I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 13

Chapter 13

The next morning, Lin Xiaoyue led the silly Yan Yang to start her daily housework without surprise.

The difference between the kind, simple, honest, and well-behaved silly Yan Yang and the cynical third Yan Yang of yesterday was too great.

Lin Xiaoyue was washing clothes in the yard, and silly Yanyang helped her. He was very well-behaved.

In the dining room, Yang Chengyu called Lin Xiaoyue to wash the leftover bowls of the family last night, and silly Yan Yang did not say anything.

Therefore, Lin Xiaoyue could only rely on herself.

“Auntie, I only ate a piece of fish last night, and the bowls and chopsticks I used were already washed. The remaining pile of dishes and chopsticks has nothing to do with me! ” Lin Xiaoyue refused Yang Chengyu mercilessly.

It was impossible to wash the dishes.

Wang Xiuying had no intention of washing them after last night’s mess, so how could she possibly do it?


Yang Chengyu hurried out with a basket in the room, “Are you not even doing work now? Or do you even dare to bully me now? “

“Auntie, don’t think too much.”

Lin Xiaoyue was busy scrubbing clothes in her hands, without raising her head, “In my opinion, whoever is in charge of the kitchen is the one who washes the dishes. My mother-in-law used to be in charge of the kitchen, and she washed the dishes. I would wash them with her, as I should. Now it’s not my mother-in-law, so naturally, I don’t have to. “

“Don’t quibble! There has never been such a rule! “

Yang Chengyu raised her tone and said in the tone of an elder scolding the younger generation, “” In this family, the youngest wife does all the housework! It used to be your mother-in-law’s responsibility, but now it is yours! Women have to do housework, and now they don’t want to do housework. We bought you for what? “

Yang Chengyu has always been a master of pretense at Lao Yan’s house.

Whenever there was a noisy thing, she would use some means to hand it over to Chen Cuiyun. Because she knew that her status in Lao Yan’s house was not high.

However, no matter how low her status is, she was still higher than the woman Lin Xiaoyue bought!

The bargain Lin Xiaoyue refused her, which was something Yang Chengyu could not accept. She must teach Lin Xiaoyue a lesson.

“Auntie.” Lin Xiaoyue replied while washing the laundry, “The first day I came, my mother-in-law said. She bought me to take care of Xiaoyang, and my main responsibility is to take care of Xiaoyang. My mother-in-law also said that as long as I take good care of Xiaoyang, it is not a problem to do less housework. What’s more, no one stipulates that I do the dishes? “

“What did you say?”

Yang Chengyu saw Lin Xiaoyue’s sharp mouth, and she knew in her heart that she was a difficult woman to deal with!

But she was a junior, Yang Chengyu couldn’t let her ride on her head.

“Lin Xiaoyue, I am going out to buy groceries now, and I must see you wash the dishes before I come back! If you refuse to wash, don’t eat the lunch I made! “

After letting out her harsh words, Yang Chengyu went out with the basket.

Facing the back of her disappearing figure, Lin Xiaoyue cursed, “Get lost!”

The silly Yan Yang, who didn’t talk until Yang Chengyu’s figure completely disappeared, finally spoke. “Wife, you do not like to wash dishes?”

Lin Xiaoyue gave him a ‘you’re talking nonsense’ look and said, “It’s annoying!”

“Okay, I understand my wife!” silly Yan Yang nodded obediently.

“What did you understand?” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

The corners of his mouth raised. His wet palm patted his chest and said, “Wife hates washing dishes, I’ll do it! If my wife hates things, I’ll help you get rid of them! “

To be honest, Lin Xiaoyue was moved.

If not for the water all over her hands, Lin Xiaoyue really wanted to touch his head and praise him for being a good obedient.

“Wife, I will accompany you to finish washing the clothes, and then I will wash the dishes! But you have to keep watching me wash the dishes~ “

Yan Yang said with a silly smile on his face. “I want to stay with my wife. When we’re done with the chores, I still want my wife to play with me~ “


Lin Xiaoyue nodded with a warm smile, “You don’t have to do the dishes. Let’s wash our clothes later and go out for a walk. “

She has been here for a few days, and it is true that she hasn’t walked around much.

Either she went out to do farm work, or went out to find Yan Yang, or locked up at home to do housework.

The sad life of women in old age…

When Yang Chengyu returned from shopping, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were drying clothes and sheets in the courtyard. The two were laughing and playing. They were chasing each other.

In the big basin on the ground, the dirty dishes and chopsticks from last night were still soaked in the water…


Yang Chengyu’s face directly dimmed down, she put down the basket, drilled out of the dining room, and yelled to Lin Xiaoyue in the courtyard: “Lin Xiaoyue, if you have the guts, don’t eat my cooking at noon!”

Lin Xiaoyue stopped chasing Yan Yang and replied with a smile: “Auntie, please take a look. Is this one of your 8-year-old son’s quilts that he had wet? “

Yang Chengyu glanced at the quilt that was just hanging on the rope, his eyes angrily, “So what?”

“I did your chores and washed your sheets and clothes. Why don’t you let me eat the food you made? “

Lin Xiaoyue said with a smile, “If you want to be so calculating, then I will not do the housework for your house starting tomorrow! I will take care of the food by myself. Right? “

Yang Chengyu suddenly became so angry that her chest was blocked, and she took a sharp breath, “Lin Xiaoyue, you really have no upbringing, right? When you got married, didn’t your mother teach you how to be a wife? “

“No Sorry, auntie~”

Lin Xiaoyue shrugged and shook her head, “My mother sold me here for 19 and she ignored the illegal act. This means that she really didn’t teach me much about how to be a WIFE! What I’m saying and doing now is what my mother-in-law taught me! My mother-in-law said that as long as I take care of Xiao Yang, it’s okay to do less housework! What’s more, I’m not doing less either? “


Yang Chengyu was irritated by Lin Xiaoyue that her anger flared up, but her good upbringing and quality prevented her from being rude to Lin Xiaoyue.

Otherwise, she really wanted to pick up the broom and teach Lin Xiaoyue this silly thing a lesson!

“Xiaoyang, shall we go out to play?”

Lin Xiaoyue, who had already done housework, asked Yan Yang deliberately.

“Okay, okay! My wife takes me out to play! “

Yan Yang happily took Lin Xiaoyue’s hand, and the two ran out of the house swaggeringly.

Yang Chengyu, who was standing at the door of the house, was so angry as they watched them run away.

At that time, Yan Hongying came back from outside, thinking that her mother should have started cooking.

Yan Hongying wanted to steal some food.

As a result, Yang Chengyu’s face was flushed, and he told her, “You wash the dishes first!”

“I don’t want to! I’m here to eat! Why do you want me to wash the dishes? “

Yan Hongying refused outright. She was baffled as to why she was being asked to do such a thing.

“No one is washing the dishes, can’t you do it?”

Yang Chengyu irritatedly said, “The bowls from last night and this morning were stacked on top of one another. How can I cook the dishes!”

“Then why don’t you just hand them over to the third Auntie to wash? Well! It was never our family’s responsibility! ” Yan Hongying replied to her.

“Your third aunt doesn’t care about the kitchen now, and she doesn’t want to wash the dishes either.”

Yang Chengyu angrily said, “Don’t ask, come and wash the dishes together!”

“I don’t want to! Then you assign the responsibility to that cheapskate! ” Yan Hongying retorted again.

Yang Chengyu waved her hand in anger, “You go call! If she doesn’t come, you’ll do the dishes! “

“I will go! I will go! “

Yan Hongying quickly turned around and was on her way to find Lin Xiaoyue to tell her that she needed to return to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

She ran into Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang, who

were about to go out and play, while she was returning home.

She probably didn’t even finish her chores, but she went out to have fun!

This bargain was really getting more and more presumptuous!

On the other side, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were laughing and joking all the way, chasing and screaming, and ran to the rice field of the production team.

The autumn harvest was over, the rice fields were barren, the soil was hard, and it was very comfortable to run on top of it.

Lin Xiaoyue seemed to have returned to her childhood, running around in the fields with her little buddies. The happiness at that time was very simple.

“Wife, wife, look at the little frog!”

Yan Yang found a very small frog jumping in the rice field.

As if he had discovered the New World, he hurriedly called Lin Xiaoyue to come and see him.

Lin Xiaoyue leaned her head and took a look. She curled her eyebrows and frowned, “It’s disgusting, throw it away!”

Yan Yang discarded it obediently, then patted her hands, “It’s no longer there, Wife! Please, don’t dislike me, wife!”

“I don’t dislike you!”

Lin Xiaoyue laughed heartily “Do you know if this village has any creeks or rivers? Why don’t we go to the river and see if we can catch any fish?”

“Yes, wife!”

Yan Yang was pleased. A row of white teeth was exposed, “I’ll take you! Come and chase me, hurry up! “

The two ran up again in the rice fields. Lin Xiaoyue chased after Yan Yang, calling him with great effort,

“Slow down. Ah! I can’t catch up! “

This silly boy thought she was playing a chase game with him!

Running so desperately, like those in sports…

She was dumped for hundreds of meters at once, so I just don’t want to be too straight!

Lin Xiaoyue chased after him but she couldn’t run anymore… She stopped and bent over and took a few breaths.

At that time, she looked up and saw Yan Yang far away, surrounded by several young men.

The distance was so far, Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t see the appearance of those young men clearly.

She saw that among those young people, someone suddenly pushed Yan Yang and directly overthrew him to the ground!


Lin Xiaoyue noticed that something was wrong in an instant, and she ran towards them immediately.

And over there, a few young people were surrounding Yan Yang and she didn’t know what to say…

They looked aggressive, they looked like they were bullies!

“Hey! Who are you? What are you doing! “

It took a lot of effort for Lin Xiaoyue to run to Yan Yang. She immediately guarded Yan Yang and stared at these young people with wide eyes.

When Yan Yang saw Lin Xiaoyue coming up, although he was scared in his heart, he quickly stood up and said: “Wife, me, let’s go quickly…”

“Oh! This was your wife! “

The young man was scornful. With a mocking smile on his face, “How long has it been since? The fools are asking for a wife! Haha! “

The other young men present also laughed together.

The young man’s aggressive eyes fell on Lin Xiaoyue’s face, and he looked at it for a long time, and said, “The little girl looks pretty good! How could you be so thoughtless as to marry a fool and become his wife? Then why not be with me? “

The young man said as he stretched out his hand to pinch Lin Xiaoyue’s chin…

Lin Xiaoyue slapped his hand away. She stared at him and replied, “All of you, Who are you?”

How courageous!

Dare to bully the villain!


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