I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Originally, there was only one plate of shredded meat, and the Yan family usually did not eat meat every day.

It was a rare occasion to have a plate of meat on the table, but this kind of thing has happened.

The whole family stopped eating.

At the dinner table, the men who didn’t want to take part in these things, with their own eyes, saw a plate of meat being thrown on the ground, and they couldn’t help getting angry!

Yan Dalin, a man from the Second family, slapped his chopsticks on the table, and said with a black face, “Are you comfortable now? Do you have to make a scene until we can’t eat? “

“Oh… this is a good plate of meat…”

second family’s Chen Cuiyun picked up the enamel plate on the ground with a distressed look. The plate was not broken, but there was no shredded meat on the plate.

“We could only eat meat once every few days!”

Chen Cuiyun’s mouth started to be pretentious again. “What a waste of money! The first family was acting like the landlord. You are still ruining food like this! If your family won’t eat it, you can give it to our second family! It’s good meat. “

In this era, landlords * are bad elements in the peasant’s mouth, and even in this society.

(TN: I think they are referring to the Chinese Land Reform Movement. I am not familiar with it, so I won’t say anything about it. I don’t want to spread wrong information.)

Chen Cuiying’s words made it clear that she was mocking the first family for wasting the food.

Yang Chengyu hurriedly pulled Yan Hongqing to her side, and slapped Yan Hongqing on the ass in front of everyone, “I told you to not waste food! Who told you to be wasteful? You still dared to waste it! “


The aggrieved Yan Hongqing immediately cried out, crying while howling, “I just don’t want to give food to that fool! Whaa…… why can the stupid eat meat…… why did the stupid eat such good things? whaa-“

Look at this child, crying and feeling aggrieved.

Why does Lin Xiaoyue feel so comfortable?

Lin Xiaoyue patted Yan Yang’s shoulder. She did not think that it was a big deal to interject. “Brother, you are wrong to say that. You are still in school and young. Didn’t your teacher teach you to respect your elder brother? “

“Shut up! You make him sound bad when you talk! “

Yang Chengyu was very upset.

She didn’t want to participate in this scolding war, she wanted to sit back and watch the good show between the second and third families. Her son unexpectedly destabilized the situation by dragging their home into the water…

As a bystander, Yang Chengyu could see it thoroughly. She felt that the problem was Lin Xiaoyue’s instigation.

She was annoyed by Lin Xiaoyue!

“Yes! You guys are going too far first! “

Seeing her mother talking, Yan Hongying opened her mouth uncontrollably and went to Lin Xiaoyue. “You are just a bargain bought for 19 yuan and 9 cents. Why are you talking at my house! You don’t have the right to interfere in our family’s affairs! What are you? Even a fool has more weight than you! “

Yan Hongying had just cursed Lin Xiaoyue, and over there, Yan Yang directly threw a plate of eggs at her.

Before she could react, she was hit on the head by the enamel bowl, and the eggs scattered all over her face…

Yan Yang was also angry, “I dare you to scold my wife again!”

Suddenly, everyone in Lao Yan’s family was looking at Yan Yang. There was a sinister look on his face.

Everyone… was surprised!

Lin Xiaoyue was afraid that Yan Yang would reveal himself, so she hurriedly held Yan Yang’s hand, “Xiao Yang, let’s go back to the house, there is no room for us here.”

“Let’s go, wife!”

Yan Yang didn’t talk to them anymore. He pulled Lin Xiaoyue’s hand, carried the only plate of fish, and left the table and walked out of the house.

No-one stopped them, they could only scold him behind their back.
Yang Chengyu was cursing, Chen Cuiyun was mocking, Yan Hongying and Yan Hongqing were crying.

Yes, Yan Yang’s bullying of Yan Hongying just now also made Yan Hongying feel wronged.

At home, Grandma Yan and Grandpa Yan didn’t say a word.

At that moment, they couldn’t say anything.

They just stopped the chopsticks in their hands, quietly waiting for a few women to stop cursing. Because of these women, the family became so noisy!

The man from the first family, Yan, did not say a word from the beginning to the end, and only when the noise was almost over, Only when he picked up his rice bowl and said. “This is what happened to a few dishes. The third family, recently things are a bit too much. “

Yan Dayong, the head of the third family, said with a dark face, “Don’t say anything, this night’s meal costs will be taken out of my family’s money. Let’s eat everyone… “

Wang Xiuying, who was standing at the table, looked at Yan Dayong. Her eyes became angrier and angrier, and her heart was very upset. “Since there are so many things in our family, we always quarrel with our two families. If you dislike it, then split up! “

Wang Xiuying had never thought about the separation before, and she dared not to think about it.
When Lin Xiaoyue proposed it last time, she stopped Lin Xiaoyue from thinking of it!

Because she felt that it was shameful to separate.

And the third house family is indeed the one that contributes the least and causes the most trouble in the old Yan family.

But tonight, watching people from those two families bullying her family, scolding her son, and insulting her daughter-in-law, and her husband just wanted to pay…

How much money does their family have?

The couple’s money was not much, and they had to pay the Yan family, so the rest of the money they had was very little.

Seeing that their New Year’s money had been deducted countless times……..
Does their family still want to live?

We’ve already reached this point. Let’s split the family!

“Yeah, you’ve caused a lot of trouble, but you still think our second family set you up?” Chen Cuiyun said unsatisfactorily, “still thinking of dividing the family? Who is threatening? Who can’t leave who? “

“You don’t want to say a few words. Even if the children have quarreled, it is too ugly for the adults to quarrel! “
Chen Cuiyun’s man Yan Dalin stopped her aloud, “Sit down and eat! My third sister-in-law also sat down, don’t say anything! “

Yan Dayong looked at Wang Xiuying with red eyes and said, “Sit down and eat.”

Everyone thought of calming things down, and it was just a small quarrel.

However, the idea of

family separation was planted in Wang Xiuying’s heart.

Wang Xiuying couldn’t eat this meal. She said, “I’m not going to eat anymore, I’m going to see Xiao Yang.”

She turned around, and she also left the main house.

Grandpa Yan said his final summary after Wang Xiuying had left, “Wait a moment, the money for tonight’s meal will be deducted from the third family’s money. Don’t say anything, let’s eat. “
Yan Lianhua muttered softly, “The meat is gone, and the only food left on the table was vegetables… not delicious!”

The matter was over.

However, some things ought to remain, and were still bottled up in the heart and had not passed.
After Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue returned to the house, they talked and laughed and ate the intact big fish.

Lin Xiaoyue soaked the instant noodles and shared them with him.

Regarding the origin of these instant noodles, Lin Xiaoyue said it was her secret, so he shouldn’t ask him!

Yan Yang also let her go.

Wang Xiuying didn’t come to see Yan Yang either. She went back to her room after leaving the main house, hiding her tears secretly.

Yan Yang’s uproar tonight was not caused by a big cause, so it might not be possible to get a big result.

However, there will definitely be sequelae.

Yan Yang was not in a hurry.

After eating the fish, Lin Xiaoyue took the plate to the room and briefly washed it.

She saw that they were still eating in the main house.

Thinking to herself, she would never wash the dishes today! Her rebellion is going to start too!

Inside the room, a kerosene lamp was lit.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were lying on the same bed. She felt weird.

Yan Yang… didn’t touch her, and he didn’t share Lin Xiaoyue’s quilt.
She was lying on the outside wrapped in a quilt, while Yan Yang was lying inside, wearing only coarse clothes without a quilt.

Lin Xiaoyue asked: “Aren’t you cold? Do you want to cover yourself with a blanket? “

Yan Yang put one hand on the back of his head, and his black pupil looked at the eaves, “No.”


Lin Xiaoyue turned her head, her black grape-like eyes stared at his face, “Do you dislike me?”

She was thinking, although he called her his wife, she was indeed called by him as his own.

But he didn’t touch her…

She didn’t want to devote her life to him, but she was curious why he didn’t touch her.

Is it possible… he already has the original heroine Bai Xiaochun in his heart? Was it too late?

Lin Xiaoyue slandered and guessed.

“No. How could I… “

Yan Yang pulled the corner of his mouth, turned his head. His black eyes suddenly met Lin Xiaoyue’s bright eyes.
The atmosphere suddenly froze for a moment.

Lin Xiaoyue slowly pulled up the quilt, covering half of her face. Revealing only her eyes, she continued to stare at Yan Yang. “You…”

Yan Yang waited for her to speak.

In fact, he had never encountered such a situation.

At 18 years old, he had never tasted a woman’s fragrance and he rarely had contact with women.

His family suddenly bought him a wife, and Yan Yang could only regard her as his own.

He didn’t know whether to do that “little man thing” in the middle of the night?

After all, he is very unstable now.

Coming out would be difficult…

If he took her right now and left her to the two idiots, Yan Yang would feel very irresponsible.

Moreover, he really likes this cheap wife.

She looks cute, has a smart head, and is lovable!

“Why are you not going out tonight?”

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t ask the things that a couple do at night, and as soon as the conversation turned around, she subconsciously asked other questions.

“I don’t have to go at night.”

Yan Yang squinted his lips. “I don’t have to go every night. I usually count the days. “

“Then what are you doing after you sneak out?” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

“This is my secret.”

Yan Yang smiled, “I didn’t ask for your secrets, nor do you ask for my secrets. When you are willing to tell me your secrets, I will tell you my secrets. “

Lin Xiaoyue nodded, “Then… when will you come out next time?”

Yan Yang frowned, “I don’t know.”

Lin Xiaoyue nodded: “Oh.”

Yan Yang asked her, “What? You want me to come out? “

Lin Xiaoyue blinked her big black eyes, “The house was still messed up, I think you should come out more, right?”

Of course, he should come out!

As soon as he came out, she could eat well!

Last time it was meat bun, this time it was fish!

Yan Yang liked every word she said

He smiled more deeply. “If I can come out, I will definitely come out more.” After he can easily control this body, he… will also dare to touch her.

The kerosene lamp flickered and her small face was hidden in the yellow candlelight. Looking at that powder-carved jade bracelet face, Yan Yang’s heart is full of impulses.

He is a man, of course, he wants to be.

But he, who is now incomplete, was not yet qualified to have her!

“Lin Xiaoyue.” Yan Yang called her suddenly.

“Huh?” Lin Xiaoyue responded.

He said in a clear voice, “Don’t let those two fools take advantage of you when I’m away.”


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