I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 11

Chapter 11

In order to be worthy of the title of “devil” given to him by his mother, Yan Yang committed another “evil thing” that night.

Wang Xiuying planned to get some food and take two buns to deliver to the young couple’s room after dinner.

This is what she has been doing for the past few meals.

When someone in the family asked, she would reply that Yan Yang had a tantrum and refused to come out to eat.

Because in the eyes of the Yan family, Yan Yang was a little fool, and most people can’t understand how the mind of a fool works.

Therefore, they will not take this matter seriously.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue ate well in the hiding room. Both of them ate yellow steamed buns, to save everyone a bowl of white rice.

“Let’s eat! Let’s Eat!

Yan Yang didn’t listen to Wang Xiuying’s words tonight.

Wang Xiuying was picking up vegetables on the table, and Yan Yang ran into the main house while shouting he wanted to eat.

Behind him, Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly chased after him. After entering the main house, she glanced at Wang Xiuying, “Mother-in-law…”

Her eyes signaled: I could not stop him.

Wang Xiuying received Lin Xiaoyue’s eye signal.

“Mom, I’m here to eat!”

Yan Yang said with a smile and sat down where he usually sits.

At the dinner table, the Yan family didn’t take him seriously because he was a fool.

Yan Lianhua and Yan Hongying stared at him angrily. How can they be happy?

Especially Yan Lianhua…

“Okay, let’s eat…” Wang Xiuying saw that Yan Yang had already sat down, and she couldn’t say anything else. At the moment, she could only take a step and watch.

“Xiaoyue, come over to eat.”

Lin Xiaoyue came to her. She sat down beside Yan Yang. Wang Xiuying handed her the tableware, with hints between her eyes and words, “You should feed Xiaoyang.”

As long as someone feeds him, as usual, there is no problem after the meal.

As a result, as soon as Lin Xiaoyue nodded, Yan Yang grabbed the bowls and chopsticks and stood up to pick up the dishes.

“Wow, there are fish.”

“The scrambled eggs are delicious…”

“The meat is delicious!”

“It’s delicious…”

Yan Yang began to sweep the table without restraint. Dishes that were goo were picked by Yan Yang’s chopstick. It was not just one bite, but he was eating all the dishes one after another.

They were a large family and there was lots of food on the table. There was a bowl of scrambled eggs, a fish, a bowl of shredded pork stir-fried mushrooms, three meat dishes!

The remaining dishes are all vegetarian…

Moreover, meat was still precious in this era.

Today, because it was Yang Chengyu’s first day in charge of the kitchen and she wanted to win everyone’s stomach, she reluctantly bought a piece of pork on the black market.

As a result… Yan Yang took a few chopsticks, and he ate more than half of the few shredded pork.

That’s too much!

The faces of the elderly have already dimmed. The two girls, Yan Lianhua and Yan Hongying yelled anxiously. “Hey! That’s enough! “

Yan Hongying’s 8-year-old brother, Yan Hongqing, saw this frenzied scene and yelled angrily. “You’ve eaten all the meat! Ah! “

“Xiaoyang, Xiaoyang, sit down!” Wang Xiuying was also anxious, and she rushed to Yan Yang’s side, patting the shoulder of 1.8m t tall Yan Yang. “Sit down!”

Yan Yang sat down obediently, but his hands were long and he could still pick up the shredded pork when he stretched out his chopsticks.

“No more eating, you can’t eat!”

Yan Hongqing got up anxiously, took a plate of shredded pork away, and put it in her arms.

Yan Hongqing stared at Yan Yang with big eyes, and said angrily: “This is not for you! This is what my mother bought for me! You ate half of it. You should pay me! “

Yang Chengyu took her son to the market this morning to buy some groceries.

It was indeed Yan Hongqing’s bright eyes that were staring at the meat on the stalls, and Yang Chengyu went to the black market to bargain and buy a small piece of pork.

Yang Chengyu told Yan Hongqing that he could eat more meat when he cooked the meat in the evening, and she said, he could eat it all.

As a result, Yan Yang ate half of the dishes, and Yan Hongqing was so angry that he wanted to cry!

Yan Yang ignored the 8-year-old kid, and his chopsticks reached the big fish again!

The skill of picking food was so good, he could gouge out a big piece of fish from the belly!

“Xiaoyang! You can’t do this! ” Wang Xiuying was so anxious on the side that she was almost angry. “If you want to do that, you should stop eating at the table!”

As a result, Yan Yang took the piece of fish and gave it to Lin Xiaoyue. “Wife, eat it, I can’t hold it!”

Lin Xiaoyue pretended to be embarrassed and dodged, taking the fish he handed over and then chewing it as she said, “You can’t feed me…I don’t deserve meat. “

Yeah… It tastes so good! “

“Wife, is it delicious?” Yan Yang looked at her with a smile.

Even though he worked hard to pretend like a 6-year-old simpleton, his iconic smirk could not be changed.

No matter how you look at it, this look will always stand out.

With his handsome and one-of-a-kind smile of his. Lin Xiaoyue felt comfortable in her heart.

On the surface, she was still frowning and pretended to feel embarrassed. “It is delicious, but I am not worthy of eating this fish and meat, and you are also not worthy. Or should we go back to the house? We can just take two buns. “

“Lin Xiaoyue, stop it.”

Wang Xiuying disliked Lin Xiaoyue’s inability to speak and told her to shut up.

She had to protect not only her stupid son but also Lin Xiaoyue, who couldn’t stop talking. It can be said that she was in a very difficult position.

“Mother-in-law, I’ll take Xiaoyang back to the house. He can’t stop himself from looking at this table with fish, meat, and eggs. He really wanted to eat it. “

Lin Xiaoyue said this, got up, took Yan Yang’s arm, and prepared to pull him up. “Come on Xiaoyang, let’s go back to the house to eat.”

“Okay, go back to the house to eat.”

Yan Yang then got up, then stretched out his hand, directly picked up a plate of fish and a plate of scrambled eggs, and said, “Wife, let’s go back to the house!”

“Xiaoyang!” Wang Xiuying hurriedly grabbed Yan Yang’s arm.

“You’re crazy!”

Yan Lianhua couldn’t help it. He smashed his chopsticks and got up, and started cursing. “You took the food away. What are we going to eat? Who do you think you are? You can’t eat whatever you want! You’re a fool! What are you eating? You are not making money, you don’t earn work points! My family feeds you. You’re a freeloader, do you know that? “

What Yan Lianhua said was what she usually heard from her mother, Chen Cuiyun…

Chen Cuiyun said this all the time that her second family paid the most money, and she had to raise the idiot who eats rice for nothing!

Yan Lianhua listened too much and naturally felt that it was the truth.

However, such harsh words, from a 15-year-old girl, surprised the elders of Old Yan’s family.

When Wang Xiuying heard this, her chest was blocked.

Yan Yang ignored Yan Lianhua and said to Lin Xiaoyue: “Go, wife, let’s go back to the house and eat.”

“No, Xiaoyang…”

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed Yan Yang, pretending to be embarrassed, “You have to put these two dishes down and we can only take two buns.”

Yan Yang refused: “I won’t eat buns, I will just eat them. Let’s go back to the house instead of eating with them. “


Lin Xiaoyue continued to hold Yan Yang, “Be obedient, put it down obediently. You saw how angry my sister-in-law is. These are for my sister to eat, you can’t eat them! “

“That’s right!”

Yan Lianhua felt what Lin Xiaoyue said was the truth. She righteously said. “You idiot, why are you eating these? You don’t contribute to the family, you don’t even work! It is a waste to give buns for you to eat! “

Wang Xiuying couldn’t listen to Yan Lianhua’s words. “Lianhua, you are a junior, can you talk like this? Xiaoyang doesn’t work, but I and his dad were both working! Even if I don’t use the family’s money, his dad and I can support him! There’s no problem with occasionally eating some fish and eggs! Our family does not take advantage of someone! “

“Oh! you not happy if we say a few words to your stupid son? “

Chen Cuiyun interjected. “Your silly son just doesn’t work and doesn’t earn any wages! What’s wrong with saying he’s a freeloader? I don’t think there’s a problem with that~ “

Chen Cuiyun said in a strange tone and rolled her eyes.

She couldn’t see her daughter being talked to like that, not to mention, she thought her daughter was also very reasonable!

“Second Sister-in-law, I will ask you, what have Xiaoyang’s father and I been doing all the time? We both work harder than anyone else in the production team! “

Wang Xiuying was resentful. “Because you always say that Xiaoyang was a freeloader, we both usually don’t dare to touch the meat for dinner! In order for the family to have more manpower, we shelled out all our savings to buy him a working wife! What’s wrong with our family? Is our family a big spender? To be pinched by you! “

“Oh! Are you arguing with me? “

Chen Cuiyun was stimulated by Wang Xiuying’s words, “You said that you two usually don’t eat meat? Who believes it? For years, you’ve been cheating us, haven’t you? Yesterday I just caught you in the act, and today you forget your scars? What? You’re not that old, but are you forgetful? “


Yan Lianhua also interjected in time, “Yesterday you were caught in the act! Today you are pretending to be innocent! The third Aunt, you are really funny! “

“When the elders are talking, it’s not the turn of the younger generation to interject!” Wang Xiuying was so angry that she also dropped her chopsticks.

When Lin Xiaoyue saw Wang Xiuying’s temper, she was sure that her mother-in-law was also capable of fighting.


“Okay, it’s such a small matter, what’s with the noise!” Yan Dayong, the head of the third family, said. He was troubled by the noisy scene of the women fighting.

He knew that his family was at a disadvantage, and he also knew that in the whole Yan Family’s house, no one would help them out.

Therefore, he took the initiative to receive the loss, “This meal, our third family will pay for it. You can deduct the money in the year-end money. “

“What deduction!”

However, Wang Xiuying refused to bear this account anyway, “Our family, There was not much money for the year-end! They deducted 5 yuan yesterday, and today they also planned to deduct money for this meal! Our family can’t even live! Why not throw ourselves into the river! “

“Shut up!”

Yan Dayong shouted at Wang Xiuying.

With his roar, the atmosphere of the entire dining table sank down.

The clamor of women in the Yan Family was trivial in the eyes of men.

But once a man gets angry, the situation becomes serious.

No one dared to move chopsticks at the dinner table.

Yan Yang was still carrying the two dishes, watching the expressions of the people at the table with a relaxed expression.

Lin Xiaoyue still wanted to see them continue fighting to see some excitement.

As a result, the good show-stopped like this!

She felt a little disappointed.

After a while, Wang Xiuying had a black face and broke the jar and said, “Xiao Yang, take these two dishes to the room to eat. What do you want to eat? This meal will be paid for by our third family!”

Yan Yang raised his eyebrows and called Yan Hongqing, “Boy, give me the meat on your hands!”

As a result, Yan Hongqing raised the plate and threw the meat in his hands!

After a cracking sound… Yan Hongqing’s eyes flushed, holding back the tears that were falling. “If I can’t eat meat, then you can’t either! You are just a fool! Who are you! “

Lin Xiaoyue knew that the good show was still going on…


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