I Lived with the Villain in the 70s Chapter 17

Chapter 17

From the time Yan Hongying gave both of them candy for no reason, Lin Xiaoyue knew that this family had bad motives in their hearts and was getting ready to start their plan to set up.

Sure enough, as soon as Yan Hongying took Yan Yang away, Chen Cuiyun came after.

Chen Cuiyun came aggressively with a stack of sheets. At first sight, it was clear that he was looking for trouble!

Lin Xiaoyue was not afraid of her, and she was even quietly watching her performance.

“Lin Xiaoyue, wash this sheet later!”

Chen Cuiyun threw the sheet into the bucket behind Lin Xiaoyue in an imperative tone.

Before Lin Xiaoyue could answer, she immediately added another sentence, “Wash it well and clean it! I will come to check later. If it is not clean enough, you have to re-wash it ah! “

Lin Xiaoyue knew that Chen Cuiyun was only deliberately looking for a reason to stir up trouble.

Chen Cuiyun expected that she would refuse to do housework. By then, Chen Cuiyun would also have enough reasons to have a dispute with her…

Chen Cuiyun’s plan… Lin Xiaoyue could see through it at a glance.

However, Lin Xiaoyue still jumped in according to Chen Cuiyun’s setup.

While grinding corn flour, she refused quickly, “Second Auntie, I still have a bunch of work here. This corn was enough for me to grind until the night. How can you still bear to add more work to me?”

“What’s wrong with what I said? You should be working! “

Chen Cuiyun crossed her waist with one hand and replied nonchalantly: “Put down this cornflour and wash my sheets first! You can sit and grind the noodles at night! There’s plenty of time! “

Her tone was many times stronger than Yang Chengyu, who called Lin Xiaoyue to wash the dishes in the morning.

Lin Xiaoyue knew it was a trick, but she still refused to follow her, “Is it possible that second Auntie has a lame hand? Otherwise, I have a lot of work in hand, and I’m going to be busy until the evening. The second aunt is so idle that she doesn’t finish her family’s work? “

“How can you say so much when the elders ask you to work? You have no upbringing, right? “

Chen Cuiyun finally took this opportunity to get furious. She gritted her teeth and became angry. While lifting up her sleeve, she went up and grabbed Lin Xiaoyue’s ear!

The fury of action came so quickly that Lin Xiaoyue could not react…

When Lin Xiaoyue had finally reacted, she did not let out a scream. She grabbed Chen Cuiyun’s hair with her backhand and pulled it down!


In contrast, Chen Cuiyun was the first to let out a wail, even the hand that was pulling Lin Xiaoyue’s ear was released.

Lin Xiaoyue saw that she had let go, and only then did she push her… directly pushing her to the ground!

It can be said that the action of the hand was also clean and sharp!

“You…… you little b * tch! You even dare to hit the elderly! You are lawless! “

Chen Cuiyun was shocked that Lin Xiaoyue had dared to make a move, and she became enraged as her face turned red. Her hair was messy, as she was sitting on the ground and shouting.

Lin Xiaoyue wasn’t afraid of anything. She sneered back, “Auntie, I’m a girl who was sold to your family for 19.9 yuan. Just think about it. You should know how poor my mother’s family is! Who can give me a good upbringing? Heh~ “

Lin Xiaoyue hummed and laughed, “I’m used to beating anyone. I dare to beat up a man, let alone a woman! I hope my second aunt won’t talk to me about my upbringing. I really have no upbringing! I am not afraid to curse, not afraid to hit. I only know that whoever bullies me, I will bully back! “

In this era, you can be scolded by the elderly, but you can’t be scolded back.

If your son was taught well, it was the father’s fault. If a girl was not taught well, then it’s the mother’s fault.

At this point, Lin Xiaoyue was grateful that she had a mother who had sold her for a low price.

Her ragged background supported her to act beyond the limits.

“You! You little b * tch! I have to teach you a lesson today! “

Chen Cuiyun was furious.

She got up from the ground, immediately grabbed the shovel in the courtyard, and rushed towards Lin Xiaoyue in a fury!

Lin Xiaoyue’s fists couldn’t defeat the shovel, and when she saw Chen Cuiyun armed, she didn’t dare to fight her.

So, holding the shovel high, Chen Cuiyun and Lin Xiaoyue played a chase in the courtyard!

Chen Cuiyun chased her while shouting, “B * tch, stop right there! When I catch you, I’ll break your legs! “

In the end, Lin Xiaoyue was a young person. Her legs were much faster than Chen Cuiyun’s. Chen Cuiyun could not catch up with her.

She was thinking about whether to fight with Chen Cuiyun with a broom?

At that moment, Yang Chengyu, who was inside their house, suddenly ran out of the room.

Seeing that it was the right timing, Yang Chengyu grabbed Lin Xiaoyue! She wouldn’t let Lin Xiaoyue move!

“See, if I don’t beat you to death! You little b * tch!”

Chen Cuiyun finally came up with a shovel, not daring to smash the head, which raised the shovel straight down to Lin Xiaoyue’s shoulders!

Lin Xiaoyue couldn’t break free no matter how hard she tried to struggle out of Yang Chengyu’s hands. Seeing the shovel that was about to befall her, she closed her eyes and shouted. “Yan Yang, Help!”

It was too late!

The moment the shovel was about to fall on her, Chen Cuiyun was slapped by Yan Yang and fell out directly!

The situation happened in a split second…

Just as Chen Cuiyun was about to attack Lin Xiaoyue, Yan Yang rushed into the courtyard and slapped Chen Cuiyun on the head, knocking Chen Cuiyun to the ground! The shovel also fell to the ground!

He moved super fast, so fast that the three women at the scene were not able to react!

Lin Xiaoyue saw Yan Yang take several steps near her and forcibly removed Yang Chengyu’s hand from her. He pulled Lin Xiaoyue behind him!

Yan Yang immediately resumed his’ treacherous’ behavior…

He raised his hand, slapped Yan Chengyu down, and a crisp sound of a slap rang out in the courtyard!

Yang Chengyu was also slapped, she was hit in the forehead, and she screamed…

Yan Yang beat up his elders…

This is a thing that when people hear of it, they will talk about it and treat it as a joke!

Because the whole village knows that, although Yan Yang was stupid, his nature was kind and simple.

However, at that moment, Yan Yang really hit the two elders, and not only that, they were also two women.

Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyuin, who had been slapped silly by Yan Yang, collapsed to the ground and were unable to get up. They were all staring at Yan Yang with the slight fear that could be seen in their eyes.

They were not afraid of people who were stupid, but they were afraid of a stupid person who had gone bad……

Yan Yang, was a tall man. His strength was not to be trifled with.

Obviously, the two women in the courtyard did not dare to provoke Yan Yang.

Lin Xiaoyue knows that this third personality was violent in nature. In the original book, he was the most unruly character.

He doesn’t care if he commits or has committed a crime! As long as he is happy, he can do anything!

In addition to his own two personalities, there is no one else that can scare him in this world. So, beating up his elders was not a big deal to this third personality!

If he wanted to fight, he would do it!

However, his wife, Lin Xiaoyue, still had to clean up his mess. “Xiao Yang, don’t be angry. My eldest aunt and second aunt didn’t bully me. They were just playing with me! Although bad people should be beaten, they are not bad people. You can’t beat them up anymore, oh! “

Yan Yang’s expression was sinister as he glared at the two of them. The hawk-like sharp eyes made Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun panic in their hearts.

Because the two of them have never seen such an expression on Yan Yang’s face!

This expression…… was not at all like a fool! Rather, it looked like it came from a madman!

“Xiao Yang, don’t be angry. Why didn’t you go with your sister to get candy to eat? Why don’t I go with you to get the candy so we can eat it? ” Lin Xiaoyue tugged on Yan Yang’s sleeve and continued to coax him.

In the next second, Yan Yang suddenly put away his gloomy expression. His thin lips raised diagonally, and he smiled as he hooked Lin Xiaoyue’s neck, “Sure, let’s go get some candy!”

Although the expression on him changed only in a moment, his surrounding aura was still powerful enough to be feared.

In his body, Lin Xiaoyue felt the aura of the real villain in the story!

This neurotic…… is too handsome!

“Where to get the candy again? The town’s supply house? ” Lin Xiaoyue asked.

Yan Yang smiled back at her, “Wife take me there. I will listen to my wife.”

So, the two of them talked while walking out of the house, leaving Yang Chengyu and Chen Cuiyun, the sight of their backs.

When Chen Cuiyun saw the two of them leave, holding her aching waist, she finally let out a sound and called out.

“Sister-in-law…… come, help me a little…… ouch My God,…… my old waist ah……”

Yang Chengyu hurried to help Chen Cuiyun up, and her face had a gloomy expression.

“What’s the matter with this fool? I didn’t know that he was so fierce before! “

Chen Cuiyun finally stood up while cursing under her breath, “He even actually dared to hit his elders! I’m telling you, I’ve been in the Yan family for so long. My family has never hit me, but today that fool has hit me! “

Chen Cuiyun was very angry in her heart.

If she didn’t have back pain just now and was able to stand up, she would have run to teach Yan Yang a lesson with a shovel! (Fake)

“Yan Yang wind abnormal.”

Yang Chengyu stroked her cheeks that were faintly burning after being slapped by Yan Yang, “We have lived with him for so many years, but we have never seen that look on his face just now, nor have we seen him get this ruthless. I guess the problem still lies with Lin Xiaoyue. Do you think that Lin Xiaoyue was carrying some kind of evil spell? “

“How do I know? Oh, my waist… “

Chen Cuiyun supported her waist, which was about to break. “I have to ask the third family to pay for the money for injuring my waist!”

Yang Chengyu sighed…

Soon, Yang Chengyu reacted, “Hey? Where is my Hongying?”

The moment her words fell, outside the door came the sound of crying…

Yan Hongying had a snotty nose and a handful of tears walking into the door. At this time, she was covered in mud, her hair was messy. Her face was covered with mud, and she was crying like raindrops on a pear blossom. *

(TN: like raindrops on a pear blossom = tear-stained face of a beauty)

“Mom…… that fool beat me up! And threw me into the mud…… oooh…… you have to help me find justice ah! “

Yan Hongying was also bullied.

Although Yan Hongying also did not know why, just now, she was suddenly held down by Yan Yang, pressed on the ground, and finally thrown into the mud!

She struggled for a long time before she could get out…

Foolish…… crazy!


At Old Yan’s house, something big happened today.

As soon as Wang Xiuying and his wife went home, they received a wave of complaints from the other two houses!

From the mouths of a few of them, Wang Xiuying heard that the ‘devil’ Yan Yang had come out again…

And on top of that, there was an even worse situation at home.

Yan Yang and Lin Xiaoyue went out for an afternoon and hadn’t returned by evening.

Wang Xiuying was strongly criticized by the two families, and they were thinking of waiting for the two parties to come back and seriously pursue responsibility!

They didn’t expect…

It’s very late in the evening…

And the two of them haven’t come back yet!

Wang Xiuying, who had washed the dishes, stood in front of the house, looking around like a lookout, desperate to see the two of them.

On the other hand, Yan Yang was leading Lin Xiaoyue to do even crazier things in the village…

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