I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Why are you still hitting yourself on the wall?! Don’t be stupid! “
“Don’t worry, a little bump won’t make you stupid!”
Lin Xiaoyue’s brain buzzed as she heard voices around her and heard a ringing sound in her ears.
It’s noisy
With her eyes closed, a big man carried her on his shoulders and swaggered into the room.
Lin Xiaoyue was thrown on the bed, and the man turned around and yelled at the yard, “Xiuying, come and look at her! Tell her to stop hitting her head on the wall again! “
Lin Xiaoyue blinked through her heavy eyelids and noticed an unfamiliar woman seated beside her and her blurry figure was approaching her.
Who is this?
What is happening?
“Don’t attempt to seek death. You can still have a better life if you marry my son.”
The woman said. The tone in her voice was like someone who had experienced it before.
Lin Xiaoyue was quiet for a while. The faint pain on her forehead subsided, and she gradually recovered her senses.
She remembered…
Before she lost consciousness, she was staying up all night reading books, making the final sprint for the final exam. The severe pain in her heart had rendered her unconscious at the time.
Looking at the cottage with no walls, Lin Xiaoyue was dazed.
Is it possible that…. she suddenly died?
Then how did she wake up here?
“Xiaoyang, come here…” At the door, Yan Yang shrank his head and looked timid. When he heard the woman’s call, he took a step and ran to the woman’s side.
“Xiaoyang, Her name is Lin Xiaoyue. From now on, she will be your wife. “
The woman patted Yan Yang’s hand and pointed to Lin Xiaoyue. “She will live in this room with you. At night, you sleep in one bed. “
The 1.8-meter Yan Yang looked at Lin Xiaoyue with fear in his eyes. “She doesn’t like Xiaoyang… She knocked herself into the wall. ” 
The woman frowned and then looked at Lin Xiaoyue, “You are now the wife of the Yan family. Your family sold you and collected the money and tickets. Whether you like it or not, you will have to take care of Xiao Yang in the future. “
After she heard what the woman said, she absorbed some memories that didn’t belong to her.
Lin Xiaoyue realized that she had transmigrated in a book.
In the earlier part of 《Rich Farmer’s Young WIfe in the 70s》, the cannon fodder in the book had the same name and surname as her.
In the book, the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, was sold to the fool Yan Yang as his wife because of her poor family.
But in fact, Yan Yang was not a simple fool. He was the biggest villain in this book.
He was a person with a multiple personality disorder[1]This was supposed to be translated as “schizophrenia = 精神分裂症,” but I decided to change the term used. Don’t worry, the term I used was in line with what the author wanted … Continue reading and had three personalities. Because the master was like a 6-year-old child, the whole village regarded him as a fool in this age of underdeveloped medical care.
The original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, was very unwilling to marry the fool, Yan Yang.
Originally, she bullied the fool, Yan Yang, for a long time. Later, after she fell in love with the male protagonist, she even went out of her way and attempted to use pesticides.
Her various methods have completely activated his violent personality, occupied the main host, and blackened him into a big villain.
And the first thing he did after being blackened was to divorce the former Lin Xiaoyue and give her to a beggar. After that, he began to pursue the heroine, his white moonlight, whom he had always loved and had a confrontation with the male protagonist.
At this time, it was still the beginning of the villain’s story.
The original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, was sold to Yan’s house. Because she didn’t want to marry a fool, she knocked herself into a wall to show her resistance.
As a result, the one who woke up was Lin Xiaoyue, the soul of the 21st-century woman.
My God…
Lin Xiaoyue took a deep breath, her bright eyes widened slightly, and her unusual eyes fell on Yan Yang.
She actually transmigrated as the big villain’s wife!
What bad luck!
Yan Yang timidly hid behind the woman, “Mom, she glared at me…” 
The woman also glared back at Lin Xiaoyue. Her eyes were so fierce that Lin Xiaoyue did not dare to speak.
A man’s voice came from the courtyard, “Come out!”
Wang Xiuying responded loudly. She hurriedly got up. Before leaving the room, she turned her head and stared at Lin Xiaoyue. “Wake up and talk to Xiaoyang, stop seeking death! It’s useless! “
Lin Xiaoyue:”…” 
After Wang Xiuying went out, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were left in the small room.
They both looked at each other.
After a while, Yan Yang gulped, turned around, and ran out of the room…
Lin Xiaoyue:”…”
He was afraid of her.
She should be the one who should be afraid, right? After all, he is the villain!
She felt a painful sensation in her head. Lin Xiaoyue reached out her hand and stroked her forehead, touching a big bump on top of her head!
It was left by the original owner, who had hit the wall just now.
Lin Xiaoyue stood up and walked to the door of the room, revealing a pair of big watery eyes, and looked at the scene in the courtyard.
In the yard, two families were trading.
Lin Xiaoyue saw the man holding a pile of coins in his hand. The woman named Xiuying had just entered the opposite room, and when she came out later, she also had a bunch of tickets and a sack of things in her hand.
The distance was too far. Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t see clearly.
She only heard the man say: “19.9 yuan, 10 food stamps, 5 cloth tickets, and 10 kilograms of cornmeal. Everything is here. In the future, if this woman runs back, you have to give it back to us! “
Lin Xiaoyue knew that the “woman” in the man’s mouth was her.
So.. she was sold here by the poor mother for 19 yuan and 9 cents?
Lin Xiaoyue’s heart felt cold.
Although she knew that it was Lin Xiaoyue’s established life, Lin Xiayue couldn’t help her eyes from turning red when she thought she was being sold.
She looked across from the man to the woman who received the money. The woman counted all the money and tickets and quickly put the money in her pocket. “Yes, then we’ll leave.” 
The money collection was too fast.
She felt numb
Seeing this situation, Lin Xiaoyue sighed deeply. The crocodile tears that were about to shed a moment ago rushed back.
It’s better to break up with that kind of family.
After Lin Xiaoyue’s family received everything in the courtyard, they turned around and left, without even looking at Lin Xiaoyue.
After all, this was not letting someone marry her daughter, she was selling her daughter.
Even if she didn’t know how poor her natal family was, but to the point that they were willing to sell their daughter……..
But Lin Xiaoyue knew that she would no longer be related to her natal family from this moment on.
It was said in the book.
All the Yan family remained in the yard, and now they can be regarded as Lin Xiaoyue’s in-laws!
The plot at this time was still in the early rhythm of the book, in the autumn of 1977.
Yan Yang has not blackened, and the personality of the 6-year-old was the master, occupying the 19-year-old body.
In the past, Lin Xiaoyue thought that the most enjoyable parts of the whole story were Yan Yang’s stories.
Because of his three personality settings and his decisive means of dealing with the bad wife, and various plots of fighting with the male owner and his emotional battles, all of it makes the reader have a comfortable reading experience.
However… after such a man became her husband, Lin Xiaoyue was frightened.
She looked at the yard and saw Yan Yang, who was squatting on the ground playing with small rocks. Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes were filled with complicated emotions.
Even though she had no idea how she ended up here, she can only be his wife first and foremost.
Otherwise, he will… send her to the beggar in the later stage!
“Okay, now that they left, come inside and eat!”
The old lady’s urging sound came from the main house.
When Lin Xiaoyue saw the people in the yard walk into the main house one by one, her belly sang empty city stratagem[2] to sing “The Empty City Stratagem”-to put up a bluff to conceal one’s weakness/(of one’s stomach) to be rumbling unconsciously.
Yan Yang, who was squatting on the ground not far away, suddenly called out. “Mom!” 
“What’s wrong?” Wang Xiuying turned to look at Yan Yang.
Yan Yang raised his hand and pointed his finger at Lin Xiaoyue next to him.
Wang Xiuying stared fiercely at Lin Xiaoyue. Her eyes were shooting daggers at her. She opened her mouth and said. “Go and eat together.”
Lin Xiaoyue exhaled and walked out of the back room.
Yan Yang also got up at that time and jumped to follow Wang Xiuying, “Mom, do we have any meat to eat today?”
Wang Xiuying patted him on the back, “No… where can we find meat?”
Lin Xiaoyue followed the mother and son pair. They walked into the lobby of the main house together.
A large wooden square table was placed in the center of the lobby, and those who sat around the table were all new faces to Lin Xiaoyue.
Under Wang Xiuying’s sign, Lin Xiaoyue sat beside Yan Yang.
Before she could even lift her chopsticks, Wang Xiuying brought a bowl of rice to Lin Xiaoyue, “You feed Xiaoyang first, and you can eat after he finishes.”
Lin Xiaoyue glanced at Yan Yang next to him. In his hand, he was holding a little book, looking down and concentrating on turning it.
The scene at this time was indeed like the plot in the book.
Wang Xiuying was responsible for taking care of Yan Yang, the 6-year-old personality of Yan Yang. Feeding him was one of them.
The reason why Wang Xiuying bought a wife for Yan Yang was to give Yan Yang to the wife and let the wife take care of him. 
The original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, hated this very much. In the beginning, she refused to take care of Yan Yang. As a result, Wang Xiuyung reprimanded the original owner with her fist.
Thinking of the tragic consequences, Lin Xiaoyue obediently picked up the rice bowl, scooped up the food, fed the meal first, and talked about the resistance later.
Yan Yang opened his mouth while flipping through the little man’s book, taking Lin Xiaoyue’s feeding.
At this time, the distance between the two was very close, and Lin Xiaoyue was able to see Yan Yang clearly.
With his sword eyebrows and starry eyes, his nose was high, and underneath it was his smiling lips, his facial features were hard to resist, and his attractiveness index[3]attractiveness index-rating of how good-looking someone is was not low!
Lin Xiaoyue: It seemed that the big villains in the novel indeed had great face value, and in this novel, there was no exemption.
But come to think of it, how can a villain compete with the Male Lead and Female Lead if his face value is low?
“Don’t eat taro.”
Yan Yang frowned because he bit into the hard taro. Although he was innocent, the frowning eyebrows made Lin Xiaoyue’s heart tremble.
Lin Xiaoyue frowned. When she thought that he was the big villain, Lin Xiaoyue became a little nervous, “Then I won’t put taro for you.”
Yan Yang asked again, “Is there any meat?”
Lin Xiaoyue watched the whole table of food. A bowl of custard was placed on the opposite corner of the table, “No.” 
In this family, except for Wang Xiuying, no one likes the fool Yan Yang, so they will not let Yan Yang sit in the seat where the good dishes were placed.
The first family’s daughter, Yang Hongying, who was sitting in front of the egg custard, said. “A fool still wants to eat meat! You think highly of yourself.”
Yan Yang “hummed,” turned to Lin Xiaoyue, and did not speak.
At this time, Yan Dajun, the elder of the family, spoke. “Third son, tomorrow, take your daughter-in-law to the police station for household registration. Then go to the village branch to find the captain and have her named. In the afternoon, take her to do some work. We can’t afford two people who are eating without doing anything.
Lin Xiaoyue:”…”
I haven’t eaten anything ah…
They immediately started to arrange work for me?

Notlucia: I think the author didn’t know much about this disorder (about schizophrenia), but the author admitted that he knew nothing about medical stuff, and he stated that the novel had “no logic and nothing to do with real terms, ” I think the correct term for it would be Dissociative identity disorder (DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD). From now on, I will use the term MPD/DID instead of schizophrenia. As to not confuse those people who had no idea of this disorder.


1 This was supposed to be translated as “schizophrenia = 精神分裂症,” but I decided to change the term used. Don’t worry, the term I used was in line with what the author wanted to convey.
2 to sing “The Empty City Stratagem”-to put up a bluff to conceal one’s weakness/(of one’s stomach) to be rumbling
3 attractiveness index-rating of how good-looking someone is


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  1. shangshang has spoken 7 months ago

    I had to double check this was set in the 70’s, as there was some recourse for being sold by your family back then but I guess in a novel where nothing is researched, it’s too much to expect the law as an avenue of help.

  2. dendenmushi21 has spoken 1 year ago

    Sad that the author didn’t bother doing some research on mental health. Doing so would make this novel more substantial…


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