I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 66.2

Chapter 66 Part 2

They took a bus back to the town, and then they walked back to the village from the town. It’s a long way home. Lin Xiaoyue was tired and her legs were soft.

Later, she was carried all the way back by Yan Yang.

She was comfortably leaning on Yan Yang’s broad and upright back, Lin Xiaoyue touched Yan Yang’s earlobe and said in a good voice: “In fact, you are already very tired, right? After all, I’m quite heavy, right?”

Yan Yang laughed, “How is it possible? How much meat do you have…”

The meaning was that she wasn’t heavy at all.

Yan Yang had always thought that she was too thin, and had always wanted to fatten her up a bit.

Lin Xiaoyue listened to his words and smiled with white teeth, “How strange.”

Yan Yang: “Hmm?”

Lin Xiaoyue hugged his neck again. While lying on his shoulder, she whispered, “I sometimes feel that you are the third, sometimes you are not the third, sometimes I feel like you’re the Second… I always feel like falling in love with a new boyfriend, but I still feel very good.”

Listening to her words, Yan Yang felt a little uneasy for fear that she would discover that he was not the man he loved.

“It’s good.” Yan Yang faintly said 2 words and did not dare to say too much, afraid of revealing himself.

It happened that these four words made Lin Xiaoyue grasp the handle, “You see, now it’s quite like the second. The second doesn’t talk much, but he looks very deep and steady. Sometimes he had a lot of his words hidden in his stomach, and only a few words would come out of his mouth. “

Yan Yang frowned gently, “really…”

So he is such a person.

It turned out that in her eyes, he seemed to be such a character.


Lin Xiaoyue nodded heavily, “Yeah, that’s right! Like just now, if it was the original third time Yan Yang heard me say such words, he would definitely say something like, “I was already good, already.” Such narcissistic words, not like you who was so deep. “

Yan Yang got it, “Hmm.”

He still doesn’t resemble him.

He has to keep trying again.

Lin Xiaoyue patted Yan Yang’s shoulder, “But now you’re also quite good. Although you are not as straightforward as before, you are also introverted and mature. I think everything is very good. “

Yan Yang then knew how to answer, “I’m fine.”

“Haha, did you change your way of speaking immediately after listening to what I taught you?”

Lin Xiaolyue smiled and playfully pinched his earlobes. “Are you still acting like this? Are you pretending?”

Hearing her light-hearted laughter, Yan Yang couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips, “Didn’t you say I should answer like this? I’ll answer just like you said.”

“Are you deducing many things from one case?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked this, and pulled Yan Yang’s ear, “It seems that you have grown up and will speak according to your face! You have a deep mind ~”

Yan Yang could only smile, and he did not know what to say.

After a while, Lin Xiaoyue got down on his shoulder again and said softly: “Yan Yang, we must work harder to earn money. Next, I want to buy a bicycle so that I can ride from the town to the village every day so that I don’t have to walk every time I go to the town. Walking is really tiring. “

In this era, although bicycles have spread to the countryside, only companies have bicycles, and ordinary farmers can’t afford bicycles at all.

The commune’s bicycles were also used by commune employees, and could only be used for official business, but not for private use.

However, residents in the city can basically buy bicycles at will.

Every time Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang went to the city, they saw many residents riding bicycles and tricycles. Even so, some high-cadre families have their own private cars.

The standard of living and quality of life in the city is definitely higher than that in the town and definitely higher than that in the village.

But for people in this era, it is very difficult to get out of the countryside.

At the moment, she was not thinking of leaving the countryside, and she even thinks there is no need to leave the countryside. After all, rural areas will be more valuable many years later.

She just wants to be able to live more conveniently.

She will have houses in the village, in the town and in the city… With so many houses, it would be great to have another bike!

When Yan Yang heard her say that she wanted a bicycle, he nodded quickly and agreed with her. “Good. I will try to earn money and buy a bike for you sooner.”

“Not only for me but for both of us!”

Lin Xiaoyue said with a smile, “I don’t want to ride a bike, I want to sit behind your bike every time, you have to take me on a bike.”

Yan Yang also laughed, “Good, then I will buy a bike early, and later I will ride the bike with you.”

Lin Xiaoyue thought about it again, “But not too early. At least after we moved out. Otherwise, if we buy a bike and put it in that house, I’m afraid that the other people from the two families will break it.”

Those two families have been very unsettled lately. What if they really do take some retaliatory measures? That is also possible!

Lin Xiaoyue thought so.

Yan Yang listened to her anyway, “OK. In short, just try to make money. How do spend it? You think of ways. I am just afraid …… if we earn more, you must also have a thousand ways to spend it.”

“If you want to spend all your money, of course, you must do it quickly!”

Lin Xiaoyue said, “How easy it is to spend money! Just buy more big things!”

Yan Yang: “Yes, yes, yes… i’ll try to earn it.”

Lin Xiaoyue continued to hug him with a smile, “Tell me, how could I come across such a good man like you? The happiest thing in my life was to wake up and marry Yan Yang! “Although I love you so much,

After a wave of pampering, Lin Xiaoyue gave Yan Yang a kiss on the side of his cheek.

Yan Yang involuntarily smiled. His smiling lips outlined a beautiful smile arc. softly, as if water was about to overflow.

The happiest thing in his life was to marry a fairy as his wife.

Whether she came from the future or from heaven, she was his most precious gift.

In Yan Yang’s world, no one is more valuable than her, no one can compare to her.


In the evening, when they got home, Lin Xiaoyue heard that the two families over there had also separated.

Moreover, the two families were not only separated. The village chief was worried about the sharing of taking care of the elderly among these three families.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly asked Wang Xiuying about the 40 yuan alimony. After hearing Wang Xiuying say that the village head had invalidated the 40-yuan alimony, she nodded to express her satisfaction.

Only in this way can their family not lose money.

Wang Xiuying does things with a sense of propriety. Lin Xiaoyue is more optimistic about her.

Perhaps also after the alimony matter, Yan Dayong didn’t say a word when Wang Xiuying withdrew alimony from the village head this time.

The Third Branch family has not lost anything.

It’s just one more case of taking care of the elderly, which is not a big deal for their family, and it’s also an obligation that should be fulfilled.

In the evening, the two old people were supposed to have dinner with Wang Xiuying’s family of four.

When Yan Dayong went to call the two old people, he called Grandpa Yan. And he said that Grandma Yan was still groaning in bed because she was too sad. She couldn’t get up!

Even if you can’t get up…

Wang Xiuying didn’t go to serve Grandma Yan. She allocated some meals just like what she did at noon and asked Yan Dayong to send them to the room for Yan old Madame, which was also an explanation.

Next door, the second branch and the first branch still use the same kitchen so far, because the firewood room has not been sorted out and the stove of the first branch has not been built.

In the evening, when they cooked a meal, there were noisy quarrels in the fireplace next door.

The third branch’s side had its ears through the wall and could hear it clearly.

The four members of Wang Xiuying’s family were accustomed to this situation and ate calmly while listening.

But Grandpa Yan looked very terrible. He even slapped his chopsticks on the table and didn’t even want to eat his meal.

“Dad, don’t pay attention to the noise over there. Just these two days, when the kitchen is set up and divided, there will be no noise.” Yan Dayong picked a piece of chicken for old man Yan.

Because the two old people want to eat together today, Yan Dayong also went to the town to buy a chicken, to show his filial piety to the two old people.

For the two old people, Yan Dayong was still quite filial.

“It was all because of those two women’s family quarrel! Their quarrel has now led to the separation of the family! “

Grandpa Yan said very unhappily, “Now the family is separated and they still quarrel! I think they are going to turn over the sky! Both sons can’t control these two women; they’re both trash! “

“Dad, don’t be angry. Big brother and second brother don’t care, so why do you care? Hurry up and eat!”

Yan Dayong frowned and urged him, “Mother is already angry, and if you get angry also, I can’t do anything about it.”

Grandpa Yan grunted although he was very unhappy, he still continued to pick up the chopsticks.

“Dad, let me tell you the good news. Our family is going to build a new house. I’ve asked some of my brothers in the village to help. Starting tomorrow, they will help me build a house after work. I won’t eat dinner with you, and Xiuying will send it to me.”

To make the old man feel better, Yan Dayong told the old man about the new house they were building for the Third Branch.

But right after he said this, Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue threw their eyes at him in unison…

Under the table, Wang Xiuying stepped on Yan Dayong’s foot and it was quite hard!

This means that …… Yan Dayong said the wrong thing and should not have told Grandpa Yan about it.

When Grandpa Yan heard about this matter, the corners of his mouth pulled up into a smile, “This seems like your Third Branch family is really quite rich now, ah?”

Wang Xiuying hurriedly said, “Dad, our Third Branch family does not have that much money. I just think this house is too quiet, so we borrowed money to build a house and move out. Don’t you think? After the New Year, our family has become more and more unclear. We also do not want to fight with the two women, so we had the idea of moving out. “

Yan Dayong hurriedly answered, “Yes, Dad. Indeed, the house is not quiet. That’s why the four of us are saving money and thinking about building a house to move out. When the time comes, if big brother and second brother do not support you and mom, you two will go to live at my place.”

Under the table, Wang Xiuying stepped on Yan Dayong’s foot again. She was very dissatisfied with what Yan Dayong said.

If not for the presence of the old man, Wang Xiuying would have scolded Yan Dayong.

He wants to be filial. Wang Xiuying knows, but can’t he not say it?

Must he say those words upfront? What if it causes trouble in the future?

The two houses are very treacherous!

Yan Dayong also realized that he had said the wrong thing, and hurriedly picked up the bowl of rice and ate the food, and he was not going to speak again.

The old man picked up the chicken and bit down hard, chewing hard while saying, “How much money has your family saved to build the house now? It must be at least 500. “

Wang Xiuying hurriedly nodded in response, “In fact, it’s not all our money. Xiao Yue and Xiao Yang also took a month’s salary in advance to build a house and move out early. The two children were now working in the town. The salary was higher than in our village, and there were benefits… So our family’s income was a little more than before, but it’s just some…”

“What kind of factory? And can you ask for an advance salary? ” Grandpa Yan glanced at Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly answered, “Grandpa, it’s a seafood factory. As a rule, you can’t get a salary in advance, but Xiao Yang and I performed very well and the leaders were satisfied, plus our family was building a house and this is a special situation, so the leaders agreed. However, because we advanced the salary for one month, our living expenses may be tight next month. We’ll almost survive by then.”

“Yes, yes, yes, when the time comes, we will eat less…”

Yan Dayong nodded in agreement, and gave the old man a piece of chicken, saying, “Dad, this chicken is specially bought for you and Mom today, so you should eat more. In the next few days, our family will have to be frugal. There is nothing good for you and your mom to eat. “

With Yan Dayong’s words, Wang Xiuying was only slightly satisfied.

In front of the two old people, they have to act poor. Even if they have money, they have to act poor.

Who knows if these two old people were biased?

Anyway, Wang Xiuying felt that they were both eccentric, and it was not their Third Branch family that was eccentric, it was another family’s problem!

“I don’t care what I eat. I’m an old man. I can eat anything as long as I’m full.”

The old man, Mr Yan, took two bites of rice into his mouth and said while chewing, “Your Third Branch family is getting better and better, and the two young ones are doing well now. In the future, if your two brothers can’t make ends meet, you should help out. Look at their two families, there is no decent woman.”

Yan Dayong nodded, hurried to eat, and did not dare to respond.

He shouldn’t be too bad. Wang Xiuying directly refused, “Dad, we have been separated. Our family won’t take care of the two families. Whether they are poor or starved, they have nothing to do with our family. Our family will only support you and mom. Don’t talk about this in the future.”


Grandpa Yan grunted angrily, and he was unexpectedly angry…

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