I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 7

Chapter 7

She wanted to wait for the third personality of Yan Yang, but as a result, when he woke up from sleep, it was the second personality.

After he woke up, he sat on the bed in a daze and fell into a state of silence.

Lin Xiaoyue, who just returned from chopping wood with Wang Xiuying, went back to her room to see Yan Yang standing still. His body was emitting an air of indifference as if he didn’t want someone to approach him.

Well, that’s the second personality, right?

After Yan Yang saw that Lin Xiaoyue returned, his body cowered, and he wrapped himself in the quilt. He hid in the corner of the bed as if he was in a defensive stance.

“What are you doing? Don’t tell me you are guarding against me! “

Lin Xiaoyue walked towards him. She naturally sat on the bed, leaned in close to him. “The little friend of yours, and the other you, have all recognized me as their wife. When are you going to accept me? “

Yan Yang’s face turned red when he was asked. The hand that was holding the quilt clenched his hands.

Of course, he was also surprised by her words.

He was not sure why she knew that he had three personalities in his body.

“Don’t be so quiet. Say something, I want to discuss something with you. “

Lin Xiaoyue came closer. She grabbed the corner of the quilt and gently tugged it.

At this time, Yan Yang, who couldn’t even make a sound, opened his lips. “What’s the matter?”

“I want to talk about your family’s situation. I think the problems at home are quite big and they are all on you. ” Lin Xiaoyue said.

Yan Yang:”…”

The atmosphere froze for a few seconds.

Lin Xiaoyue gave him a push, “Why are you not talking again? Say something!”

Yan Yang:”…”

He didn’t know what to say.

Lin Xiaoyue pushed him again, “Brother, say something.”

Yan Yang frowned before he squeezed out a word like gold. “Oh.”

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows, her little hand slapped the quilt furiously. “Hey, hey, hey, I am discussing with you. Today, your mother and your lovely wife were being bullied! As a man, shouldn’t you do something about it? “

Her pink lips pursed slightly, her face flushed like a small kitten.

Yan Yang looked at her thin face, and it was clear within his heart that she had followed him, and now, she was his wife.

He has to… protect her.

“Tomorrow,” Yan Yang said as his lips moved slightly.

Tomorrow, I will let “him” come out.

That ‘him’ should be able to support her.

“Why tomorrow?”

Lin Xiaoyue pointed at him with a finger, “You want to escape, don’t you? You’re not thinking that you want me to discuss this matter with the little Yan Yang, am I right? “


Yan Yang appeared slightly agitated and defended, “It’s the other me, not the 6-year-old me.”

“The other you?”

Lin Xiaoyue stared at him with a surprised expression, “Was it the little bad Yan Yang? That big brother in the third personality? “

Yan Yang answered softly, “Yes.”

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t restrain her smile, “Okay! It’s a deal! Let him come out tomorrow! ” With

If this was the case, then she could see the villainous big brother tomorrow.!

I miss his… meatloaf!

Yan Yang saw her with a lively expression, her thin lips pursed into a line and fell into deep thought.

She wanted to warn her that the ‘he’ has a violent personality and she should be careful when she talks with him.

But based on her reaction, she was expecting to see “him.”

He is useless.

A man with a personality is not suitable to have a wife. He can’t protect her at all.

Yan Yang’s second personality was always on the boundary between depression and low self-esteem, so he could only survive in the dark.

Lin Xiaoyue did not know that Yan Yang was in a depressed state at the moment. She was in a good mood and chatted with him. “You came out early today. Can you eat dinner by yourself later? I don’t need to feed you, right? You’re an adult now! “

Yan Yang:”…”

However… for dinner, Yan Yang didn’t go out to eat.

When it was time for dinner, Yan Yang refused to leave the room.

Lin Xiaoyue had to go to Wang Xiuying and let Wang Xiuying call Yan Yang.

In the end, he was still his mother. Wang Xiuying knew that Yan Yang had several personalities, and she had always kept it a secret.

After all, her son’s low IQ was only passed down by the villagers.

If the villagers find out that her son had several personalities, they will definitely treat her son as a neurotic.

When that happened, she was afraid that it wouldn’t be as simple as scolding him for being a fool. It is likely that someone will report her son and will ask her to send him to a mental hospital.

This was Wang Xiuying’s way of protecting Yan Yang as his mother.

Because Yan Yang’s state was not right, Wang Xiuying directly let Lin Xiaoyue get a few buns. She picked up some dishes and hid in the room with Yan Yang to eat.

Lin Xiaoyue did not expect that there would be this kind of operation!

If she had known this, she would have eaten with him every day, hiding in their room ah!

There was no need to feed him. She could still have vegetables to eat!

Lin Xiaoyue went to the dining room to bring the thermos. She locked the door of the small side room and then took out the noodles she brought out from the dream space.

In front of Yan Yang, she used boiling water to soak the noodles, and then lowered her voice and said, “You have your secrets, and I also have my secrets. You must keep secrets about these things you don’t know. “

Yan Yang, who was wrapped in the quilt, bit the yellow steamed bun. His dark eyes were fixed on her.

He did not talk.

Lin Xiaoyue soaked up the noodles, and turned her head, and met Yan Yang’s eyes. She raised her eyebrows and winked at him,

Yan Yang hurriedly averted his eyes and hurriedly nibbled two big bites of the bun.

Lin Xiaoyue slandered: was he shy?

Yo yo, young man.

You’re shy oh~

After the instant noodles were opened, Lin Xiaoyue carried a bucket of bowls and brought chopsticks to Yan Yang first, “Come on, have a taste.”

Yan Yang shook his head.

“Try it! It’s delicious! “

Lin Xiaoyue had to bring it to his mouth.

The more he shrank, the more she moved forward until the noodles touched his lips. Yan Yang was forced to open his lips and take a bite of the noodles she fed him.


Why did she feed him again?

That’s how bad habits were developed!

“Was it delicious?”

Lin Xiaoyue asked him after she took a bite by herself.

After a year, his braised beef noodles could only hurt the skin of a cow.

However, it was still better than the food of this era!

Yan Yang tasted these heavy but fragrant instant noodles. He thought it tasted really good.

However, at this time, looking at Lin Xiaoyue, his face gradually turned red.

“Was it delicious? Say something. “

Lin Xiaoyue put the instant noodles on the bedside table, sat down beside Yan Yang, and also picked up a steamed bun.

Yan Yang only nodded and did not talk.

“You really don’t talk that much.”

As Lin Xiaoyue said that, she picked up another chopstick and brought instant noodles to his mouth, “You take a few more bites, and the rest will be mine.”

“No need…”

Yan Yang instinctively wanted to avoid it, but she took advantage of him opening his mouth and then shoved it over at once, so he could only open his mouth and take it.

Lin Xiaoyue fed 3 mouthfuls in a row, and saw that there was half a bowl left, and then brought it to her, “The remaining half belongs to me.”

Yan Yang swallowed a few mouthfuls of the instant noodles, and his bright black eyes locked straight on her face. Warmth rose in his heart.

After the incident, at the age of 6, his world was dim.

In order to protect himself, he closed himself up, so different souls appeared in his body.

His father, mother, and his relatives, he was afraid to get close to them and accept them into his world.


It seemed that to her, he was unable to find a way out.


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  1. Aikun has spoken 6 months ago

    I can understand Yan Yang’s self isolating into the dim recess of his mind because of trauma. It’s not easy to cure. I just hope he gets better and transform into an even better person with Xiaoyue around.

  2. shangshang has spoken 9 months ago

    Considering how awful the events preceding DID are, I’m worried about what the poor dear went through,


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