I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 2.1

Chapter 2 Part 1

Indeed. On her first night as a wife, Lin Xiaoyue began to work.

When she finished feeding Yan Yang, there was no food left on the table.

Lin Xiaoyue ate two yellow buns and chewed dryly, narrowly avoiding choking herself to death again.

After the meal, she washed the dishes and chopsticks.

Wang Xiuying used to wash the dishes before, Now that she was here, Wang Xiuying dumped her chores into her hand.

Lin Xiaoyue was raised by her family in her previous life, and because of her good academic performance, she was raised as a good student at home.

As a result, in this era of poor peasants, and with such an identity background, she was quite aggrieved.

But after another thought, she felt that she was lucky.

After all, she died suddenly in front of the desk because she stayed up late memorizing. So now that she was still alive, It was also considered picking back her small life.

Since it is here, it was still somehow safe.

It’s good to be alive.

Lin Xiaoyue told herself in her heart: In this life, she has to live comfortably and never harm her health for anything!

Lin Xiaoyue finished washing the bowl and went out. The sky was completely dark, and the courtyard was empty.

Because it was autumn, the yard was rustling with autumn wind, and Lin Xiaoyue, who was dressed in thin clothes, walked through the yard and was chilled by the cool wind.

She quickly hugged her arms and ran into the small room with quick steps.

The small room is her and Yan Yang’s wedding room.

The kerosene lamp was lit in the room, and Yan Yang was hiding under the covers reading a book.

After Lin Xiaoyue entered, he wrapped up the blanket and immediately shrank to the far corner of the bed.

That pair of bright black eyes let out an air of indifference and alienation as if to warn her to not come near him.


Lin Xiaoyue nodded to him and gradually approached him.

Seeing her coming over, Yan Yang wrapped the quilt more tightly, wrapping himself up tightly, his face as cold as frost.

Seeing what came out of his eyes, Lin Xiaoyue’s mind was aroused—the second personality came out!

Yan Yang’s second personality was a man of normal age.

Originally, the second personality should have been the master of the three personalities, but the second personality was depressed and didn’t want to interact with others. Therefore, the master personality was handed over to the 6-year-old boy, and the second personality only comes out at night.

This was all written in the book.

Lin Xiaoyue remembered that the heroine Bai Xiaochun in the book met Yan Yang’s second personality one night.

At that time, Yan Yang was being bullied, and the heroine, Bai Xiaochun, took care of him and helped him.

Therefore, Yan Yang’s second personality adores Bai Xiaochun. Coming out of the night and quietly going to Bai Xiaochun was a common occurrence. Even the most violent third personality showed love to Bai Xiaochun.

Lin Xiaoyue, who knew all the plots, thought: What do we need the female lead for? In the future, she will take care of the second personality! “


Lin Xiaoyue tried her best to show a pure and sweet smile as she approached Yan Yang.

“Don’t come here.”

Yan Yang’s voice was slightly cold, and those cold eyes fell on her, which could draw a sense of distance between the two.

“I won’t touch you, but I’ll talk with you, okay?”

Lin Xiaoyue sat on the bed and saw a high school math book on the bed. She asked: “Are you reading a book for high school? Do you want to take the college entrance examination? “

October 1977 was the day the college entrance exams were resumed.

And it was the beginning of November. Lin Xiaoyue guessed that the heroine, Bai Xiaochun, wanted to take the college entrance exam, so he started preparing for it too.

It seemed that she came at a bad time. He has already been in contact with Bai Xiaochun. I wonder if he was already in love with her?

“How much can you understand in this book?”

Lin Xiaoyue turned over the mathematics book for the college entrance examination in 1977. The arithmetic in it should not be too simple!

“I know all of these. Let me teach you, okay? “

She lifted her eyes and looked at Yan Yang.

The depressed personality of Yan Yang’s face was tense, holding a barrier to her, unwilling to communicate with her.

“I am your wife. We are a married couple. Your concern is my concern. “

To gain his trust, Lin Xiaoyue put on a professional fake smile and spoke against her heart.

However, it was useless…

Yan Yang surprisingly ignored her. He turned around and lay down with his back facing her.

Really depressing!

How to change the iceberg if he refuses to communicate?

“Shall I sleep next to you?”

Lin Xiaoyue picked up the math book, moved her butt towards him, and sat behind him.

Yan Yang still ignored her.

Lin Xiaoyue sighed and put the kerosene lamp on the bedside, and she laid down too.

The atmosphere was cold for a minute. It was like the frost in the twelfth lunar month…

Lin Xiaoyue began to pull the quilt, “Give me some quilt. I’m cold. “

At first, the depressed Yan Yang was reluctant to give the quilt to her. After resisting for a bit, he finally gave the quilt to her.

He did not want it at all. Yan Yang curled up and lay in the corner of the bed.

From the angle of his back to her, between his eyebrows, rose a few displeasures.

Lin Xiaoyue comfortably covered half of the quilt and left half for him, “What should I call you? Hubby (modern term) or Husband ( ancient/formal)? “

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t know what to call the other half in this era.

“Forget it, I’ll just call you Xiaoyang.”

Lin Xiaoyue faced Yan Yang’s head and said. “I have a bad habit of reciting English words for a while before going to bed. Do you mind?”

Yan Yang, who had his back to her, had a slight movement in his eyes…

“I’ll just recite some English words.”

Lin Xiaoyue deliberately said, “power, p-o-w-e-r, that word means: ability, power.”

It was sort of flattering him.

Lin Xiaoyue read it out loud on purpose and deliberately made him listen to it.

Depressed Yan Yang was silent, but his ears were tightly focused. He silently wrote down the words she recited.

Lin Xiaoyue recited 10 random words and closed her eyes after reciting, “Sleep!”

Yan Yang: “…”

Is it over?

After a while, Yan Yang quietly turned around. His black pupils staring down at her little sleeping face.

It’s his wife, ah.

Surprisingly, “he” who was severely disabled, could have a wife…

It seemed like she did not dislike him.

Yan Yang pursed his lips quietly.


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