I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 69.1

Chapter 69 Part 1

Recently, after Chen Cuiyun stopped being a monster, Lin Xiaoyue felt that the whole world was quiet.

The Second Branch’s family’s difficulties have worn down Chen and her daughter’s temper.

For the monthly debt of 80 yuan, everyone in the village ridiculed their situation. Chen Cuiyun also seemed to become a different person. For a period of time, she was not willing to talk.

Sometimes, when Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang pass by the compound, they will encounter the Second Branch family. Chen Cuiyun and her daughter did not say a word, and they dared not to even look at them. They appeared to be self-conscious.

In the end, Chen Cuiyun became a snobbish woman who knew that her own family was no match for others, and she did not dare be too arrogant.

The Second Branch family had such a result, so Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were quite pleased.

Their own Third Branch family recently ushered in a major event.

Yan Dayong has officially started to build a house in the village.

Now, in this era, the village house didn’t cost that much. It can even be said that there are more fields than houses.

Everyone in the village used to have fields and crops, even wasteland, but houses were sparse. Basically, people had a place to live in.

Yan Dayong found a vacant lot in the village, and after communicating with the village chief, he began to call on some of his village brothers to help build the house.

During the day, they do work in the fields with the production. After the production team’s work, they would go to help Yan Dayong’s family build a house for an hour or two.

Although the time was not long, with the help of many people, the progress was still good.

Yan Dayong remembered everyone’s time and kindness. After the house was built, he also paid everyone on time. His brothers who came to help considered it as their own private work. Earning a few cents more every day!

Every afternoon, Wang Xiuying will be the first to send Yan Dayong’s meal after the meal is ready at home.

She would return to the production team early in the afternoon. Because she had to make a big pot of rice and prepare lunch for 10 people.

She was a bit tired. But when she thought that it was for her family’s new house, no matter how tired her body was, her heart would feel sweet and relaxed.

At lunch, in the Third Branch family, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang ate lunch with Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan

Wang Xiuying accompanied Yan Dayong to eat in the new house, and after eating she would help there, and then return with Yan Dayong after the sky was completely dark.

Luckily, it’s almost summertime, and the daylight hours were long.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang’s business was also doing more and more smoothly.

After Yan Yang reached a betting agreement with Liu Jiang, Liu Jiang also did not disappoint Lin Xiaoyue’s trust in him. After all the goods were sold, the money that should be given to Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang was also sent over.

As for how much Liu Jiang himself earned, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang did not care.

Liu Jiang also told them that their things were very good to sell, and he wanted to enter into long-term cooperation with them, as long as they could provide the goods.

Lin Xiaoyue was naturally very willing, so they agreed with Liu Jiang to let him sell twice a week so that Liu Jiang could come to pick up the goods once a week.

In this way, she and Yan Yang not only saved the effort of delivery but also did not have to do anything but sit and make money.

Recently, the pace of life has been very good. It’s just that Lin Xiaoyue was quite annoyed by the two old people who were really annoying.

At noon, they both have to eat with the two old people. The two old people will ask Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang side-by-side questions like: ‘How much money do you earn?’ Can you help the Second Branch family? ‘Or can you give the two old people some money?’

This kind of talk is How thick-skinned are these people to keep hitting the wall and asking the same question again and again?

Lin Xiaoyue refused. The two old people are almost embarrassed. But the two old people still asked day after day. It seems that if they don’t get benefits, they won’t stop.

At the end of this month, it was the day when the two seniors were going to have lunch with Third Branch’s family for one month.

Lin Xiaoyue counted the days when the two seniors would go to another house for lunch every day and saw that the time was coming…

With excitement and anticipation, she reminded the two old people, “Grandpa, Grandma, according to the agreement with the village chief, you will have to go to the First branch’s house or Second Branch’s house for a meal the day after tomorrow. Look, shouldn’t you tell the two houses there tomorrow? See if you are going to eat at the big room house or the second branch house the day after tomorrow?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked politely, only to receive a very ugly look from the two old people.

Grandma Yan rolled her eyes on the spot, and Grandpa Yan’s face also immediately pulled down…

Observing their facial emotions, Lin Xiaoyue pretended not to see them even though he was unwilling to guide them, “Grandpa and grandma, I suggest that you go to the first family to eat for a month. You also know the Second Branch family’s situation. I guess that the Second Branch family eats vegetables every day. You are used to eating big fish and meat here, so if you two old people go to Second Branch’s house to eat vegetarian food, you will not be able to adjust your taste. So first, go to the first family’s house to eat for a month. Although the first family’s home was not as good as our family’s food, it was also not as bad as the Second Branch family’s food. So that the two of you can adapt easily. If you think I have a point, go and talk to the family tomorrow. If you don’t go to their house for lunch the day after tomorrow, they won’t cook for you two.”

After saying so much, Yan Yang worried that she would eat less and put three pieces of meat into her bowl, and echoed the words, “They are adults, you don’t need to remind so much, they can make up their own minds.”

Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were not here. Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang would not give any face to the two old people.

At this time, the two old people have been angry, and they can’t help but want to attack!

Grandma Yan also did say bad words with a bad expression, “What? Your family is so rich now. We always eat a few meals in your family and you still feel it is such a waste, right?”

“I can’t say it’s a waste.”

Lin Xiaoyue said politely with a smile on her face, “This is just a rule that we agreed with the village chief before. The village chief is the witness. Even if this matter goes to the village chief, we are justified. If Grandpa and Grandma are not happy, it can’t be helped. Since the family is divided, we have to follow the rules. “

“For this Third Branch family, was it up to you two young couples?”

Grandpa Yan was so angry that he slapped his palm on the table and snorted angrily, “My son and son’s wife are not here, so why should you two youngsters throw us two old people out? What can you two youngsters do? Uneducated things! “

Lin Xiaoyue knew that the two old people wanted to cheat and stay at their Third Branch home for lunch.

In fact, the Third Branch family could afford to take them in for a meal.

If the two old people were kind, Lin Xiaoyue would have respected them and loved them.

But these two old people are very annoying!

At every meal, they reminded the Third Branch family to take care of the First Branch family and the Second Branch family!

Their hearts were biased towards the two families over there, so there is no reason to eat more of the Third Branch family’s food.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang often only eat lunch at home, and the two old people can keep saying such things in front of them. What’s more, at noon, when the two of them are not there, what can the two old people say to Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong

These kinds of old people who turn their elbows out and their hearts are biased towards other people’s homes are white-eyed wolves who are not familiar with them. It’s a waste to give them a few more grains of rice!

Lin Xiaoyue naturally can unceremoniously give them both an expulsion order, “I am someone that your family bought. My parents can do such things as betraying me. It really shows that they did not teach me much. You can consider me as an uneducated girl. Anyway, I will tell you what my Father-in-law and mother-in-law dare not say! For tomorrow’s lunch, it’s best to talk to the first house family tomorrow about it. The day after that, our family will not do grandparents’ meals. Just in case the big house family also does not do it, then grandparents will have no food to eat. Of course, I have already warned you, so your lack of food also has nothing to do with our Third Branch family.”

“You are now taking advantage of my son, son wife’s absence to bully us, two old people!”

Grandma Yan glared angrily at Lin Xiaoyue, “How did you choose such a person? I didn’t know you were such an uneducated girl!”

“I told you, I am an uneducated girl.”

Lin Xiaoyue confessed, “Look at this table, there are fish and meat and eggs, grandparents do not have a few meals to eat. Are you sure you don’t want to eat properly and have to fight with me? You know, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law are not here, your family can not protect you two old.”

After Lin Xiaoyue finished these words, Yan Yang protectively interfered, “If you don’t want to eat, go back to your house. The third branch’s table doesn’t allow others to make trouble!”

Yan Yang’s intention was to stand up for Lin Xiaoyue, but he didn’t know that when the words were spoken, he couldn’t help but add a final note to make the words seem threatening.

It’s obvious…

The tone of his voice and the words spoken were not like his nature. It was more like the expression of that personality.

During this time, Yan Yang also gradually realized ……

He is becoming more and more similar to that personality.

No, he should say that the characteristics of that personality gradually emerged in him, and his way of thinking and acting became more and more similar to that personality.

It should be a fusion.

Yan Yang himself now felt that he was becoming more and more fused with that personality, and he would soon become what Lin Xiaoyue really liked.

For this kind of thing, Yan Yang was still quite happy.

Back to the topic, the atmosphere at the dining table was still tense.

When the two old people dislike Lin Xiaoyue, they can use their status as elders to suppress it, but when Yan Yang made a threat, the two old people did not have the courage and guts to quarrel with Yan Yang.

After all, Yan Yang is young and vigorous, tall and big. With a little hand, he would be able to restrain the two old people to death.

And Yan Yang has no feelings or respect for the two old people…

The two old people are fully convinced that if they piss him off, Yan Yang will definitely be able to twist them back to the main house.

Therefore, after Yan Yang showed some support to Lin Xiaoyue, the two old people became silent for a moment …

In the end, Grandma Yan still continued to pick up the bowl, gave a piece of chicken to Grandpa Yan, and said with a heavy face, “No more talk, let’s eat.”

Grandma Yan thought to herself that this rice with fish, meat, and eggs was indeed one fewer meal to eat. Of course, you can’t eat one less meal because of negative anger…

Old Master Yan was more stubborn.

He sat alone and sulked for a few minutes…

Then, he still picked up the bowl and ate obediently.

He can’t help it.

Only fools would refuse such a sumptuous meal.

The two old people finished eating here. After the meal, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were also almost back. Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang helped Wang Xiuying with washing dishes, and also told Wang Xiuying what happened and what the two old people said at the dining table.

After listening, Wang Xiuying praised Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang for their good work!

Wang Xiuying also said, “I’ve been thinking about this for the past two days, but luckily you two helped me get the word out and restrained the two old men. This is good! This way, we have less embarrassment and we don’t have to feel embarrassed.”

Anyway, Wang Xiuying is now completely on Lin Xiaoyue’s side.

What Lin Xiaoyue said and did, Wang Xiuying felt, was very reasonable! She should do what she said!

This is not only true for Wang Xiuying, but also for Yan Yang.

So now, in the Third Branch family, Lin Xiaoyue has become the one who decides all the big things in one sentence.

She also enjoys this feeling of being in charge.


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