I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Yan Dahe was a well-known troublemaker and an unpromising junior in the village.

Throughout the entire day, he hangs around with gangsters from the neighboring village. Flaunting around, not going to or doing any work. He belonged to the kind of person who had been abandoned by his family.

In this village, whenever he caught Yan Yang, he would bully him or ask him to do something wicked. Probably because Yan Yang was a “fool,” he would not seek revenge, wouldn’t resist him, and not complain about him.

A few days ago, Yan Dahe fell in love with Bai Xiaochun, an accountant in the commune. He asked Yan Yang to find trouble with Bai Xiaochun, giving him the opportunity to come out, save the beauty and win the goodwill of the beauty.

As a result, Yan Yang not only didn’t trouble Bai Xiaochun, but Bai Xiaochun also showed pity for Yan Yang and treated him very well!

Even when she saw Yan Dahe bullying Yan Yang, Bai Xiaochun not only rushed up to protect him but also scolded Yan Dahe!

Yan Dahe remembered this debt to his heart.

Today, he finally ran into Yan Yang again. He wanted to take advantage of Bai Xiaochun’s absence and beat Yan Yang. Give back all the anger he had in the previous days.

As a result, Yan Dahe ran into another girl who was defending Yan Yang. She even said that she was his wife?

Yan Dahe looked at Yan Yang. He was even more upset at this time!

How could this fool be so unmanly? He was protected by two women, but could he also get such a lustrous wife?

Yan Dahe looked at Lin Xiaoyue’s palm-sized face. She was a little thinner, but her facial features were really exquisite! This kind of woman to bring to your home, just by tidying her up properly, taking her out would be such an honor.

It’s a pity. She wasted herself by marrying the fool.

Or maybe…… the fool doesn’t know how to spoil her, right?

Yan Dahe suddenly had an idea of Lin Xiaoyue. He had a bad smile on his face. “Little wife, after you married Yan Yang the fool, you still haven’t become a woman, right? Would you like this brother to help you out? “he said as he moved closer to her. Would you like this brother to help you out? “

“Who the hell are you? Don’t be too aggressive! “

Lin Xiaoyue protected Yan Yang and stepped back.

To be honest, she was nervous!

Lin Xiaoyue also forgot whether there was such a character in the original book?

This made her unsure of how she would deal with him…

“How could I be aggressive? I’m just feeling sorry for you~.”

The smile at the corner of Yan Dahe’s mouth raised even higher. He raised his hand to reach for Lin Xiaoyue’s little face.

Lin Xiaoyue was about to slap his hand away when a figure rushed in front of her, “You’re not allowed to bully my wife! You, you can just hit me! Just don’t touch my wife! “

At this time, although he was the 6-year-old Yan Yang, his tall figure stood firmly in front of her and was imprinted in Lin Xiaoyue’s heart.

Lin Xiaoyue was slightly moved when she looked up and saw his sturdy figure covering her tightly.

It turns out that no matter who he is, he would still protect her.

“Go away!”

Yan Dahe tried to push Yan Yang away, only to find that Yan Yang’s body stood still, as stable as Mount Tai. He couldn’t push him at all!

Yan Dahe was unhappy at that moment and slapped Yan Yang’s forehead when he went up!


The sound was crisp and loud. Lin Xiaoyue was taken aback, but Yan Yang, who was in front of her, was still standing firmly and trying to block Lin Xiaoyue!

Lin Xiaoyue also exploded in anger. She rushed up angrily and slapped Yan Dahe’s face!

There was another “SLAP” sound…

It was also very crisp and loud!

At the scene, all of Yan Dahe’s gangsters were taken aback. Yan Yang opened his mouth in surprise, and Yan Dahe himself failed to react.

Was he actually slapped by a girl?

Yan Yang was the first to react.

He suddenly grabbed Lin Xiaoyue’s hand, turned his head, and led her to run. He yelled: “Wife, Run!”

Even if he was a 6-year-old personality, his sense of crisis and sense of escape was still quite heavy.

Lin Xiaoyue felt that his decision to escape…… was excellent!

Otherwise, did she really didn’t know what would happen next?

“Catch them!”

Yan Dahe was furious and gave an order. His gangster friends followed him, then flew out like an arrow and chased them both with fire and fury!

A long road forms a chase game.

Seeing that Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang were about to be overtaken by them, they would inevitably be beaten!

At that time, Yan Hongying, who came out to look for Lin Xiaoyue, also saw this scene.

Yan Hongying was so scared that she hid in a corner and did not dare to come out.

But after hiding in the corner, Yan Hongying poked her head out again, quietly and silently peeking…

If only she could see Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang being taught a lesson, she would be so relieved!

“Catch up, catch up!”

Yan Hongying in the corner was still cheering for the group of punks with her mouth, and couldn’t wait to see the picture of Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang being bullied.

However, in the nick of time……

Suddenly, someone carrying a pole passed through Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue. He rushed forward and hit Yan Dahe on the shoulder!


Yan Dahe let out a painful cry. He immediately stopped chasing them.

Several punks were also startled by the sudden appearance of the man.

They saw the man, raising the pole high, and said in a crisp tone: “Yan Dahe, you are bullying the people in my village again! Believe it or not, I will tell the village head immediately! “

“Lu Xiaming, it’s none of your business! You’re not from our village, so mind your own business! ” Yan Dahe shouted at the man in anger.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang had escaped the crisis temporarily.

The two of them stood behind Lu Xiaming, and Lin Xiaoyue’s curious eyes fell on Lu Xiaming…

Lu Xiaming… He was the male protagonist of the original book.

He was also the object of the original owner, Lin Xiaoyue’s crazy obsession.

In the original book, the original Lin Xiaoyue was angry because she married Yan Yang, and at first, she was planning to denounce Yan Yang’s family for human trafficking after she had her freedom.

As a result, the original Lin Xiaoyue fell in love with Lu Xiaoming the moment she first met him.

Not only was she not going to report on Lao Yan’s family, but she also planned to stay in this village and find opportunities to get in touch with Lu Xiaming more.

When the original Lin Xiaoyue was in front of Lu Xiaming, she would often reveal that she was bought by the Yan family to take care of Yan Yang. She was not considered Yan Yang’s wife, nor was she married to Yan Yang.

She thought of letting Lu Xiaming know that she was still pure. As a result, this only provoked Lu Xiaming’s disgust towards her.

Lin Xiaoyue quickly went through the original owner’s situation in her head, and then, when she looked at Lu Xiaoming again, she told herself…… to stay away from him! He is a bad person!

“Yan Dahe, even if I am not from your village, I can still handle your attitude of bullying the villagers!”

Lu Xiaming relied on the fact that he was the outstanding youth of the village, and the village head had to give him some face.

Therefore, facing Yan Dahe, his tone of voice is only strong and not at all weak, “You always bully the people from Shangyan Village every day. If I tell the village chief about this, believe it or not, you will not have a better life when you go home! “

“Who are you scaring? Lu Xiaming! “

Yan Dahe and Lu Xiaming quarreled, but it was only an argument.

Because in front of Lu Xiaoming, Yan Dahe did not dare to be violent.

Lin Xiaoyue saw that Lu Xiaming could handle the situation alone. She patted Yan Yang’s hand and whispered to Yan Yang, “Let’s go first, and leave it to him.”

“But wife…”

Yan Yang wanted to say that others were helping them. What if they were gone and he was bullied?

However, before Yan Yang could say anything, Lin Xiaoyue dragged him and ran away.

Lu Xiaming drove Yan Dahe away with a few words. When he turned around, he found that the two people he had saved had also run away.

They were not running fast, and he could still see the two people running away in a hurry.

Lu Xiaming looked helpless.

Although he was not asking for anything for the good deeds he had done, they shouldn’t run away and leave him, right? “

And I wonder who those young people are?

Lu Xiaming shook his head, slung the pole on his shoulder, and walked back.

Yan Hongying, who hadn’t seen anything good, was in the corner, gnashing her teeth in disappointment.

She was wondering how Lin Xiaoyue’s luck was so good. Someone came to help them. It was even Brother Xia Ming!

Brother Xia Ming was like fragrant meat in the eyes of the girls in the village…

Swiftly, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang ran back to the entrance of their house.

Yan Hongying also caught up behind them, and she began to look for trouble, “Lin Xiaoyue!”

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang both turned their heads.

Seeing Yan Hongying, Lin Xiaoyue sighed. Could it be another problem again?

As expected…..

Yan Hongying opened her mouth and said, “Have you had enough? Why don’t you go back and wash the dishes?”

“Washing the dishes?”

Lin Xiaoyue was stunned but quickly reacted, “So you came out to find me to wash the dishes? So, you saw Yan Yang and I being chased by the gangsters? “

“I saw it, so what?”

Yan Hongying held her chin up proudly, looking indifferent, “You’re thinking that I should come out and help you, right? Why should I come out to help you? “

Lin Xiaoyue raised her eyebrows indifferently, “I just thought that I needed to talk to my mother-in-law about this matter.”


Yan Hongying shook her head in disgust, “You still want to complain? Then go ahead and complain! I have plenty to say! You left a bunch of housework behind, took the fool out to play, ran into a gangster, almost let the fool be bullied by the gangster, see if your mother-in-law will not scold you! “

“My mother won’t scold my wife!”

Yan Yang was in front of Lin Xiaoyue, who was guarding his wife, “And my wife protected me! When he hit me, my wife hit him too! “

Yan Hongying stared at Yan Yang with disgust, “Silly, who wants to talk to you? Lin Xiaoyue, I won’t talk nonsense to you. Hurry up and wash the dishes! Otherwise, I will tell your mother-in-law about how you caused Yan Yang to be chased by the gangsters today! “

“I won’t wash the bowl. Your mother can’t even ask me to do it, let alone you. “

Lin Xiaoyue said righteously and patted Yan Yang on the shoulder again, “Let’s go, Xiao Yang, let’s go back to the room to rest and wait for lunch!”

“Okay, wife!” Yan Yang responded with a grin.

The two of them ignored Yan Hongying and walked inside the house.

Yan Hongying looked at Lin Xiaoyue’s smug back, and she was furious!

At that time, hearing Yan Hongying’s voice, Yang Chengyu came out of the dining room, “Hongying! Come and wash the dishes! “

Yan Hongying entered the dining room in a huff and washed the dishes angrily…

While washing, she gritted her teeth and complained, “You bought a woman like that for 19.9 yuan! Why can’t they buy a more virtuous one! “

Yang Chengyu also realized that Lin Xiaoyue’s difficult temper and might still be able to ride on her head in this house in the future.

Yang Chengyu was thinking…

While Lin Xiaoyu hadn’t got a firm foothold, how about replacing her as soon as possible?

I’ll discuss it with the second family, add some money to change into a more honest wife.


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