I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 9

Chapter 9

In the Yan Family, Yan Lianhua has always bullied Yan Yang, but she has never been bullied by Yan Yang!

She was in a good mood today. She thought of dressing up and going out to look for the educated youth.

She didn’t want to pay attention to the fool Yan Yang and the cheap woman who had only been purchased for 19 yuan as she walked through the courtyard.

Who knows that Yan Yang would actually provoke her!

Not only did he hit her with the corn, but he also laughed so hard, and he even said that she was ugly!

Yan Lanhua was so angry that she picked up a broom from the courtyard. She cursed and rushed over. “What are you laughing at? I haven’t laughed at you for being a fool, and do you dare to laugh at me?! I’ll teach you a lesson! “

The 1.8m tall Yan Yang was not afraid of her, so he picked up a corn cob and threw it directly at her.

The corn cob fell in a parabolic pattern and hit Yan Lianhua’s head.


Yan Lianhua leaned back, and fell on her buttocks, and screamed.


Yan Yang laughed.

While laughing, he said to Lin Xiaoyue. “Wife, look! She’s ugly and stupid, haha~.”

Lin Xiaoyue knew that he was deliberately provoking her. When she watched this play, she felt that this scene was really refreshing.

She cleared her throat and made a decent sound to stop him. “Oops, you can’t hit people indiscriminately! If she leaves an injury on her body, she will definitely go to the elders to file a complaint… “

Her head that had just been smashed by the corn cob was aching.

She exclaimed, “You rebelled! You two have rebelled! I will expose you. I will tell my mother how the fool bullied me! “

“Don’t, sister. You also know Xiao Yang’s situation. He definitely didn’t mean it. “

Lin Xiaoyue deliberately pretended to defend Yan Yang. She shoved a corn cob into Yan Yang’s hand and said to him, “Ah Xiaoyang, hurry up and work, don’t play. She’s angry… “

Receiving that corn cob, Yan Yang threw it again!

Yan Lianhua didn’t even think that the fool would dare to hit her again!

Therefore, it was too late to dodge the corn, and she was once again hit in the head by the corn cob!


Yan Lianhua lay straight on the ground, her eyes widened, and she faced the blue sky in disbelief.

This fool… did he go crazy today?

“Hahaha~ fun~.”

Yan Yang laughed and applauded with both hands.

The ‘fun’ he said with his mouth was not at all in a childish tone but a mature tone.

Lin Xiaoyue glanced at him. She was worried that he would be exposed.

However, she caught a glimpse of the evil smirk on his face, and the morning light shined on his handsome facial features, and his spontaneous and frank temperament manifested no danger.

Ignore what should be revealed or should not reveal. His villainous appearance was too handsome!

Oh, Mom…

I am drunk! I am drunk!

Yan Lianhua was dazed for a half minute after lying on the ground.

Yan Yang threw a few corn cobs at her again and urged her. “Get up, idiot! Get up and play! “

Crazy crazy…

The fool is completely crazy.

Yan Lianhua didn’t dare to sit up for fear of being hit by him if she stood up!

The corn cob itself was hard, and her forehead had just been hit twice, and now it felt like her skull was in pain.

Yan Lianhua didn’t dare to suffer again.

“Lin Xiaoyue! Take care of your fool! ” Yan Lianhua yelled angrily while lying on the ground.

“Okay, then don’t file a complaint.”

Lin Xiaoyue pressed Yan Yang’s hand and said loudly on purpose, “Xiao Yang, promise me not to play anymore. I will be angry if you play with my sister again.”

Yan Yang patted the crumbs on his hands. He turned his head to look at Lin Xiaoyue, with a smirk at the corner of his mouth, “Okay, I will listen to my wife. What wife says, I will listen!”

The handsome and extraordinary face of Yan Yang, as well as that smirk that hangs on the edge of his mouth from time to time, simply makes Lin Xiaoyue unable to resist.

She was forced her self to resist her infatuation and continued to shout out deliberately: “Sister, Xiao Yang doesn’t want to play anymore, you get up quickly.”

Yan Lianhua quickly took the opportunity to get up from the ground. She wanted to pick up the broom and teach the fool a lesson.

But, today, this fool has gone mad. Considering how tall he was, Yan Lianhua really couldn’t beat him!

So, then she got up and ran. Then she shouted angrily: “I will tell the elders, you idiot! And you, a bargain! This is not over! I will tell my mother! You two just wait! You two will be punished! “

After shouting, Yan Lianhua ran out of the house angrily.

She hid outside the house. Yan Lianhua quickly cleaned up herself. She fixed her braids, touched his face…

Although she was bullied, nothing could stop Yan Lianhua from looking for an educated youth!

She quickly cleaned up her mood and continued to walk to the educated youth’s residence.

After Yan Lianhua left, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang continued to toss corn cobs in the yard.

Yan Yang glanced at Lin Xiaoyue from time to time and smiled, “Wife, you are smarter than I thought.”

The cooperation just now made him feel that they had a tacit understanding.

Lin Xiaoyue was a little proud, “Of course, I have a high IQ!”

Yan Yang smiled, “Since you are so smart, it should be okay to leave the mess to you, right?”

Today, he was ready to do an evil deed for a day.

The other two stupid Yan Yangs were too obedient. He rarely comes out once during the day, so he must do some big things.

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “Not much of a problem.”

Yang stared at her with scorching eyes. The more he looked at his wife, the more he felt comfortable. “I don’t come out often. You have to protect yourself. If things become too hard for you to handle, then knock me out. Shake me awake, repeat it a few more times, and by then, I will definitely be able to come out. “

Lin Xiaoyue frowned, “Do you want me to do this to you?”

I can’t lay a hand on you…

Yan Yang said in a shallow tone: “Yes, just like that. The key is to knock me out. Those two are idiots. “

Lin Xiaoyue: “Ang…”

He allowed her to beat him as violent as possible.

This was also permission that was given to her alone.

Later, when Yan Hongying returned home, Yan Yang also found a way to bully her.

However, when Yan Hongying was being bullied, Yang Chengyu was cooking in the room. When she heard the commotion, she immediately came out to stop it.

It was still hard to pretend to be crazy and stupid in front of adults, so Yan Yang stopped his bullying behavior.

For lunch, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang still took some steamed buns and vegetables to eat in the small side house.

The two of them were eating well when…

In the main house, Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong were receiving a bunch of complaints from their family.

Yan Lianhua and Yan Hongying joined forces to file a complaint.

Especially Yan Lianhua…

She was bullied the most. There was still a red mark on her forehead!

When the complaint was made, she said, “I went to brother Xia Ming today, and he laughed at the red marks on my forehead! Mom, you know that Xia Ming was the most popular person in the village, the best-educated youth! Just because of that fool, I was laughed at by him. I was so angry! “

Chen Cuiyun was also very angry, so she snapped at Wang Xiuying, “Third Sister, you let your son’s wife take care of the fool! What’s the point of having someone take care of him! “

Wang Xiuying was silent and speechless and did not even have the face to respond with a “yes”


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