I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 65.2

Chapter 65 Part 2

There are many people selling goods in the dark alley. One of the skinny stall owners had his eyes on Lin Xiaoyue when she began to eat.

Lin Xiaoyue was like a food broadcaster, sitting in the alley constantly eating. After eating this snack, she would take another…

Anyway, they are small snacks, and she was still not full.

She also peeled pistachios, one for herself and then fed Yan Yang one. Yan Yang received it happily.

There are quite a lot of buyers coming and going in the alley.

Originally, when people came to this alley, they just wanted to see what was sold here. Some ingredients that should be bought were almost bought by the supply and marketing agency.

Basically, it’s hard to sell food in the alley.

However, Lin Xiaoyue’s stall was different.

Because Lin Xiaoyue has been eating an apple in her left hand and a stewed chicken claw in her right hand, the food has given off its fragrance…

And the smell of the marinated chicken claw was very strong. As soon as the people in front of her stall smelled it, they couldn’t help being attracted by the smell.

“Little sister, the chicken claws in your hand, is it delicious?”

A round middle-aged woman with a bamboo basket squatted down in front of the stall, staring at the chicken claws in Lin Xiaoyue’s hand greedily.

“It’s delicious.”

Lin Xiaoyue said while gnawing on the chicken claws, “Do you want to try one?”

The mellow middle-aged woman’s eyes couldn’t help but shine, “It’s free to try one, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, “It’s impossible to get one for free. Just buy any of these things in my stall, and I’ll give you a bag of chicken feet.”

The middle-aged woman really listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s words, and carefully watched all kinds of food on Lin Xiaoyue’s stall.

Those bags of snacks were wrapped quite well, and the middle-aged women did not dare buy them.

The apple looked big and red. Lin Xiaoyue chewed it so happily that the middle-aged woman decided to buy a few.

After all, they are residents living in the city, and there is still money to buy some fruit.

“Give me a bag and I’ll weigh some fruit,” said the woman.

Because Lin Xiaoyue was busy eating, buying and selling these things was left to Yan Yang.

Yan Yang asked Wang Tieshan for a plastic bag, and also the weighing scale from Wang Tieshan. He calmly handed it to the middle-aged woman.

After some picking and choosing, the middle-aged woman weighed more than 4 kilograms of apples and spent 8.1 yuan.

After all, they are now selling things in the alley. Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue didn’t sell this apple at a high price, which is not much different from the market price.

“Is your apple delicious?”

After the middle-aged woman paid, she immediately took a packet of chicken claws and opened it to chew, and asked about the quality of the apples while chewing.

Before Lin Xiaoyue had time to answer her, she saw her eyes light up and said, “Mmm! These marinated chicken claws are delicious! Where did you buy these stewed chicken feet? The taste is really good! How much was it?”

“It’s delicious.”

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows, “This is my exclusive secret recipe. And with this vacuum packaging, the vacuum packaging has a shelf life of 6 months. If you can’t bear to eat all of it when you buy it home, and you can hide it for some time! But we don’t sell it by the catties. It’s only 50 cents a package.”

“That’s so expensive…”

The middle-aged woman’s eyes widened in shock, “You only have two chicken claws in this bag! Chicken claws are so expensive for you!”!

Lin Xiaoyue just finished eating a chicken claw and said, “It must be cheaper for you to buy chicken claws in the vegetable market. Then if you go to a restaurant to buy chicken feet, it must be twice the amount, right? I have stewed chicken claws, and the packaging is not cheap. Vacuum packaging! You can save it for more than half a year! Let me tell you this, a pack of 50 cents and three packs for one yuan. Don’t you think that it’s cost-effective?”

“That’s also expensive. ……”

The middle-aged woman said this with disgust while gnawing at the chicken feet.

But her eyes were always staring at the chicken feet, and her heart was still hesitant.

Compared to the market price… Expensive things were certainly expensive, but she can also afford to buy ah!

After some thought, the middle-aged woman asked, “How much do you sell for the chicken legs and wings on the side?”

Lin Xiaoyue answered one by one, “Chicken legs are one dollar for two packs, 80 cents a pack. Chicken wings, 1.6 yuan for two packets, 90 cents a packet. For this price, there is no bargaining. I can guarantee the taste! You can buy it once and try it again to make sure you remember the taste next time.”

“This stuff you sell is really expensive…”

The middle-aged woman’s mouth was very greedy, but the price sounded expensive again.

“It’s all meat, of course, it’s expensive. Did you go to the market to see how much the price of raw meat was? I’ve marinated it. It tastes good to eat by myself and has a face to give away, “Lin Xiaoyue said.

“All right …… then I’ll have some to try.”

The middle-aged woman eventually could not resist her cravings. After eating a chicken claw, she decisively picked some chicken wings, chicken claws, chicken legs, and Lin Xiaoyue gave her a packet of pineapple crisp.

The middle-aged woman was quite happy.

She bought a lot of strange and exotic food at this stall and finally spent more than 20 yuan at the end of the settlement.

But she was a resident of the city, she had high wages, she was still willing to spend money. So it is really not much.

After buying, the middle-aged woman opened a pack of chicken legs in Lin Xiaoyue’s stall and chewed them up…

“Oh, it’s delicious ~”

She could not help but sigh, “Little sister, how do you marinate this? Can you teach me?”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, “This is not really my recipe, I just have a source of goods on hand. If you think it’s good, you can buy some more!”

The middle-aged woman gnawed on the chicken leg and shook her head, “I’m not buying this. It’s delicious, but the price is still very expensive.”

Although she disliked the price, the satisfaction on her face when eating meat, Lin Xiaoyue could still see.

People like to eat meat, plus they are city residents. Their wages are much higher than the town’s residents, but the cost of living was not higher than the township residents.

So, even if these things are expensive, there are still many people willing to spend money to buy them.

Lin Xiaoyue continued to eat and attracted all kinds of buyers in front of the stall with her delicious appearance.

She couldn’t eat any more, so she let Yan Yang eat it.

Yan Yang listened to her and ate slowly.

They didn’t bring much good today. One-third of them were sold this morning. They didn’t have to eat their full lunch.

However, it is also because they just tested the water first, if these things are still selling quite well.

Those pastries, such as pineapple pastry, apricot pastry, and so on, are not something many people want to buy. So Lin Xiaoyue will be using it as a gift to buyers.

She gives as much as she wants, buys more and gives more.

Those marinated meats sell well.

Lin Xiaoyue understands that people at this age have a very unusual desire for meat. Basically, their eyes are fixed on meat.

So pastries are hard to sell.

Fruit is also good to sell.

The apples, pears, bananas and strawberries brought out were basically sold at the ordinary market price.

One morning, their stall also made more than 170 yuan!

The main reason was that those fruits sell well. Just a few apples are already several kilograms.

Basically, people who come over to buy fruit will spend 7 to 8 yuan.

Plus, strawberries were sold at a high price, selling several waves of strawberries at a time, making dozens of yuan directly. So this money was easier to earn.

This way of making money is not much different from Yan Yang’s big business twice every three weeks.

While selling daily necessities, Wang Tieshan witnessed the scene in which they emptied the goods. He couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing, “it’s really strange…”

In this kind of alley, food can actually be sold so well!

Wang Tieshan can’t help but wonder if he himself has the ability to do business?

Lin Xiaoyue, who cleared the stall at noon, put away the piece of cloth that she used in setting up the stall, and she was now sitting next to Yan Yang counting the money.

Although it had been counted before, it was more than 170. Now she was idle, and Lin Xiaoyue still wanted to count again.

Lin Xiaoyue gave Yan Yang the change of 4.8 yuan. “Give this to your little brother Tieshan. After all, we used a lot of things from him.”

Yan Yang took the change of 4.8 and handed it to Wang Tieshan.

Wang Tieshan shed tears of joy, “Brother and sister-in-law, you are so kind to me!”

The corner of Yan Yang’s mouth raised in a shallow arc. He did not speak.

This is his own calm and steady character.

He also has no way of disguising himself all the time. Sometimes, he will still reveal some of his own nature.

Lin Xiaoyue on the side was laughing cheerfully, “Little brother Tieshan, how many times a week do you come out to set up a stall?”

Wang Tieshan replied back to Lin Xiaoyue, “Sister-in-law, I rarely come to the city stall. I and Yang will go to the neighboring villages, basically the town’s stalls. Today it is Yang and you who called me, so I came to the city with you. “

Lin Xiaoyue listened to a bunch of nonsense, “I am asking you how many times a week you come out to set up a stall, and not ask you where you set up a stall.”


Wang Tieshan solemnly replied, “Sister-in-law, I usually set up a stall when brother Yang doesn’t work. When brother Yang asks me to do business, I won’t set up a stall. “Brother Yang makes more money. “

“Then you have goods every day, ah?” Lin Xiaoyue asked Wang Tieshan.

“Yes, I have a source of goods here! I basically buy the goods in the afternoon and sell them the next morning.”

Wang Tieshan replied to her, “Sister-in-law, do you like to set up stalls? Do you want to set up stalls more often in the future? Take me with you, let’s go to the city to set up a stall.”

“I really kind of like it!”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded with her big slithery eyes, “But my goods are not always available. When there are goods, I and Yan Yang will call you out. Hey, then it’s better this way, right?”

Wang Tieshan asked, “What ah sister-in-law? Do you have any new ideas?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked Wang Tieshan, “Do you think my goods will sell well?”

Wang Tieshan immediately said, “That’s needless to say, sister-in-law! Are your products good? So many pairs of eyes are watching! You sold out in a morning!”

Lin Xiaoyue clapped her palms together and said to Wang Tieshan, “Then, I’ll give you my goods to sell in the future. I’ll pay for the source and give you the wholesale price.”

Yan Yang turned his head to look at Lin Xiaoyue, and quickly realized her true intentions.

Yan Yang immediately went along with Lin Xiaoyue, so he said to Wang Tieshan said: “It is the same as a cooperative relationship. In my usual relationship with Wang Sheng, and Zhou Zhengwei. They are big businesses. You know… Are you a small business? Do you want to do it?”

“I this ……”

Wang Tieshan immediately counseled, “I dare not, brother Yang and sister-in-law… You see that you two sell so well today. The reason for that was not necessarily because of the goods. I think the reason is that you two would sell! And I won’t sell…… right? “

Wang Tiesheng did not quite dare to do this business. After all, his guts are only so much.

And he was not optimistic about selling food in the alley at the beginning.

Yan Yang and his wife can sell so well. Wang Tieshan’s accident is an accident, but he doesn’t dare to answer it himself!

“Well, then I will not discuss it with you.”

Lin Xiaoyue saw that he did not have the will to cooperate, so she had to give up.

As a result, the topic has just fallen…

Suddenly, another voice came from the side…

“Little sister, look, can I work with you?” It was a man’s voice.

Lin Xiaoyue, Yan Yang, Wang Tieshan, these three people have raised their heads to look at a thin and bony man sitting opposite them.

The man simply cleaned up his stall and then walked to Lin Xiaoyue’s group of three and sat down next to Lin Xiaoyue very seriously.

Yan Yang looked at him with a frown. He reached out and took Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulders, “Let’s change positions.”


Lin Xiaoyue obediently listened to him and switched positions with Yan Yang.

So, it became Yan Yang and the man sitting side by side.

The man was a little embarrassed, but he was already sitting over.

He nervously pursed his lips, and he continued to talk about business, “little sister, do you think I can cooperate with you? You provide the goods and I will sell them… But I don’t have much money. I think your wholesale price can be lower.”

“Who are you?” Yan Yang asked him.

“My name is Liu Jiang, and I live in Liu’s village on the outskirts of the city.”

The man obediently answered Yan Yang, “Then you …… are not a resident of the city, right?”

“I am not.”

Yan Yang said to Liu Jiang, “We have more trouble making a trip into the city, and the goods are not always available, so doing business with us is not very stable. Before, we said to do business with my brother. That is because he is my brother, and he understands my situation better. If it’s you… “

Liu Jiang…

This name is familiar.

Lin Xiaoyue did a big search in her head and soon she found the existence of this character!

“I think it’s okay!”

Just before Yan Yang’s words of refusal were about to come out, Lin Xiaoyue immediately stopped Yan Yang, and then crossed over to promise Liu Yang, “I think we can do business, yes!”

Turning his head, Yan Yang frowned and looked into Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes, but Lin Xiaoyue gave him a very definite look reply, “really! Just do business with him! Listen to me!”

Yan Yang listened to Lin Xiaoyue’s without principle,. He turned his head to Liu Jiang and said, “Yes. Then discuss how this business will be done.”

“Hey, discuss it…”

Liu Jiang nodded, “About how often you can have goods? What kind of things are you selling? I just looked at them. They all look very good. I just want to say, can you give me some fresh food first? Because I have to confirm the quality of the goods…”

In fact, he just wants to eat it.

There’s not much money in your pocket.

Just now, he didn’t dare to buy it at this price.

However, these things Lin Xiaoyue sells make him greedy…


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