I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chen Cuiyun returned Yan Lianhua to her home after the fight.

As soon as the door was closed, Yan Lianhua happily came to Chen Cuiyun and asked urgently. “Mom, if the third aunt is dismissed from the kitchen, the position of being the chef, would it be yours by then? When that time comes, you must save some eggs for me.

Chen Cuiyun raised her chin with a smug look on her face. “That would have to be me! WIth your Eldest Aunt’s character, how can she possibly compete with me? “

“Mom, mom, that is great!”

Yan Lianhua was very happy, “From now on, you will be in charge of the kitchen, and when we are working in the production team, you need to bring me back every day so that I can work less!”

Not only did she work less, but she could also eat more at home!

“Don’t worry!”

Chen Cuiyun patted Yan Lianhua on her shoulder. “As long as the youngest wife is dismissed, it’s for sure that this position will be mine.”

Yan Lianhua happily said: “Mom, you are wonderful!”

While this pair of mother and daughter were talking about their scheme, on the other side of the Old lady’s master bedroom, Yang Chengyu and Yang Honying of the first family were accompanying the old lady.

This pair of mothers and daughters had already started to blow the wind in the ears of Grandma Yan.

“Mom, this matter with the third daughter-in-law. Do you have any plans in mind?”

Yang Chengyu helped the old lady sit down on the bed and talked with Yan Hongying, “Go and pour a glass of boiling water for grandma.”

Yan Hongying hurriedly obeyed and ran away and went to pour a cup of warm boiled water.

Grandma Yan drank the boiled water brought by Yan Hongying. Her old eyes looked forward and said unhurriedly: “The third wife is not sensible for doing this. Initially, I considered her because Xiao Yang had a bad brain. I assigned the kitchen to her so that she could go home early and take care of Xiao Yang. But her thieving behavior can really make everyone’s heart feel cold. The second daughter-in-law was also too aggressive. It must be changed. “

“Yes, the third sister was really not sensible.”

Yang Chengyu followed Grandma Yan’s words and said, “Mom, in fact, I think that the third wife is not genuine, but the second wife was also indeed too aggressive just now. She was so loud as if she wanted to publicize the matter. “


Old lady Yan repeatedly answered, “I sometimes don’t like the attitude of the second daughter-in-law. To put it bluntly, it was just a matter of picking up only two mouthfuls of the dishes. The way she talked about it was like being greedy for a big advantage. If she hadn’t brought it out, I wouldn’t have bothered with this matter. “

Yan Hongwen, the eldest son of the second family, found a job in the town and started a family. He sends some money to the Yan Family every month.

In fact, he was the most promising man in Old Yan’s family.

The reason why Chen Cuiyun could speak so much in this house was also because of Yan Hongwen.

The eldest son of the first family was extremely unreliable. He doesn’t work, and he doesn’t stay at home all year round. He runs outside every day, saying that he wants to make a connection outside. So it has been almost a month since he came back home.

Yang Chengyu was now raising her children, the only 15-year-old Yan Hongying and her 8-year-old son, who was still at school.

Her family didn’t give much contribution to the Yan Family, unlike the second family.

Therefore, even if Yang Chengyu is virtuous, her words at home will not be as important as Chen Cuiyun.

“Don’t be upset with your second sister, Mom. The second sister has this character. “

Fortunately, Yang Chengyu was more skilled than Chen Cuiyun, and she knew how to please Grandma Yan. “Moreover, Hongwen has contributed a lot to the family. We really need to be more accommodating to our second sister. “

“Alas! It’s because of Hongwen! “

Old lady Yan sighed, “I don’t know what sin that our family committed. Your son was not good enough, and the third son is a fool. Only Hongwen can be trusted. My second daughter-in-law can be so proud. If your son or the third daughter-in-law’s son was a bit more useful, then the position of being the head would be given to both of you. But if it is the second wife…. then I don’t dare to retire. “

She was afraid that if they were to retire, the second wife would not support their elders.

“Mom… I know you have a plan in your heart.”

Yang Chengyu stretched out her hand and placed it gently on the shoulder of the old lady. “Mom, no matter what you decide, it doesn’t matter to me. When my little one grows up, he will definitely honor you. “

“You, you were still more sensible than the second wife and the third wife.” Old lady Yan took a sip of warm water and was determined in her heart.

Yang Chengyu and Yan Hongying looked at each other. Yan Hongying raised the corners of her lips silently, cheering in her heart.

At lunchtime, a large family of people sat around the table. The men were also back.

Chen Cuiyun mentioned that she caught Wang Xiuying in the act.

At the dinner table, Chen Cuiyun and Yan Lianhua drank together, describing Wang Xiuying’s evil deeds.

Wang Xiuying was speechless and couldn’t eat her food properly, so she just bowed her head in silence.

Lin Xiaoyue was busy feeding Yan Yang while watching Chen Cuiyun and Yan Lianhua play.

Even the 6-year-old child, Yan Yang, also knew that the current atmosphere was not right.

However, when Lin Xiaoyue delivered food to his mouth with the chopstick, Yan Yang could only eat obediently.

The whole family knew about it.

Wang Xiuying’s husband, Yan Dayong, was quite a man and took the initiative to stand up for his wife and son, saying: “Since the second sister-in-law said it is so serious, you can take care of it. You can deduct the money from us, and you can measure it yourself. “

“That matter lies in the mother’s decision. I also think it was necessary to deduct money from your family. I just wanted everyone to be aware of this bad situation. “Chen Cuiyun after picking up an egg.

Grandma Yan was in charge of the finances of everyone, including women’s affairs.

Therefore, Grandma Yan can make arrangements for this matter.

“This matter has been known by everyone. The third family’s year-end money will be deducted by 5 yuan. The third daughter-in-law will be dismissed from the kitchen, and the first daughter-in-law will take charge of the kitchen. “

The old woman, Yan, plucked the bowl of rice and said slowly. “There’s no objection to this arrangement, right?”

Yang Chengyu’s calculation succeeded. She smiled and nodded. “I have no opinion, Mom.”

“Hey, how come my sister-in-law was in charge?”

Chen Cuiyun looked at Grandma Yan in disbelief and screamed. “How come the eldest sister-in-law is in charge? Do you think I’m not involved at all? “

She was not convinced!

She was the one who squatted, she was the one who caught the crime, she was the one who quarreled, and she was the one who fought for it. Why did she become the eldest sister-in-law was in charge in the end?

I made wedding dresses for others!

“Yes, grandma!”

Yan Lianhua also couldn’t believe it. “My mother discovered this!”

At the dinner table, the women quarreled, and the men from several families didn’t speak at all.

Because it doesn’t matter to the man who will be in charge.

Let them fight!

It also has nothing to do with Lin Xiaoyue.

Therefore, when the dog bit the dog suddenly, Lin Xiaoyue watched the good show even more lively.

She took a bite of the yellow bun, accompanied by this good show, she suddenly felt that the yellow bun tasted good!

Mrs. Yan picked up a chopstick of cabbage, chewed two mouthfuls slowly, and said, “I let the third wife take care of it because I was worried about Xiaoyang. Now I gave it to the eldest’s wife, who was also worried about her younger son. She also needs to take care of her son, so this would be convenient for her. “

“No, her younger son is not stupid!”

Chen Cuiyun was very dissatisfied, and the chopsticks were smashed on the table. “Her younger son was going to school. What’s the matter?”

Yang Chengyu added leisurely, “Second sister-in-law, the school will soon be over. Moreover, my youngest child usually comes back earlier than us. From now on, if I can come back earlier to cook, I can have more time to go to school and pick him up. This would be really convenient! “

“Then we are not working now. The autumn harvest is over!”

Chen Cuiyun was angry and hit her husband with her elbow, “Dalin, say something.”

Yan Dalin didn’t want to participate in this woman’s affairs, but his wife had a hard personality, so he added something. “Taking care of the kitchen, how can this be complicated? You two can take a turn! Stop fighting! “

The dining table fell into a quiet atmosphere for a while.

After a while, Grandma Yan came to a conclusion, “Women are competitive. Come on, let’s take turns then! One for each month, and no favoritism. “

The matter was finally resolved after Grandma lady Yan finished speaking.

Chen Cuiyun’s eyes rolled around and counted the months, and said: “Then give you this month first, and next month will belong to me.”

Everyone was aware that the following month would be winter and that a brigade grain distribution would take place. It was also the month which had the most food at home.

Chen Cuiyun’s calculation was so good!

Lin Xiaoyue originally thought that small things could turn into big things like a snowball, but she didn’t expect it to be over so soon.

They didn’t quarrel. It’s really disappointing!

After lunch, we ushered in a quiet and leisurely afternoon.

Lin Xiaoyue coaxed the 6-year-old Yan Yang, who never had an afternoon nap, to sleep.

She sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at his sleeping face. Lin Xiaoyue thought he was so attractive that she couldn’t take her gaze away from his enticing facial features.

Was he the king of all the villains?

Sitting by the bed, Lin Xiaoyue’s heart had slight expectation…

She hoped that the personality who would wake up would be the third personality..

With this situation at home, she especially wanted to find a strong personality to talk to.

Come out…..

Third husband!


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