I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 65.1

Chapter 65, Part 1

Because there was not enough money to buy a house in the city, Lin Xiaoyue gave the 600 yuan she had saved with Yan Yang to Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong and entrusted them with the task of building a house in the village.

With 600 yuan, they could build a big house with a big yard, and their family of 4 would be able to live in it very well.

With the money, Wang Xiuying and her husband were very motivated to do such a big job.

In the village, the matter of the division of the Old Yan family’s First Family, the Second family, was already spreading.

The whole village knows that the reason these two families wanted to separate was because of the years of conflict and resentment between them.

However, only Yang Chengyu and her daughter could remember the contradictions and resentments of these years. For Chen Cuiyun and her daughter, they don’t think there are many years of contradictions between them. They just think that the first family suddenly had a stroke and made such a scene.

Therefore, whenever Chen Cuiyun and her daughter heard someone in the village discussing those rumors, she would interject, putting all the fault on the women of the First Branch family, and them, the Second Branch family, had no such a problem.

But the villagers basically know how poisonous Chen Cuiyun’s mouth is, so when the villagers just heard Chen Cuiyun’s words, they did not believe it.

Old Yan’s three sons have completely separated from each other.

Although they all live in the same courtyard, in terms of money and materials, they have been completely separated.

There is only one room for everyone. The first family has a dispute with the second branch family.

The village chief dealt with the issue for a long time, and finally, the big firehouse was given to the Second Branch family, and the broken down firewood house was given to the First Branch family.

In this way, the third branch family will eat separately. Old Madame Yan and Old Master Yan did not have a dining room, so they naturally had to eat their own son’s food.

Under the fair chairmanship of the village head, Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan were arranged to eat for one month in each family. The third branch family had their turn. Of course, the food will not be charged.

There is no such son of any family. The sons must take charge of the food when they invite their parents to dinner.

Therefore, the absent Wang Xiuying family was directly designated by the village head as the first family to invite the elderly to eat.

At noon on the 2nd day after the family separation, the two old people could come to Third Branch’s house for dinner, and neither Wang Xiuying nor her husband resisted the two old people.

However, Grandma Yan could not get up for a while because she was too sad and her body could not take it anymore…

Wang Xiuying set aside some meals and asked Yan Dayong to send them to the main house for the two old people to eat.

Yan Dayong said that when he went to deliver the food, Grandma Yan was lying in bed sighing, tearing up, and was very depressed.

The old lady did pull him and scold him for a while, but it was not directed to him, but the two unfilial families.

Yan Dayong also didn’t know what to say. He could only nod as a casual response. For those two families, Yan Dayong didn’t want to get involved…

Wang Xiuying did not say anything about supporting the two elderly, but she also went to ask the village head this morning.

Assuming that the Third Branch also takes the responsibility of supporting the two elderly, then shouldn’t the monthly food expenses for the two elderly be waived?

Otherwise, the Third Branch would have to pay 40 yuan a month for their support, and they would have to bear the living expenses of the elderly, and the couple would not have any ways to survive.

After the village chief heard about this situation, Grandpa Yan talked to Grandma Yan and tore up the 40 yuan note receipt in front of Wang Xiuying.

Therefore, this 40 yuan of expenditure was considered invalid. But they still have to bear the responsibility of taking care of the elderly. Wang Xiuying and her husband were still willing to bear this burden.

After saving the 40 yuan expenditures, the family can eat more meat every month.

Furthermore, Wang Xiuying received 600 yuan from Lin Xiaoyue for building the house, so she was in a good mood.

She was very obedient and not half-hearted about supporting the two old people.

These are some of the things that happened at home.

On the other hand, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang looked for another small business opportunity so that they could earn more money.

Lin Xiaoyue brought out a lot of good products from her study space.

The two of them came to the large trade market in Liu City …… near the dark alley and started a small business.

This speculation was also divided into large and small.

The large-scale and relatively bad speculation is the business of transporting goods from east to west, privately operated by Yan Yang on weekdays. They were all selling precious goods, and the number of sales was also quite large.

If this situation was caught by the officials, they would definitely have a heavy sentence.

Small-scale speculation, that is, some small businesses in the black market and black alleys.

If they are apprehended by officials, they will most likely confiscate the items, issue verbal warnings, or require you to pay a fine.

Yan Yang usually does big business. In his strict control of the number of times he did these transactions, the safety factor was considered stable, but it was slower for him to earn money…

Lin Xiaoyue was now full of ideas on how to make money in order to buy a house, and she could not rush Yan Yang to make more transactions.

Therefore, she pulled Yan Yang today into the dark alley to do a small business.

Because it is a small business, Yan Yang also went along with her.

In this dark alley, there are all kinds of small stalls, selling anything.

Buyers often come to the black alley. According to the market situation, the sales in the black alley will not be worse than those in the supply and marketing society, or even more than those in the supply and marketing society.

Because there are many things in supply and marketing agency which can’t be bought with money but have to be bought with tickets.

Everything in the black alley can be spent. Of course, you can also use tickets. Some things are much cheaper than they are in the supply and marketing agency.

Wang Tieshan was also here today, and he was quite happy.

Because he did not expect that Yang, who has always been used to doing big business, would also want to do this kind of small business.

In the past, brother Yang didn’t like these small businesses. It is estimated that such a change must be due to his sister-in-law.

Wang Tieshan really admires his sister-in-law more and more.

As a woman, if you were able to handle such a man, naturally she must be tactful!

“Brother Yang, in doing business in the alley, you must wait. You can’t sell it immediately, even if you want to. It depends on whether the buyer needs it. You have to be patient ~”

The goods have been arranged on the cloth of the stall. Wang Tieshan wishes to administer a precautionary shot to his brother Yang and his wife based on the experiences of others in the past.

Wang Tieshan took over today to sell some daily necessities such as brushes, feather dusters, soap, gloves, etc.

These daily necessities are easy to sell in the alley. Basically, they can be sold out.

Wang Tieshan saw that the stalls of Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue were selling all kinds of food, such as fruits, dried meat, snacks, preserved meat… And so on.

It looked quite delicious, but Wang Tieshan felt that this stuff was not good to sell.

“If we can’t sell it and eat it yourself.” Yan Yang said with a big heart.

“Yeah, if you can’t sell it, you can eat it yourself.”

Lin Xiaoyue casually picked up a small bag of pineapple crisp on the stall to tear it open and ate it on the spot.


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