I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Yan Yang has been looked down upon by outsiders for all these years because of his low IQ, which naturally includes the Yan family members.

For the third family, Yan Yang, their only son, was like a burden.

He was usually good and didn’t cause trouble, but when he did, the blame would lie on Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong.

At the dinner table, the members of the Yan family complained about Yan Yang.

The women from every family spoke harshly—especially the mouths of Chen Cuiyun and Yan Lianhua.

It was not a big thing, but the two of them made it look like he was wicked beyond redemption. *

(TN: “十恶不赦-wicked beyond redemption (idiom) or it could also be translated as” heinous”)

What is because of Yan Yang, the male intellectuals do not see Yan Lianhua…

Because of Yan Yang, the male, educated youths didn’t like Yan Lianhua.

Yan Yang ruined Yan Lianhua’s marriage.

He had a lot of sins.

The meal Wang Xiuying and Yan Dayong ate tastelessly, and they even got a little angry.

After the meal, Wang Xiuying and Lin Xiaoyue washed the dishes.

In the room, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law sat side by side, Wang Xiuying washed the dishes for the first time, and Lin Xiaoyue washed the dishes for the second time.

The quiet atmosphere lasted only for a while and was soon broken by Wang Xiuying, “What does Xiao Yang… look like today?”

Lin Xiaoyue stopped what she was doing and turned her head and looked around to make sure no one was there before she replied to Wang Xiuying. “My mother-in-law, Xiao Yang, was very naughty today. I was unable to control him.”

As a rural woman in this era, Wang Xiuying was not aware of Dissociative identity disorder *.

She only thought that her son might have been evil since he was a child, and there were evil demons hidden in his body, so his personality often changes drastically.

There were several personalities in Yan Yaang’s body, which Wang Xiuying didn’t know.

Therefore, when Lin Xiaoyue said he was naughty, Wang Xiuying was not surprised.

Wang Xiuying said. “You have seen Xiao Yang’s situation these days. Was there anything you wanted to ask me? “

Lin Xiaoyue pursed her lips in pretentious thinking and then said: “Mother, Xiao Yang sometimes has a clear mind.”

Wang Xiuying lowered her head and said softly, “Yes. Sometimes it is clear, and sometimes he is silly. The only people who knew about his situation were his father and me, and now there’s another one, you. You should not be afraid of him. He will not hurt you. “

“I’m not afraid of him.”

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, “I think that his condition was not very bad. Maybe he can recover?”

Wang Xiuying shook her head and smiled bitterly, “Recovery is impossible. When he was a child, I secretly took him to a master. The master said that there were several demons living in his body, and there was no certain way to disperse them. It takes a lot of money to go to a master with deeper Taoism. Alas…”

Lin Xiaoyue frowned as she listed to Wang Xiuying…

Where’s the swindler?

When the author wrote this book, he was given a multiple-personality persona!

That’s too metaphysical… I guess they have cheated them a lot of money, right?

Forget it…

This is how people think in this era, even though they believe in materialism, but spiritualists are not any less.

“Xiaoyue…” Wang Xiuying sighed.

“Mother-in-law?” Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly responded.

“Xiaoyang’s situation may be more serious.”

Wang Xiuying said with a sad face. “I will do more private work these days. We are trying to take him to see the master again before the years’ end. You will be staying at home and watching him more. “

Lin Xiaoyue said with a serious expression on her face, “Okay, I will definitely keep a good eye on Xiao Yang. I will take care of Xiao Yang!”

Seeing her sincerity, Wang Xiuying felt relieved, “this child… you’re pretty good.”

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows, “Grandma, I have a good personality.”

Wang Xiuying smiled gratefully, “It is quite good. I quite like you. “

Lin Xiaoyue won the favor of her mother-in-law, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was initially settled.

You know, originally in this house, the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue, was bullied by her mother-in-law and father-in-law because she was disgusted by Yan Yang.

Now, she had mingled better with everyone than the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue!

When Lin Xiaoyue was washing the dishes, the third personality of Yan Yang was in the side room, with his legs crossed, thinking about what bad things he should do next?

After washing the dishes, Lin Xiaoyue rushed into the small side house.

Pushing the door, she saw Yan Yang lying on the bed. She said anxiously, “Hey, don’t sleep! You won’t be you when you fall asleep. Wake up! “

Yan Yang snickered, got up and sat up, propped his hands on the bed, looked at her in a lazy manner, “What? Can’t you let go of me? “

Of course, I am reluctant!

Out of the three, he is the most handsome!

Lin Xiaoyue closed the door and jogged towards him. She smiled and sat on the bed, “I want to tell you something very interesting.”

Yan Yang raised his brows and said lazily: “What?”

Lin Xiaoyue took off her shoes. Sitting cross-legged. “My Mother-in-law just told me that she wanted to make more money and take you to see the master. She said that there is a demon hidden in your body. It was usually fine. As long as the devil comes out, the situation will be terrible. She also said that she would go to the master to find a way to restrain the devil in your body! “

This was after a chat, Wang Xiuying talked to her too much.

Lin Xiaoyue wanted to laugh when she heard it… because she knew that the devil in Wang Xiuying’s mouth… was the third person!

The other two personalities were gentle and obedient.


Yan Yang let out a disdainful noise. He turned around and lay down on the bed, folded his hands together, and placed them on the back of his head.

I don’t know if it was an illusion, but Lin Xiaoyue saw his face, and in just a second, there was a flash of disappointment.


Did she say something wrong?

She shouldn’t say such things in front of him, right?

He must also know that he is the devil in his mother’s mouth, right?

“I… what I mean was that my mother-in-law was too superstitious.”

Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly added, “Actually, your situation is medically explainable. It’s just a mental illness…”

“She said I was a demon. Now you’re saying I have a mental illness.”

Yan Yang snorted, “Funny.”

Only he himself knows that his appearance was just to protect himself.

“No, this was really a mental illness.”

Lin Xiaoyue saw that he had listened to her heart. She hurriedly looked for supplements, “In medicine, your condition is called multiple personality disorder. It just splits into different personalities, but each personality exists. This was just one of the mental illnesses, and it can be cured! “

“That’s enough!”

Yan Yang hummed, lowered his eyes, and glanced at her, “How to cure it? Kill me? Us three? Keep one of us? “

Lin Xiaoyue: “Uh…”

She really didn’t know about this disease.

I only remember that in the original novel, when the male protagonist Lu Xiaming dealt with Yan Yang, he and the female protagonist tried to trap him, killing his other two personalities, leaving the so-called… the purest one, the six-year-old personality.

In fact, six-year-old Yan Yang was sent to a mental hospital.

If they really follow the original novel, this kind of cure was too cruel!


Yan Yang unexpectedly called her and casually asked, “If you really want to keep one of us to cure, which one do you want to keep?”

Lin Xiaoyue replied in seconds, “Of course it is you.”

In the original book, she liked him the most.

The corners of Yan Yang’s lips slanted upwards, “Oh? Are you sure? “

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “Yes.”

At that moment, Yan Yang was in a good mood.

This cheap wife likes it more and more.


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