I Lived with the Villain in the 70s
I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 16

Chapter 16

A person could be targeted by someone only when a certain person could harm that “someone’s” interest.

Wang Xiuying, who knows the truth about human feelings, was clear that the two from the first and second families don’t usually like to associate with her. And this time, they were telling her things with all their hearts, that what they said was good for their family.

In fact, the two of them were just displeased with Lin Xiaoyue.

Wang Xiuying, who saw through their acts, let them talk through their mouths and did not move a muscle.

Is Lin Xiaoyue a good daughter-in-law?

As her mother-in-law, she knew her the best!

Except for Lin Xiaoyue’s slow-witted words she said at last night’s dinner, In other respects, Lin Xiaoyue was very good!

Especially for her son…

Wang Xiuying liked Lin Xiaoyue in her heart, so no matter what the two people in the first and the second family said, she didn’t take it seriously.

In the end, the two people from the first and second families walked out of the dining room with great enthusiasm.

The two of them had no choice but to revise their plans again.

Yang Chengyu asked Chen Cuiyun to go to her room and immediately have a discussion with Chen Cuiyun.

“I think the third sister-in-law was not willing to pay money for a new wife. Second sister-in-law, what do you think? “

Chen Cuiyun sat down at the table, slowly poured a cup of water. After taking a sip, she said: “If they refuse to buy a new wife, they can’t do anything about it. In my opinion, the third wife’s daughter-in-law is arrogant. We need to dispel her arrogance! The few elders of the family could team up and teach her a lesson. Find someone who can take her and lock her up in a woodshed, let her starve for a few nights! Let’s see if she won’t behave honestly this time. “

“From what I see, Lin Xiaoyue is not an easy target.”

Yang Chengyu’s vision of people was quite poisonous. She also sat down beside Chen Cuiyun, “I still think that it’s best to find a way to throw her out and replace her with an honest wife. This is the most appropriate method. Sister-in-law, the third sister-in-law, refused to pay money for buying a new wife. Our two families can pool some money and give her a replacement.”

“You wish!”

As a result, Chen Cuiyun turned down Yang Chengyu’s suggestion and said. “I will not give their family a penny. They have to pay for it!”

“Second, Sister-in-law, think about it…”

Yang Chengyu said bitterly, “Lin Xiaoyue just came into the house not long ago, and the third wife mentioned the separation last night! What is the temper of the third wife? Even though her son has been stupid for so many years, she has never mentioned separation. I forgive her for not daring to mention separation! Last night she made a little fuss, and she even proposed separation! It means that Lin Xiaoyue must have provoked her in private! “

“Then she will separate from us if she wants to separate!”

Chen Cuiyun disagreed. “They don’t make much money every year, yet they still have to waste money and time on fools. Our two families will not lose anything even though their family separates from us! I’ll tell you what, I think the third wife was being stupid last night when she mentioned the separation from our families! If they want to cut ties, they can do so! They are not allowed to have a share of my son’s money. That means I’ll have one less family to waste my family’s money on! “

“Alas… Sister-in-law….”

Yang Chengyu advised Chen Cuiyun, “You listen to my advice, Lin Xiaoyue is really not easy to handle. We should have replaced her early while she was still not standing firm in the Old Yan’s family! “

“The third wife refuses to change it! It’s impossible for me to give money~ I will not pay for the third family! The money that my son gave for these past few years has already cost a lot of money for the third family! “

Chen Cuiyun waved her hand. She frowned and said, “I just meant it anyway. If they want to split up, then split up! It’s best to split up. I won’t lose anything anyway! Otherwise, find an excuse to teach Lin Xiaoyue a lesson. You want me to pay for them? In this life, it’s impossible! “

Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun’s thoughts were no longer on the same line.

Seeing that Chen Cuiyun could not be persuaded, Yang Chengyu had no choice but to give up. Because if she continues to persuade her, Chen Cuiyun will doubt her motives.

Yang Chengyu had no choice but to say, “Yes, let’s do what you said. Sister-in-law, let’s talk about how we could find some reason to teach Lin Xiaoyue a lesson. “

Chen Cuiyun said, “It’s easy! In the afternoon, they wait for the third couple to go do their private work. will go with you to teach her a lesson! “

Yang Chengyu asked, “But she has a fool who will protect her.”

Chen Cuiyun didn’t take Yan Yang seriously, “What is that fool! Give him candy to trick that person away! “”

Yang Chengyu thought it was feasible.

Thus, the plan was set.

After Wang Xiuying washed the dishes, she went out in the afternoon to take care of private work, and so did her husband.

In order to take Yan Yang to see the master again before the end of the year, Wang Xiuying and his wife must do more work and make more money.

Wang Xiuying arranged a task for Lin Xiaoyue to grind the corn kernels they peeled off yesterday into powder.

Lin Xiaoyue was deeply ‘grateful’ to her mother-in-law, who never forgets to arrange work for her before she leaves home.

However, the third Yan Yang was here today.

Lin Xiaoyue doesn’t need to work anymore.

Yan Yang sat in the yard grinding the cornflour, while Lin Xiaoyue sat beside him, watching, sprinkling corn kernels on him from time to time.

The old corn that had been dried in the sun had no moisture. This time, they had to break the corn kernels, and grind them into powder, then it becomes corn flour. Corn flour can be kneaded into the millets to become cornmeal, which is a staple food.

Because it will be consumed by all members of the Yan Family, the amount was huge!

Yan Yang looked at the basket full of corn kernels, her sword eyebrows wrinkled tightly…

Seeing his unhappy expression, Lin Xiaoyue was busy cheering him up, “Come on! You are working hard for your wife’s sake! “

Yan Yang himself was upset that he had to work for the elderly, but hearing Lin Xiaoyue say that he was doing it for her, he was instantly filled with fighting spirit.

He raised his lips and smiled. He looked up at Lin Xiaoyue, only to feel that this cheap wife, every time he looked at her, she became more and more beautiful.

It’s a pity that he can’t come out often…

He still wanted to be able to spend more time with this cheap wife and improve the relationship.

Lin Xiaoyue smiled at him with an expression of a pervert. He becomes more handsome every minute.

The so-called face is justice. Probably this was the reason behind those phrases!

“Do you want to do something else today?”

Lin Xiaoyue scattered a handful of corn kernels on the stone mill while asking Yan Yang.

“I haven’t thought of doing anything yet.”

Yan Yang raised his head to look ahead, his eyes narrowed, but his actions were not stopping.

After saying this…

Yan Yang saw Yan Hongying with her hands behind her, with a fake smile, jumping towards the two of them.

He hadn’t thought about what he would do, but the other party came walking through his doorstep!

Yan Yang’s thin lips slanted high. His eyes had sparked like a predator found her prey. And the oncoming Yan Hongying was his target.

Stand still, lure out the target into attacking, and then he will go for a kill!

Let’s play around.

“Fool, Lin Xiaoyue!”

Yan Hongying walked towards them both with a smile. She suddenly spread her hands to them. There were two pieces of candy on her palm…

“Do you want to eat candy?” Yan Hongying asked.

At a glance, Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang saw Yan Hongying’s ill intentions.

However, the two had a tacit understanding and still played along with Yan Hongying.

Lin Xiaoyue and Yan Yang said.”Sister is giving you candy. Do you want to eat it?”

Yan Yang smiled, “Okay!”

Lin Xiaoyue said.”Wait, I’ll wash my hands and get it for you. Your hands are dirty now.”

“No need to be bothered with it!”

Yan Hongying directly stuffed candy into Yan Yang’s mouth and handed the other candy to Lin Xiaoyue. Lin Xiaoyue took it.

So the two ate Yan Hongying’s candy.

With the sweet and greasy taste, Yan Yang frowned.

He didn’t want to be fed by a woman other than Lin Xiaoyue!

It was dirty!

“How about it, delicious?”

Yan Hongying thought she had already subdued the two of them with the two candies. After all, one of them was a fool, and the other was a bargain which had never eaten good things.

Although this was a small piece of candy, for the two of them, it must already be the rarest thing in the world!

Yan Hongying thought she could buy them both off with the two candies!

Lin Xiaoyue also cooperated with her performance. She nodded and said, “It’s delicious. Say thank you, sister. Xiaoyang, thank your sister. “

Yan Yang lowered his head to grind corn flour without saying a word.

The two words “thank you” in the mouth of those two stupid Yan Yang were cheap. In his mouth, it was very precious valuable gold.

Third, Yan Yang had never put the words’ thank you ‘and’ sorry ‘in his vocabulary because no one can afford to make him thankful and apologetic to someone.

His biological father and mother were not qualified.

“No need to thank me! I also want to get along well with you two! “

Yan Hongying patted her chest and said, “After all, we are a family. With this kind of free benefit, can we not share it together? “

Lin Xiaoyue absorbed the most important information in Yan Hongying’s words and played along with her act. “Sister, this was a free candy?”

Yan Hongying saw Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes light up. She knew that Lin Xiaoyue had already fallen into the trap.

She immediately smiled and said, “No! Today the town’s supply and marketing agency was having an event. Any food is open for sampling. Such an opportunity is rare! Don’t blame me for not reminding you. It was only for today! Tomorrow it will be gone too~.”

“Is there such a good thing?”

Lin Xiaoyue deliberately answered she did not believe in this kind of thing anyway.

In this era of scarcity of materials, supply and marketing cooperatives will not engage in these kinds of fancy events!

Yan Hongying must be thinking about something…


Yan Hongying nodded, “Do you want to go, idiot? I’ll take you there! We are not far from the town. If we walk faster, we will be there in an hour or so! “

Yan Yang himself did not want to go, but in order to see what they were up to, he also silently cooperated.

Yan Yang turned his head and asked Lin Xiaoyue, “Wife, do you want me to go?”

Lin Xiaoyue smiled back at him, “Go, there are free candies, you must go there ah. I won’t go. I will stay here. Go with your sister, and bring me some sweets when the time comes. “

“Okay!” Yan Yang nodded obediently.

Yan Hongying took Yan Yang away. She thought the plan was going very smoothly.

As long as she coaxed Yan Yang away, Lin Xiaoyue would be alone.

At that time, there will be two elders in the family waiting to teach Lin Xiaoyue a lesson!

Lin Xiaoyue needs to suffer a lot!

She must be kept in the woodshed for a few more days!

Yan Hongying became more excited as she thought about it.

As a result, not long after she took Yan Yang out…

She was suddenly knocked down by Yan Yang and came in contact with the ground!


On the other hand, Lin Xiaoyue, who was obediently grinding cornmeal, also welcomed Chen Cuiyun, who was going to pick a fight!


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