I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The third personality of Yan Yang was the real villain in the original book.

He succeeded in blackening and became the biggest villain all at once, relying on the most vicious third personality.

In the book, the third personality is described as: He considers everyone else beneath him, a self-proclaimed king, and he would achieve his goals, by hook or by crook.

Because the third personality was like this. The first personality and the second personality were suppressing the third personality, making the third personality unable to come out often.

In the original book, the body was completely occupied by the third personality in the later period.

In the end… the cause of it was the long-term bullying of the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, which deeply stimulated him.

Therefore, when the third personality completely occupied the body, the original master Lin Xiaoyue was quickly resolved!

He divorced her, gave them to the beggars, gave money to beggars to look out for her, and bullied her…

It was all because of the long and terrible torture.

Lin Xiaoyue did not expect that she would meet the third personality so soon.

Fortunately, she didn’t do evil things to him.

She was not afraid, humph!

“You… why are you wearing this? What for? “

Lin Xiaoyue asked him.

He changed his rough, ragged clothes in the middle of the night and put on a pure black cloth, just like the assassin played in a TV series.

Lin Xiaoyue guessed that he would probably go out tonight, right?

“I’m going out.”

Sure enough…

Lin Xiaoyue asked again: “What are you doing in the middle of the night?”

Yan Yang picked up a black cloth from under the mat and stuffed it into his cloth pocket. “I will be back before dawn.”

In the original book, although Yan Yang’s third personality was violent, he was also quite loyal.

He didn’t make many appearances in the early stage, but after becoming the master in the later stage, he was with his group, who became friends with the third personality.

The third personality was able to mix well with successful people because of those friends.

Lin Xiaoyue guessed that he would go out to meet those friends at night, right?

Yan Yang opened the window on the east wall of the house, grabbed it, leaped expertly, and half of his body was out the window.


Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward and lowered her voice, “It’s so late. You should be careful when you go out alone.”

She didn’t stop him. Let him do his business.

She didn’t even ask for his reason.

Purely because when she was reading the book, she really liked the unruly personality of Yan Yang.


Yan Yang, who had already gotten out of the window, suddenly turned his head, his dark pupils locked on her, “Help me on sentry duty, and when I come back, I’ll give you something.”

Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes lit up instantly, “Okay, I want to eat something delicious.” She has been eating badly for the past two days.

“Sure. You go to bed first, and there will be food when you wake up. “

Yan Yang’s smiling lips slanted upwards. He looked like he was doing something bad.

He jumped out of the window.

Watching his back disappear in the window, Lin Xiaoyue exhaled.

She thought that because she was a bad wife, the third personality of Yan Yang would be very fierce to her.

But no~

It can be seen that the third personality of Yan Yang was really kind to her.

Since all three personalities of her husband treat her well, she can enjoy her life now. She only needed to be careful and not let him blacken!

By the way…

Lin Xiaoyue suddenly remembered the book 《Rich Farmer’s Young Wife in the 70s》 that she had hidden in the closet in the morning.

She hurriedly opened the closet, and from underneath the closet, she pulled out the 《Rich Farmer’s Young Wife in the 70s》

“This thing, how did you find it out?” Lin Xiaoyue was puzzled.

She just had a dream that she was reading this book in the study, and when she woke up, she was holding this book in her hand.

It was so strange.

Moreover, this book shouldn’t appear in this era. Lin Xiaoyue had to hide it.

Lin Xiaoyue hugged the book and lay down on the bed.

Soon, she fell asleep.

The moment she fell asleep, the same dream as last night reappeared.

Lin Xiaoyue found that she was in the study, holding the copy of 《Rich Farmer’s Young Wife in the 70s》 in her hand.

When Lin Xiaoyue put the book back on the bookshelf, she found that there was another copy of this book on the bookshelf.

She put the book on the shelf again, walked to the desk, turned on the laptop, and found that the computer was still connected to the Internet. And the open programs were all materials she looked up when she was sprinting for her exams.

However, the time on the notebook was static.

Lin Xiaoyue guessed that the time in her study room might be fixed at the moment of her death.

This space was very strange.

A space similar to the fourth dimension?

Lin Xiaoyue could not understand the concept of it.

In the study, Lin Xiaoyue found a box of instant noodles. She held it in her hand and planned to do an experiment.

Sure enough.

When she woke up the next day, Lin Xiaoyue held a box of instant noodles in her hand.

There were two pieces of good news.

  1. She has instant noodles for her to eat.
  2. She also had space that she could enter in her dreams.

Lin Xiaoyue felt comfortable having this ability after transmigrating it into this book.

When she woke up, Lin Xiaoyue looked up and found that Yan Yang had indeed returned.

He was sleeping next to her. His face was dirty and covered with dust.

People who didn’t know will think that he had gone to dig a grave in the middle of the night.

Lin Xiaoyue got up, hid the instant noodles in the closet, planning to secretly soak and eat at night.

When she turned around and was about to leave the house, she saw an oily paper bag on the broken wooden table beside the bed. There was a piece of paper beside the paper bag.

Lin Xiaoyue saw a sentence written on the paper: [Eat it immediately when you see it unless it might be eaten by a fool!]


Lin Xiaoyue laughed.

She knew that this was the food brought back by the third personality of Yan Yang, and he even told her to eat it immediately, for fear that it might be eaten by the 6-year-old Yan Yang.

But isn’t the fool also himself?

Lin Xiaoyue thought silently.

She opened the oily paper bag, and Lin Xiaoyue saw a large piece of buttered pastry inside. She broke a small piece and found that there was still meat inside!

Meat is precious these days!

He went out in the middle of the night and managed to get this rare commodity. Excellent!

After leaving the house and washing up briefly, Lin Xiaoyue went back to the house to eat the oil cake.

After these two days, I finally got a bite of meat!

She was happy enough to soar up!

Lin Xiaoyue hummed and ate. She turned her head to look at Yan Yang, who was still asleep in the bed, and said contentedly: “Thank you, my third husband.”

Third husband?

It’s a little strange.

The autumn harvest work of the production team has ended, and each household has no public assignments.

Everyone in the Yan family was free. The group went out early in the morning, saying they were going to town to buy something.

But Lin Xiaoyue was not free.

There were a lot of household chores in front of her!

In the Yan family, the women in the first and second houses never do housework, and all the housework is taken care of by Wang Xiuying alone.

Therefore, after Lin Xiaoyue married, she had her share of what Wang Xiuying was doing.

Early in the morning, she needed to clean the yard, wash the family’s clothes, and cook.

Lin Xiaoyue felt that the work of the production team was not much different from household chores.

She was really exhausted!

Near noon, Wang Xiuying cooked stir-fry, Lin Xiaoyue was at the stove to help Wang Xiuyung cook, and Yan Yang, who had been playing outside, ran into the kitchen with a big gray face.

“Mom, Wife, Xiao Yang is hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”

Yan Yang ran to the stove. His paws were about to reach the scrambled eggs that were just out of the pan. Wang Xiuying hurriedly stopped him and called Lin Xiaoyue back: “Lin Xiaoyue, take Xiaoyang to wash his hands.”

Lin Xiaoyue stopped washing her hands, raised her head, and called Yan Yang: “Xiaoyang, come here.”

Yan Yang was unexpectedly obedient and walked towards Lin Xiaoyue obediently. There was a silly smile on his face. “Xiaoyang is here!”

Lin Xiaoyue got up and walked to the water tank, scooped a few scoops of water into the basin. Yan Yang lifted up his sleeves and obediently washed his hands.

Lin Xiaoyue also saw his gray face, turned around and found a washcloth, re-filled the water, drained the cloth, and wiped his face while wiping and asked: “Where did you go to play early in the morning? Now you look like a small flower cat. “

Probably because of the meat cake that the third personality brought back, every time he saw it, Lin Xiaoyue would feel comfortable.

Although this Yan Yang was not the other Yan Yang.

Yan Yang saw that the wife in front of him was gentle like water. He smiled even wider, “I went to school to play!

“You went to school again?”

Lin Xiaoyue directly threw the washcloth at him. She turned around. She was a little annoyed. “Didn’t we talk about it yesterday? I told you to stop going to school to play with those kids. They don’t really want to play with you! “

Yan Yang took the washcloth and pouted aggrievedly: “But my wife won’t play with me either.”

Lin Xiaoyue retorted to him, “You don’t help your wife either.”

“Mom said I don’t need to work…” Yan Yang said in the wronged tone.

Sure enough, Wang Xiuying helped him, “Women should do the housework. Xiao Yang, come and eat some food. “

Yan Yang immediately ran to Wang Xiuying.

Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward and corrected: “Mother-in-law, I think we should arrange something for Xiao Yang to take care of him. He always ran to the school to play with the children, but those children were bullying him, and they rode on his back like a dog. “

Wang Xiuying never knew about this. She asked Yan Yang, “Something like this happened?”

Silly Yanyang took an egg and said while he was eating, “It’s not a dog, it’s like a horse, I’m the strongest, so everyone rides me!”


Wang Xiuying said in a high pitch tone, “Which kid is there! Where did you go to study? This kind of thing can’t be done! “

Lin Xiaoyue deliberately revealed this.

She was deliberately baiting Wang Xiuying, and when she saw that she was about to storm out, she pretended to say: “Mother-in-law, it’s not just one child, it’s a group of children. Those children bullied Xiao Yang and said Xiao Yang’s brain was not good. They even called him stupid and laughed at me for being the fool’s wife.”

“These little bastards! If I see them, I must teach them a good lesson! “Wang Xiuying was so angry that she wanted to smash the spatula.

“Mother-in-law, don’t be too angry. I was fierce towards them yesterday. “

Lin Xiaoyue reassures Wang Xiuying. “So I think it’s best for Xiaoyang to stay with us. Since you asked me to take care of Xiaoyang, he needs to be in front of me before I can take care of him, don’t you think so? “

Wang Xiuying’s anger still didn’t fade, but Lin Xiaoyue’s words made her feel a lot more at ease.

Anyway, she saw the attitude of this daughter-in-law.

Her daughter-in-law was very sincere to her son.

“All right, from now on, you should take care of Xiao Yang. Working less is fine. “Wang Xiuying said.

“Mother-in-law, don’t worry, I will take good care of Xiao Yang.”

Lin Xiaoyue felt relieved.

Look, doesn’t this save a lot of housework?

“Okay! Sure enough, you were stealing food! “

At that moment, there was a sudden outburst of anger came from outside the door.

Chen Cuiyun pointed at them and started yelling in anger. “Oh! Come and take a look. What kind of people are these? Can this still be a family? They were stealing food for them to eat ah!”

After the third wife’s selfishness in feeding her son and daughter-in-law was caught. Chen Cuiyun immediately yelled out in a loud voice, ready to tear their faces.

Soon, several people from the Yan family members came out of their houses.

Coming straight to the kitchen……


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