I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 67.1

Chapter 67 Part 1

Wang Xiuying didn’t care whether Grandpa Yan was angry or not, but about the principles that should comply, she is sure to abide by that principle.

What the old man’s words meant was that he wanted to ask the Third Branch to help the Second Branch in the future.

That’s impossible!

Wang Xiuying suffered too much grief and humiliation during her years living with the two families over there. Her life was so miserable. They had been rubbing salt into her wounds, and there was never any icing on the cake.

Therefore, Wang Xiuying was thinking that, even if she had too much money to spend in the future, she would rather give it to beggars! Doing good things will not help the two houses!

Her thoughts were set in stone.

The old man looked at Wang Xiuying with a meaningful glance, but the words were said to Yan Dayong, “Dayong ah, I can see that your two brothers can not control their own women. Are they the same as your two brothers? “

Although this was said to Yan Dayong, the meaning of the words was very obvious, and it was clearly aimed at Wang Xiuying.

The whole table was full of adults. Who could not hear the meaning behind the old man’s words?

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang turned their eyes toward Yan Dayong. Wang Xiuying was quite unconcerned about eating, but she also ate meat and deliberately made a loud chewing sound.

Caught between his own father and his wife, Yan Dayong was still in a difficult situation.

But fortunately, he can still distinguish right from wrong.

Even if the old man was a bit aggressive, Yan Dayong still said as usual, “Dad, you’d better eat. You’re already sitting at our table, so don’t say anything else about the two families. If you say those two words again, our family will also be troubled by you. If you want a peaceful and quiet life at home, you should talk less. “


Old Master Yan grunted very unhappily, “You guys eat, I’m already in no mood to eat because of you.”

“Dad, rice can be expensive. Even if you don’t want to eat, you still have to finish this bowl of rice at your table.”

Wang Xiuying was not at all polite when speaking to the old man. “If you do not finish this dinner, tomorrow morning I will fry this bowl of rice and continue to make you eat it. In our home, even if you are eating good food and drink, it does not mean that you can waste food. God is watching! It’s shameful to waste food! “

Old Master Yan was so embarrassed by Wang Xiuying’s words that he slapped the table in anger, “You can now talk to your elders like that this, can’t you? I just ate a few mouthfuls of rice from your family, and your face was already showing!”

“Come on, Dad, you really need to say less.”

Yan Dayong hurriedly spoke out to ease the situation, “Our Third Branch family is now quite good. Don’t destroy our family when you come. We can provide you with food and drink. Xiuying and I will do it. Don’t worry about anything. Just eat quickly!”

“I’m not eating!”

Because Yan Dayong also did not side with Old Master Yan, Old Master Yan became angry, and he directly said he would not eat.

He didn’t even take his cane from the table. He stood up in anger and left a sentence for the family of four, “Your Third Branch family is harmonious, you can’t tolerate me as an old man, I know! I won’t eat your Third Branch family’s food!”

“Dad, what are you doing?” Yan Dayong frowned helplessly.

Without saying anything, Grandpa Yan was angry, so he turned around and left. He really left half a bowl of rice.

Yan Dayong also did not get up to pull him. He only called out “Dad” when the old man left, as if it was any use. ‘

The Third Branch family’s dinner table was harmonious after Old Master Yan left.

Wang Xiuying gave Yan Dayong a chopstick of meat, “You also eat, stop talking I’ll add an egg to the old man’s bowl of rice and fry it. Just send it to the room. It depends on him if he wants to eat or not.”

Yan Dayong sighed, but did not say anything, and continued to eat with his bowl.

Wang Xiuying could not help but add a sentence, “You should not tell some good things about our family to the people over there. Don’t say it to the second branch, you can’t also tell it to Mom and Dad’s side! They are always watching us here. They are always watching us. When we get a little better, they immediately come here to ask for money. Did you forget the 40 yuan of alimony?”

Yan Dayong ate a big mouthful of meat. At that moment, he stopped talking like an obedient grandson. Whatever Wang Xiuying said, he listened.

At the table, Lin Xiaoyue also helped Wang Xiuying, “We can’t leak our wealth. Let’s keep a low profile if we have money. Just be happy at home.”

Yan Dayong nodded and continued to eat without talking.

At this time, he talked less.

After the meal, Wang Xiuying added an egg to the bowl of rice that the old man hadn’t finished, and made it into egg fried rice.

There was still a small bowl of chicken left, so Wang Xiuying asked Yan Dayong to send the egg fried rice and chicken to Old Master Yan.

Lin Xiaoyue thought that Yan Dayong, who was soft-hearted, would be brainwashed by Old Master Yan and Old Madame Yan later, which would not be good for their Third Branch family.

So, Lin Xiaoyue let Yan Yang send this meal over.

Yan Yang didn’t have any feelings for the two old people in the family, but since Lin Xiaoyue said so, so he did as he was told.

When he sent the rice and chicken over, Yan Yang found the two old men in the room eating the same bowl of rice…

It was the same rice that Yan Dayong had sent to Grandma Yan.

When the two old men saw Yan Yang, they were embarrassed. Yan Yang put the fried rice and chicken on the table without saying anything.

Yan Yang was about to leave when Grandma Yan suddenly called out to him, “Yan Yang…”

Yan Yang stopped in his tracks and did not turn his head, but stood still and waited for Grandma Yan to speak.

Grandma Yan slowly spoke, “Now, you are the most promising child in our Old Yan family. Your father is not useful; you have to hold up our old Yan family, ah… later your uncle and two uncles…… “

“Shut up.”

With these faint two words, Yan Yang made Grandma Yan shut up.

Although he said it very lightly, these two words were so full of power that they made Grandma momentarily speechless. She actually didn’t know what to say.

Then, Yan Yang still said in a light tone, “When I was young, it was you, the two old people who approached the Wang family and forced my parents to sell me. I have no feelings for the two old people. It is my father who should support you, not me. I don’t know if you have the face to make demands on me. Did you become too brazen as you grew older? “

“You ……”

Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan completely did not expect Yan Yang to speak to them like this. The two were choked and speechless about Yan Yang’s words…

“Not only don’t I care about those two rotten families, but I also know I can beat them, sparing no pain or effort in beating them.”

Yan Yang’s thin lips were lightly openned. He said lightly yet with intensity: “The responsibility of raising you two old people after your retirement will fall solely on my father. I have nothing to do with you. The money I earned will not be given to support the two old people, nor it will be given for the relief of the two families. The money that my mother and parents earn will be enough to support you two. I advise the two old people to stop moving their hearts in our third branch family, and if you make my parents resentful, our third branch family will draw a line completely with you. That’s all.”

After saying that, Yan Yang quickly left the main house, leaving his stunning back to the two old people.

The two old men did not expect that Yan Yang, who had regained his wisdom, would have such a personality.

Previously, they only heard from others that the third family’s Yan Yang had regained his sanity and was not stupid anymore.

Now the two old people know that Yan Yang has not only regained his sanity but also become more desperate!

The two old men were speechless as they were looking at Yan Yang’s back…

In the Old Yan family, some things have changed irreversibly.

For example, the rise of the Third Branch family, and the first house and the Second Branch’s desperate situation…

The two old people have suffered a considerable blow on the mental side.


At night, Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue washed up and went to bed. She burst into his arms and hugged his strong, thin waist tightly.

Because it was still early, the kerosene lamp flickered. Because it was still early, both of them did not want to sleep.

Lying dry on the bed, with her in his arms, Yan Yang did not dare to raise the will to read a book.

Because he knew that the personality she liked did not like to read books.

He cannot act like he enjoys reading books in order to disguise the personality she prefers.

Lin Xiaoyue was faintly falling asleep in Yan Yang’s arms. As she was closing her eyes, smelling Yan Yang’s scent, and calculating an account in her head…

‘What to buy in the study this night?’

Apples are particularly good, and we need to buy some more!

Probably because Wang Sheng opened the apple channel in the market with a fruit basket before, so when she set up a stall to sell apples, many people in the city bought five or six kilograms as soon as they laid their eyes on them.

It was because the price she sold at the stall was naturally lower than the price of apples in the fruit basket, but the quality of apples was the same.

So, although it’s more expensive, the richer people in the city are still willing to buy it and buy quite a lot of it…

It’s also easy to sell if it’s in bags.

Lin Xiaoyue was now full of money-making business in her mind. She still had to hurry and go to the study to buy goods.

“Xiao Yue…”

Before she was about to fall asleep, Yan Yang suddenly called to her. Lin Xiaoyue suddenly trembled and replied in a trance, “ah…”

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were asleep …… then you go back to sleep…”

Yan Yang patted her back with his palm and scolded himself. He just woke her up.


Lin Xiaoyue was also really about to fall asleep, since he told her to go back to sleep, she also went back to sleep.

After waiting quietly for a while, Yan Yang felt Lin Xiaoyue had fallen asleep.

In her arms, she had not moved at all; only her body was steady and undulating with breathing.

After she fell asleep, Yan Yang quietly reached out to the side of the table drawer to take out a book.

With the book in one hand and her hand in the other, Yan Yang turned the book gently. When she didn’t know, Yan Yang secretly read a book.

He likes to read and study.

The book he was reading was about literature and language for the college entrance examination. Yan Yang quietly read the book without making a little noise. He was trying not to wake her up, trying to make his movements compressed to a minimum.

On Lin Xiaoyue‘s side, she has entered the dream study space and did not see Yan Yang in bed, but she also did not mind it.

Since the three Yan Yang became one, Lin Xiaoyue just gave him a casual look even if he saw him in the study.

Her power to take a pick was gone. A Yan Yang in her study was just an ornament.

Lin Xiaoyue sat in front of her laptop, opened Taobao, and began to shop…

She bought this, bought that, bought it all……

After buying, Lin Xiaoyue went to open the original book that she passed through and seriously flipped through it.

She was looking for information that was related to Liu Jiang. She wanted to know the relationship between Liu Jiang and Yan Yang’s characters as well as the background.

In the book, Liu Jiang was the second most villainous character other than Yan Yang.

That’s why, as Wang Tieshan said, he looks sharp-tongued and not like a good guy.

In fact, Liu Jiang’s face does look very much like a bad guy. If he was to be an actor, he would definitely play the role of a bad guy.

Compared with Yan Yang, Liu Jiang’s human background is not so miserable.

He can also be considered as a character who has been forced to become a bad person by a poor society…

It’s still a bit risky to work with him.

However, Lin Xiaoyue thought deeply about it, but still, Lin Xiaoyue was willing to take the risk.

After all, he’s going to be a big shot…

In fact, the biggest character in the whole book was the male lead, Lu Xiaming!

Why didn’t she want to befriend Lu Xiaoming?

Lin Xiaoyue asked herself this.

Probably because in the book, Lu Xiaming hurts Yan Yang!

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue hates the male lead!


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