I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Early in the morning, when Wang Xiuying saw that all the adults in the family had gone out, she was relieved to let Yan Yang eat a few bites.

She didn’t expect that, just as Yan Yang was about to move his chopsticks to have a bite of the food, suddenly, someone came!

Chen Cuiyun not only yelled at the kitchen door, but she also summoned the woman from the first family, Yang Chengyu, Yan Hongying, and Yan Lianhua, who had been waiting for a good show.

It seemed that this was not enough. Chen Cuiyun continues to yell: “Oh, mom, you can call your old man[1]老人家-polite term for old woman or man to have a look too! Look at what your third daughter-in-law did! “

In the dining room, Wang Xiuying hurriedly stopped Yan Yang, who was eating the eggs. Her face was green, and she was unable to make a sound for a long time.

This was not the first time that Wang Xiuying has done this, so she has a guilty conscience.

On the contrary, Lin Xiaoyue next to her was not guilty and confidently retorted with a straight face: “Second Auntie, what are you shouting for? It’s just a dish that just came out of the pot, asking people to have a taste of it? What? Weren’t you supposed to taste the food you cooked? “

“Yes, it’s just a taste.”

Wang Xiuying hurriedly followed Lin Xiaoyue’s reasoning, “Second sister-in-law, don’t yell, what’s the big deal?”

“Pah! To taste! “

Chen Cuiyun didn’t buy the excuse of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair. She rushed into the kitchen and went to the stove. She picked up the bowl of eggs that Yan Yang had eaten and turned around. “Look! I have all the evidence in my hand! You deliberately scrambled the eggs in such a way that no one would notice it! “

“Second Aunt, why are you intentionally talking like this? Did our Xiaoyang offend you? “

Lin Xiaoyue casually said. “It’s just a matter of tasting the eggs. Do you have to pinpoint it? “

“What are you talking about? When will it be your turn to interrupt here? “Chen Cuiyun turned her head and stared at Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue’s position in this family must be the lowest of them all because she was only bought by them for 19.9 yuan.

“That’s right!”

Even the junior Yan Lianhua was able to look down on Lin Xiaoyue, “What kind of a thing are you! How dare you talk back to my mother! “

Yang Hongying, on the other hand, took advantage of the situation to launch an attack on the mastermind, saying, “Second Auntie, this is not the first time the third Aunt has done this! The mother hen occasionally laid two eggs per day, but we could only eat one; we all know Third Aunt fed it to someone! “

“No, no, really just a taste.”

Wang Xiuying defended herself, despite the fact that she was a little guilty.” Second, Sister-in-law, why do you react so much to the matter of just taking a taste test? Everyone is a family! “

Chen Cuiyun refused to back down. “What about taste testing? To compensate for your stupid son, we gave you the responsibility of cooking! Everyone is working hard! But you! Humph! “

Chen Cuiyun snorted angrily and put the bowl of scrambled eggs on the stovetop, “You’re good! You’re feeding your son and daughter-in-law with everyone’s painstaking efforts! I’m telling you, the children saw you feed your stupid son and daughter-in-law with their own eyes! This matter is not over. I have to call out my mother to give justice!”

In fact, among the mountains of housework, cooking was indeed a good job because it was a way to sneak in to eat some hot food.

This was the era when everyone couldn’t afford to be full. Food was more important than anything else.

In the Yan family, Wang Xiuying had been responsible for the kitchen. It was all because they sympathized with her for having a silly son, so they allowed her to return from the production team early every day to take care of her son while she cooked.

Chen Cuiyun finally got a hold of this thing. She was bound to make a great effort to compete for the position of being in charge of the kitchen. But also, she planned to let Wang Xiuying have a little share of money for the New Year!

When she heard the ruckus, the old lady of the Yan family dashed in.

“What are you all crowding here for? What’s the reason for the noise that the second daughter-in-law just made! “The old lady said with a frown on her face.

The first daughter-in-law, Yang Chengyu, who had been silent for a long time, walked to the old lady immediately and held the old lady, “Mom.”

“Mom, mom, you are here!”

Chen Cuiyun, unwilling to be outdone, came forward and eloquently explained Wang Xiuying’s selfishness.

Wang Xiuying and Yan Yang, the mother and son pair, were caught red-handed. At this time, they were passive and didn’t say anything at all.

Lin Xiaoyue was not guilty and had a righteous expression on her face.

She has never been a fearful person.

“Mom, it’s not the first time that the kids have said that! As the head of the family, you have to judge this matter well! “

Chen Cuiyun relied on the support of the old lady and was very confident at that moment.

“Mom… it’s not like what the second sister-in-law said.”

Wang Xiuying defended herself. Her tone was very weak. “I only made Yan Yang have a taste of if. Xiao Yang didn’t eat much at all. “

“Nonsense! Grandma, the third aunt was lying! “

Yan Lianhua was naturally in the team of her mother Chen Cuiyun, “Hongying told me that she saw the third aunt give a big bowl of custard for the fool to eat! She said that the mother hen laid an extra egg! “

At this time, the first family, Yang Chengyu and her daughter Yan Hongying, did not speak. They were silently standing at the side.

If the second family is the mantis catching cicadas, the first family was the yellow bird in the back.

If the second family is the mantis catching cicadas, the first family was the yellow bird in the back.

Lin Xiaoyue understood it.

No wonder Yan Lianhua stared at her when she was eating yesterday. She thought the reason she was staring at her was that she was too beautiful…

One of the world’s top ten illusions.

“Come on, it’s just a matter of moving a few chopsticks? Was it worth all the bickering! “

The old lady frowned. Although the second daughter-in-law caused trouble, she didn’t let Wang Xiuying off. “The third daughter-in-law, tell me. Why did you do such a thing? Didn’t you usually get enough to eat! “

“Mom… it was not really like what second sister-in-law said…”

Wang Xiuying was very weak in front of the head of the family, mainly because their third family was weak in the entire Yan family.

Yan Yang, at this time, was like a six-year-old child who did something wrong. He did not dare to speak, cowering and hiding behind Wang Xiuying.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw that they were both weak, she was so angry!

Yan Yang was now the first personality, who was a 6-year-old child. It was understandable. But Wang Xiuying is shrinking like this. Isn’t it obvious that they will be bullied?

“Old lady, a few elders, I have to stand up for my mother-in-law and my husband in this matter!”

Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward, locking her resolute eyes on the old lady Yan, “Although I was married here just for two days, at the dinner table these two days, it’s obvious that my parents-in-law and my husband couldn’t eat any good food at all! It’s understandable for me, as I am a foreign wife, but they are part of the Yan family. Why don’t they even have the right to eat an egg? “

Chen Cuiyun’s eyes sharpened, and Lin Xiaoyue was very upset, “You are just a girl bought by our family, it’s not your turn to say something!”

“I am also a wife of the Yan family. My husband is Yan Yang. I still have the right to say something! ” Lin Xiaoyue refused to accept the argument.

“You are just a woman who was bought to serve the idiot! To put it nicely, you are a wife, but in fact, you are just a fool’s servant! “Yan Lianhua stood beside Chen Cuiyun and shouted.

Because Yan Yang’s first personality was a 6-year-old child, the whole village recognized him as a fool, including his family.

Lin Xiaoyue was very upset when she heard that her husband was insulted like this!

That’s because they haven’t seen his third personality! He was domineering and cool!

Humph, they were just a bunch of frogs from the well that had never seen the world!

She was about to scold her when the silly Yanyang beside her suddenly stood up and retorted in a childish tone, “You talking nonsense! She is my wife! You are not allowed to scold my wife! “

Wang Xiuying saw this, and Lin Xiaoyue felt quite moved in her heart. When the guard was touched, she also stood up for him and said, “That’s enough, don’t call me Xiaoyang a fool! My family only has one member who does not work! It’s not necessary for you to squeeze our family! “

“You still know that your family has one less laborer!”

Chen Cuiyun said reluctantly: “You took advantage of everyone, and I stole this oil and water in private!”

Chen Cuiyun turned to the old lady and said angrily. “Mom, you have to think about it. At the end of the year, the money that should be shared needs to be reduced! Also, it’s not appropriate to give the job of chef to the third wife anymore! “


Yan Lianhua helped her mother, “Grandma, this fool does not have to do any work and still hides at home to eat and drink! My brother in town was working hard, and the money was taken home, and the fool could still have his share! It’s not worth it! “

Chen Cuiyun followed closely, “Yes! My son is working outside to earn money to supplement our family! He’s taking advantage of the old man’s family, eating rice for nothing! I’m not reconciled! “

Indeed, the second family had the eldest son who worked in town and sent some money home regularly, which was used by the old lady to support the family.

This was enough for Chen Cuiyun to be able to speak with confidence in the old Yan family.

The old lady also had to help them because of what they mentioned, “Third daughter-in-law, you really didn’t do this matter properly. Let’s have lunch at noon and let the master decide. “

The old lady didn’t want to care about this matter. She turned around and left after speaking.

“Mom, slow down.”

Yang Chengyu of the first family helped the old lady to leave, and Yan Hongying also followed them.

Chen Cuiyun and Yang Lianhua grinned at Wang Xiuying and took all the food on the stove, and left.

In a short while, there were only three people left in the kitchen.

Yan Yang knew he had done something wrong and bowed his head to apologize proactively, “Mom, wife, I’m sorry, I caused trouble again.”

“It’s okay, you’re good, it’s mom’s fault.” Wang Xiuying touched Yan Yang’s head and, naturally, couldn’t blame him.

She had only one son, and he started to be stupid when he turned 6 years old, and she also admitted that her son was silly.

“Mother-in-law, they are too bullying.”

Lin Xiaoyue said angrily, “Isn’t it because Xiaoyang couldn’t go to work?!”

“Okay, don’t say anything.” Wang Xiuying admits that her son was stupid, and she should suffer because of it.

The good thing was that the daughter-in-law she bought was not bad, and Lin Xiaoyue was sincere to Xiao Yang, which made Wang Xiuying feel comforted in her heart.

“Mother-in-law, I’ve seen it these two days, it’s too suffocating to live with them!”

Lin Xiaoyue stepped forward and suggested: “Mother-in-law, can’t we split up? After the split, let’s live on our own. “

In this way, she won’t have to feed Yan Yang!

She would have more comfortable days.

“What nonsense!”

Wang Xiuying refused, “How could you have such an idea? How shameful it is to split the family! “

Especially if their third family separated, everyone in the village would laugh at the foolish Yan Yang for causing the trouble.

Wang Xiuying couldn’t bear the thought of her son being laughed at!


1 老人家-polite term for old woman or man

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