I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 67.2

Chapter 67 Part 2

The next morning, Lin Xiaoyue was woken up by the noise again.

Due to flipping through the novel in the study space for too long, Lin Xiaoyue’s waking time has also been delayed a lot.

So, it was already close to noon when she woke up.

She woke up in Yan Yang’s arms. Lin Xiaoyue’s eyebrows furrowed. “Why is it so noisy outside?”

“The debt collectors are here.”

Yan Yang, who had already woken up, gently covered Lin Xiaoyue’s ears with his palm. He could only use this clumsy method to reduce the impact of external noise on her.

“Debt collectors?”

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed Yan Yang’s palm to take it down. She could not help but enlarge her eyes, “Was it Yang Hongwen’s debt collector coming from the city?”

Yan Yang said: “Right.”

Lin Xiaoyue poked her head up; her chin was against Yan Yang’s chest. Her concerned eyes looked towards the door of the small side house, with a gloating face, “It felt like the commotion was not as big as the last time. Was it because the people in the city were not fierce?”

Yan Yang looked at Lin Xiaoyue, stroking her little head, “Maybe not fierce, but they definitely have an ability.”

Lin Xiaoyue glanced at Yan Yang, “Do you know?”

Yan Yang’s lips started to smile, “I don’t know.”

He doesn’t even know, so why did he say this?

This sentence seems to have been involuntarily dragged out of his mouth. He said this without even processing the words in his brain.

While Lin Xiaoyue was lying in Yan Yang’s body, she said: “very quietly”. “I thought you knew something! It’s as if you know this very well~”

Yan Yang smiled and did not say anything.

There is a very strange feeling…

He felt like himself, and a bit unlike himself…

There will always be many moments. There are many actions that were not like his own.

At this time, Yan Yang also can not help but have some doubts. ‘Was it really a fusion?

Of course, for his doubts, no one can give him an answer.

“There seems to be no movement…”

The yard’s noisy voice suddenly quiets. It sounds as if there is little response.

Lin Xiaoyue raised her head, curiously staring at the door of the small side room, and asked Yan Yang, “Can we go out and take a look?”

Yan Yang’s nature was low-key, and he doesn’t like to get involved in this kind of activity.

But if she wants to go, then it’s a different story.

Yan Yang immediately picked up her clothes on the table and handed them over to her, “Go if you want to go, I’ll go with you.”


Lin Xiaoyue happily put on her clothes, because with Yan Yang around, she didn’t feel it was a dangerous thing at all.

Yan Yang himself also felt it was quite strange.

At that time of the Chinese New Year, when those people came to collect debts, he also went out to deal with them. At that time, he was nervous and terrified. He was afraid to face the crowd and that kind of crowd…

But now, the same scenario happened in the courtyard. He was really not afraid to go out at all.

There was always an act of inexplicable courage and boldness in his heart that sustained him and made him lose his fear of many things.

This way, it’s quite good.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang changed their clothes, and the two of them quickly got out of bed.

He put on his shoes and walked out of the room. He originally thought the courtyard was quiet and should be empty.

But it was unexpected that the courtyard of their home was full of people!

Half of them were new faces, half of them were familiar faces…

Half of the familiar faces were not just from the Old Yan family, but even included the neighbors such as Lin Damei next door.

Of course, the neighbors were just watching the excitement.

They had a tacit agreement to maintain a quiet state, probably because this group of people dressed in black, like the people from the underworld. These debt collectors looked too oppressive. So, the villagers dare not speak.

But although they did not dare to speak, they couldn’t help but watch. They were not able to stop their curiosity.

So, the villagers were quietly standing and watching the drama.

When Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang came out, Lin Damei saw Lin Xiaoyue and hurriedly reached out and pulled Lin Xiaoyue to her side.

“What happened?” Lin Xiaoyue asked Lin Damei knowingly.

Lin Damei made a silent gesture to her, and then gave her the best place to watch the show.

It was the entrance to Second Branch’s house…

Lin Xiaoyue stood on tiptoe and looked in, only to see a middle-aged man dressed in black, wearing round sunglasses and holding two jade beads in his hands, sitting with Chen Cuiyun and Yan Dalin from Second Branch’s house.

The middle-aged man stood behind three men, and a row of men was standing in the courtyard. The whole courtyard was too full!

The debt was only 1000 yuan, and the other side actually came out with so many people to collect debts, Lin Xiaoyue heartily admired these people.

Chen Cuiyun was usually very harsh and unreasonable and never lost a fight. But today, she really cannot be harsh and unreasonable at all.

With the presence of these big men, Chen Cuiyun was as humble as ants. Not to mention harsh and unreasonable, she has been too weak to even dare to say a word.

The leader of the debt collector has been carrying on a conversation with Yan Dalin, who also seems to be sweating, and his aura was crushed to death by the middle-aged man.

“Sir, this account has been settled.”

There was an accountant-like man behind the middle-aged man who calculated a big account and then said to both Chen Cuiyun and his wife, “Yan Hongwen owes us a total of 1,158 yuan, and we have erased the fractional share. The 1158 yuan is calculated according to the 5-cent interest signed between Yan Hongwen and us. If you can only pay back 84 yuan per month, it will take two years to repay us. If you want to pay it back within three years, it will cost you 70 yuan per month. I have to remind you that the interest for two years of repayment is 856 yuan, and the interest for three years of repayment is 1,361. It is up to you and your husband to choose which repayment method you choose.”

Chen Cuiyun and Yan Dalin had been so frightened by the amount of interest that they were about to faint…

The principal amount was 1158 yuan, the interest for two years was more than 800 yuan, and the interest for three years was more than 1300 yuan!

As long as it is 4 years, the interest will be more than twice!

5-cent interest …… isn’t that equivalent to borrowing from a loan shark?

The thought of their loser son borrowing from the loan sharks, and he couldn’t pay back the borrowed money, so his creditors have found their way to their family’s!

Chen Cuiyun always had an idea that she wanted to cut her son to death and she didn’t want to recognize him as her son.

But now in this situation, even if she does not want to recognize him, the debtor will not let her not recognize him.

Chen Cuiyun wanted to cry but couldn’t cry. She wanted to curse, but she didn’t dare curse in front of so many people. She was terrified and her face reddened faster than her heartbeat…

“So much money…must we pay it back?”

Yan Dalin asked, “Didn’t he take more than 300 from our family before and already paid off some of it? Also, he has a father-in-law in the city. He has joined his wife’s family in the city. You should go to his parents in the city to ask for the debt, right?”

“Yes, yes…”

Chen Cuiyun followed up, “He cheated our family, he took out the remaining 300 yuan in our family. Our family no longer recognizes him as our son. I do not recognize him as a son! “


The middle-aged man wearing sunglasses hummed and laughed. He took a sip of water from the table, and frowned deeply, “This son, you have to recognize him even if you don’t want to. If you are talking about the family in the city, the woman who has divorced him. His relationship with his father-in-law does not exist anymore. We cannot find him, so this money is only your family’s remaining people who could pay it back. If you don’t pay it back today, I have ways to make you pay it back.”

The middle-aged man said, his eyes glanced into the room, “Your daughter was not too young. If you do not sign today, I will take her away first.”

“You can’t do this! No way, Mom!”

In the small room, Yan Lianhua, who had been eavesdropping, shouted anxiously, “Mom, just pay back the money! 80 a month, our family can still afford it!”

The middle-aged man’s mouth hooked up with a faint smile, “Look, the child did say that you could pay it back. Sign it.”

Although the Second Branch family said that they only have three people who are earning money, they can still get out 80 yuan a month.

But after giving the 80 yuan, their life is tight and can’t be tighter anymore!

Even eating is a problem.

And the debt will take two years to be paid off.

Chen Cuiyun still wanted to struggle a little more, “That, Sir ah …… how about you slow down again? Give our family a little time, let us think about it?”

The accountant behind the middle-aged man reminded them, “The money is placed there, day by day, the interest is born, the longer you think, the higher the interest, the higher the debt owed. You can spend a few days thinking about it, but when the time comes, you’ll have to pay back a few dozen more.”

“I do this…”

Chen Cuiyun could not stand it.

She really does not want to carry this debt!

“No rush, I can give you an afternoon to think slowly. The afternoon ferry will come at more than 4 o’clock. I can still afford to wait. ” The middle-aged man said carelessly,

As he was turning his head, the middle-aged man looked towards the entrance of Second Branch…

The sharp eyes behind the sunglasses were directly locked on Yan Yang, and the corners of his lips were raised high.

Yan Yang’s impression was that he knew this man.

An City is the fifth master of that road.

(TN: on that road means underworld.)

The other personality of his, and this fifth master’s friendship, was not bad…

This fifth master has always been very optimistic about his other personality. He has even proposed making that personality his own many times.

But that personality refused him every time because he didn’t come out often.

Yan Yang did not expect that when he asked Zhou Zhengwei to handle this matter, he actually invited this fifth master to the house.

It seems that the loan of more than 1000 yuan was the man’s front. He came here this time for Yan Yang.


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