I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 68.1

Chapter 68 Part 1

Although Chen Cuiyun and her husband were very reluctant to pay the huge amount of money that Yan Hongwen owed,

But, the other side is too aggressive…

Such a big shot…

It seemed like they really couldn’t provoke such a person, and the other party threatened Yan Lianhua…

The Second Branch family only had two children, and after Yan Hongwen was abandoned, there was only one girl left, Yan Lianhua.

In any case, Chen Cuiyun and her husband can’t take Yan Lianhua, their daughter, to pay off the debt.

Therefore, the negotiations did not last long. Chen Cuiyun and her husband gave in and accepted a two-year time span for payment of the debt, so they have to pay 80 yuan per month.

They really can’t accept 3 years, the monthly repayment of 70 months.

This may look like they pay less every month, but in fact, the interest was more than a hundred!

In this account, Master Wu’s accountant gave them a thorough calculation but did not give the Chen Cuiyun family a half-discount.

The large number of people who came here, and the last group of people who also walked here. There was no noise in the whole process of debt collection. There was only a calm negotiation.

Because the Second Branch family could not get the money for the first month, under the pressure of the fifth master, Chen Cuiyun had to go to the old Yan Madame to ask for 80 yuan first.

Grandma Yan was already lying in bed, sighing in anger at the family separation.

Chen Cuiyun also came to the two old people to ask for money. Again, Grandma Yan was angry and hid in the nest, dropping tears and cursing a lot.

But the money? The old man still gave it to them.

The reason is that if you don’t pay, you can’t solve this matter until the fifth master leaves.

In the first branch and third branch, the family has been separated from the family. It is impossible to pay, so in this case, only the two old people can pay for this matter.

The Old Yan family’s story soon spread around the village, and I’m afraid that from now on when people in the village see Chen Cuiyun’s family, they will all look at them with pity and sympathy!

Before the fifth master led the people to leave, a group of villagers surrounding Old Yan’s house focused on the man who seemed to have a superior posture.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue also had their eyes on him the whole time…

As Yan Yang walked by, the fifth master turned his head and gave Yan Yang a look that only the two of them could understand.

That’s right…

Yan Yang felt that the meaning was transmitted by the fifth master’s eyes. What he meant was that he owed the fifth master once.

The fifth master personally came to the door this time to deal with this matter. For this kindness, he had to return it.

But what Yan Yang thought to himself was that the person he was asking for favours was not the fifth master, and the fifth master rushed to his home. This means that he could either accept it or not accept it.

Anyway, it is up to his own will.

The idea fell to his head…

Yan Yang suddenly shook his head…

After thinking back again about the thoughts he had just had, he once again felt strange about these ideas.

How could he produce such a thought?

This should …… be an aspect that only that personality would associate with.

Was it really a personality fusion? That personality had completely become a part of his body?

Or is it that he was gradually moving closer and closer to that personality? In the end, he would become that personality.

For a while, Yan Yang was deep in thought.

After the fifth master left with his people, Lin Xiaoyue pulled Yan Yang’s sleeve. His big, slithery eyes stared at the doorway where the fifth master left and said, “Did that person just look at you?”

The other people did not notice, but Lin Xiaoyue was bound to notice it.

She noticed that the man in the lead had eye contact with Yan Yang, although only a small contact, his eyes seemed to have something in them.

Did Lin Xiaoyue vaguely perceive something?

Because of the large number of people at this time, Yan Yang could not talk about his relationship with the fifth master in public and gave Lin Xiaoyue a silent gesture.

Lin Xiaoyue picked up his hint and nodded her head to show her understanding.

After the group left with great fanfare, the neighbors who were watching the show in the courtyard finally began to talk about the incident, one by one.

Wang Xiuying and Lin Damei had a hot talk. They kept saying that those people looked terrible just now.

Even Yang Chengyu was talking to the women in the neighborhood. The Second Branch family deserved it. Chen Cuiyun deserved it. She did not teach her son well.

Yang Chengyu was separated from the second branch family the night before yesterday. After such a thing happened at the second branch family, the third branch family was not involved at all.

Therefore, she was in a good mood.

So, she was blending in among this group of women. Her voice was speaking swear words, which was not small at all.

Second Branch’s family instantly became the object of the villagers’ jokes, a scene comparable to the time when Yan Yang became a fool and the villagers laughed at Third Branch’s family.


The revenge that the Second Branch family owed Yan Yang was almost avenged.

“What’s all this noise?”

Just as the sounds of the courtyard were getting louder and louder, Chen Cuiyun suddenly came out of the Second Branch family’s house and shouted at the people in the courtyard, “Who doesn’t have a little asshole in their family! Why do you have to laugh like that? If you want to laugh, go laugh at your own house, don’t stand in front of my house!”

After cursing, Chen Cuiyun closed the door and disappeared out of sight with a huff.

After being scolded by Chen Cuiyun, the crowd gradually dispersed and went home.

But such a good show was bound to be taken out of the Old Yan family. Soon, the whole village will fall on the Second Branch family.

Wang Xiuying went back to her room to cook and was turning her head when she was suddenly called by Yang Chengyu, “Third Sister-in-law…”

Wang Xiuying turned around and looked at Yang Chengyu with a not very friendly look.

Yang Chengyu walked towards her with a smile and said in a very friendly tone “Third Sister-in-law, I have suffered too much from the Second sister-in-law over the years with you. For a variety of reasons, we three families had lived together before and had a lot of unhappiness. Now that all three of us are separated, the second sister-in-law has also received the lesson she should have suffered. The two of us still have to pick up the friendship in the future. Don’t you think so? “

Yang Chengyu suddenly showed goodwill to Wang Xiuying, looking like she genuinely wanted to get along with Wang Xiuying.

Their two families were bullied by the Second Branch family in the past two years…

In fact, from Wang Xiuying’s point of view, it was the two of them who had joined forces to bully the Third Branch!

Wang Xiuying did not accept Yang Chengyu’s gesture of goodwill but still refused with a smile, “Our families have no friendship, there is nothing to pick up. In the future, everyone must mind their own business. I will not care about your business, and you also shouldn’t care about my business. You don’t have to come and go during New Year’s and festivals. I can’t play with you. “

“Third sister-in-law…”

Yang Chengyu hurriedly called again, saying he was ready to leave. Wang Xiuying, “There must be a misunderstanding between our two families. In fact, you couldn’t see that our first house family had also been oppressed by the Second Branch family. There was no difference in how Chen Cuiyun treated you and me. She was also very harsh and mean to me. I have long been unable to stand her. Now her family has suffered such a crime, they also deserved it. But between you and me…”

“There is no relationship between you and me!”

Wang Xiuying didn’t even let Yang Chengyu finish her sentence. She directly interrupted her. “Don’t you get close to me! The way that I’m looking at you is the same way that I looked at Chen Cuiyun’s shrew! When our family was unlucky, you would also laugh at our family, as we fall in the well. When my family hit rock bottom, your two families threw down a stone on us, almost killing my son! I remember it to this day! To put it bluntly, I’m still waiting to see your family’s joke!”

After saying that, Wang Xiuying also rolled her eyes, turned around and went straight back to the house.

Looking at her back as she entered the house, Yang Chengyu’s hand at her side quietly squeezed tightly. Her chest tumbled with the fire, but she could not be angry.

If the third branch family were not rich and ready to pay for their own house, she wouldn’t get close to Wang Xiuying!

They became a little well off and they didn’t weren’t even willing to look at their family…


Who despises who?


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