I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t know that someone at home was planning to drive her out. At this time, she was hiding in a side room with Yan Yang to rest.

Not long after the two went out to play, they ran into a small gangster, and the little Yan Yang was bullied.

Considering the psychological vulnerability of a 6-year-old, Lin Xiaoyue coaxed him when they came back.

She told Yan Yang to go to bed and rest, and she also lay beside him, patting Yan Yang’s chest, telling him stories, and telling him to be strong.

Yan Yang did not feel aggrieved, but he really liked the way Lin Xiaoyue was coaxing him.

Lying on the bed, his face was full of smiles, quietly watching Lin Xiaoyue’s mouth open and close.

“Wife, you are so beautiful.” Yan Yang let out praise from his heart.


Lin Xiaoyue gently raised her eyebrows, “Are you sure you didn’t bring a layer of a filter when looking at me?”

After coming to this era and using this body, Lin Xiaoyue had never heard others praise her beauty.

But girls liked to hear compliments from others, so Lin Xiaoyue was quite surprised to hear it.

Yan Yang shook his head and did not really understand what Lin Xiaoyue said. “What is a filter ah? Wife? “

Lin Xiaoyue smiled and patted him on the chest, “The filter is like how a lover sees his partner. Because you like me, so no matter what I look like, you think I’m beautiful. “

“Then I am using a filter when I look at you.”

Yan Yang admitted with a smile, “I just like my wife. My wife is the most beautiful!”

Lin Xiaoyue: “…”

Suddenly, I don’t feel happy anymore.

“Wife, I want to sleep.”

Yan Yang was coaxed by Lin Xiaoyue to sleep, his eyelids closed quickly.

It was a good thing for him to sleep, and Lin Xiaoyue never stopped it.

Because after he woke up, she might be able to receive a good surprise from the arrival of the third personality!

“Okay, go to sleep if you want to sleep.”

Lin Xiaoyue coaxed him, “I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.”

Yan Yang nodded, closed his eyes, and muttered in his mouth, “I still want to hear my wife tell a story… wife continue telling me…”

Lin Xiaoyue continued to tell him the story of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

She adapted it.

The story was adapted into a dwarf with 7 split personalities, and then the prince was described as a bad person, and the child with 7 split personalities was actually very righteous! Doing his best to protect Snow White!

Yan Yang was drowsy and fell asleep.

After making sure that he was asleep, Lin Xiaoyue lay down beside him and gently held his hand.

After appreciating him for a while, she actually fell asleep…

Yan Yang usually switches between three personalities in his sleep, while Lin Xiaoyue enters her study space in her sleep.

When she fell asleep, Lin Xiaoyue entered her space without any accident.

Just as she was considering what to do in space, she suddenly discovered something even more mysterious!

She had been using her studies ever since she was a child, and it could be said that it nurtured her for a lifetime.

Lin Xiaoyue was also aware that the study had grown up alongside his father’s childhood years.

It is a large study room that was very old and has not changed for many years.

The study space was definitely not small, and a small space was partitioned off inside, where a bed was placed for temporary rest.

After entering the space this time, Lin Xiaoyue saw…… three Yan Yang lying on the bed in the small space at the partition!

She almost exclaimed!

In order to keep herself from making a sound, Lin Xiaoyue almost tightly covered her mouth, forcibly suppressing the shock in her heart!

In her dream space, Yan Yang…… had appeared in her study on the crib she usually used for rest!

And there are three of them!

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t use science to explain what was happening in front of her.

In fact, what is happening to her nowadays can no longer be explained by science either?

It was very mysterious!

Lin Xiaoyue took a few deep breaths and waited for a while to calm herself down before taking a step and walking to the bed.

Looking at the three deep-sleeping Yan Yang lying on the bed, Lin Xiaoyue had a very mysterious idea in her mind.

She wondered if these three Yan Yang would represent his three personalities?

Every time she went out of space, she could take away the things she was holding in the study.

Does this mean that she can also take out one personality just by simply selecting one of his three personalities?

So, it was her space that made Yan Yang appear here?

After thinking about it, Lin Xiaoyue was ready to do an experiment.

The three Yan Yangs were deeply asleep and showed no difference in appearance and clothing on the bed.

Lin Xiaoyue also couldn’t differentiate the 6-year-old child with the depressed personality and the third personality.

She wondered if she could wake one up?

However, the thought that if she really woke them up, wouldn’t the secret of her space be exposed?

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t dare to wake them up.

She silently returned to the desk, took a pen, went back to the bed, and made different marks on the three Yan Yangs.

The first Yan Yang, she drew a heart on his right hand. On the second Yan Yang, she drew a pentagram on his left hand, and on the last Yan Yang, she drew a triangle on his forehead.

After careful consideration, Lin Xiaoyue decided to take the Yan Yang with the triangle drawn on his forehead.

As long as she holds something in her hand, it will be taken out of the study when she wakes up.

So, Lin Xiaoyue sat next to Yan Yang with the triangle drawn on his forehead and held his hand with her small hand.

It was a nerve-wracking experiment.

Lin Xiaoyue was not only nervous about whether she could take this Yan Yang out.

But she was also nervous that there would be two Yan Yangs in that world after she took him out.

Although she was nervous, it did not stop her from doing this experiment.

In her nervousness, she slowly waited for herself to wake up.

After waking up, Lin Xiaoyue sat up with a jolt!

She still remembered exactly what happened in her dream space.

Looking down, she saw that she was still holding Yan Yang’s big palm in her hand, and Yan Yang, who was sleeping beside her, really had an extra triangular pattern on his forehead!

The test was successful.

She was really able to take him out of her studies!

Moreover, it is a case of choosing 1 from 3!

Lin Xiaoyue was surprised that she had discovered another function of her Golden Finger, a function that actually allowed her to choose Yan Yang!

Only Lin Xiaoyue didn’t know which Yan Yang she had brought out?

She shook Yan Yang’s shoulder and called him, “Little Yang, Little Yang, wake up, get up and eat.”

Yan Yang’s thick black sword eyebrows wrinkled, and he was quickly awakened by her.

When he opened his eyes, the bright black pupils exuded the air of an adult.

Lin Xiaoyue stared at him closely. She was nervous and held her breath and wanted to know who she brought out.

When Yan Yang opened his eyes and saw her, his thin lips slanted, his big palm pressed on her face, and he laughed: “What are you staring at me for?”

Lin Xiaoyue was extremely surprised this time!

She knew that what she brought out must be the third personality.

The odds of picking the best one out of three were simply too reassuring!

Lin Xiaoyue grabbed his wrist and pulled it away. She stared at him with burning eyes, “Did you have a dream just now?”

Did you dream about her studies?

Yan Yang shook his head, “I usually don’t dream.”

The body was not necessarily his, and the mind was certainly not controlled by him.

He can’t dream even if he wanted to…

“Get up, get up.”

Lin Xiaoyue sat up in bed. She grabbed Yan Yang’s hand and made him sit up.

She looked at his forehead that had a triangle drawn with a big black pen.

Lin Xiaoyue reached up and wiped it vigorously.

This was not appropriate to appear on his handsome face!

If it appeared on silly Yan Yang’s head, she would feel nothing out of place.

Yan Yang saw her wipe a smear of black ash on his head, and his sword brows furrowed, “What did that fool do again?”

He must have gone out and was bullied again.

He was still a man with a wife! Still so trashy!

How disdainful!

Lin Xiaoyue said, “He didn’t do anything. He was very well behaved.”

Yan Yang asked her again about the situation at home.

He had just caused trouble the night before, and when he awoke this morning, the situation at home was not much different.

It’s not easy to split the family, not to mention that Yan Yang’s father and mother were quite opinionated about the separation.

However, things could pile up more easily.

Since the third Yan Yang has come out, he was bound to continue to do “something” today!

They both woke up late. In the main house, Old Yan’s family had already eaten.

Wang Xiuying had come to call the two of them before, but seeing that they were really sleeping soundly, she put three buns on the table and let them sleep.

Because Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue have beaten again at the dinner table today. Wang Xiuying felt that it was good for them to fall asleep, so they didn’t have to participate in the noontime shenanigans.

At this time, it was in the afternoon.

Wang Xiuying was washing dishes in the kitchen, and Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun came to the kitchen to accompany her.

They just talked to her and didn’t help her wash the dishes.

Wang Xiuying was not too happy listening to the two of them because they were both suggesting that she must save some money, and buy a soft-tempered daughter-in-law, and replace Lin Xiaoyue. Showing their goodwill to her.

The three houses of the old Yan family, Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun have always been closer, and Wang Xiuying has always been the wife in the single room.

Therefore, Wang Xiuying didn’t seem to be surprised at the situation she was facing.

It’s just that what they said made Wang Xiuying very irritated.

She really can’t listen anymore. Wang Xiuying directly rejected them, “First sister-in-law, second-sister-in-law. My Xiaoyang’s dad does indeed make money these days, but this money was used for the New Year. You also know our family’s situation. The money that was now being deducted amounted to seven or eight yuan, and it is simply impossible to get the money for the New Year. How can we buy something to give as a gift with a small amount of money? I don’t have spare money to buy a new daughter-in-law! “

“If you don’t have money, our family can lend you!”

Chen Cuiyun looked very enthusiastic at this time, “We are a family, right? If a family does not have money, it is possible to borrow some money! It’s okay! It’s just that your family’s situation has been really bad lately. Your son’s wife was too good at making trouble. It won’t work! “

“Yes, the third sister-in-law.”

Yang Chengyu then said, “Look, since your son married his wife, your family has been in trouble constantly. It looks like Xiao Yang’s condition has become much worse! He was well-behaved before. Now he had got a wife. He had almost become his wife’s dog. Don’t think that the way I was speaking was unpleasant…..”

Wang Xiuying was really disgusted with her words. She silently rolled her eyes…

“I think my sister-in-law is really right!”

Chen Cuiyun followed. “Look, you originally bought a wife to take care of Xiao Yang! Now the person who was taking care of Xiao Yang was a squeamish wife! It hasn’t been a few days since we entered the house, and Xiao Yang’s personality became like this! I suggest you two save up some money and buy another one. You can lock her up and starve her for a few days.”

They were singing in unison and only wanted to replace Lin Xiaoyue…


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