I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 66.1

Chapter 66 Part 1

When they entered the city, the three of them took the bus from the town to Liu City.

When they returned to town, they also rode a bus.

Because it was still early, there were not many people on the bus. The three of them sat in the last row.

On the bus, Yan Yang asked Lin Xiaoyue: “Why do you want to work with that person? Is there something special about him?”

Lin Xiaoyue, who was looking out the window, turned her head at those words, “Yes, that person is quite powerful, and will certainly be useful in the future.”

In the original book, the man named Liu Jiang was the best partner of the villain Yan Yang.

He can be considered as a person who did evil with the villain Yan Yang.

In the later part of the original book, the powerful Liu Jiang and Yan Yang did one bad thing after another to the hero and heroine. One of the two was profit-oriented, the other was ruthless. Basically, they were doing bad things without limits.

In the original book, both of them had their own reasons for becoming villainous. Liu Jiang’s purpose was to fight the male lead and rob the male lead’s career.

And Yan Yang just wanted to compete with the male lead for the female lead.

All in all, the original book ended badly for both of them.

Yan Yang was hospitalized in a mental hospital because two of the three personalities were destroyed and left the child.

Liu Jiang, on the other hand, has been in prison for decades, and it was only when he confessed after his imprisonment that readers of the book, learned that Liu Jiang also had a tragic background.

It was only after getting rich that he became a madman who did not stop until he reached his goal.

He is the same as Yan Yang. Both of them were pitiful. But they are also capable people…

Lin Xiaoyue thought that since she had already corrected the villain, Yan Yang, she would naturally help Liu Jiang.

The pitiful people who have not yet had time to blacken their hearts must still have good thoughts. Lin Xiaoyue is certainly not trying to convert him. She does not have the kind of excessive, overflowing saintly heart.

Just simply thinking that Liu Jiang was a capable person, she also needed to work with such people.

“Sister-in-law, what part of him do you see as useful?”

Wang Tieshan, sitting in the back row of Lin Xiaoyue, couldn’t help asking, “I don’t think he’s a good man. Are you not worried about being cheated on when you do business with him? “

Wang Tieshan’s concern was not unreasonable. Liu Jiang’s face looked really mean.

However, Lin Xiaoyue felt nothing.

At least in the original book, Liu Jiang was very loyal to Yan Yang. They have had a life-long friendship and he was willing to even lose his wealth to protect Yan Yang’s life.

Lin Xiaoyue bases her assessment of his characteristics on this book. Lin Xiaoyue thinks there is no problem working with him.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue replied to Wang Tieshan like this, “Look at him, he is skinny and bony, obviously he is like a poor person who was starved. People are already starving and thin, and you still say they are sharp-tongued, which is not good.”

“Hey…so, sister-in-law, think about it. He is already starving and thin like that, so he obviously has little money. I think he is trying to cheat you of food. He just wants to eat your food for free. “

Wang Tieshan patted Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulder, “Fortunately, you sold out today, otherwise, he would have eaten for nothing. Sister, you listened to my advice. Do not do business with him. If you do not know this kind of person and do not know their roots, then they might disappear. You will lose a lot of money!

“I will not lose, and he will cheat me of my money.” With a smile, Lin Xiaoyue said.

Even if she was cheated on, they could only cheat her of her food.

Lin Xiaoyue bought all these goods from Taobao in the study space, which is equivalent to running a business without capital.

If you lose, then just give it to him.

Anyway, she was willing to do business with him. She was betting on him. It was not a big deal if you lost some goods.

“Are you sure you want to do business with him?” This time it was Yan Yang who asked her.

Yan Yang has the same idea as Wang Tieshan. This is Liu Jiang. No one knows about him. So naturally, he can’t trust him.

Lin Xiaoyue nodded very definitely, “Sure. Anyway, I’m out of supplies. If I’m cheated, I’ll lose. I can afford to lose so much.”

“Aiya sister-in-law, I think you are very unsuitable for business ah!”

Wang Tieshan had a feeling of hatred. He said in anger, “Forget it, it’s better for me to do business with you. This batch of goods will be sold to me. Do not sell them to that person again. I simply can’t watch you lose money~”

“Who wants to do business with you? I don’t want to do business with you.”

She didn’t expect Wang Tieshan to say such righteous words, but Lin Xiaoyue’s directly refused him.

And Lin Xiaoyue also said, “You are suitable to be a follower, you can’t do business, you don’t have that kind of vigor.”

Wang Tieshan: “……”


When Yan Yang saw that Lin Xiaoyue was so sure, he then no longer persuaded her not to do it. His arm gently wrapped around her shoulders, “then so be it. Three days later, we’ll do business with him for the first time. Whether we can do it for a long time depends on his performance.”

“I think he may really not be able to pay. Maybe he just wants to cheat some food.”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Yan Yang and said.

Wang Tieshan couldn’t help but interject at this point, “Right, sister-in-law, you know it all yourself! You know, why do you still want to go do business with him? I just don’t understand you!”

Lin Xiaoyue ignored Wang Tieshan and said directly to Yan Yang, “I think he can’t even get the money for the order. You just tell him that the first business was to observe his business tactics. Give him that batch of goods, and don’t charge him for the order. Tell him directly how much he can sell the goods and the money beyond the price will be his. Then you can quote him our price. If he wants to cooperate next time, let him know that he should send the money to us. If he doesn’t want to cooperate next time, the goods will be with him, and we will suffer a loss. It’s still okay. “

“Sister-in-law, you’re crazy, right?”

Wang Tieshan was completely unable to understand such an operation, “You are not completely gambling on his character? How can you lose money? And you’re still at great risk, either losing goods or money ~ I really don’t understand why you think so?”

Wang Tieshan questioned this. As a result, Yan Yang slapped him on the head and said, “Xiaoyue has her reason to do this. Be quiet.”

Wang Tieshan had to rub his head and be obedient. “Oh…okay.”

After slapping Wang Tieshan’s head, Yan Yang stared at his own hand for several seconds…

He was in a trance. I can’t believe he just made such a rude move.

And this action came out almost subconsciously, though it was not his intention to do so.

He didn’t even have this thought in his head yet, he just slapped Wang Tieshan’s head…

It was very strange.

After the slap, Yan Yang also did not feel that this is not appropriate, he was just wondering why he would do so?

“Anyway, the goods are from me. If I lose, I will lose. If I lose, won’t you feel distressed? “

Lin Xiaoyue held Yan Yang’s hand; her chin was resting on Yan Yang’s shoulder. She was staring at him with her big black eyes.

Yan Yang nodded and said without a doubt, “no, if you lose, it’s not a big problem.”

When Wang Tieshan saw his brother Yang doting on Lin Xiaoyue like this, he thought he had no principles at all.

On one hand, he couldn’t help sighing and silently telling himself that he must find an obedient wife in the future. It would be too tiring to always listen to his wife. There are many things for a husband and wife that are difficult to talk about.

Just like now.


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