I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 8

Chapter 8

After they ate the instant noodles, Lin Xiaoyue took this opportunity to boil water to take a bath. She threw the box of instant noodles directly into the fire, destroying the evidence.

Taking a bath in this era was really inconvenient. You needed to boil the water yourself. You needed to use a large foot basin to wash. There was no separate shower room.

The women in the Yan Family take a bath in their respective houses. It was either they were casually rubbing themselves with a towel, or they would sit on a large basin. The men basically shower in the yard.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang live in the same house. Although they were named as husband and wife, she knew that being a married couple was just a facade.

As a result, she couldn’t take a bath inside the small house. She could only wipe herself with a towel.

At night, she went to sleep with the second personality of Yang Yang.

She recited 10 English words before going to bed, and Yan Yang, who was beside her, listened to her carefully.

After Yang yang, who was still awake, saw that Lin Xiaoyue was done reciting and was now deep in sleep, he stared at her for quite a long time.

The environment became dim after the kerosene lamp died down. Yan Yang pursed his lips with the face of regret hidden in the darkness.

Tonight… it seemed like time passed by so quickly.

He also wanted to stay a little bit longer…..


The next morning, Lin Xiaoyue brought out another pack of instant noodles from the dream space.

After she entered space three times, she found out that the time from that dream space was indeed fixed at the moment of her death.

Every time she moved something in the study when she went in the next day, the study would still turn back to how it looked originally, to the time of her death.

This means that everything available in the study space was unlimited!

The only way for her to enter the studies was to sleep.

Lin Xiaoyue hid the instant noodles in the closet. She planned to eat it tonight.

When she turned around, she found that Yan Yang was awake.

“You woke up so early today?”

Lin Xiaoyue greeted him casually, ready to go out to wash.

When she walked to the door, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. She raised her eyebrows and turned around slowly…

Her gaze was drawn to the bed, where she noticed Yan Yang casually wearing his shoes.

Seeing how neat he was when putting his shoes on and the unhurried look on his face. He raised his one eyebrow lightly, and his lips were slanted upwards.

This thug-like look…


The third personality is here!

Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes widened, and a wave of happiness ran through her heart. She was undoubtedly excited!

But she didn’t show it…

A woman is a creature that has to be reserved in front of the man she likes!

“Today, it’s you.” Lin Xiaoyue said indifferently.

Yan Yang raised his sword-like eyebrows. He didn’t expect that she would immediately recognize that he was not that fool.

It seems that this cheap wife was not stupid!

“Do you know who I am?” Yan Yang asked her tentatively.

Although he knew that she had recognized him, he still wanted to be sure.

“Of course, I know.”

Lin Xiaoyue lifted her chin. “Aren’t you the third one who brought me a meat bun?”

“The third?”

Yan Yang sneered.

He got up, and he walked to Lin Xiaoyue.

At a close distance, he leaned in.

The aura that he emitted was so powerful that Lin Xiaoyue’s body shrank with her back against the door.

Evil Yan Yang’s lips slanted up and said in a contemptuous tone and disdainful tone. “I will make it clear to you. In this body, I am the boss. “

Lin Xiaoyue: “Oh…”

But isn’t he still being suppressed by those two personalities?

He can come out only if the second personality allows him to come out…


Evil Yan Yang is here.

This was something that everyone does not know.

For breakfast, Lin Xiaoyue brought two bowls of corn gruel and ate them in the hiding place with Yan Yang, but Wang Xiuying didn’t say anything.

After breakfast, Wang Xiuying and her husband Yan Dayong went out to do private work in order to add money to their own household.

After all, because of that fiasco yesterday at noon, their family would have less money, and their money for the end of the year would be deducted by 5 yuan. This year’s winter, they might face difficulties.

Before leaving, Wang Xiuying asked Lin Xiaoyue to keep an eye on Yan Yang, and by the way, she was asked to make the corn they had harvested into kernels. This was the job that was given to Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue sat on the small bench with the corn cobs in one place, holding them one by one in each hand, knocking them, and popping out corn kernels one after another.

By her side, Yan Yang frowned and worked with her on the farm.

The hard corn was grounded into corn kernels, then grounded into cornmeal. They were processed step by step and then entered into the stomachs of the members of the Yan family, where they would be converted into feces and discharged.

The endings are almost the same. The difference is that this kind of farm work was done by women from the third family.

After Wang Xiuying let go of it, the task fell on Lin Xiaoyue’s hands, which made Lin Xiaoyue upset.

Yan Yang was not happy either.

To be precise… it was the third personality of Yan Yang who was unwilling.

He himself was not happy doing this work, but he was also upset when Lin Xiaoyue was doing this work too. This work was only done by the Third Family. So he was even more upset with the Yan Family.

The other two are wimpy. Yan Yang couldn’t do anything. They weren’t willing to fight or grab opportunities, but they also wanted to suppress him and not allow him to come out.

Even if the third personality of Yan Yang wanted to do something to change the status quo, he couldn’t because he was suppressed by the “two Yan Yang.” It is the same as throwing a pile of the mess down.

Therefore, he rarely comes out, and he can’t carry out big actions at home.

At this point, he was quite angry.

While working, Lin Xiaoyue told him what happened at noon yesterday.

In the end, she gave constructive suggestions, “I think we should separate. Even if our family’s house was far from them, they would even do things to cause trouble with us. What do you think? “

Yan Yang raised his eyebrows and squinted. He raised his eyes and looked sideways at her, “Then?”

“Then… we will separate.”

Seeing that he didn’t refute her opinion, Lin Xiaoyue continued her suggestion. “I have thought about it. It must be a good thing to separate. After separation, our family will definitely get better! “

Especially when the reform and opening-up were approaching, Lin Xiaoyue feels that, she will definitely be able to make her family live a good life in the future.

At that time, they would suffer too much if they gave all the money to their parents!

“So what?” Yan Yang asked with his lips raised.

“So I’m seeking your opinion. Do you have any ideas? ” Lin Xiaoyue bumped her elbow with him, telling him to be the man in charge.

Originally… In the original book, he was a resounding character.

Although she wouldn’t let him blacken, he had to stand up too!

Yan Yang threw the corn that had just been peeled.

He smirked, “I must listen to my wife’s words, right?”

Lin Xiaoyue also curled her lips and smiled, “Uh-huh.”

Yan Yang smiled neatly. Straight white teeth. “Then, I will do something.”

Lin Xiaoyue asked: “How would you do it?”

Just after asking. Yan Lianhua of the second family opened the door of her room. Humming a little song, and she skipped while walking.

Yan Lianhua, who was free and unoccupied after the autumn harvest, likes to dash to the residence of the educated youth.

In the residence of the educated youths, there was a well-known outstanding male educated youth in the village!

He was unmarried and was not attached to anyone,

Today, Yan Lianhua was dressed in red with two triangular braids. She thinks she was really beautiful today! So she wanted to meet that outstanding male-educated youth!

As a result…When she passed by the courtyard, she was suddenly hit in the head by a corn cob!


Yan Lianhua gave a painful cry. She held her head that had just been smashed. She turned her head, “Who smashed me!”

There were only Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, who had an evil smile on his face in the courtyard. He laughed loudly.

Obviously, it was Yan Yang who had smashed her!

This idiot… is looking for scolding today!

Yan Lianhua walked towards Yan Yang angrily and cursed, “You are a fool! You dare to hit me! You even dared to laugh! “


Yan Yang laughed and said to Lin Xiaoyue, “Do you think she’s ugly or not? Haha~ “

Lin Xiaoyue sighed.


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