damei nodded and said, “In the future, your family should have less contact with those two families! Particularly Chen Cuiyun!Chen Cuiyun is a person with no virtue in her mouth. That’s why she is living like this! “

“Yes, Chen Cuiyun speaks very badly. I’ve been with her for so many years, I don’t know how I put up with it at that time!” Wang Xiuying said.

“Aunt Lin, our family is ready to build a new house in the village, when the time comes to move out, we will no longer live with them.” Lin Xiaoyue said this, but Lin Damei was surprised.

Lin Damei asked, “Hey, your family is ready to build a new house? How many yards are you going to build? Have you saved the money?”

Wang Xiuying was also surprised that Lin Xiaoyue suddenly said something like building a house…

Although they have been planning to build a house and move out, the money for building a house has not been saved yet, is it too early to talk about it now?

“I’ve saved up!”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “I saved 600 yuan, so I can still build a small yard. And you can’t build a house that fast, it will take more than a month to build a house. We can still save a few hundred yuan! Soon our family will have to move out!”

Wang Xiuying’s strange eyes stared at Lin Xiaoyue as if to ask Lin Xiaoyue if she really saved so much money?

Lin Xiaoyue also returned Wang Xiuying a look of certainty, so that Wang Xiuying received another big surprise.

In rural areas, six or seven hundred yuan can build a very good yard. It is not the small yard that Lin Xiaoyue said, but a large yard can be built.

Wang Xiuying and her husband definitely do not have that much money.

When Lin Xiaoyue said they had money, it must be because Lin Xiaoyue and her husband had saved money.

Wang Xiuying was therefore happy!

She didn’t expect that the couple had saved so much money after working in town for only a month or so. Now the house is ready!

“Oh, your Third Branch family is really getting better and better!”

Lin Damei was even more envious towards this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair: “When the new house is built, you should invite us for a drink! If there’s a shortage of manpower, I’ll ask my man to help out!”

“Of course, that’s good.”

Wang Xiuying nodded her head in response, “I guess we should call the village people to help. When the time comes, we will pay for the work!”

After the separation of the second branch family and the first branch family, the third branch family spread the news of building a new house.

This situation of the Old Yan’s family was really a good show for the neighbours to watch.

They believe that on the second day, these things of Old Yan’s family will spread all over the village…

At night, Lin Xiaoyue was in a good mood, lying on the same bed as Yan Yang.

She hugged Yan Yang’s narrow waist, looked up at Yan Yang’s firm chin, his handsome face with eyes closed…

Suddenly, she laughed.

Yan Yang, who had his eyes closed, also involuntarily raised the corners of his lips, and his big hand pinched her small face, “What are you laughing at?”

“Happy ah ~ you see that the two houses now have such a bad time!”

Lin Xiaoyue said with a smile, “Moreover, you also told Zhou Zhengwei to let the debt collectors find this family directly. Then when they come over, the Second Branch family will be in an even worse situation. In addition to that, now that the Second Branch and the first branch family are separated, the first family has more reason to ignore the affairs of the Second Branch family. Chen Cuiyun will really have to pay for her arrogance!”

“So you’re happy?” Yan Yang asked.

“Of course I’m happy.”

Lin Xiaoyue replied indisputably.

After a while, she suddenly asked him again, “Do you think I am black belly?”

Yan Yang squeezed his eyebrows, “What is a black belly?”

“Well ……”

Lin Xiaoyue thought about it and said, “Black-bellied is a person who seems extremely kind and honest. If you do not offend me, I will not offend you. If someone offends me, I will return it to them 10 times. Definitely not the kind of character that is stoic and would easily forgive!”

Yan Yang let out a sigh…

It’s the way she thinks. No wonder she likes that personality so much because she and “that” personality’s character are the same, the way they think was the same.

Before, Yan Yang may have felt no need to retaliate, just to live a good life.

But now he also feels that he can’t be a person who holds back when he is bullied.

Only by being the strongest and the best can you gain the respect of others and be feared or praised by others.

Now, he would rather be feared than fear others again.

Although there is no pleasure in taking revenge, not taking revenge is an act of cowardice.

So, she is right.

It’s good to be black-bellied.

“It’s good that you are like this.”

Yan Yang gently squeezed her shoulders, slightly opened his eyes. He lowered his eyes. His eyes locked on hers. “I like your character t.”

“I also like your character ah.”

Lin Xiaoyue reached out and grabbed his lips, played a bit, kissed him last time and smiled, “I think you seem to be calmer now.”

Yan Yang frowned gently, “Hmm?”

He was thinking, she did not recognize him, right?

Lin Xiaoyue said again, “Although you are the only one who was left, however, it seems to be different and a bit the same as before. Today we went to see the house, I was in a hurry, but you were not in a hurry. It’s not quite like the third, but, it’s good. “

Lin Xiaoyue feels that they seem to have been fused together.

The kindness of a child, the calmness of the Second, the thinking power of the Third…

He seems to have it all.

It seems to be…


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