I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 2.2

Chapter 2 Part 2

Late at night, Lin Xiaoyue had a dream.

In her dream, she was back in the 21st century in her studies.

She had a large study room with all kinds of books on the shelves.

There were also laptops that had accompanied her for several years, as well as the cup of coffee that she hadn’t had the time to finish before she died, the instant noodles she didn’t make, and the express delivery in the corner that she hadn’t had time to open.

Lin Xiaoyue found the book on the bookshelf: 《Rich Farmer’s Young WIfe in the 70s》

This book records the story of men and women who met and cherished each other, struggled with each other, and made a fortune in the 1970s.

In this essay, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were both cannon fodder.

In the early part of the book, Lin Xiaoyue was dealt with by the blackened Yan Yang and lived the second half of her life with beggars.

In the later stage, Yan Yang’s multiple personality disorder becomes the key means for the male lead to deal with him.

Under the male protagonist’s scheme, Yan Yang’s second and third personalities were erased one after another. Finally, the personality of a 6-year-old child was left behind, thus being admitted to a mental hospital.

In her dream, Lin Xiaoyue opened the book and sat down to read it again.


Early the next morning, Lin Xiaoyue was woken up by a loud voice.

“Get up! Lin Xiaoyue! “

Wang Xiuying’s voice came from outside of the house, and Lin Xiaoyue was about to get up in anger.

“So noisy.”

Lin Xiaoyue sat up with sleepy eyes, “I’m up!”

“You’ve just arrived, and you’re so lazy! Lin Xiaoyue! Get up! “

Wang Xiuying was tapping on the door. Her voice was even fiercer than before.

Lin Xiaoyue sighed and got out of bed. When she was about to put on her shoes, she found that there was something in her hand.

Looking down, Lin Xiaoyue saw what she was holding in her hand. It was the book 《Rich Farmer’s Young WIfe in the 70s》 she was reading in her dream.

Lin Xiaoyue was shocked!

She thought that she was just reading in her dream. She didn’t expect that when she woke up, this thing would appear in her hands!

It’s weird…

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t help but wonder, was she in the world of the book, or was the book in her world?

“Lin Xiaoyue!”

Wang Xiuying’s urging voice came.

“Getting dressed! Wait a minute. “

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly got out of bed, looked around in this small room, and then hurriedly got out of bed and hid the book 《Rich Farmer’s Young WIfe in the 70s》 at the bottom of the closet.

This book was too modern to exist in this era, so it can’t be discovered by others.

After hiding the book, Lin Xiaoyue went out with peace of mind. Before leaving, she looked back at Yan Yang, who was still asleep and gritted her teeth bitterly.

I’m jealous ah…

In the morning, Wang Xiuying took Lin Xiaoyue to the police station to register her household registration and went to the village branch to find the captain to put her name under the name of Yan’s family.

In this way, when Lin Xiaoyue went out to work in the afternoon, the work points she got would be given to the Yan family.

Wang Xiuying talked a lot with Lin Xiaoyue on the road.

First, she warned Lin Xiaoyue that she was now a member of the Yan family and that her mother’s family would not accept her, so she told her to stop thinking about going back home……

After that, only then did she inform Lin Xiaoyue about Yan Yang’s situation, how to take care of Yan Yang, and the Yan family’s several houses that lived in that house.

The Yan family’s old lady and old master were still alive. The Yan family also has three sons and two daughters who are married.

Yan Yang’s father, Yan Dayong, was the third child of the family.

There were two people in the Yan family who could make decisions, the first house, Yan Dajun, and the old lady at the top. In addition, there was still the second house, Yan Dalin.

In Yan Yang’s generation, Yan Yang was the first to get married.

Because his mental condition was a burden to the family, plus he simply couldn’t earn work points for the family, so they looked for a woman to ease the burden for the family.

When Wang Xiuying told Lin Xiaoyue this information, her face was haggard.

Lin Xiaoyue saw that she was quite sincere, so she accepted her mother-in-law.

In the era of poor peasants, before the reform and opening up, everyone had their own difficulties under the oppression of poor life.

Lin Xiaoyue thought that after the reform and opening up, life would be better. Reform and opening-up were a hurdle. After passing it, society can progress.

But before that, she still has to live a better life. Some things can be saved, such as taking care of Yan Yang, eating, bathing, washing hands, washing face ……

Isn’t it cool to teach him to do these things on his own?

After completing the formalities in the morning, Lin Xiaoyue and Wang Xiuying returned home, but they found out that Yan Yang was not at home.

Wang Xiuying needed to prepare lunch, so she asked Lin Xiaoyue to go out to find Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue, who had read the book, knew that silly Yanyang likes to run to school during the day.

So, she went directly to the school to find him.


There was a very simple school in Shang Yan village, with only one classroom. The educated youth-only teaches the village children how to read and write.

Yan Yang likes to run to the school, wait for students to leave class, and wait for someone to play with him.

After all, the dominant personality was just 6 years old.

Finally, when the school recess came, Yan Yang stood up happily and looked at the students in the classroom with his bright eyes. His face showed a childlike smile.

At this time, nine-year-old Wang Xiaosheng pointed at Yan Yang and shouted, “Hey, that fool is here again!”

Under the leadership of the nine-year-old boy, several boys of the same age also saw Yan Yang and laughed. “Haha, the idiot is here again!”

“Let’s go play with the fool!”

“Come on!”

Four to five boys rushed to Yan Yang and surrounded him, “Fool, did you bring food today?”

Yan Yang shook his head, “Mom make anything.”

“Forget it, let’s play horse riding!”

Wang Xiaosheng patted Yan Yang on the shoulder, “Come down and let’s play horseback riding! I’ll go first! “

“But, I don’t want to play horseback riding. I want to play something else with you guys… ” Yan Yang said weakly.

Wang Xiaosheng pointed at him: “You have to listen to us so that we will play with you. Otherwise, no one will play with you, you fool! Quickly squat down! “


Yan Yang obediently bent down and let Wang Xiaosheng ride on his back. He was on his back and on all fours, riding like a horse.

Wang Xiaosheng sat on his back and let out a “drive drive drive” sound of spurring, “Hurry up big horse!”

“Wang Xiaosheng, I want to play too!” Wang Dasheng who was next to him said to him.

“I want to play too!”

Several boys coaxed one after another.

Wang Xiaosheng waved to Wang Dasheng, “Dasheng come and sit with us, two at a time. When the lap is over, then change! “

Wang Xiaosheng lived like a small leader and arranged everyone.

Wang Dasheng also sat on Yan Yang’s back.

Yan Yang, in the end, had an adult skeleton to support the weight of two children.

“I’m too tired…”

But turning half a circle, Yan Yang’s forehead started to sweat, “I do not want to play horseback riding anymore…”

Wang Xiaosheng, however, ignored him and continued to laugh and shout, “Heave! Heave! “

“Hey! What are you doing! “

At that moment, Lin Xiaoyue, who had arrived, saw this scene…

“Hey! What are you doing! “

At this time, Lin Xiaoyue, who rushed over, saw this scene…


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