I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3 Part 1

When Lin Xiaoyue came to school, she saw Yan Yang, who was about 1.8 meters tall, was being used as a horse by a few eight or nine-year-old children, and even two people were riding on him!

This scene made Lin Xiaoyue really angry.

In a few minutes, she rushed over at a pace of not recognizing one’s family * and grabbed Wang Xiaosheng’s hand and pulled him up.

(TN: not recognizing one’s family-self-centered and not making any allowances for the needs of one’s relatives)

“You brat! What are you doing! “

Wang Xiaosheng hadn’t seen Lin Xiaoyue, but he was not afraid of her at all, so he raised his neck and replied. “We’re playing a game with a fool, It’s none of your business! Who are you? “

“I am his wife!”

Lin Xiaoyue rolled up her sleeves, her hands on her hips, showing her fierce eyes at Wang Xiaosheng.

Wang Xiaosheng was stunned for a moment, but then he burst into laughter. “Hahaha! A fool still has a wife! Hahaha~”

Wang Xiaosheng’s manner of mockery was brimming with inferior nature *, but the boys around him laughed with him!

“Hahaha, I haven’t seen a fool who can still have a wife!”

“Even a fool can marry a wife! Haha~”

These bear children, repeating their words over and over again. I’m afraid they can’t even find adjectives to mock people.

Lin Xiaoyue glared at the bear children before helping Yan Yang up again, her small body standing in front of him as if she was protecting him.

“Whose children are you? If you have the ability, to report your name!”

Lin Xiaoyue put one hand on her hips, chest straight. She said aggressively: “Did your parents teach you to do this? Did you come to school to bully people? Believe it or not. I will look for your teacher and file a complaint! “

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? We didn’t bully the fool! We are playing with the fool! “

Wang Xiaosheng refused to acknowledge their bullying behavior.

Wang Xiaosheng and the others dared to bully Yan Yang because he was mentally deficient. Still, Lin Xiaoyue seemed to be a normal adult…

The eight or nine-year-old children were still afraid of adults, so they were afraid of Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue sneered. “He is stupid, but I am not. Do you call that playing? Go home and ask your father to play ah! All of you, tell me your names and I will go to your house one by one and I’ll talk with your parents!

Lin Xiaoyue was very imposing, and a few words scared the bear children. They didn’t dare to laugh or speak. Of course, they didn’t dare to tell their names, afraid that Lin Xiaoyue would come to their parents to complain…..

“Yeah, right! If you don’t want to play, then we won’t play! From now on, we won’t play with fools! “

The leader of the kids, Wang Xiaosheng, waved his hand. He immediately turned and ran away after he finished speaking.

After his brother, Wang Dasheng, saw him run away, he immediately followed and ran away with several bear children.

The group of bullies, these bear children, fled as if retreating…

Lin Xiaoyue turned around and patted Yan Yang’s knees. “Don’t play with them anymore.”

“I want to play with them.” Silly Yan Yang said weakly.

Lin Xiaoyue frowned and patted him on the shoulder, hating the iron for not being steel[1]hating iron from not being a steel-to feeling resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement “Is it fun?! It’s not fun at all! I don’t think you look very happy! “

Silly Yan Yang narrowed his mouth and said nothing.

With such a handsome face and such an aggrieved expression towards her, it was hard for Lin Xiaoyue to blame him.

“Okay… I’m not being mean to you either……”

Lin Xiaoyue stroked his head to soothe him, “Don’t be sad, let’s go home.”

Yan Yang’s big, slithery eyes stared at Lin Xiaoyue, his expression somewhat frozen.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Xiaoyue took his hand and led him in the direction of their house.

Lin Xiaoyue treated him as a child and walked on the road while holding his hands. Lin Xiaoyue didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

As they walked, Yan Yang suddenly said, “Wife, it turns out… you are quite good.”

The second half of the sentence was immediately ignored by Lin Xiaoyue.

The previous title…

Lin Xiaoyue had goosebumps, and she trembled, “You called me wife?”

Yan Yang: “Hmm…”

Lin Xiaoyue: “Then will you listen to me in the future?”

Yan Yang was puzzled: “Do I need to listen to you?”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded earnestly: “I am your wife. You have to listen to your wife, then the wife will be nice to you. If you are not obedient, I will not be nice to you. “

Yan Yang was suddenly frightened. “Okay… Then I will listen to you.”

The silly Yan Yang was unexpectedly easy to coax…..

Compared to the depressed Yan Yang last night, he was much more cheerful!

Lin Xiaoyue thought again: Is this considered as preliminary to conquering the villain?

As soon as they got home, Wang Xiuying called Yan Yang to the kitchen, and Lin Xiaoyue followed.

Today the old Mother chicken laid an extra egg. Wang Xiuying secretly steamed a bowl of egg custard, while the others were not yet back. She hurriedly asked Yan Yang to eat.

“Hurry up and eat quickly, and pretend you never ate it. No one should say anything.” Wang Xiuying taught Yan Yang this way.

Lin Xiaoyue, who was also in the kitchen, had her eyes fixed on the stovetop, and her mouth watered like crazy…

Wang Xiuying also saw Lin Xiaoyue’s expression, frowned, and took a pair of chopsticks to her, “Eat a little, don’t let anyone see it.”

“Thank you, mother-in-law.”

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed the chopsticks and ate a few vegetables quickly.
Originally it looked quite delicious, but it turned out that there was no oil at all, and the taste was very bland…

Lin Xiaoyue felt like she was eating grass, and her appetite was instantly reduced by half.

“What? Do you think it’s not good? “

Wang Xiuying glanced at Lin Xiaoyue, “I didn’t notice that you’re quite delicate, huh?”

Although it was really unpalatable, Lin Xiaoyue still smiled at Wang Xiuying with a clear conscience, “It’s delicious. I just can’t bear to eat it.”

“Take advantage of the time that no one was here. Take a few more bites.”

Wang Xiuying reminded her, “When we get to the dinner table later, we may not be able to get any food.”

Lin Xiaoyue remembered that after she fed Yan Yang last night when she ate by herself, her plate was indeed empty, and only some vegetable juice was left…

So she suggested to Wang Xiuying boldly, “Mother-in-law, can’t we let Xiaoyang eat by himself? Look at him now, he’s eating the egg custard by himself, isn’t he? “

“No way.”

Wang Xiuying glanced at her, “If he eats by himself, he will be scolded to death by his second uncle’s wife!”

Lin Xiaoyue asked: “Why?”

Wang Xiuying treated Lin Xiaoyue as her own daughter-in-law and said. “If we let Xiaoyang eat by himself, he will pick the best food. Eggs, meat, fish, all of these things our family was not allowed to eat. His second uncle’s wife’s mouth was too talkative, saying, “He’s not working, so it’s a loss.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded slowly and gradually understood the status of their family in the Yan Family.

At this time, Yan Yang had already gobbled up the egg custard, “Mom, I’m finished!”

“Clean your mouth, don’t say anything!”

Wang Xiuying hurriedly went to collect the bowls and turned back to Lin Xiaoyue and said, You eat a few more bites so that you won’t have to eat the bun. “

Lin Xiaoyue thought of last night’s dry bun but still hurriedly picked up chopsticks and ate a few bites of light-tasting dishes.

However, the conversation in the kitchen at this time happened to be heard by Yan Hongying, who was passing by the kitchen.

Yan Hongying also took a peek and saw through the crack of the door. Yan Yang was eating egg custard!

Even a fool can eat egg custard!

The broken woman who was bought for 19 yuan 9 cents was eating vegetables! Was this not asking the family to eat this woman’s saliva?

Yan Hongying was very angry when he thought about it!

But she didn’t expose them and held her anger.

Yan Hongying told Yan Lianhua of the second uncle’s family before dinner later so that Yan Lianhua could tell the second aunt.

The second-uncle wife’s mouth was talkative. She must scold them to death!


1 hating iron from not being a steel-to feeling resentful towards sb for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement


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