I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 3.2

After a while, it was time for lunch.

Several elderly people arrived home one after another, and the home gradually became lively.

Lunch was eaten in the lobby of the main house, and warm meals were served on the table.

Before everyone was seated, Yan Hongying pulled Yan Lianhua to a corner, and immediately whispered to her ears, and told Yan Lianhua what she had heard outside the kitchen door this morning.

She was the eldest daughter of the family and the daughter of a second family. The age difference was less than two years. In normal times, it was regarded as the same. In the outsider’s opinion, the two seemed like they had an excellent relationship.

Besides, they both loathe the same person—Yan Yang. So they get along even better.

It just so happens that today, Yan Hongying had her menstrual period, so she was lazy for a day and asked her mother for leave to not work today.

As a result, she found out that Wang Xiuying was secretly giving Yan Yang egg custard and letting the woman they bought for 19.9 yuan eat their vegetables!

After Yan Hongying told Yan Lianhua about this, Yan Lianhua immediately looked angry and directly raised her voice. “How can they do this? It’s shameful! “

All of the elders in the lobby glanced at her. Lin Xiaoyue looked at her too.

Knowing that so many people were paying attention to her, Yan Lianhua did not know how to restrain herself and deliberately shouted in a sharp voice, “How can there be such people? It’s so disgusting! “

“Keep your voice down, don’t say it…”

Yan Hongying pulled Yan Lianhua’s clothes and whispered to her ear to continue what she was saying. “This is not the right time to say this. Maybe this was the third uncle’s wife’s idea. This matter has to be told by the adults…”

Yan Lianhua also felt that what Yan Hongying said made sense, but her heart was still furious.

That pair of eyes fixed on Lin Xiaoyue was tenacious, as if they were all about to burst into flames…

“Sit down and eat.”

The food was all on the table, and the old lady and the old man sat at the table.

Several people sat down around the big table, and the good dishes were still in front of the first and second families. As for the third family, as always, a big pot of steamed bun or a big bowl of rice was in front of them.

In front of Lin Xiaoyue was a pot of yellow steamed bun, and for Yan Yang was a big pot of rice.

Lin Xiaoyue fedan Yan Yang first. It is estimated that when she finished feeding him, rice and vegetables were not available. She could only eat a bun.

Yan Lianhua did not eat at noon, did not eat the vegetables, and gnawed the steamed bun. She disliked that the vegetable dishes were eaten by Lin Xiaoyue. She didn’t want to eat Lin Xiaoyue’s saliva.

“You have to eat.”

Yan Lianhua’s mother, Chen Cuiyun, saw her daughter only eating the bun. Her expression was not very good, “Why are you not eating rice and vegetables? Why are you just eating the buns? “

“I can’t tell you now.” Yan Lianhua Biting the steamed bun, staring straight at Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue noticed Yan Lianhua’s eyes. Her eyes were hot…


Does she think she’s so beautiful?

“Don’t mess around. Eat!” Chen Cuiyun picked up the scrambled eggs with her chopsticks and wanted to put them in Yan Lianhua’s bowl, but was pushed aside by Yan Lianhua, “No, I don’t want to eat vegetables! Leave me alone, I will eat steamed buns! “
Chen Cuiyun said: “Do you like it or not!”

Then, she stuffed the scrambled eggs into her mouth.

Yan Lianhua’s provocative eyes were still fixed on Lin Xiaoyue. She would tell her mother about this later and then tell her mother to catch her in the act at night!

Only then can there be a good show!

Lin Xiaoyue found that Yan Lianhua was still staring at her…

Probably because she was so lovely!

Alas, I might be really beautiful.

In the afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue went out to work with the Yan family to go to the production team for the final work of the autumn harvest.

After working hard all afternoon, Lin Xiaoyue realized the hardships of working people.

Fortunately, today was the last day of the autumn harvest. After all, it was already November.

When the autumn harvest is over, the work of the production team will also end this year.

After a while, the village will arrange the distribution of food, meat, money, and tickets based on individual work points.

Lin Xiaoyue seized the tail end of the labor and earned half a day’s work, so she also had a share.

Wang Xiuying was once again preoccupied with dinner preparations.

Yan Lianhua told her mother, Chen Cuiyun, about Wang Xiuying’s misdeeds when she left work this afternoon.

Chen Cuiyun was also angry and cursed for a while. She was preparing to catch Wang Xiuying redhanded tonight! She has to make the third family pay for what they did and have less share for this year end.

However, the family was there for dinner. Wang Xiuying did not steal food to feed Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue.

Chen Cuiyun, who had lost her chance, stared at Wang Xiuying all night and swore in her heart that she would catch Wang Xiuying.

Lin Xiaoyue wasn’t aware of the scheming plan of these people.

At night, Lin Xiaoyue, who could only eat two buns, intended to discuss with Yan Yang and ask him whether it was possible for her not to feed him anymore. and let him pick up the vegetables for him to eat, and be a good boy.

After she washed the dishes, she returned to her room. Lin Xiaoyue walked in and saw Yan Yang changing his pants. She let out a terrified cry: “Oh! Hey!”

She turned around and closed the door, covering her face with her back facing him, “You, you are changing clothes ah! Why didn’t you close the door properly! “

“So what?”

Yan Yang’s lazy voice came from behind.

Lin Xiaoyue felt something was wrong, “Are you done changing?”

“You’re my woman, right? “Do you dare not to look?”

Yan Yang’s tone was frivolous and playful, his sword eyebrows were raised slightly, and his face was handsome and elegant.

He had changed his clothes and was sitting on the bed, staring at Lin Xiaoyue with his black eyes, looking at her with a funny expression on his face.

Lin Xiaoyue felt that the movements behind her stopped. So she turned around, and her pupils shrank slightly…

He was not stupid. He was not depressed, but arrogant!

This is……

The third personality came out!

This was the real villain!


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  1. shangshang has spoken 11 months ago

    🙄 such nonsense about saliva when nothing like that happened. I’m already liking the third personality, he should become the main one.

    • YorCat has spoken 3 months ago

      good brother. maybe, eating saliva means eating someone’s leftovers


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