I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 68.2

Chapter 68, Part 2

Yang Chengyu also dismissed the idea of befriending the Third Branch family and turned around to go back to the dining room.

Yan Hongying was already in the fire room, cutting vegetables and cooking.

When there was a lot of activity outside, Yan Hongying was alone in the fire room silently panning rice and cooking.

Recently, she has been behaving very well.

The reason for this was that, because of her, the first branch family was cheated by Yan Hongwen for more than 100 yuan, and her match in town with a job has also been blown off.

Yan Hongying is also very suspicious of Yang Chengyu at home recently. Yang Chengyu is very angry recently. She often catches her and scolds her when she sees her.

But today Yang Chengyu’s mood was good, which has a very big relationship with how the Second Branch family suffered.

Yang Chengyu, who returned to the kitchen after watching the fun, saw Yan Hongying so well behaved and showed a rare smile these days.

“You’re cooking, good girl.”

Yang Chengyu walked to Yan Hongying’s side and also immediately put on her apron and prepared to cook together.

“Second Branch’s family, just now, you also saw it, right?”

Yang Chengyu and Yan Hongying chatted casually, “The Second Branch family was also considered to have bad luck this year. The son that they were proud of in previous years was on a bad path and they had to suffer a loss. Next time we have to learn to be smart, Yan Hongwen, that person is abandoned. If he dares to come home, we will ask him to pay. This debt is their second branch, forever owed to our first branch! “

“Okay.” Yan Hongying meekly nodded her head and answered Yang Chengyu’s words.

At this time, Yang Chengyu said again, “It’s okay that your blind date has blown up. I have asked the matchmaker to find you another one, one who still works in the city.”

“Who is it?”

Yan Hongying glanced at Yang Chengyu without any expectation and was not very sad about the matter.

“I really don’t know his name. I heard that he works in a library in An City, so he’s just a librarian, but at least he’s a regular worker. “

Yang Chengyu took over the work of cutting vegetables under Yan Hongying, while cutting vegetables, she said, “The work in the city and the work in the town can be another grade of difference. If you can marry this match, then their family can also directly put you to work in the city as a temporary worker. Even if it’s just temporary work, but it was also better than those two from the Third Branch family.”

Yan Hongying was cheated by Yan Hongwen for a job in the city, but even so, when she heard that there was still a chance to set her up for a job, her heart was still moved…

Yan Hongying could not help but feel a little better. The corners of her mouth also brought a rare smile these days. “Mom, that man, what does he look like?”

Yang Chengyu looked back at her, “The matchmaker said that he was quite good-looking. After all, he is not working in a factory that requires rough work, but literary work like a librarian. He seems to be quite civilized. However…”

In Yan Hongying’s heart, with the blind date, she had a better impression of him, but she also had more expectations, “but what?”

Yang Chengyu continued: “But I heard that he was married once, his wife died in childbirth. His age was a little bit older, 30 years old.”

“Ah…… this condition, ah……”

Yan Hongying’s expectant heart was instantly gone: “Can I marry a man with a dead wife? It’s a second marriage. It’s embarrassing…”

“You should think about it. This man has such good conditions that he can set up jobs and formal jobs, and their work is decent and civilized. If his wife hadn’t died, they wouldn’t have gotten to our family. There are many girls who want to marry him in the city! Not to mention the city, people in the town can introduce a large number of unmarried girls to him, but also in our village!” Yang Chengyu said a pile of practical reasons.”

Yan Hongying really does not like to hear these reasons, these words, but there is no way.

Their family’s condition is just like this.

If they were looking in the village, their threshold could be broken, and she would have a lot of room to choose.

However, she does not want to marry a man in the village, she wants to marry in the town, or marry in the city, just to call herself superior and become a phoenix flying out of the countryside.

So, Yan Hongying’s heart was angry, but there was no way she could be quiet and sulk.

When Yang Chengyu saw her expression, she also directly said: “This is the condition of our family. If you want to marry to the top, don’t be picky. If you don’t want to marry to the top, I’ll ask the matchmaker to find someone in the neighboring village who is not much different from our family. You can do it yourself!”

“Then I’ll see the man first…” Yan Hongying could only resign herself to it.

A dead wife is a dead wife…

Anyway, the wife died of dystocia. It’s not like there were other reasons why she died.

If the man is really good in all aspects, she just has to give in to it!

To be able to marry in the city, to be a resident in the city, and a job in the city …

Her future life will be very different from Yan Lianhua’s!

She can trample Yan Lianhua under her feet and show off in front of Yan Lianhua every day, and make her angry!

Moreover, even Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue will not be able to compete with her, as they are just temporary workers in the town. No one can compare with her, working in the city.

When the time comes, you can also show off in front of Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue, so that Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue will be less arrogant! It’s better to flatter her in turn!

Once she thought of this, Yan Hongying also accepted the unknown blind date partner openly.

Her blind date was arranged again.

“The most annoying thing is that our family’s money was all cheated by that grandson, Yan Hongwen!”

Yang Chengyu cursed, “If your marriage is decided, I will go to the old Madame to ask for money. This old Madame must still have a lot of money in her hand. For your dowry, they must also pay. Otherwise, I’ll kill her!”

Yan Hongying nodded, “Yes, what the Second Branch family has, our family must also have!”

The mother and daughter pair were in the dining room talking about some calculations.

The Second Branch family has fallen today. The first branch family has completely stepped out of the shadow of being cheated out of money. They were in a good mood.


After lunch, Lin Xiaoyue went back to the small side room with Yan Yang to take a nap.

She lay in Yan Yang’s arms. Her little hands were hugging Yan Yang’s waist, breathing in the smell of Yan Yang’s body. Satisfaction was written on her little face.

It’s another day of being a salty fish…

Although her heart was set on making money, she only ordered the goods last night in her study space. The goods will not arrive so quickly. That’s why she was not so anxious.

“Hey… was the man who came to collect the debt today know you? Do you two have a good relationship?”

Lin Xiaoyue, who was still in good spirits, suddenly remembered the middle-aged man who came to collect the debt today. She raised her head to ask Yan Yang.

Yan Yang, who had his eyes closed and was about to fall asleep, slowly opened his eyes when he heard what Lin Xiaoyue had asked him. “I know, our relationship….is okay.”

“OK. What is your relationship like? “

Lin Xiaoyue continued to ask. “Today, that man appears to be quite powerful, and his aura is also quite strong. He should be a big shot, right?”

Yan Yang thought about it. “According to what you said, if having money is considered a big shot, then he should be, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but shout, “Ah, he’s really a big shot!”

Yan Yang: “……”

But he actually didn’t think that that man, Wang Laowu*, was a big shot.

(TN: Wang Laowu means the fifth child of the Wang family.)

Forget it…

He is not that personality, and he is not qualified to evaluate that man, Wang Laowu.

Wang Laowu, the fifth master of the underworld, is a man with a strong personality, which has nothing to do with him in essence.

Lin Xiaoyue followed up a question: “You still didn’t elaborate the basic situation of that big man!”

Yan Yang asked, “You want to know?”

Lin Xiaoyue looked up at his delicate jawline, “I asked the question, so I just want it! You should take the initiative to answer me. You shouldn’t have waited for me to ask you! “


Yan Yang lowered his head, and his dark eyes met Lin Xiaoyue’s round eyes. He slowly and carefully explained, “That man is called Wang Laowu, who opened an underground gambling house in the city center and is the local snake in the city. The people from the underworld called him a ‘fifth master’.”

“Wang Laowu? You mean his real name is Wang Lao Wu?”

Lin Xiaoyue sounded a bit funny. ‘This name was a bit arbitrary…’

Yan Yang did not understand her expression, “There is a problem?”

Lin Xiaoyue shook his head, “No problem, no problem. Continue speaking…”

Yan Yang continued to explain slowly and methodically, “A few years ago, there was a time when I went out at night and traded with Zhou Zhengwei. In order to avoid the patrol boat, I jumped into the sea. By mistake, I saved the fifth master.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “So you saved his life.”

Yan Yang said lightly, “He didn’t show his gratitude to me. I only fished him out of the sea, and after the patrol boat passed, I woke him up with Zhou Zhengwei and simply treated his wounds. In the second half of the night, when I traded with Zhou Zhengwei, he also followed me on the side to watch. We both did not take him seriously and threatened him that if he dared to expose both of us, we would push him back into the sea, and that was the 1st time we met.”

In fact, it wasn’t the two of them who threatened Wang Laowu, it was Yan Yang alone who threatened Wang Laowu.

Zhou Zhengwei had actually recognized Wang Laowu’s identity, and he didn’t dare to let out a breath in front of Wang Laowu.

After that transaction was completed, Wang Laowu probably remembered Yan Yang.

After that, for the whole month in that port, Wang Lao Wu squatted to see Yan Yang.

But, at that time, Yan Yang was rarely seen…

So for a month, Wang Laowu only squatted to see Yan Yang three times.

In that month, he met Yan Yang four times in total, two of which Wang Laowu tried to persuade Yan Yang to be his younger brother in many ways. He promised to make Yan Yang famous and make him earn more money than this kind of transaction he was doing now.

However, Yan Yang also refused him twice.

There is no reason. He just wanted to say no, so he said no.

Because Yan Yang refused very thoroughly, plus it’s difficult to wait and squat to see Yan Yang, Wang Laowu also gave up the idea after a month.

However, since Wang Laowu and Zhou Zhengwei were together for the whole month, they established a good friendship.

And between the three of them, there is actually a closely related connection.

Like brothers, but also, the same interests of the three parties…

Yan Yang actually has not seen Wang Laowu for a long time, and this time, seeing him was quite unexpected.

What surprised Yan Yang, even more, was that he didn’t feel nervous or afraid when he met Wang Laowu in his current form. It was just like how that personality’s attitude towards Wang Laowu……

The thoughts in his head were not much different from that personality.

Yan Yang was thinking that this might be a good situation.

If he could gradually move closer to that personality…

“Oh…so, you and that Wang Lao Wu are considered friends?”

After hearing everything, Lin Xiaoyue came to this conclusion.

Yan Yang didn’t deny it, “Sort of.”

Before he agreed to be Wang Laowu’s little brother, he could only say that it was a friendly relationship.

Moreover, he wouldn’t want to be Wang Laowu’s little brother, it was too unfree.

“Well ……”

Lin Xiaoyue thought about it carefully. It seems that he can’t recall, whether the character Wang Laowu appeared in the book?

She wondered if she did not read the book carefully, or was this character does not have many scenes on it.

“Don’t think about it.”

Yan Yang touched her head, he gently pressed it to his chest and hugged her tightly, “Take a nap, think of would take too much energy.”

“Well, take a nap!”

Lin Xiaoyue pinched the flesh of Yan Yang’s waist and heard him click his tongue. She smiled mischievously and hurriedly closed her eyes.

Yan Yang also just clicked his tongue and he finally didn’t move at all.

He was basically submissive to her little naughty wife.

Lin Xiaoyue actually wanted to make trouble with him…

Because it’s been a long time since the two of them had that.

Ever since he became a one, they haven’t done that thing in bed.

Every day was just cuddling, at most just kissing and touching…

They can’t kiss too much, let alone touch, they can’t pass the trial

Anyway, it is only that far.

Lin Xiaoyue also didn’t know why. Recently, he suddenly changed into a vegetarian?

But she cannot say it.

If she said it, she would appear as if she was very unreserved!

A girl can’t say this voluntarily…

Lin Xiaoyue had to be melancholy in her heart and hide the problem in her heart.

She sometimes still wants to remind him that, her monthly period was finished for this month. She can actually…

I’m sorry…

She silently took a deep breath.

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